4 day Trip to Rome | Family Holiday | Travel Vlog

Y: My hair is still flat V: So! V: Do you want to start? Y: It’s 12 Y: 12 Midnight, going to Italy in an hour Y: Watching some, well…you’re watching some Love Island with some tea Y: I’m just drinking tea upstairs reading V: Yeah Y: Anne of Avonlea, Avonlea V: Are you excited? V: Are you ready? Y: I don’t know, I don’t know if i’m ready for all that walking ’cause you cancelled the bus V: I’m quite excited For the walking Y: I still don’t know what shoes to wear still V: That’s fine, my hair is still wet from 3 hours ago so Y: Aw can’t relate, I’ve got short hair V: Should be good J: Morning (お早う) Y: Hi, it’s the mother V: We’re off J: 900 years old this building is Y: *mumbles* J: No no no no J: This was BC 27 built J: And was burnt down in 80 AC V: So Yvonne Y: So in Ancient Egypt, they thought cats were Gods and then they named them “Maw” Y: Because they go *Maw* J: 神様だね(So they’re Gods) J: Calamari! Calamari? J: Squid V: How’s the muscles daddy? E: Oh! E: I love it V: Seafood Salad V: Home in England Y: 5:16 V: Did you Enjoy your holiday? Y: I did Y: I’m very tired, it’s hotter in England than I though it would be V: It’s really hot
Y: I’m dying V: I’m so tired J: It’s 30 degrees V: 30 DEGREES?! Y: Yeah I told you V: Did you have fun? Y: Parents J: Yeah J: Did you have fun? they said J: For me if both of you are happy J: Then even Bournemouth i’m happy E: Mummy’s dreams come true E: This time you go back you don’t need to sleep on the outside bench, just looking E: At Least you can have a proper dinner, you don’t need to have…what’s it called? J: I never dreamed we could go on a family holiday in ROME like this

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