5 Tips For Cruise Ship Main Dining Room Perfection

5 Tips For Cruise Ship Main Dining Room Perfection

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cruisers dining is a big part of cruising and your dining room experience
can sometimes make or break your cruise with that in mind in this episode we’ve
got five main dining room tips to help make your cruise the best it can be
before we get into it though know that we have dozens of dining room
tip videos like this but we wanted to keep this one short check back with our
channel often for more okay let’s do this number one designate an eatin’ shirt
yeah you heard right I got this tip from our son loosely translated it means
don’t wear white if you’re planning on getting the spaghetti and meatballs for
dinner or the lasagna of course or having some fun with this tip but if you
travel carry-on only like we do it can really pay to be strategic about your
dining room attire pack accordingly number two speaking of dining room
attire you can leave the fake mustache and glasses home and unashamedly order
seconds or double portions without embarrassment wait is unashamedly really a word? unashamedly unabashedly without shame anyway the dining room staff have no problem with these requests and they
won’t judge there’s typically a lot of flexibility with servings for example
you might consider ordering an appetizer size main or a main size appetizer be
mindful of wasting but otherwise get what you want
number three for freestyle or anytime dining unless you enjoy standing in line
try to avoid showing up early or right when the dining room opens in our
experience and I’m sure that this varies from cruise to cruise showing up early
especially on night one will almost certainly land you in a line on the
other hand if you have a set dining time be there on time arriving late when you
have set dining can really throw things off for your dining room staff
especially if you’re part of the early seating and that leads us to number four
if you’re looking for a more relaxed dining experience you might want to skip
the early seating in the main dining room early set dining tends to be super
popular and thus super crowded also the dining crew is tasked with serving and
prepping for the next seating after yours it can give the dining room kind
of a hectic feel without the rush to prep for another seating the dining room
and the dining team can often have a more chill atmosphere if that’s your jam
book the late seating number 5 be good to your dining room staff I know it goes
without saying but if you really wanted terrific dining experience throw a
little love to your servers first and foremost remember they are
people too they can have good days and bad days night one is almost always
hectic for the dining staff keep that in mind and be extra super patient and kind
on the first day you may even consider getting things off to a good start with
the first night tip up to you but it will almost certainly be a welcome
surprise for your waitstaff and could go a long way towards perfecting your
dining experience again we have lots more tips to share with you so come back
to our Channel often we hope to have earned your subscription today if we
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watching and until next time we’ll see you on the high seas


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    Kay S

    Is that Princess spaghetti and meatballs? Love that stuff. I often order it off the kids' menu even though I am not a kid.

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    Michael Arnold




    openly and without guilt or embarrassment.

    "I unashamedly admit that I was afraid"

    And now you know! 🙂

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    Michael Arnold

    Here is a question for anyone: Did you dress up on "dress up night" to eat in the MDR or say it's my vacation shorts it is!?

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    bonnie bergstein

    I agree with Junior Editor! I always pack at least one red top/dress if I know the MDR is serving pasta with red sauce (actually I’m safest wearing dark colors – I generally end up wearing whatever I’m eating – LOL)!

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    Robert Johnson

    Princess Cruise MAJOR TIP – As soon as to get onboard your cruise ship go straight to the Passenger Service desk. Tell them you want to sign up for the Chefs Table. I will cost $95 per person if you have wine and $80 if you don’t. We did it on our cruise in May. OMG it was fantastic. A 9 course meal that was totally over the top. It is an experience you will never forget. You cannot sign up prior to the cruise. You have to do it on day one of the cruise. The other tip would be to sign up for the Ultimate Ships tour. YOU WON’T REGRET THIS.

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    All good tips! I've never had the pleasure of having a full blown MDR dinner experience complete with show but it's one of my top things to do on my next cruise! (I did freestyle/anytime, good service but no show!)

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    Aileen Perez

    Love your videos! My husband sure does know the repeat on the menu he loves ordering. Seconds 😂😂

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    Tammy Lowe

    I did not enjoy select dining or anytime dining on our last cruise. Maybe cuz I always did set dining. There was always a major line and u don't always get the table u want and there's a possibility of different servers. I enjoy set dining cuz the crew knew what ur habits were. It's just preference. We travelled w young children.

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    Felicia Waker

    I tried telling this story on Twitter earlier. On my 1st cruise on the Carnival Holiday back in February of 2001. Me and my travel companions had no idea that we would have the same server all cruise. Night 1 the menu was a little too fancy for us. So while our waiter went to get our water we bailed and went to the buffet. On night 2 which was our formal night we showed back up and our waiter Robert was waiting on us with his hands on his hips. He was like Honey if you didn't like what was on the menu we would have made something for you. We all laughed and for the rest of the week he made fun of us. We had an amazing time and Robert won our heart over and sold us on main dinning forever 9 cruises later. 😁

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    April Mason

    I like watching your vlogs, they're great! My husband and I are going on our first ever cruise next February 2020! Allure of the Seas to the Eastern Caribbean. Needless to say, we're already making plans! Thank you for the tips you share!!

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    Tesa Silva

    How would you go about tipping the dining room staff/your waitstaff? Would i hand just one envelope to our waiter/waitress with enough for all? How many usually serve one table? Say, the waiter, a server, a busboy? Would the waiter make sure all the other staff got their share? Do i just say, "this is for everyone that served us tonight"? Does my question even make any sense? LOL

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    Rebecca Weinstein

    What do you do if you go on a vacation that ends up not meeting your expectations and you feel defeated or depressed? I love cruises but tried a beach vacation in Maine to save some money and try something else out. The hotel was terrible, the weather was cold and rainy, and there were not many food options nearby. I was depressed, sad, angry, and we had to leave early. Any advice for how to handle those situations? I may have learned my lesson to stick to cruising… But I am sure there are cruise situations that aren't so great. So any advice would be appreciated.

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    Wonder Momsi

    I have heard that shows in Holland America to Alaska are not that many. Would you recommend having dinner early 5pm to be ready for the shows later or late 8pm? Wouldn't we be missing the show if we have dinner late?

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