59 ദിവസം, ബൈക്കില്‍ ലഡാക്ക് വഴി കശ്മീരിലേക്ക് ഒറ്റക്കൊരു പെണ്‍യാത്ര |Kerala to Kashmir Road Trip

59 ദിവസം, ബൈക്കില്‍ ലഡാക്ക് വഴി കശ്മീരിലേക്ക് ഒറ്റക്കൊരു പെണ്‍യാത്ര |Kerala to Kashmir Road Trip

I couldn’t control my tears of joy when I reached Khardung La There are still people who think if it is possible for a girl to travel alone on a bike From the very first day of the trip, I have been working on the go I’m Lakshmi, native of Kalpathi in Palakkad district Some may know me through Tik Tok It was recently I completed a long solo ride from Kerala to Kashmir spanning 59 days on this pulsar I drove via the Western part of India From Palakkad via Mangaluru to Pune, Nashik, Vapi… Then went Manali via Rajasthan and Delhi and ultimately reached Khardung La On returning from Khardung La, I drove via Srinagar in J&K, Kargil and again came to Delhi From Delhi, I set off to Madhya Pradesh moving down to Hyderabad, Bengaluru… Then Chennai, Kanyakumari and at last reached home When K to K goal hit me, I didn’t plan a skelton trip like straight to Khardung La Then from Khardung La to Kanyakumari, but… I planned to tour all over India on the way With the sole reason that the rider was a girl, many were immensely inspired, I recieved many positive responses and all kinds of help even without asking Then talking about safety concern Considering that, I never preferred to night rides, Then I was full geared, making it difficult to recognize me as a girl And before someone make it out that I’m a girl, I would’ve passed them But I never faced any safety issues, throughout my trip I was totally safe In this 59-day trip, I got some actual sleep for just 8 days One reason is that I work online when I’m home, I started my trip with the fund earned through this I don’t have any other financial support or sponcers At the start of my tour, my father gave me a meagre amount of Rs 3000 We know, we couldn’t even reach Delhi with that amount I sit to work from 7.30 in the evening, I work for a US based company I work till 4.30 am, that is a continuous stretch of 9 hours I have kept a laptop with me, so wherever I get Internet facility I stop to work After working for 9 hours, I sleep from 5-7.30 or 8.00 in the morning I pack to resume the trip at around 8 in the morning With my father’s blessing I’m starting off… This is my father, Mr Lakshmanan (Asks ‘How old are you’ in Tamil), He’s past 70 years now He is my support system, who pumps up mental strength in me I’ll tell something many won’t know I haven’t called my father all these time while I was travelling from day 1 until the last And he wasn’t worried about me either He was confident that his daughter will return just as she took off My mother was part of Palakkad women SI force She passed after meeting with an accident when I was 5 years old My inspiration for this travel is my grandmother, who always stood as my backbone She is no more now maxillary kind of chorus aluminum
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