190407 BTS – Talk (3) [BTS world tour Love Yourself concert in Bangkok]

Army Army Army Make some Noise Army Today is really Awesome Everyone now many army standing near the stage to see us, it make behind army can’t see BTS. We want to show you enjoy and no accident Every cute army please step back Please go back to your seat. Let’s go If you not go back, SeokJin will go back home. Some army still don’t go back, I will not singing. OK Good Good Today is the last day of the Love Yourself tour So Why don’t we take the photo together? Okay? Let’s Go Photo Time OK Bangkok Army are you ready? Look at there 1 2 3!!! Cheese One more time 1 2 3!!! Kimchi Perfect So we will listen each member’s feeling. Today who will speech first? Today I prepared it. The most thinking person is Army. I will go back again, Please waiting I will waiting too. I will speak in korean. Today is our the last tour. You will wait for us until we come back again, right? We will hurry come back Until that time let’s fun together like this day. Make some noise! loudly Army Everyone Like RM Hyung said yesterday. We miss the day that we came to thailand first time. Miss everyone that welcome us who did not famous (in that time year 2013) Because of loving and cheering us who not worthy, made us come to this point. Won’t forget that good, that love and cheering us. We will effort to return it back and won’t forget. Thanks ten thousand of army who come today. Make some noise Army I love you Army are really shinee, I can’t look Today we perform the last concert It’s the last, we have full fun The time we spend together is really happy. To happy again, will come back again. For everyone who fun together, Good dance. I prepared the word. hannae!! (thai interjection) you are the best (Not sure what does Jin’s meaning) speak again hannae!! (thai interjection) you are the best (Not sure what does Jin’s meaning) too weird, He taught like this. Everyone I love you Today I’m really happy so I’m space out for a second When member speaking about feeling. How can I say. This moment both wind and temperature are perfect, I’m feeling really happy. (not sure listen not clear) Even we said this is the last concert, It’s pity. The happy feeling today will become memory. (maybe wrong listen no clear) Really want to come back again. Everyone please don’t forget this moment too I will grow up and more cool than this. I love you guys Today are you fun? Really? The noise looks too low The memory in thailand yesterday and today can not forget. 6 Years ago we came to thailand, we have show in Thai tv program. Skytrain in thailand name BTS too Just thought of it now Love yourself tour end with good memory On the other hand it is the beginning again. Will come back again Next year make some noise See you again. I love you Today is the second concert in thailand stadium. really awesome Whatever the rain Whatever the hot weather Whatever problems can’t stop us Make some noise Today is the last day. I want to try this again Name of concert is Love Yourself tour, right want to shout together When I say love yourself, you say love myself. OK? Thank You Today love yourself tour end. Beginning at seoul but Ending at Bangkok Really thanks to make us perfect ending tour Like Jungkook said can’t forget summer night today. Thank you many people came today even the weather is too hot. And I heard at this period is Thai New year festival (Songkran). Thank you for take time to see us. I hope it will be the best Thai New year (Songkran) for everyone Finally It’s the last song.

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