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The city of Adelaide lies on the Torrens River
and is the capital of South Australia. To the south lies the vast Great Southern
Ocean. To the north, a series of fertile hills that stretch away
into the country’s dramatic red centre. Adelaide is a compact beachside city, filled
with churches, hand crafted stone buildings and picturesque
parklands, a romantic legacy of its early history Unlike many of Australia’s capital cities, it was founded, not by convicts but by successive
waves of free settlers and immigrants. These early travellers brought with them a
sense of elegance and refinement, as they set about creating a better life for
themselves, thousands of miles from home. Today’s Adelaide is a beautiful combination
of the old world and the new. It is a place to relax and rediscover the
good things in life. Slow down and take the time to enjoy locally
sourced food, award winning wine and a history laced with passion, romance and beauty. Leave the car behind and stroll to Victoria
Square, right in the heart of the city’s mile-wide
grid. Wander along the North Terrace District and explore the four terraces that frame the city like a painting. Even the graceful buildings that house the
museums and galleries, echo with stories from the past. Ayers House is a fine example of Regency architecture and one of the original mansions built in this district. At the South Australian Museum, learn about the rich cultures that were already
in place before the Europeans arrived. Stop by the Art Gallery of South Australia, and enjoy the extensive collections of Australian
and international art. In Adelaide, horticulture has also evolved
into an art form. You’ll feel as though you have stepped into
a painting by Monet at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Set on the edge of the central business district, this quiet space features walking trails,
conservatories and 3 spectacular glasshouses. Across town is the the Himeji Garden, where waterscapes create images of vastness
and grandeur. The legendary Adelaide Oval is another beautiful
blend of the old and new. It’s modern design sits well beside the
century-old manual scoreboard, and many visitors claim this to be one of
the most beautiful cricket grounds in the world. Just a short tram ride away are Adelaide’s
glittering beaches. Spend some time at Glenelg beach which was
one of the first European settlements in the state. As the day winds down, discover the city’s
culinary credentials. Of course, this city is also the gateway to
the famous Barossa and Claire Valleys, a food and wine lovers paradise. Hire a car for the short 1 hour journey to
the Barossa, one of Australia’s oldest wine regions. Many of the earliest settlers here came from
Germany, bringing with them grapes from their homeland. The climate proved to be a perfect fit and
the area is now internationally famous for its outstanding shiraz and reisling. Enjoy a meal at one of the local wineries, or pick up supplies at the Barossa Markets. Pack a picnic and head out into the countryside
to admire the stunning view. It is a view which has changed little since
this fertile land first offered free men and women the vision
of a new life. Today, Adelaide’s, old world elegance continues
to attract visitors who return time and again to rediscover life’s genuine pleasures.

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