10 things to do in Rovinj, Croatia Travel Guide | Rovigno Day Trip from Pula

10 things to do in Rovinj, Croatia Travel Guide | Rovigno Day Trip from Pula

Good morning good morning. Good morning guys. Today we are heading on a day trip. How exciting. Yes. So we’ve been based in Pula for a little while. Yep. And today we are going to Rovinj (Rovigno). It is only like 30 or 40 minutes away by bus. Yeah. So it is going to make for an awesome day
trip. We’ve basically scheduled the whole day in
Rovinj. We are leaving in the morning and we’re probably
going to come back after sunset. Yeah, so we’re just walking over to the bus
terminal right now. Yep. We’ll get our tickets and we’ll be on our
way. Okay so we are here at the station waiting
for our bus. We just got our tickets and it was 36 Kuna
per person which is about 5 US dollars and 60 cents. That is only one way so not so bad. It is low season so the buses aren’t quite
as frequently as they would be during the summer months but yeah we should be on our
way soon. Okay, so we are here. Rovinj (Rovigno). Yeah. So we’ve arrived guys and it should come as
no surprise that we’re hungry so that is our first priority. I think we’re going to have kind of like a
breakfast. We’re going to try and find a cafe. Yeah, I skipped breakfast. There was no time for breakfast. Yeah, we did leave pretty early. So I’m probably going to find myself a cappuccino. Oh, and we’re just going to chill for a bit. The weather is a little iffy at the moment. We’ve got some white skies. Tada. Yeah, we’ve got some white skies but I do
see it breaking a bit off in the clouds so hopefully we’ll kill a bit of time and by
the time we’re finished breakfast it should be nice for filming. So here we are walking through the old town. We’ve got some beautiful colors, wooden shutters
and it actually reminds me a lot of when we visited Bergamo in Italy. Just kind of has that vibe. Except it is by the sea and we can smell the
sea breeze. Alright guys so we finally found a place where
to eat and to most importantly warm up. We walked into the it is called the Hotel
Adriatic and they have a little cafe like right out front. Um, so we got some cake, some croissant, cappuccinos. They didn’t really have a breakfast menu. I was hoping for poached eggs or something
a little bit hearty but coffee and cake that is what it is going to be. After eating breakfast, we decided to do a
little bit of exploring along the waterfront. We walked the full length of the marina stopping
to take photos of the brightly painted buildings with matching window shutters, plus rows and
rows of boats. Then once we reached the end, we were treated
to these postcard-perfect shots of Rovinj from a distance. A fun fact about Rovinj: though it’s now
connected to the mainland, this once used to be an island. It was connected in 1763 as part of a land
reclamation project under the Venetian Empire, which also explains why certain parts of the
city may remind you of Venice. So basically we’ve just been continuing our
wandering. We’ve kind of stuck to the perimeter of the
waterfront. And it has been really cool. Like we’re not visiting on a weekend so it
has been really quiet. Yeah. And there has been certain sections like when
we go down little alleys. They are empty. We kind of have it to ourselves which is awesome. So favorite thing about Rovinj (Rovigno) so
far I would say these tiny little narrow little alleys. And it is kind of cool because a lot of the
buildings are four or five stories high. So you just feel like yeah I don’t know like
you are in a maze almost. Yeah, you feel like you’re in a maze and you
have to constantly be looking up to see what is going on because like laundry it is really
cool. Or cool shutters. I have this weird obsession with laundry and
I’m just going around and filming everyone’s laundry. Creepster. Yeah, I’m being a little creepy to be honest. After wandering around for a few hours, it
was finally time for lunch, so we returned to the waterfront looking for a seaside restaurant. So we finally settled on a place for lunch. We are eating at Stella di Mare right on the
water. It is beautiful. We’ve already ordered glasses of red wine
as you do. And yeah, we’re having some dishes with seafood
so it should be really nice. Also, there are a whole bunch of cats hanging
around here. I think they are like waiting for some fish
or shrimps to like fall off the table. They sure are. So we may feed them a little bit. They are very opportunistic cats but they
are still cute. Audrey had the shrimp risotto, I had shrimp
pizza, and yes, we both shared with the cats, who had learned to swat if you approached
empty-handed. It wants fish not pets. It is like no. No! Give me the food. Give me the food. I don’t want the pets. Ha. Alright. Time for a little shopping. Still digesting lunch but yeah oh man we’re
kind of like pradeling along. Pradeling along. Anyways, we’re visiting the main open market
here and the main thing you can buy at this market is truffles. Truffles. There is all kinds of different truffle products. Yeah, I mean you can find a little bit of
produce. Yep. But the main thing is like rows. That is the main thing. Rows of truffles. By far. So if you want a little souvenir this is the
place. Yeah, something to eat before you get home. Something for the kitchen. Right over there. Truffles. Okay, so when we first arrived in Rovinj I
was telling either Sam or maybe I was telling the camera that it reminded me of Italy of
Bergamo but now that we’re by the water and we’ve got these buildings behind us it makes
me think of Venice even though I’ve never been to Venice. Well it is not far from Venice. I mean yeah that is true. Yeah because this used to be part of the Venetian
Empire. Right. Yeah so it definitely has an Italian vibe. It sure does and I’m finding that the more
we walk around it is kind of the quieter areas that I’m really appreciating. Yeah. Like the back alleys and some of these homes
as opposed to businesses. Yeah this would be a very cool place to live
I have to say. It is a wonderful place to get lost as a tourist. It is. That is for sure. Yeah, that has been our favorite thing to
do today I think. Just getting lost in these back alleys. It is just been so much fun just wandering
around without too much of an agenda to be honest. Right what is the plan next. So the plan is to make the trek up to Saint
Euphemia’s and along the way according to our research we should pass by some artist
markets so we’ll film that a little bit as well. Let’s do it. Atop the hill, we reached St. Euphemia’s
Church. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you
can even try climbing the bell tower’s infamous creaking wooden steps. Such are the steps’ reputation, that there’s
even a bulletin board inside the church with photos of what to expect. We didn’t make it to the top, thought I
was happy to settle for terrace views. Later that afternoon, the skies finally cleared,
so we enjoyed another walk along the harbour as well as a gelato stop along the way. We are getting gelato. Gelato. Oh. Alright guys it didn’t take us very long to
find some ice cream. There was like 3 or 4 places that looked amazing
so we just settled on the one near the end of the waterfront that we’ve been walking
along. What is the place called? Bella something. Yeah, oh it is right there. Porto Bello. Portobello. So I got peanut and also caramel flavor and
what did you have? I went for melon and strawberry. I like fruity gelatos. And the sun is coming out so it is melting
fast so we’re just going to eat it now. Okay, so we are finishing up the day here
watching the sunset. We found a little bar slash restaurant called
Puntulina and it has got a great spot we have to order food but we’ve eaten so much and
we just had ice cream so we just grabbed one of their seaside mats. Haha. And we’re going to have a drink. And there comes your tea. Thank you. And your tea has arrived. Yeah look at that. I’m cold so I went with tea. Sam is actually having beer. Alright guys it has been a nice day but it
is also been a very very long day. Yeah. So we are back at the bus terminal waiting
to catch our bus to Pula in about 30 minutes. And right now it is six thirty. We are catching the bus at seven and we’ll
arrive back at Pula in 45 minutes. At Seven forty five. So what’s the verdict on Rovinj (Rovigno)? You can definitely explore the town in one
day, but if you have a few days to spare, this would make an even better base to explore
the rest of Istrian Peninsula.


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    Gerd Papenburg

    You should have gone to Mali Lošinj. When I was there in 1978 a new pope was elected. My Yougoslavian friend asked about the name; some Italians answered "non capito niente" (I don't understand); he told me that the new pope is named "Don Capito der Neunte".

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    Maria elena diduszyn

    You really are Gourmets as far as Food is concerned You know How to eat well indeed!!!!!!thanks for the video the place is wonderful and soooo quiet keep on making Videos please

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    I love the cobblestone streets and the views are nice but I think shopping I would hate. I am used to taking at the most 20 minutes to shop for 5 items there it looks like it would take hours.

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    Offensive Username

    That pidgeon on the grapes was kind of disgusting… but I'm surprised that a lot of things are written in German.

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    Dana D

    As always, another excellent video! I have been following you for some time now and am curious about two things. Do you ever get home sick? And do you two ever get tired of being together 24/7? In other words, do you ever find that you need some "me time"?

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    Real Space Hobo

    Coming into the movie with Aud gripping the camera firmly as if to keep it away from Sam who was panting and puffing in his trademark outfit, trying to keep pace I knew this was gonna be future vintage – pure gold guys – and Rovinj looks like a gem in the rough….good catch…..was wondering, have you noticed any significant price drop, since it is off season, Croatia in general?….:-)

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    Tomas Brun

    Thanks for a great channel guys. I enjoy watching you visiting various places and see what cities I can visit myself (I use a wheelchair). Some places are good, some don't, it's good to know. Rovinj looks like a not so good wheelchair-place, lol. Thinking of all the cobblestone and stairs. 🙂

    I have a question: Your videos are of very good quality, sharp, good colors, not shaky. What equipment do you use? GoPro with gimbal? Osmo?

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    Ritankar Sasmal

    beautiful place! btw which month it was when u shot the vid?…is it that cold out there , i see u wearing polo only n Audrey, a jacket…?

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    Sebastian Feuster

    Stella di Mare? Oh no.
    A typical tourist trap and nearly the badest Restaurant in Town.
    Next time better take a look @ Tripadvisor… 🙂

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    name changes

    you guys definetly went there in wrong period of year…Croatia is interesting only from may until october

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    Billy McMonagle

    Love your blogs guys, always so relaxed and informal, plus great tips on prices of food drinks and travel, going to Pula in September, and you have given me so many travel tips, so a big thank you.

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    Carolina Gonçalves

    Si es verdad!Siempre he creído que los gatos son oportunistas!Solo nos busca para que los alimenten.Tengo una gata no es muy cariñosa,pero la quiero mucho!

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    Manualidades de Perlita

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    Nice travel video! I have a question, do buses typically run out of seats and you have to book in advance in Croatia? We are planning to go from Zagreb to Rovinj and then Rovinj to Pula. Can we just buy our tickets on the day? We are travelling in June. Also which should be given more time spent seeing, Pula or Rovinj? Thanks! 😀😀👍👍

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    Bob Marley

    Your video is shit, the music is terrible, put on some socks and stop filming peoples laundry.

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    Davide Bincoletto

    This place is clearly Italy! Why is It in Croatia? Istria is closed by the Alps inside Italy and architecture is Venetian, not Slavic

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