25 things to do in Dublin Travel Guide

25 things to do in Dublin Travel Guide

So this week we’re excited to be exploring
Dublin and we’re planning to spend an entire week here. This video is going to highlight
25 things to do around the city. Dublin is where most trips in Ireland begin,
so before seeing the rest of the country, Audrey and I spent a whole week getting to
know the capital. When the weather cooperated we walked around the city, toured Trinity
College, and visited the botanical gardens, and when it poured rain as it often does in
this part of the world, we just popped into a pub for some Irish stew and a pint of Guinness.
The following video will show you a few of the different things to do in Dublin, Ireland.
Enjoy! So today we are back on University grounds.
Thankfully not as students. We are just visiting Trinity College Dublin but the real name of
it. Listen to this – it’s College of the Holy and undivided trinity of Queen Elizabeth near
Dublin. Quite the mouthful, right? So we’ve signed up to take a tour. We’re going
to be visiting the grounds, the library and also setting eyes on the Book of Kells. Trinity College was founded in 1592 and it
is the oldest university in Ireland. The campus is open to visitors interested in touring
the grounds, and you’ll also get to hear some fascinating stories of famous students, including
the likes of Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift, and Bram Stoker. So we came all the way out to Phoenix Park
on the west end of Dublin because we were told that you can see wild deer here. And
we were lucky enough to spot one. So we’re like quietly tiptoeing towards it and we were
able to see it and it was so cool. I’ve been really enjoying this park. It is
a great place to get outside the city center and it is massive. We’ve only explored a mere
fraction of it. Easily one of the most popular attractions
here in Dublin is the Guinness Storehouse. And I’ve had a friend who has visited here
and told me about the experience. And it really is basically just like an experience. You
go in and it is almost like a museum. You have all of these different interactive rooms,
there is interactive multimedia and at the very top there is a bar where you get a complimentary
pint and you have really good panoramic views of the city. The Guinness Storehouse is Dublin’s most popular
attraction, and it’s a must-visit for beer lovers. The Storehouse covers seven floors
surrounding a glass atrium shaped like a pint of Guinness. Inside you’ll also find a copy
of the 9,000 year lease signed by Arthur Guinness on the brewery site – they won’t be going
anywhere for a while! Grafton Street is one of the main shopping
areas in Dublin. You’re likely to find lots of musicians, buskers, and performers along
here, plus you get a good vantage point of The Spire. So this afternoon we’re doing a battle of
the drinks. We are ordering two different spiked coffees. Sam is getting the Irish Coffee
and I’m getting the Baileys Coffee. And we’re going to see which one is the tastiest. What is in your Irish Whiskey? Tell us. Alright,
so if you take a look over here you’ll notice that there is cream on the top. And then this
is normal coffee which has been enhanced with sugar. And the secret ingredient here is Jameson
Whiskey. Oh, yeah! That must be good because you’re chugging
it. That is so good. I mean I got a big gulp of cream because it
is the first sip but I also really tasted a lot of the whiskey and of course there is
a really strong coffee flavor. And the sugar. It is like basically having a dessert. So I got a bit more of a feminine drink instead
of whisky. This one has Baileys cream liqueur. So let’s
try it. Ooh, you can definitely still taste the alcohol
in that. Mmmmm. Yeah, this is nice. And it is really sweet.
Like Sam said about his it is almost like a dessert in a cup. And it is really nice
on a cold day. So I’m just going to keep sipping. So I guess it is time for me to try yours.
I have a feeling I’m not going to like it as much because I’m not a big whiskey fan.
But here we go. You have cream on your lips. I like mine better for sure. Mine is sweeter. This one is a lot stronger.
It’s got a kick to it. And I feel like if I drank this whole thing
I would tumbling by the time I walked out. So Baileys for the win? Baileys for the win. So we’re here visiting the Botanical Gardens,
which is a great green escape, and what we’re really loving about it is because it is slightly
outside of the city centre there is hardly anyone and it is also a free attraction. The National Botanic Gardens are located a
few kilometers north of the city center, and you’ll find it’s a very tranquil place. The
gardens were founded in 1795 and today they hold over 20,000 living plants. Prior to the establishment of Glasnevin Cemetery,
Irish Catholics had no place of their own to bury their dead. This burial ground gave
both Irish Catholics and Protestants a place where they could give their dead dignified
burial, and it has since become the resting place for people of all religions and non
religions. Experience Gaelic Games is a place where you
can come and try traditional Irish sports like hurling and Gaelic football. It’s a fun
and unique way to take part in an integral part of Irish culture, and they have programs
that cater to groups or independent travelers looking to join a team for the day. So you can’t visit Oscar Wilde’s former home
because it is being used by the American college Dublin but you can come to the park right
across the street and see him here for yourself. Number One Merrion Square is the former home
of Oscar Wilde, and if you walk over to the park right across the street you’ll be able
to see a statue of Wilde himself. Right now I’m visiting Jameson Distillery.
And what is cool about this place is that you can go inside and there is tours of the
distillery. There is also a really cool gift shop, there is a bar, there is a restaurant.
So there is a lot to do for just about anyone who is interested in learning about whisky. The Old Jameson Distillery is the original
site where Jameson Irish Whiskey was distilled until 1971. It is now a visitor centre that
offers both guided tours and whiskey tastings. We are here in Dublin and it is lunchtime
so we’ve tracked down the oldest pub in the whole country. We are here at the Brazen Head
which apparently dates back to 1198. That’s like what 900 hundred years or so that this
place has been around. But I mean obviously not the whole structure is authentic. It is
probably just a few bricks and stones. But anyways it is the oldest in the country and
we’re here for lunch. So you’ve gone for something a little bit
more hearty. Yeah, like this burger is enormous. It’s one of the biggest looking burgers I’ve
had in a while. Oh la lah. And these fries. These are the thickest cut
of fries. Look they’re thicker than my finger. I hope you’re planning to share. Hahahaha.
I don’t know about that. Well that was a really neat bar. What kind
of makes it unique, aside from it being the oldest pub in all of Ireland of course, is
that there is all of these different kinds of rooms. You can eat outside, you can eat
inside a bar and there is a second level up top. And so we checked out most of it. So Sam is exploring his Viking roots. Not
my roots. I am a Viking! Nice outfit. I’m writing my name in a foreign alphabet.
So that’s ‘A’. Oh! A Viking toilet and someone is gassy! So we are now inside a viking home and this
is how people would have lived and stayed warm. You’ve got a little kitchen/stove happening
here. Saint Patrick’s was founded in 1191 and it
was built in honour of Ireland’s patron saint. The Cathedral is open to visitors for
a small fee. So it is museum time. My favorite time and
Sam is tagging along. So this is the National Museum of Ireland and we’re going to go in
and check it out. Temple Bar is an area known for its lively
nightlife. Located on the southbank of the River Liffey, you’ll find all sorts of pubs
playing live music once the sun goes down. There’s also one pub in Temple Bar, called
The Temple Bar, but don’t let that confuse you. Hahaha! So what are we up to tonight? We’re
going for some beer. We’re going for some beer. We’re going for a pint. And this is
Audrey’s sister Ashley and friend Raakel. We’re going to go out for a pint and see what
the nightlife is like in Dublin. So here is to friends and family in Dublin!
Cheers! Woo! I’m really excited about lunch today. I’m
trying something for the first time called Irish Stew. And that consists of mutton, potatoes
and onions. And it is considered to be sort of a peasant type of meal. But considering
how cold it is outside. It has been hovering around the 15 degree mark and it has been
raining a lot. This is the perfect kind of food to help warm us up. So like Sam was saying the main ingredients
in an Irish Stew are usually mutton, potatoes and onions but you can get a little bit fancy
with the recipe and start adding different vegetables. So what I have here actually has carrots,
celery and a few different herbs and spices. So I can’t wait to try that. I’m really hungry. Mmmm. Oh my gosh. That is really nice. Like it is actually really cold outside. It’s
been raining all day so it is really nice to be inside, sitting in a pub and enjoying
my stew. The Irish Whiskey Museum covers the story
of Irish whiskey through the ages. You can take a guided tour, or go straight to their
bar for a little whiskey sampling like we did. Here is the part I’ve been waiting for. It’s
time to try my Irish Whiskey. That’s nice. Does it burn on the way down? You better believe
it does. Does it warm you up? Yes. Ooh! St. Stephen’s Green is a large park located
in Dublin’s city centre. If the weather cooperates, it’s a nice place for a picnic. St. Audeon’s Gate is a 13th century gate that
sits on one of the remaining stretches of the city wall. This would have once been the
entrance into the medieval city, and we ended up befriending a puppy. Dublin Castle has played many roles over its
history, ranging from a defensive fortification for the Norman city of Dublin, to the setting
of presidential inaugurations in modern day Dublin. It is also open for tours to visitors. The Irish Museum of Modern Art is housed in
the Royal Hospital Kilmainham which dates back to the 17th-century. Its collection focuses
on modern and contemporary art. Kilmainham Gaol is a former prison where many
figures involved in the struggle for Irish independence were held. If you’re in the mood for a scenic walk, we
recommend walking along the length of the River Liffey until you reach the Grand Canal. We are currently visiting St. Michael’s Tower.
There would have been a huge bell all the way up there. And it would have told to announce
mass, funerals, special events but also if there was a really bad storm and people needed
to start praying for their neighbors and anyone who was out at sea. So we have come to the end of our time in
Dublin. Tell us, what did you think of the city? I actually loved it here. I’m really
glad that we gave ourselves eight days to properly explore the city. It allowed us to
travel around nice and slow and to delve deep. What I really loved about Dublin is that is
one of the most walk-able cities I’ve ever visited in Europe. We almost did all of sightseeing
on foot and that is just fantastic. I really enjoyed the pub culture here. Drinking
Guinness. The people were really friendly – especially at our local pub in Glasnevin. So my one tip for saving money in Dublin is
to get a Leap Card. It will help you save money on the bus compared to if you’re buying
individual fares with cash. So what did you think of Dublin? Well, I have
to be honest. I didn’t fall in love with the city right away but it is definitely the kind
of place that grows on you over time. And getting to spend 8 days here, we really got
to experience a bit more of the culture and enjoy the pubs and just visit museums and
get to know the city a little bit deeper than just what you see on the surface. So we actually
had a really great time here and would highly recommend it. And that’s a wrap for our time in Dublin!
We hope you enjoyed this video and that it gave you a few ideas of what the city has
to offer. As always, if you have any other suggestions of fun things to do in Dublin
as a visitor, feel free to share them in the comments below. Wishing you happy travels!


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    Really good video. But just two things…

    – Number four on the list was actually Henry Street, the Northside equivalent of Grafton Street, which is on the Southside. (Henry Street is better in my opinion. :).
    – The oldest pub in Ireland is actually Sean's Bar in Athlone in the midlands.

    Other than that, really enjoyed. 😀

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    Honest truth!!! This place looks like shit! Typical lame person's paradise.no wonder mcgregor stays here in the United States.irish pride and religion.two things that destroy us as a species.two best things out of Ireland are Guinness and my personal favorite,gorge Carlin.PS: I know I didn't use cap on the fighters name,that's because I can't stand that shit talking,prideful pile of shit.

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    Seán Dieterich MixedRacePerson

    I just don't get it, one of Dublin biggest things is the sites of the Irish revelation especially the sites of the Easter rising, you went to Glasnevin Cemetery and Kilmainham jail and just mentioned them. Is there a reason you were not going to these sites or saying the bair minimum? Like you were at the spire with the GPO one of the countries biggest sites only a few seconds walk away.

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    Great example of making great content without the expensive gear! I like how you kept the 25 chapters short, it gave me a quick idea of all the stuf to prepare for a nice weekend in Dublin. Thank you!

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    Just want to thank you guys for your awesome videos! Planning my first trip to the UK alone, and yours are my favorite! Did you guys prefer Edinburgh or Dublin?

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    Hopefully I’ll be able to visit Dublin in September. I’m planning everything with my friend now

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    Im going to ireland right now for st patrick. Im actually 16 but i want to taste some god nectar myself. So how strict is the no alcohol for minors thing? Sorry for my bad english.

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    I’m not trying to go to Dublin to see a deer 😂. They’re literally all around here. Do u guys not have animals where u live?

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    Roseann Federico

    I highly recommend get a 3 day Dublin pass for on and off red/blue buses.Well worth it to purchase. Beneficial so you don't wait in long lines at Guiness, St.Patricks, Wax museum ect just go right in with pass.Those lines to get a ticket can be over 1 hour long. Found bargain tee shirts with great Ireland logo designs at Penny's for 1 – euros to bring back to Friends. Went to other stores and sold for 10euros a piece. Remember many stores close by 8 pm. Excellent day tour trips outside of Dublin was arranged with Wild DogTours via TripAdvisors. Fantastic and extremely informative tour guides!!! My daughter and I did 5 day tours with them all around Ireland. Murray's has great food, entertainment and clean restrooms. The Chatterbox on Marlborough Ct. quaint friendly pub with with traditional music with a guitar player. Not expensive with drinks including outside of Templar Bar area. Relaxing atmosphere. Nice place to go if have a busy day scheduled with a lot of required walking for the following trip day. Some full day trips start by 7 am and return back to Dublin by 6:30-8pm at night.

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    Roseann Federico

    P.S. Make sure your first day to get a map of Dublin since the bus may drop you off end of day and not the exact location where you caught bus in morning. You may have to walk 10 minutes back to where you were picked up in AM to start your travels They may do final drop off at popular area where restaurants are located.EVERYONE WALKS AROUND.

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    Play Hurling

    You've explored my home city! Make sure to check out hurling in the US and Canada when you're back home! We have a very welcoming community over this side of the pond! https://www.playhurling.com/clubs/

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    Great video! I loved the Guinness Factory tour and I loved strolling around Dublin when I was in Ireland as well. Keep up the great work!

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    One tip from a local – if Templebar is a bit too busy or traditional for your tastes when you want a night out, start at South Great George's street and walk south until you reach Camden Street. The walk is about a kilometre long, and there's something for everyone along the way – dance clubs, dive bars, craft beer bars, a gay bar, cocktail bars, and a couple of less busy traditional pubs as well. That area is the main party street for Irish college students and young professionals (along with the Harcourt area).

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    hey guys great video, I just booked my trip to Dublin for next year. I had a question, can you drink the water in Ireland, I love beer but I do need to drink lots of water and that was a concern of mine. thank you.

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    Raymond Dixon

    Health Warning
    As a Dubliner I would advise all American visitors to stay away from Temple Bar.
    Bad for your financial health

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    Before you go, realize that Ireland was named appropriately and concentrate on the Ire and not the land. Also, realize that the Ired landers are the only country in the world whose citizenry voted for gay marriage and didn't have to have the gay government force it on them as other countries have. So being a gay country, I would imagine there will be many attacks and rapes/attempted rapes on the menfolk. Women are probably safe in that department. I have to stress this, however. Ireland is a pissed off kind of ppl, little things like an improper hello will send them into screeching curses. See? You (nor I) didn't even know there were such things as improper hellos. And BTW, the women are ired in greater numbers than the men. Probably b/c the men are gay.

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    John Corcoran

    One of the most fun things we have ever done on a trip was to ring the bells in Christ Church. Getting there won’t be for some…up a circular stairway then across the roof with a 2 foot fence keeping you from falling, then another climb to the room below the bells. Great history, great story, great experience.

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    Brazenhead isn't the oldest pub in Ireland – it is however the oldest in Dublin (Sean's in Athone is older). Best pub in Dublin is Gravediggers.

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    There is a whole a lot more to explore when you hop on a train to see Bray Head, Portmanock Beach, Harbor Howth…I cant even recall how many hours a day would walk in Dublin. Now i am in Calgary and scenery here is not even comparable. Thank you for such a warm video about this beautiful city.

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    Thanks for highlighting some of the things to do in my city, Dublin has many good things and you guys have done a good job promoting that. Thanks again glad you enjoyed your trip.

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    Justin McCarthy

    Like the video. Other places to visit on an 8-day trip would be Howth, Killiney, Dalkey (inluding a trip across to Dalkey island), Bull Island and Korean food at Han Sung Asian Market on 22 Great Strand Street, Dublin 1 or Brothers Dosirak on 27 Capel Street.

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    richard tribune

    Ireland on fast train to becoming a Muslim /African (shithole) due to ( varadkars) open door policy .Media and political blackout. Stormy days ahead.

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    Matt M

    The Brazen Head may be the oldest pub in Dublin, but Sean's Bar in Athlone is the oldest documented pub in Ireland (and possibly the world) by a long shot–dating back to the 10th century. There's only documentation of a pub on the site of the Brazen Head going back to the 17th century or so.

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