#2 – 2000 Mile Road Trip In An Electric Vehicle – Part 2 – Snakes & Dandelions

#2 – 2000 Mile Road Trip In An Electric Vehicle – Part 2 – Snakes & Dandelions

With 650 miles behind us, we only had a 30
mile drive to Chignecto Campground in Fundy National Park. We were really hoping there would be
an open 50 amp site there. So we packed up early to try to beat
any other desperate people. Despite our disappointment at not being able
to charge, our Bolt had enough range to get us into the park. But if we couldn’t charge there, we’d
really need one once we came back out. And when we arrived… there was one… site… left. But, it wasn’t check in time yet. Thankfully, we had enough charge to ferry
us around the park so after April and I staved off the embarrassment of arriving at the day’s
road trip event wearing the same outfit with a winner-less game of
“You Change No You Change” off we went. As soon as we turned out of the campground,
we were able to take in the absolutely gorgeous Look at it. You guys. … papers on our dash. Oh my gosh. Aren’t they beautiful. This is amazing. We went on a pretty hike, where I was finally
able to break out my dad’s old 8mm camera which had been working from the time he bought
it in the 1960s, until exactly July 2nd, 2018, around 11am. Then we hit up a beach
on the edge of the park We’re on the rocks in New Brunswick. At the beach. At the beach. Yeah. and drove around and scoped out sites that
we might have stayed at had we not needed to charge before returning to our site, which left me wondering whether
this is what we were in for – staying at sites because of electricity not because it was the site we wanted. We are staying in an RV 50 amp unit. And my mistake on the first night was this is a 30 amp outlet. This is a 50, which is what my JuiceBox uses. So, remember. Buy a 30 amp adapter if you’re carrying
a JuiceBox with you to go RV camping. Okay. Hold on there, Nikola Tesla. Let’s back this up. The 30 amp outlet I’m pointing to
is actually overkill for a Bolt like asking Dirty Harry to provide
security for a birthday party. So let’s call this outlet, Thirty Harry. You’ve got to ask yourself a question. And that question should be, Will the Bolt take advantage of all the
amperage Harry’s bringing to the party? Thirty Harry wants to provide you with a lot, 30amps in fact. But because the outlet is only 120 volts the Bolt’s charging system
limits you to 12 amps. So it’s no better than 30 Harry’s neighbor
here, 12 monkeys. You’re here because of the system. Brad’s right. The system limits us, so we may as well be
hanging with him. Now, in this particular set up I don’t need
either Harry or Brad because I can plug into the 50 amp outlet, or the 50 Cent of charging outlets. I’m a gangster grandpa and I’m proud of it. And that gangster is giving me 240 Volts. That’s double what Harry
and Brad are giving me. But if presented with only Thirty Harry, like
we were at our last campsite, what then? Since every Bolt comes with a cable
that plugs into a standard outlet I just need a cheap adapter for that cable, like this one instead of an adapter for the JuiceBox which is 6 to 10 times more expensive. Unfortunately, the me of 2018
is still not aware of any of this. But we could breath easy and plan on a full
charge for the next day. Maybe this wasn’t our ideal site,
but it wasn’t bad. Leave it to children to make lemonade
when life serves up lemons. Or, to coin a phrase, plant dandelions when
life serves up snakes lurking just feet away. But their joi de vivre is infectious. As we settled in for the night, I planned
on a nice night’s sleep knowing our Bolt would blink itself to solid green, meaning
a full charge, by morning. It is a misty morning in Nova Scotia and we had kind of a sleep disaster
with the kids last night. So everyone’s really tired. It’s about 6:30 in the morning. But we now have a full charge. And we have now switched over to kilometers. We have a good 400 kilometers and we’re
planning on driving probably at least that today. Our original plan was to see the south western
half of Nova Scotia. We really wanted to see Cape Breton Island,
which is the highlands of Nova Scotia. But all the DC Fast Charging stations we would
need to get there quickly and efficiently given our time constraints were showing up as “coming soon” on PlugShare. Such a bummer. But then, a week before our trip… They all came online. We could do it! Did you sleep okay? But could we do it today? No. No. We have some pretty grumpy,
unhappy campers right now not the least of which is April. Hi. Everything alright? Yeah. You look cute. Thank you. You’re like an REI model. I know, I was like, this looks a little too
much like an REI catalog. The perfect antidotes to grumpiness are compliments, whether it’s about their
catalog model good looks, or their impressive pine cone
building capabilities and all the creature comforts they need. But I was not willing to be caught unprepared
again so we made a quick stop at a Canadian tire for… [singing] This. something that wouldn’t help us at all. This is a female 50 amp,
what our JuiceBox plugs into to a male 30 amp. Not having this meant that we stayed at campsites that
we didn’t need to stay at. Not exactly. But that was fine. Because they were close to our original plans
and wasn’t a big deal but it would’ve been really nice
to have one of these. No. It would have been really frustrating. And now we have it. So if we ever stay at another one,
we’ll be fine. No, you won’t, and you’re embarrassing
yourself. You even attempted to give this adapter some
kind of musical entrance. [singing] This. Something we all know only one plug deserves. You might be asking why buy this adapter if
I’ll only be getting trickle charging speeds. And the answer is, I don’t know that yet. I also don’t know that this adapter isn’t
going to work. At all. But we’ll get to that later. We finally crossed from New Brunswick into
Nova Scotia. Having scoped out our first and hopefully
only charging location of the day we decided to drive to get lunch
and bring it back to the station. Which was a mistake. What happened when we got here? Well, someone else was using it,
but not for an hour. There’s a model X here, so we just plugged
into the L2 for a little while. In the meantime, some one else had pulled
in to charge. And he posted a photo on PlugShare with the
caption “A line forming already” which is a fun thing to post
when you’re at the head of the line. Should we go play some frisbee? But as they say, if life serves you snakes,
make dandelions. So we played frisbee, Whoa, are you getting dizzy? made the children dizzy and finally plugged in. We played more frisbee, as well as everyone’s
favorite childhood game bust up some rocks with bigger rocks – which is apparently so fun Come on, let’s go. even after waiting an hour and a half
you still don’t want to leave. Guys, let’s go. Nothing like pounding rocks. Stop the charge. Unplug the cable. Hang it up pretty. And our next stop was a hostel in Whycocomagh,
194 kilometers away. And near the end of that stretch, when we
were desperate for the sight of a red barn where we were going to stop for food,
some one had had enough. [Whining] [Whining] Despite the whole snakes and dandelions thing,
push a kid to his limit, and he can turn snakes into opinions of your stupid road trip. Opinions, which are impervious to your feeble
attempts at distraction. So we picked up food and
spent a quick night at a hostel. The hostel owner was kind enough to let us
plug into an outdoor outlet. When you’re trickle charging like this,
you have an option in the charging settings to draw either 12 amps or 8 amps. Having no idea what the breaker
was rated at, I set it to 8 amps not wanting to create any ill will
should the breaker trip. The next morning, after we left a 5 loonie
tip for allowing us to plug in we headed for Broad Cove Campground. On the way, we had a nice rejuvenating stop
at a beach, which I love because if there’s something in this world
that brings my daughter more joy I haven’t found it yet. But for April and I,
it was like swimming in ice water. When we arrived at our 50 amp site,
April and I were again disappointed. It was super exposed, not particularly scenic. But we ended up meeting a really nice family
and our kids became fast friends. After the children were asleep and we sat
by the campfire that night my attempts at capturing the beautiful
night sky in high quality captured instead the slow progression of
drinks plied upon me by our new Canadian friends. They shared with us the fable
of a place unknown to us where we could find the type of
camping we were after. The place, they said, was called… MEAT COVE. Meat Cove, I said? Am I saying that right. Yes, they said, Meat Cove. Like meat, as in dead animal, meat cove?
I said. Yes, they said. And you’ll have to try the chowder at the
the chowder hut. Why’s it called meat cove, I asked. I never got an answer. They said a dirt road would bring us to the
tip of Nova Scotia for some exceptional camping. So I asked April, Should we go? And she said, It seems pretty remote. I don’t want to get stuck without a charge. So then I said, We’ve got plenty of miles
to get in and out. Maybe it’s worth the risk. There are lots of beautiful places
with terrible names. To which she replied, Name one. To which I replied, Meat Cove apparently. Not that one, she said. So I said, April. When life serves you meat, you make for Meat Cove.


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    Tom Mckinney

    Great video. Nice mix of family and car stuff. Good to know about the 30 amp plug…only 120V, so really only 12 amps for a Bolt.

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    Your videos on life with an EV are some of the best I’ve seen – well edited, good storytelling, clever, funny, and a tad educational, too! Really enjoy them. Thanks for all of your work on making these fun to watch. Even my non-EV driving girlfriend enjoys them.

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    Joanne C

    Finished watching and the reaction at home was, "what do you mean part 3 isn't up yet? I want to see it now!"

    Fun video, first time ever posting a comment on YT just to share that feeling. Keep them coming.

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    Randy Donald

    I love you trip videos so far. Great explanations and nice family. Some of my ancestors lived in st. Stephen's before moving out to the west coast. I can't wait for #3.

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    By far the best Bolt travel video available and one of the reasons I bought a Bolt Premier last week. Well done to the four of you.

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    H Sig

    Love your videos. I ran out of juice with my family in the Norwegian winter. I was less than 500 metres from the Chademo when we ran out of electrons.

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