Amazon Prime Video Prepares For The Release Of ‘The Aeronauts’ Incredible Journey’ – Live News 247

Amazon Prime Video Prepares For The Release Of ‘The Aeronauts’ Incredible Journey’  – Live News 247

In anticipation of the release of The Aeronauts, Amazon Prime Video is kicking off an unforgettable nationwide journey to honor the spirit of adventure and introduce audiences in six cities throughout the United States to a world of wonders with a traveling fair The festivities are inspired by Amelia and James, The Aeronauts’ protagonists’ incredible ballooning journey   The festivities will be kicked off in Los Angeles with a multi-day extravaganza that welcomes families and VIPs into The Aeronauts’ world By blending the past’s indelible spirit of curiosity with the technology of the future, attendees will be given the opportunity to look up and reclaim a sense of wonder as they turn their gaze to the skies once again with a fan experience that will awe and delight  The Aeronauts’ Incredible Journey will be taking place in six cities, including: Los Angeles, California – Saturday, November 23 through Sunday, November 24 San Francisco, California – Tuesday, November 26 Phoenix, Arizona – Saturday, November 30 Atlanta, Georgia – Tuesday, December 10 Orlando, Florida – Friday, December 13 Austin, Texas – Tuesday, December 17 Unmissable attractions found at The Aeronauts’ Incredible Journey include a sprawling Victorian fair, period performers and vendors, a “Mammoth” hot air balloon (as featured in the film) The film festivities will also hijack local weathercasts by having meteorologists report city conditions from high above The Aeronauts’ hot air balloon Los Angeles and Phoenix will also enjoy a screening of the film on the world’s first Fly- In Theatre: a breathtaking 20 foot LED screen wrapped 360 degrees around a second hot air balloon The all-inclusive events will welcome families, schemers, dreamers and Aeronaut enthusiasts of all ages  It will also be the first time in history that a movie is screened on a hot air balloon In addition to The Fair, The Aeronauts will also be available in 70MM in select cities (see below confirmed dates), so audiences can experience the technical accomplishments and special effects of the film in large format screenings New York: Village East (12/3) Chicago: Music Box (11/26) San Francisco: Castro (12/2) Boston: Coolidge (12/6) Miami: Coral Gables (12/2) Columbus: Gateway Film Center (12/2)

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