Adrienne Houghton’s 5 Summer Outfits | All Things Adrienne

Adrienne Houghton’s 5 Summer Outfits | All Things Adrienne

– What’s up everybody? This year I actually
got to go to Coachella and it was amazing by the way. But I was so inspired
by all of the fashion. I’m talking from denim
to florals, accessories, and super cool hats. Now while some of it was a little wild and should only bee seen on
the grounds of Coachella, there was some awesome
parts that you can wear all throughout summer. I’m about to show you five
of my favorite summer looks inspired by Coachella. (upbeat music) My first look is the perfect
white ruffled sundress. I actually got this from Topshop. You guys know that I love love
love high end low end pieces and this one is a perfect example. It looks super chic. I love that the ruffles hide
some of my not so favorite parts of my body like my arms. I know I’ve told you guys that. Now let’s talk accessories. I decided to keep it dainty with this one. I’m obsessed with this
necklace that I have on because it’s so Coachella. It’s so hippie vibes. And honestly, it’s just so in right now. It is the three layered
necklace and what I love most about this is that the
three necklaces are actually all connected so you don’t
have to put it together. I love love love that and
they never get tangled. So I actually got this one from Topshop but they have them everywhere now. Obviously sunnies are a
must during the summer. So I got these cute little
babies from Free People. Now what I love about is that one, they’ve got the gold on the side. But this retro wing is so Coachella. But it also works for the entire summer. It’s just hot right now. Now one of the things I had
to learn about Coachella… Nobody gave me the memo people. I mean, I’ve read bogs about
Coachella but I thought that I could thug it out in heels. Wrong. You definitely want to wear
comfortable shoes and generally during the summer, you
want to be comfortable. It’s already hot outside. So, I actually decided
to put on some Converse. Everyone always makes fun
of me because I literally have the smallest foot ever. So while Converse are
affordable altogether, mine are super cheap because
I get the kids size two. One of the other awesome
things I saw at Coachella were Crossbody Bags. They’re so comfortable. Why? Because your hands are free people. You can hold a drink,
you can hold a hot dog. You know, there’s a lot that
goes on and I found this one actually from Rebecca Minkoff. It’s the perfect bag that
literally goes with everything because it can go day or
night as well which I love. But it’s super comfy and
it holds a whole lot. Oh my God I found Carmex. And a spare contact. What the heck is this
random stuff I have in here? A flashlight? Guys, we’re pulling all these outfits straight out of my closet. Oh, a guitar pick. I’m clearly married to a musician. I think this is UTI medication. (laughing) But the point is, you clearly can put a whole lot in this bag and I love that. Touch up your makeup, you’re
gonna be sweating it off. You know, all that good stuff in here. For my second look I decided
to go with a striped jumpsuit. I’m loving this look
and I saw so many girls in striped jumpsuits at Coachella. You know, the ones that
were trying to keep it chic. I’m obsessed with this jumpsuit, one, because it’s super comfortable
and I always love pieces that are like one piece
’cause then I don’t have to think about what’s the outfit. What to put together with it. This is it, people. And the price is amazing. It’s from Fashionova and it’s only 39.99. One of my other favorite
parts about the outfit is, check out the back you guys. It’s got this super
little cute tie right here and I love that because
it’s not set you can make it as tight as you want or
as loose as you want. You know, according to your bust size. (clicks tongue) I also love the length of this
jumpsuit because it doesn’t cut me off in a weird spot. And once again, I have
to talk about the shoes because you’ve gotta be
comfortable during the summer. You’re hopefully gonna be
going on long romantic walks. So you still want your feet to be comfy and I’m loving these mules. They’re actually by See by Chloé and I got them at Bloomingdale’s. So that’s like the biggest
splurge of my outfit but like Chloé Chloé shoes
would have been like 700 bucks. One of the biggest trends right now are these cute little pouches. Loving this. Nothing screams summer more
than a little straw pouch. Now let’s talk about this hat. Again, one of the best
accessories from Coachella that I’m definitely gonna
wear all summer long is the cool hats that
everyone was rocking. This one is actually
from French Connection and it only costs 26 bucks. Hats are like the main thing at Coachella. Everyone’s wearing hats. I don’t know if it it’s
because they’re having a bad hair day, because they’re
trying to block the sun, whatever the reason, it’s super cute. I could go so many places in this outfit. This is me meeting my
girlfriends at The Parker in Palm Springs for a
beautiful little brunch. I’m gonna walk around
with this bag like this. You know, hey. Oh, hey. I see you girlfriend, all right. It’s me just coming through. One of my favorite memories of Coachella was actually going to church. Church Home did something
super special at Coachella. They actually created
a popup of their church where Justin Bieber led worship. And this actually would
have been completely appropriate for that. Ready for my third look? We’re going floral hippie vibes. I’m obsessed with the whole
hippie vibe of Coachella and this suits me perfectly
and I’m gonna tell you why. Ladies who don’t want to
completely show their stomachs, this is the perfect way
to show a little bit of peekaboo midriff. But it covers all the parts
that sometimes ain’t right. I know that most women have
issues with their lower tummies. It’s probably the hardest to actually get super flat and chiseled. So this is perfect because
it’s a little peekaboo and I’m obsessed with how long these are. You want to know why? Because if they were
short all the way up here, then you’d see this. But this… Even covers a little bit of that too. I got this outfit from
a cute little boutique on Third Street here in Los Angeles and it’s called Social Butterfly. And they actually have a website. I am obsessed right now with body chains. I’m actually obsessed with
them every single summer. I think they’re super cute, super chic, and it’s body jewelry and
since you’re gonna be showing some skin might as well
have it covered with gold. This little body chain is from Forever 21 and it was six bucks. These are currently my favorite shoes because hello, they’re clear. So that means they can go
with every single outfit all summer long. If you’re going on a summer
vacay and you don’t want to pack a bunch of shoes, pack these. These will go with every single outfit. By the way my glasses
are also super cheapie, they’re from Forever 21 and
I wear them all the time. Because I love pieces
right now that are blush and nudes because they go with everything. I have this theory about
sunglasses which is don’t spend a lot of money on them and
I’m telling you guys why. I have done it. I’ve spent $500, $600,
I didn’t go with $700, let’s not exaggerate. I didn’t do $700. That’s just going too far. But I did want a good pair of $500 glasses and I’ve done it before. I’ve gotten a Celine glass,
I’ve gotten Gucci glasses. You guys, I lose them all the time. Please tell me in the
comments if I’m the only one. So that’s why I prefer a good $6 glasses. It looks just as nice. Florals are huge at Coachella. We obviously all know
about the floral headbands. It’s a permanent Snapchat filter okay? I love that these aren’t basic florals. This is not your basic floral. Oh no, sweetie. We are birds of paradise in here, okay? It’s what this is. I feel like Jlo in this
outfit or possibly Cher with this hair. So if you’re going out for
a sexy little dinner date. You’re grabbing drinks
with your girlfriends. Or you just feel like
being fly for no reason. This is the outfit for you. I’m about to go jump into my next one. Are you ready? Okay, I’m back with my fourth look. Super excited about showing
you how to wear the classic Coachella cutoff jeans. What I love about these boom boom shorts is that they’re flattering
both in the front and in the back. You definitely want to
make sure you’re covered in real life. I actually paired it
with a black tank top, which everybody has. Then I also paired it with a blazer. You can wear any kind. This one is actually from Nordstrom. And a good statement
belt is always awesome. This is clearly an investment piece. It’s a Gucci belt but obviously
any black belt will work. And I paired it with my
crossbody Gucci purse. Again, any crossbody will work. I love this cuff. It’s actually a mix of leather and stone. That’s always awesome. And I love love love adding
little layers of chokers. This is a necklace that I
actually wear every single day. It’s just my personal jewelry and I added to it a little cute choker. Bring back the Coachella vibes. Again, you’ve got statement
glasses, these are Raybans. They’re like aviators kind of but not. They go with everything
and I absolutely love them. And most importantly, bringing
back the comfort, people. Are my Adidas sneakers. I love this outfit
because it’s comfortable. It’s still cool and I still
feel pretty badass in it. I still feel like I’m a
rocker girl just running to grab some coffee. Chillin’, hair slightly disheveled. You’re like, hey, yeah girl, what’s up? Yeah. Is this rocker? No, this is hang loose, wow. Get it together A. So a lot of you may be like, who the heck would have
a blazer on at Coachella, it’s so hot. Facts, it gets cold in
the desert at night. So actually Coachella for
all the big performances like Beyonce and all of them, it was actually really cold
so people had on blazers, leather motorcycle
jackets, hoodies, sweaters. So hey, if where you live
it gets a little chilly at night, this is the
perfect outfit for you. Okay, this one was all
the rage at Coachella and it’s actually just major for the entire summer in general. Guess what it is? (crickets) Duh, polka dots. Polka dots are so major for the summer. I never thought that
they’d come back this way but I actually love it so much and I love not just polka dots but
like comfy things like this. Like this is like, I love
anything that has pockets. Am I the only girl that
loves anything with pockets? Again, if you have a hard
time putting outfits together, the best thing you can do
is get jumpers, dresses. Things that are whole pieces. So that you don’t have to figure out like, what goes with that. What goes with that? Here’s the outfit people. This is it. This is a statement polka dot jumper that I’m absolutely obsessed with. It is from Topshop, super affordable. And I feel like you could dress
this so many different ways. Right now I’ve got it paired
with some Giuseppe slides. For the summer don’t be afraid to mix your polka dots with stripes. That’s super cool right now as well. Same color scheme, different vibe. But I love them. You could also wear this same exact jumper with like a cute flat sandal
or even a pair of sneakers would still be super cute. Converse or another pair of
like white shell toe Adidas. The other thing that makes
this little polka dot romper perfect is the length of the shorts. I know I’m the only one
out there that’s not trying to be like, oh hey, look at my thighs. So, this is the perfect length
in the front and the back which I love. And again people, this cinches the waist. I love pieces that come
with like bows like this. Because you can make
it as loose as you want or as tight as you want. After lunch, you know. Like right now I’m about
to eat in a little bit. I’m gonna loosen this up. In the morning when you swear that you’re like your skinniest in life. You’re like, soop, make it nice and tight. I also decided to pair it
with this little chic hat. I know during the fall and
the winter I was so obsessed with like motorcycle
hats and captain hats. Well, guess what? They now have them where they’re straw so they’re made for
summer instead of wool. And I’m all about it. If I have my hair done two
days ago I can just shake out these beach waves and make it
look like it was intentional. Throw on a hat and it looks
like it was a part of my look. So in case you were wondering
why I’m always in hats. That’s the answer. So, there you go. All five of these looks are
super on trend for summer. I hope you guys try them out. I saw them at Coachella but you know I’ll be rocking
them all summer long. Thank you guys for watching. Let me know what you think in
the comments about what other outfits you’d like to see
me in because clearly, I like to play dress up for you guys. Let me know, subscribe. (smooches) And I’ll see you next time. (happy music)


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    Vanesa Magana

    I love the fact that you give us inexpensive clothing options and I love all of the outfits ❤️

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