2019 Maserati Levante: Review — Cars.com

2019 Maserati Levante: Review — Cars.com

everybody’s buying SUVs these days even
people shopping expensive luxury brands like Maserati whose Levante behind me
enters its third model year for 2019 now we’ve had a chance to drive the all-new
v8 version which comes in two separate guises here at Road America in Elkhart
Lake Wisconsin at the 2019 Midwest automotive media Association’s spring
rally it’s a great car as you’d expect with an Italian Ferrari assembled v8
twin turbo engine under the hood lots and lots of power and performance but
that’s actually not the only reason to Levante this thing
so the Levante came out for the 2017 model year with a pair of turbocharged
v6 engines now those carried over for 18 and now for 19 they’re joined by two
more engines for a total of four the last two being all-new turbocharged v8
engines in the Maserati Levante GTS the vehicle you see here and the Levante
Trofeo that’s really kind of the top dog those engines are actually the same
engines they’re sort of adapted engines Maserati says from the Quattroporte
that’s Maseratis kind of flagship luxury sedan they’ve been adapted here for an
all-wheel drive system all-wheel drive obviously is standard across all
versions of the Levante so as an 8-speed automatic transmission so we’ve driven
three versions of the Levante before we’ve driven the highest turbo v6 we’ve
also now driven both v8s that’s the GTS and the Trofeo we even drove the Trofeo
on-road America itself so how are those extra two cylinders well they’re just
really a sublime experience you get a lot of power going all the way up to
redline the vehicle never seems to run out of steam it’s definitely a different
character than you get from some of these larger displacement v8 engines and
a lot of other SUVs with only 3.8 liters and two turbochargers you really got to
get to the higher echelons of the tachometer to experience the real joy of
this engine although there is still plenty of torque down low which is a key
point versus the v6 engines which seem a little bit peaky er in terms of kind of
their power spread now the 8-speed automatic transmissions still a little
bit hesitant to kick down to lower gears when you need it to but with all that
extra torque from the twin-turbo v8 you don’t really mind so much because top
gear acceleration is really just fine now in terms of
the GTS versus the Trofeo very similarly explosive power the Trofeo
as you’d expect has a little bit more top-end but you’re really not going to
be lacking for power even in the GTS there’s still plenty of explosiveness
especially as the TAC needle kinda moves past 3000 4000 rpm and a really really
nice exhaust note as well you go into the sport mode Maserati says it opens up
a few more baffles for even throw to your exhaust note and it’s all genuine
maserati really really emphasizes that what you’re hearing is the actual
exhaust you’re not hearing any kind of augmentation of it so that’s a pretty
cool thing even just to know is you’re driving along now in terms of steering
and handling a fairly limited body roll once you get kind of the adaptive shock
absorbers hunker down to their sporty or setting now the Levante steers with a
light touch but some enthusiasts might decry because they wish that it had a
little bit less power steering boost but honestly it’s kind of right up most SUV
drivers alleys especially at low speeds when you really need to make a lot of
3-point turns and such and feedback for what this is is okay so there’s plenty
of sport in this SUV but how much utility is there well actually more than
you might expect now Maserati owned by Fiat Chrysler
automobiles and so there are some FCA bits inside things like the headlight
switches and the heated seat buttons in back and some of those do seem honestly
a little bit cheap but there’s a lot of just kind of old-school practicality and
utility going on here things like the multimedia system very easy to use a big
old touchscreen with a knob controller if you want to go either way you can
there’s storage space on the center console there’s nice big side mirrors
relatively easy to see out the front of the vehicle comfortable seats and a
somewhat usable back seat so I know what you’re thinking why do I care so
inordinately about utility and practicality in a 6-figure performance
SUV well because a lot of performance luxury SUVs just don’t have a lot of
practicality and utility somewhere along the way it kind of got lost in the
shuffle and the fact that the Levante is a lot of fun to drive and still is a
half-decent SUV well that’s a feat for Maserati if you have enough coin maybe
something worth checking out


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    Miguel Ircontar

    It’s made by FCA I’ll pass interior is also a let with cars a 3rd of its price with better interiors

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    Blake Swan

    Once Maserati looses thr Ferrari engines, which wil happen soon, why wouuld you even buy one? Its all about the powertrain.

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    Janet E Georgas

    It’s made by FCA I’ll pass interior is also a let with cars a 3rd of its price with better interiors

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    Fong chong wong

    suzie wong

    A thing of beauty. The Maserati Levante 2019 has the best design and craftmanship.Simple and refine avoiding all
    unnecessary ornaments and curves.Perhaps only BMW x7, Rolls Royce cullinan, Volvo C90 and Subaru Forester 2019 can
    come close to it. 2 thumbs up.

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