23 Travel Hacks (Airplane Tips)

23 Travel Hacks (Airplane Tips)

here are 23 travel hacks for the
airplane my tips and tricks will help you when you are packing your carry-on
suitcase and some of these hacks are tricks that you can use on the actual
airplane we travel on the airplane a lot and I realized that a lot of things that
are a way of life for me are really travel hacks that I wanted to share with
you they are solving a problem for me and I hope they will solve a problem for
you now this is a carry-on suitcase I just want to make that clear while we
are getting started these are both carry ons this is a carry-on suitcase this is
a crayon travel bag I do not carry a purse as my carry-on when I have to go
on an airplane because it will inevitably fall off my shoulder when
you’re going through in the airport you want your hand to be free you’re gonna
have one hand on your phone or either carrying a cup of coffee in the airport
and so the other hand is going to be rolling that roller bag behind you your
suitcase is going to be pulling behind them so you only have one hand free and
it’s gonna be on your phone or it’s going to be carrying a cup of coffee or
a baby so take my bikes and use a backpack and then pack a little
crossbody bag for later when you get to your destination and then you’ll be
hands-free if you use that backpack what I do is I take my purse contents and I
put them in separate little bags that are gonna go into my carry-on backpack
like I have all these little bags that I take inside my backpack and they each
carry different things like I would pull out your Visa card your ID your
insurance card and some cash those are all gonna go in a little bitty wallet
part not the huge wallet from your actual purse I’m going to put chapstick
in a couple of lipsticks that I might use on vacation in a little bag and
those are going to take up less space in your carry-on backpack I do take a
crossbody bag pull out and let’s have gone through security or when I get to
my final destination I put this little thin crossbody in my backpack
carry on and then when I get to my final destination I can slip my little bags in
there or just my cards and my very much essentials that have to go with me when
I’m out and about in a foreign country or on my vacation another travel hack
that I love and I just found out a couple of years ago after like ten years
of travels is to pack your liquids horizontally in your tsa approved
liquids bag you can actually fit more in if you lay them horizontally when you
are packing your carry-on suitcase I suggest rolling each piece of clothing
or folding them and putting them in packing cubes I reviewed both of those
ways and now I can honestly say I can’t believe it but now I prefer folding my
clothes and putting them in cubes rather than just rolling another hack is for
when you are watching the entertainment system on the airplane it is going to
drain your battery most likely even if you have this cell phone on airplane
mode so I suggest having a power bank and this is one of my husband got me it
is slim line there are several that you can choose from we have used this pink
one that I’ll list below also but this is all you need and it gives your phone
a full charge so when your battery is getting really low on the airplane
you’ll use your charging cord you plug it into the end of this power bank and
it will give you a full charge then when you get to your hotel room you need to
charge this or the night before your flight you need to charge this so you
stick this in the end of it and then the little cord that it comes with is gonna
go in here and you’ll plug that into the wall and I just plug this in all night
so that it gets I don’t know how long it takes to charge this Powerbank all the
way so I just let it charge all night in my hotel room or in my house before I
leave for my vacation if you did forget to bring a charging cord for your phone
you can use the little USB of your little wire and stick it in the side of
your TV and then hook that to your phone to charge it or you can
just bring a power bank and this is just easier for me to remember another travel
hack for the airplane is how to watch something on your phone without having to
hold it the whole time you want to prop it up on something I did have a pop
socket which works great there about ten dollars on Amazon but now I use this to
go walking with so I need something to prop it up with you can unfold the
airline magazine and then lean it against the spine of the magazine and
that helps but for me it works best when I have a rubbery type case this is a
little thin this one that I have now you can also use they have all kinds of
gadgets out there but you can also use something like this and it holds your
phone up for you I love this and it’s easy it doesn’t get tangled up in your
backpack you can also prop your phone up on a very cheap pair of sunglasses
sitting upside down on the tray table they do not work on the Ray Ban
sunglasses for some reason but they work on really cheap sunglasses which that’s
another travel hack is to bring in the cheapest sunglasses from the dollar tree
they sell sunglasses of all modern looks for a dollar at the Dollar Tree
so take those on vacation I’ve seen some people putting their phone in a ziplock
baggie and then poking a hole through that baggie and clipping it onto the
little tray table clip but I don’t like that because I feel like it’s gonna be
blurry if the bag is not completely tight around the opening of my cellphone
so I just use the little prop up hand things I like to take headphones because
you never know if you’re gonna have an online entertainment system and I use a
gift with purchase bag that I had keeps my headphones flat they don’t tangle but
for those of you who don’t have a bag you want to use you can also just wound
up your headphones like this and use a Bulldog clip to just hold it like that
and that would keep them a little bit contained in your backpack or you can
just use a little bag my husband uses huge Bulldog magnet clip to hold the
curtains together that is my next travel hack you know that little space in the
hotel curtains where it wakes you up at like 5:00 a.m. because you’re in the
hotel room that’s facing the Sun just clip it together using a Bulldog clip
wherever you want to get one from and it will help close all those curtains
together they block out the light when you’re trying to sleep late on your
vacation on the fifth day the last day because you can’t sleep late until like
your fifth day of vacation if you’re like me and take old deodorant sticks to
your vacation spot and they start breaking off because you’re at the very
bottom of the barrel just put those pieces on a folded up piece of Kleenex
and then just wipe them under your armpit for part of the deodorant stick
around to the end to the number one so brilliant travel hack that I just heard
of especially if you are going to a remote location I suggest for this
travel hack of using google maps offline and what you’re going to do is you’re
going to type in the address in Google Maps while you are connected to an
internet wireless connection and there are directions online on how to do that
and then you just pull it up when you’re at your remote location and it pulls it
up for you you don’t have to be connected to whatever it is you can
connect to to use Google Maps in a remote location another travel hack
especially if you’re going to another country is to get cash from ATMs
throughout the country not the currency exchange little kiosks in Airport
there’s a much higher rate of exchange in the airport when you do get cash from
the ATM store them in different locales one of the smartest travel hacks I know
is to take a picture of the inside of your passport and your driver’s license
and your insurance cards and put those in email email them to someone who might
know you from over in the states and then if you are in trouble with the law
like the good old boys never meanin know if you are in trouble with the law or if
you need it and you lost your passport you can always get a hold of it
electronically by signing into your email
I also recommend taking an empty water bottle it can be small or the taller
version because airports now have the water fountains that you can actually
stick a bottle with underneath another travel hack is to store your necklaces in
a straw and that is way too high maintenance for me so I recommend using
like a gallon baggie and then roll it up very tightly and then secure it with
like ponytail holders or you can use this thing that I have I found it and
the reason I like it is because these necklaces do not move the space for you
to put your necklace into is very narrow and I can also store my earrings in
there and I roll it up and these things right here are super super super tight
so the necklaces don’t get tangled like look you cannot hear the necklaces
moving around and getting tangled up these little doohickeys would be great
for earrings or holding earrings I just found these this past week the reason I
like these is because they’re one-handed use it just makes them a little fancier
anyway they have plenty of room for you to store little earrings or the larger
earrings and they are secure this is a great travel hack for two different kind
of liquids that I can recommend Vaseline because for if you have rash a rash
between your legs from walking on the beach with a wet swimsuit you can store
them in these little bitty discs that actually have a ton of room in them I
have one for cleanser and the reason I suggest using cleanser is because my
bottle of cleanser is huge and you only need a little dab like a pea-sized dab
of cleanser each day and you just put it in there and the cleanser is thick I
cannot recommend a moisturizer because my moisturizer leaked only one time
out of all the times I’ve stored my moisturizer in those little discs but
the moisturizer was too runny and and Vaseline those are thick products
that will not leak ever and I’ve probably taken them on six airplane
trips another travel hack is to wear your heaviest shoes on board the
airplane not storing them in your suitcase that way you have more room in
your suitcase one of my subscribers gave me this great travel hack and this is to
wear two pairs of socks through security you wear both socks going through
security take off your shoes and then right before you put your shoes back on
take off that outer second pair of sock second sock and trash it a smart way to
save your socks another trial hack is to pick the busiest time of day to travel
and that’s late morning or in the afternoon and then volunteer as soon as
you get to the airport to get bumped if it’s too packed birds it’s over solo
flight another travel hack is to put your leg through the strap of your purse
and then keep that purse in between your two feet while you’re at a sidewalk cafe
eating in another country especially I will link below an article by USA Today
about how to avoid getting pickpocketed in Barcelona which one of my friends
that happened to we also check Trip Advisor for things to do in places to
eat in every single city where we are we won’t like to eat where the locals eat
but another travel hack is to check Pinterest and you can just type in their
things to do or places to eat in that city great idea that I didn’t even think
of now the number one travel hack that I think is brilliant is using
water-soluble paper you lay it out on a table and you brush shampoo or liquid
soap on one side with a paintbrush and then you flip it over and paint and
paint the soap on the other side of the paper and then hang it up to dry and
then you cut it into these little tiny rectangle pieces and then store them in
like little container like this and then when
you get to your final destination and you didn’t get to bring your liquid
bottle of soap you can pull out one of those and it will activate with water
wash your hands get soap all in it I think that is brilliant and then the
paper either dissolves or you can just trash it when you’re done with it but
those little bitty rectangles I think that’s so smart let me know if you have
a travel hack for your airline of choice down below leave me a comment
introduce yourself and while you’re down there click on the bell beside
subscribe so that you’ll be notified for my next video thank you for popping over
and happy safe on time travels


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    Gloria Koch

    I always pack a small flashlight. It helps to get you get to the bathroom in the dark or find things in a drawer, etc., without turning on the ceiling light and waking up your room partner. It also help you navigate in case of a power outage. I have been in a hotel fire and I was immensely grateful that I had it to aid first responders getting to me.

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    Jane Belchior

    I always take a few of the COMMAND sticky wall hooks. For the bathroom or on the walls or door to hang anything.
    When you leave you just pull the tab and it comes off wall intact and sticking tabs can be repurchased.
    I also bring a small baggie of disinfectant wipes for plane, and the room…. yes I'm a bit of a germaphobe lol

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    Tracy Huggins

    I keep a travel bag that is constantly packed and ready to go at any time . I have duplicates of make up, brushes, hair brushes, hairspray, sunscreen, meds, and etc that stay packed. All I do is replenish shampoo, conditioner and anything that runs low and I’m ready to go. I also keep an empty duffel bag for souvenirs or to ship dirty clothes home. I have a travel Charging station and cords for all the iPads, phones, earbuds, watches and potable charges. Again it all stays packed and ready to go at a moments notice.

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    Judy Howell

    If I’m traveling to another country can I just put vitamins in same bottle or do I need whole bottle with me? I’m sure with prescriptions I need the bottle but I can’t take all those bottles of supplements

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    Feya Zamora

    I have a hacks for you women, ask your optometrist for a couple of those contacts lenses container, and one side I use with baseline and the other side I use for serum for my face, or face powder. They work great. Also when you go to any dental office ask for tooth box those ones we use to put the baby teeth of a child to give it back to the patient. Great to use on your makeup bag, instead or the big bottle. Or to use to put any pain meds.
    I love 💕 your videos.

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    JD McMurray

    I talked to a friend who lives in Spain about pickpockets. He explained that there are two reasons some areas have the biggest problems. The first of course is lots of tourists. The second is the gypsies pay off the police in areas with the most tourists. Gypsies don't want to pick the locals pockets for a number of reasons. One is that the locals can exert power on corrupt police. The security guards at the Vatican are some of the most corrupt in all of Europe. If you go to them when your pocket is picked, they will throw you out of the Vatican to ensure you can't raise a stink there for others to see.

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    These tips are great! I haven't traveled in years but am about to fly with my three teenagers. You have thought of everything! Thank you for doing these videos. For those of us who don't travel often, these videos are a wealth of very useful information. Flying ATL to BOS June 2019!!

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    Dayna J

    These tips are great girl! I’m flying for the first time next week so I’ve been binge watching all your videos. I’m still confused though! Flying southwest and my carry on luggage is a little smaller then what the website requirements state, however now I’m seeing they measure your handle? Why do they need to do that if the handle can be closed?

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    Val Lee

    Great info! I find dollar store sunglass are the most comfortable, far more comfortable than the expensive pairs. Jesus Christ our only hope: Romans 10:9-10 from the Bible: “That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

    To learn of God’s personal love for you, please click here: https://vallee7.wordpress.com/category/paradise/

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    Diane Blain

    *Take along an empty, small, travel-sized spray bottle to fill with water at the hotel. The night before hang your clothes for the following day and spritz them. Voila! No wrinkles in the morning!
    For long-distance flights bring noise-canceling headsets for the plane!
    *Don't forget a small umbrella (for intense sun & rain) or a rain poncho.
    *I cut squares from a baggie to fit under the screw tops of liquids to prevent leaking.
    *I go to my bank and buy foreign currency before I go so I don't have to spend time going to an ATM and pay their outrageous fees and possible risk of my debit card. My bank charges $15 for purchasing foreign money. My credit card has no foreign fees, but not every place will take a credit card. Also, make sure you contact your credit and debit card companies before you go.
    *Inside your suitcase on the top put a paper with your name, destination, flight #, home address, and phone #. If the luggage goes missing, you may have a better chance of getting it back. Take a photo of your luggage before you go. If it goes missing they always ask what it looks like! We also like to use luggage straps for easy ID on the carousel.

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    Ellen Sheila Apkarian

    Not sure if this has been posted but an old favorite: save up old undies and any clothing that is about
    to be tossed then go on your trip and toss as you go. Saves laundry and leaves space for shopping.

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    Jo Anne Dolan

    Travel light. If you need warmer or more clothes you can shop in a thrift shop, if that is within your comfort zone. This can also have the advantage of making you look more like a local. In Barcelona and many other places, wearing a backpack and dressing like a tourist is a green light signal to pickpockets. I wear a cross body purse and in dodgy places I sometimes carry a local newspaper, or a baguette or some sort of local item sticking out of it. I have never been bothered when using local camouflage. I love reading everyone's great ideas! Happy travels.

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    Debbie Kitzke

    My best travel tip is to wrap some Duct Tape around an old gift card/ credit card / piece of cardboard. wrap until you have about 1/2 – 3/4 in . Then if you have a tear in your luggage or a strap breaks – you can fix it temporarily until you get home. This has saved multiple trips in my family.

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    Debbie Kitzke

    RE portable power banks ( I love them and always have one when i travel) — NEVER pack one in a CHECKED BAG. You are only allowed to have them in carryon luggage.

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    kimberlee dawne

    I'm a germaphobe ever since my granddaughter got a nasty rash on her face at the beach… Dr. at the ER said it was a "contact type" infection and had to get a steriod shot and have antifungal cream rubbed on little her face, and arm for almost 2 wks. It scared us to death and she was only 3, she was miserable. Probably came from answering the phone when her aunt called from the next room playing with her 😬
    So, I spray (or use a washcloth that's been sprayed) the most used items in the hotel with lysol before anyone can touch them… they are actually the most over looked for germs bc most don't consider that house keeping doesn't clean them unless visibly dirty:
    ALL of the light/lamp switches, plugs & wall plates, the remote, the phone and receiver, the handles to open & close blinds, cabinet knobs, fridge and stove handles, ALL door knobs and locks (on both sides of ALL the doors & closets), coat hangers, the shower curtain, shower knobs, (and even the shower floor (I have heard horror stories about foot fungus from showers).
    We actually wear 1$ flip flops or skid proof socks at all times inside the hotel so our feet aren't touching carpet that is very, very rarely cleaned (other than vacuumed), many of us wear the same cheap flip flops/beach shoes that we spray off the sand with in the showers.

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    Margo Miller

    With little kids, a gallon ziplock will hold an entire outfit: pants, shirt, undies, and socks. It's helpful when packing, so as not to pack unneeded stuff, and of course it's super useful once you arrive.

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    Michele Stehling

    Can anyone suggest a good cross body purse for travel? I need to have prescription sunglasses in a case and my phone in the purse.

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    Emily Badger

    A tip for power banks; it uses the same amount of power to charge your phone from 0%-80% that takes to get from 80%-100%. So only charge your phone to 80% and you’ll get 60% more charge. This can really pay off on a bigger battery pack that has 6 or 7 phone charges.

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    Hannah Harbaugh

    Not sure if this was already mentioned in the comments or not.. Instead of using vaseline to prevent chafing, use a little bit of your deodorant. It works wonders!

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    Ann Sikanen

    I save my old underwear, pyjamas etc for long trips and dispose of them once used. This saves having to do laundry and frees up space in your bag for shopping.

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    B Kulas

    Question…… how do most of you travel with your medication? Not that I have a lot…. but I hate bringing the separate bottles….

  46. Post
    Kim Christensen

    Because of allergies I have to bring everything personal item I need. I have to order almost all of my person products on line. I really appreciate the suggestion of laying the bottle horizontal in the TSA bag. Where did you find your nice TSA bag?

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    Lisa T

    I NEVER tell anyone – other than one or two close family members – that I’m “out of town” or “on vacation”. I answer my phone as if I’m IN town and I’m otherwise “unavailable” or my “schedule is booked” if I’m invited to an event. I’m not on social media so sharing a vacation isn’t an issue there. However, if I were on social media, I’d share my vacation AFTER I returned.

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    Janet Van Nevel

    I purchased lightweight dry bags that I place our toiletry bags in before placing in checked luggage. Then if something leaks clothing is protected. Once we get to our destination we have the dry bags to keep things dry during water activities or rainstorms.

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    Robert Maxa

    I got pick pocketed on a crowded bus, in Pisa. Now I used the multiple wallet method, for money.

  50. Post

    I am going to be travelling by air for the first time in about 25 years only two months from now, and I'm so glad I watched this. One question: what's the point of the double sock thing? I don't understand. Why am I throwing away a pair of socks?

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    Christine D

    Love the pants hanger to hold the curtains closed! Brilliant! I always save my oldest underwear to bring on trips and toss them each night. I also bring older jeans, sweaters etc. and leave them behind with a note saying "use or donate". This works especially well on the point to point hiking trips we take.

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    Nancy Reid

    Before you close the lids on the bottles of liquids place a piece of saran warp over the top and you will never have a leak.

  57. Post
    Elizabeth Bennett

    When you buy new sheets, they come in zippered plastic pouches which I use over and over. They are washable. Also I take a large kitchen garbage bag for dirty clothes – when I get home I use it for garbage. Plus I take a small one for underwear and socks (which I wash with bleach).

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    henry phillips

    Sharon Phillips Just watched your 23 travel hacks.I loved the one about painting a pc of paper with soap.

  61. Post
    Laurie Whatley

    Another reason for not wearing leggings is that they bind behind the knees and are very bad for circulation on long trips. Jeans are also bad for long trips as the inside seams can cause rub burns unless you are one of the very few people who actually fit in the seat space provided. I've found my yoga pants to be the most comfortable pants for long-haul flights.

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    Susan Williams

    I started backpacking across Europe in 1971 up until 2000 I went every year; now it's about every 2 years. When I first started going, it was all about getting good photos. As I got older it was about shopping. So, my system to make room for what I buy is…. to take old clothes or clothes I don't like and throw them away after they have been worn. I've gone through customs many times with only the clothes I was wearing……but a backpack full of what I bought.

  66. Post
    Maria Fernandez

    When walking around the streets, I take a pic of the street signs and some buildings to help me get back to my hotel in case I forget.

  67. Post
    Maryann Sieminski

    When I am planning to travel abroad, I store up my old underwear. I bring the old underwear, which I was going to dispose of anyway, on my trip and after using it, I discard it. Less to bring home and have to launder and MORE room in the suitcase for souvenirs. I do the same thing with tops or shorts – (especially if dont fit anymore) put them aside for the trip and when I am leaving, I put a note for the maid that she can keep the clothing if she would like or donate them to someone who would appreciate receiving them. Again – less to launder when I get home. If I dont have tops or bottoms to match a certain wardrobe, I go to the local thrift store and once again, that item doesn’t go home with me.

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    Sandra Coulter

    Samples of shampoo etc do they go in the liquids bag or your carry on? Something I’ve always wondered.. thanks in advance

  70. Post

    Hey gotta tell you that I took a flight to Montreal last week and all of your tips really helped. It was my second flight ever and like 15 years after the first one, but your tips were helpful. My away trip to the airport was very smooth. I got from front door to gate area food stands in 18 mins flat. I wore comfy pants with pockets to hold my passport/boarding pass and phone. I had a carry on and bookbag in which I put my crossbody purse in, but I had all the payments in a pouch, hand sanitizer, razors, size appropriate lotion, in zip bags. I know this was super long but you made my traveling from ATL to Montreal and back super easy. I already knew about power banks, etc.. because I take one everywhere I go anyway. I pre-downloaded my Netflix movies and audiobooks for the flight. I did lose my $200 sunglasses on the streets of Montreal, but I'm not going to cry about that anymore. Just thank you. I'm inspired to travel much more now as a result.

  71. Post
    Deb Maple

    Great tips!
    Try this one….Zip Lock your remote when you are in a hotel-it's the dirtiest part of the room. Also, carry hand sanitizer wipes to wipe down tray in the plane. Also works for door-knobs and light switches to keep healthy while travelling.

  72. Post
    June Clark

    Hey Laurie! Love all your tips! I am going to use so many!…Help me out here …in the last video I watched you chose rolling over travel paks, and now you say travel paks over rolling. Why? I was all set to do the rolling until I saw this ….Thank you!!!!

  73. Post

    I email my passport to myself and put a copy in my suitcase. I love the idea of the extra socks! Thanks, for sharing.

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    Mandy Collison

    Surely you just need to buy travel sized bottles. I do and have for years especially since 9/11. Secrurity in the UK is still strick and we can only take up to 100ml in each bottle up to 1ltr. I only pack very small amounts of foundation make up in my hand luggage. The rest goes into my suitcase that goes into the hold.

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    Marti Mather

    Marti Mather
    I'm surprised I didn't see this hint: I use panti liners with my underpants. Fresh each day. Maybe 2X a day. Just do't flush down their toilets!! I Have tiny plastic bags filled for each day's vitamins that we take with our morning coffee. Bags can be pitched or kept to hold sea shells later. We also use packing cubes and discovered hotels have a ROOM of power cords from all the travelers who have accidentally left theirs behind.

  78. Post
    David Boyd

    I'm now using flexible 2 pints plastic water containers for drinking whilst traveling.
    When emty they just told up flat. Brilliant !!

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  80. Post
    Li Sperl

    For my jewelry, I use a small utility tackle box that has movable separators. This way I can change the size of each 'box' to fit the jewelry I'm packing and nothing gets tangled or damaged.

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  84. Post

    Please do not throw away that second pair of socks you wore through security. Put them in your dirty laundry bag. Do not contribute to the throw-away culture.

  85. Post
    stacie jay

    I use hair clips to keep the curtains shut. Who doesn't carry those? Even the plastic clips that hold sections of your hair up for styling- those work great too!

  86. Post
    Barbara Van Allen

    I use 2 sizes of little plastic bags that are in the craft section at Walmart(only about $1). The smallest ones for earrings that way they don’t get all mixed together, then I put them in a larger bag so they don’t get lost. I also use them for my meds. I have tried taking the pill containers, but they always come open and get all mixed up, and the bags take less space.

  87. Post

    Also, take as many solid body care, skincare and hair care items as possible. The less liquids you have the better. If you know you dont need specific items then dont take them

  88. Post
  89. Post
  90. Post

    Instead of those “little bitty rectangles” of soluble paper impregnated with soap, wouldn’t it make more sense to just bring soap shavings? They even sell solid shampoo.

  91. Post
  92. Post
  93. Post
    Linda Turner

    If you use a cream/stick deodorant, run it on the inside of your thighs to prevent chafing. It's better than vaseline. Saw it on Dr. Oz years ago. I do this whenever my thighs can rub together. Not just on the beach, but under summer skirts, skorts and dresses.

  94. Post

    Try toothpaste tabs and bar shampoo to get away from liquids. I tried these at LUSH but you can search ways to DIY

  95. Post
    Debbie Elms-Watkiss

    hello you use human gear round containers. I also use the little ones and the little Gootube + .another hack if you are travelling with hubby or wife is to have Ove person (always me wife) to wear the money belt with both passports , money cards and a package crossbody bag with tickets ect. before we left anywhere motel ect I had a check hist just to confirm we had everything. I used pacsafe, humangrar and eaglecreek spectra packing cubes.i only have carryon no checkin. I wash by hand and have a microfibre towel and a small line. Love your travel hacks. I would recommend wearing a black eye mask to keep the morning sun from waking you.most important hack is going through Tsa I let hubby go first so he can meet all out items once gone through so no computer or valuables are stolen. I did know someone get their computer pinched as their items went through and she was held up only for 1/2 minute. that's all it took.

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  97. Post
    Feya Zamora

    I love 💕 your trip’s hacks, that’s how I travel too. I never check any luggage. I also used packing cubes it really save space.

  98. Post
    Feya Zamora

    Lol 😂 I will use those clips for the curtains cause I hate light 💡 to sleep 😴 my room must be super dark.

  99. Post
    Feya Zamora

    Another hack is: put your feet (at the checking point,)with sucks on into a shower cap, after you passed the inspection throw it away. And your sucks are clean!! Those caps can be purchased at the Dollar store for 1$ a pack of ten.

  100. Post
    Sara Mccracken

    I sew small very thin bags from lining material to just hold 2 credit cards. I attach it inside whatever pants of skirt I am wearing with safety pins.. this saves making a secret pocket in all your clothes. This way you will never have it “ all stolen”

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