Amtrak’s Coast Starlight – Trip Report – Seattle to San Francisco

Amtrak’s Coast Starlight –  Trip Report – Seattle to San Francisco

Here we are on the Coast Starlight, this time we’re going to San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf Let’s take a look, here’s my room, got my bags, there’s where I’ll be sitting And here we go, we are leaving
Seattle bound for San Francisco Well, while all of you are at home or work, Im on the Train enjoying the scenery. And here we are at Portland Union Station on the Coast Starlight Train. There’s the station and we’ll go in there in a second. Let’s go in the station and see what the station looks like Here’s the ticket counter at Portland Union Station. Look at all those trains
coming and going, this is a busy place So, I got back on the train and Portland
even though we have a really long stop it’s pretty cold outside so I thought you
know what I’m not gonna be cold I’m gonna go to my room where it’s nice and
warm and not catch a cold on my trip. Here we go, leaving Portland and here we are in Eugene OR, making a stop, picking up passengers, letting people off as we continue on to California tonight. It’s sprinkling out here a little bit and that’s okay let’s get back on the train and continue
our journey I had dinner in the Parlour Car tonight and it was very good. The Parlor Car is very different than the Dining Car. Looks like everybody is in bed right now. Ok, pushed the call button and pretty soon I’ll be going to bed Well, we’ve got the bed down and tonight we’ll continue on down the coast. There’s our train and next we’re going to board the bus and go to San Francisco. Fun times on the Coast Starlight. And here we go on the bus to San


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    Jim Fix

    Great Video. Lived in Tumwater for awhile and caught many Amtrak Trains at the Lacey (Olympia) station. Thanks for posting.

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    The Cookster

    I was on this train about the same time you were, maybe we were on the same train. Amtraks cheese cake is good. Try it next time if you haven't already.

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    Fausto Brindisi

    Dear friend:
    In the next month of June, I will travel through the United States, start in Chicago with the Empire Builder in Seattle, from there I will take the Coast Starlight to Los Angeles and return from San Francisco in the California Zephir to Chicago. Any comments about it, information, videos, blogs, etc., will be very beneficial for my trip. From already thank you very much.
    Sincerely, Fausto Brindisi, from Rosario, Argentina.

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    I would love to take my kids to San Francisco. I know they would love to go to Alcatraz. Is it possible to take the train and then the bus like you did and sightsee in San Francisco without renting a car and spending a small fortune on cabs, Uber, etc?

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