2 Simplest Tips to Organize Your Car for a Road Trip

2 Simplest Tips to Organize Your Car for a Road Trip

Hi Travel Bugs! It’s me, Simply Cherie, giving you tips and tools to stay organized and savvy while traveling. In
this video, I’m going to give you the 2 simplest tips to organize your car for a
road trip. My first simplest tip to organize your
car for your next road trip is to prepare for the expected when you go on
your road trip there are things that you expect or are expecting whether it’s
fully or partially you know where you’re heading you know the address your kids
are gonna be in tow you have your pets you know you’ll need bathroom breaks you
like to snack you will probably fall asleep your car can only go 425 miles
before it’s time to gas up so those are things that you expect and you can
prepare for that and that’s what I consider preparing for the expected I
like to break it down into three categories
the car the destination and the duration for the car you always want to gas up
because in your neighborhood you know the best place for gas prices and so you
want to fill it up before you go on especially like for us from Arizona to
California I mean the gas is more expensive in California so we always
want to make sure we gas up before we’re going and then the other thing is to
make sure your oil change is up to date you may want to rotate the tires make
sure they’re inflated another thing is to check the windshield washer fluid
because if that is low and you are like in bug country and those bugs are
splattering all over your windshield and there’s no windshield washer fluid it’s
gonna be hard to see so make sure that that’s filled up another thing I like to
do is before I roadtrip I’m lucky that my mechanic lives in the neighborhood so
I text them maybe a couple weeks beforehand and ask him can you just stop
by before my trip and see if there’s anything that needs to be done to the
car which he gladly does and sometimes he doesn’t even charge me most of the
time he doesn’t charge me because of all the business that I’ve given him so that
it would be a great thing to do is to just have your mechanic take a
look at your car because your car is not used to longer drives especially if
you’re just driving every day 20 minutes one way 20 minutes back and then all of
a sudden now your car has to do 1,000 miles so it’s good to give it a little
checkup if you change purses and wallets make sure you have your driver’s license
and your gas cards and then make sure that your registration and your
insurance cards are up-to-date that happened to me once I keep that in the
glove compartment like most of us do and I noticed that my insurance card was
going to expire while I was on a road trip so I made sure that those were
updated before we left the second category where I like to prepare for the
expected is the destination that means you have the addresses for all the
hotels Airbnb zhh and your final destination
you may want to even have addresses for spots where you’re going to stopover for
a little bit of sightseeing on your way I also like to have addresses for the
Costco’s because the gas is going to be cheaper there than in the surrounding
area I like to put all those addresses on my phone in the contacts you can also
put it in your navigation system or you can have a hard copy just think about
where there may be spots where there’s no Wi-Fi you also want to do a quick
check of the headlights and tail lights and make sure that they’re not broken
because you will be stopped by the police for things like that and you
don’t want to be stopped by the police when you’re on vacation
the third category for preparing for the expected for your next road trip is the
duration it may be a 2 hour 8 hour 36 hour road trip so you prepare for that
for example if it’s 8 hours I may want to bring a pillow a neck pillow maybe a
blanket maybe layers of clothing you may also want to bring slippers or socks
make sure you have your eyeglasses so you can see our sunglasses so the Sun
isn’t blaring into your eyes when you’re in the car so think about the comfort
what is going to make you comfortable what is gonna make your kids comfortable
what is gonna make you as the driver or the driver comfortable think about those
things and prepare for that and then there’s also entertainment you want to
make sure you have your phones and tablets chargers maybe you
need to prepare music or an audio podcast games toys coloring books
activities whatever you need to keep yourself entertained while you’re in
that eight hour drive then make sure you have that ready and accessible in your
car and then there is food food food food yes we are always eating when
there’s a road trip I remember one time we tried not to eat on a road trip to
California it’s like a seven hour drive eight hours it did not happen I was
struggling I was like this is the worst road trip ever
not having snacks I don’t know who came up with the idea I think it was me but
anyway that went out the window very quickly so think about the food
sometimes we actually bring cooked food so that’s our first meal and then when
we arrive in our destination we treat ourselves and have dinner at a nice
restaurant or a restaurant that we’ve been looking forward to to trying out
you may have snacks make sure that and it’s going to be cheaper when you
prepare your snacks instead of buying them at the gas station and side note
because you will be eating the car make sure you have hand sanitizer and a trash
can or trash bag we designate someone for
the trash can so we just give all the trash to that person make sure it’s that
person make sure it’s put away and then we designate someone else to be the food
person so you know food is being put back in place the snack the chips are
being put back the drinks are being put back in the little cooler and then the
person and shotgun is the one who’s going to help the driver navigate look
up stuff grab things make sure food is ready and drinks and then of course the
driver is the one focused on driving my second simplest tip for organizing your
car for your next road trip is to prepare for the unexpected we’ve talked
about preparing for the expected so now let’s talk about preparing for the
unexpected in the trunk of your car you can put an emergency road kit a
first-aid kit water for your radiator an empty gas can
make sure it’s empty cleaning supplies paper towels a vomit bag or vomit bags
things for your pets and in your glove compartment you can put a map in case
there is no Wi-Fi in an area that you’re in and then cash because you may be in a
situation where they are not accepting a debit or credit card
those are my simplest tips for organizing your car for your next road
trip number one prepare for the expected and number two prepare for the
unexpected question of the day let me know in the comments below where your
next road trip is and when I love hearing where you guys are traveling and
if you’re new to this channel and you want more tips and tools to stay
organized and savvy for your next trip then hit that subscribe button and the
Bell notification and I’ll see you in the next one happy travels


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    Veri Keri

    Girlfriend, you've got to have snacks…lol. Our road trip planning is very similar to yours. I have been following your travels on IG. Will you be sharing any of your trips on Youtube. I would love to know more about the places you've been 🙂

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    Mehuli M

    Hello Cherie ☺️ Very Realistic Tips 👍 Love to Have a Good Food makes Traveling Enjoying ☺️ Have a Lovely Day ☺️

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