Baba Keno Chakar | বাবা কেন চাকর | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Prosenjit, Rituparna

Baba Keno Chakar | বাবা কেন চাকর | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Prosenjit, Rituparna

“No one’s life is as happy as mine.” “This bond is full of
love and affection.” “I know I will reach
the end of my life..” “..if this bond
breaks at any point.” “No one’s life is as happy as mine.” “No one’s life is as happy as mine.” “No one’s life is as happy as mine.” “This bond is full of
love and affection.” “I know I will reach
the end of my life..” “..if this bond
breaks at any point.” “No one’s life is as happy as mine.” “No one’s life is as happy as mine.” What is the news of elder boss? What news? How is your business going on? Did you get any new
assignment or anything? Dad, what about the statement.. ..that I asked you to make
for the new tender? – Why? I have kept it ready. Right, Mamta? Haven’t you given it to him? Now look here. I had forgotten. The paper is in my room. Take it. Younger boss. For how long will you remain.. ..unemployed after passing MA?
– Dad. Who will give me a
job without experience? Experience? In our times, there were no such.. ..prerequisites for a job. Practice makes a man perfect. How will you get experience.. ..if you don’t take up a job? I was thinking of
joining a political party. Then all the problems
will be taken care of. You will join politics? Mom. It will be good
if younger brother joins politics. Everyone will call me
a minister’s sister. Right?
– Grandfather. – Grandfather. Grandfather.
– Grandfather. – Grandfather. You are asking everyone
about everyone’s well-being. Why aren’t you asking me? What is the news
from your side, dear? Mom, tell grandfather about it. It is Gaurav’s
birthday tomorrow, dad. I see. Right. I had completely forgotten it. What is it?
Why didn’t you tell me? Fine. This time, my grandson’s birthday will.. celebrated with
a lot of splendor. There will be a big cake. There will be colorful candles lit. Grandfather, what about me? Even your birthday
will be celebrated.. ..with a lot of pomp. Blow it. Blow it harder. “Happy birthday to you..
– Happy birthday to you.” “To you..” “Happy birthday to you..
– Happy birthday to you.” “Happy birthday to you, Gaurav..
– Happy birthday to you.” “Happy birthday to you..
– Happy birthday to you.” You have some. Brother.
– Hey, let sister come. Come here, sister..
– Yes, yes, I am coming. Cut the cake and feed
your grand children. For sure. Go. All of you cut
the cake and have it. I couldn’t pick up a big piece. Here, friend. Will just sitting here
and looking at others eat.. of any use? Here. Open your mouth.
– Hey.. – Here. Good. So, what is the news? Tell me. You are in a great state, buddy. You are celebrating
grandson’s birthday. And I couldn’t even
get my son married. Forget about grandson’s birthday. Listen. Do come to my house in a day or two. Okay, I will come. Now, have it.
– Yes, yes. Grandfather, grandfather..
– Come, come. Grandchildren, come..
– Grandfather. All these toys belong to brother. If they belong to brother,
they belong to you too. Right, brother? Won’t you share
them with your younger sister? I will. All of these
belong to you, Titli and I. Even mine?
– Okay, grandfather.. ..why don’t you
celebrate your birthday? I have become old. That is why. Okay, grandfather.
Why did you become old? Couldn’t you remain a kid like us? When one becomes old
one can’t become a kid again. Okay, grandfather,
were you always this old? Weren’t you ever kids like us? We were kids like you. What kind of toys did you play with? We didn’t have such
nice toys in our times. But we played with whatever we had. Grandfather, did you go to school? I used to go to school. By taking my bag on
my shoulder like you. By wearing half pants. Did you play in school? I used to play. There was.. ..a different class
for us to play in. There was a drill master. He used to make all
of us stand in a line. He used to say left
and right repeatedly. He used to have a very
long stick with him. He used to hit us very hard.. ..even if someone moved a
little bit from his position. “The train is moving swiftly.” “You will be in a
bad state of you slip.” “My age is around twelve or
thirteen. Mom says it is lesser.” “Go in a straight line.” “The master will hit us
if we make a mistake.” “Go in a straight line.” “The master will hit us
if we make a mistake.” “The train is moving swiftly.” “You will be in a
bad state of you slip.” “My age is around twelve or
thirteen. Mom says it is lesser.” “Go in a straight line.” “The master will hit us
if we make a mistake.” “Go in a straight line.” “The master will hit us
if we make a mistake.” “In the poem like songs of kids.” “In the mess created by fools.” “In the poem like
songs of kids. Kids.” “In the mess created by fools.” “What is the house? What is
the house that they made?” “I ask them to stop.
Stop. Wait for a while.” “There are so many songs
written by Kazi Nazrul Islam.” “Go in a straight line.” “The master will hit us
if we make a mistake.” “Go in a straight line.” “The master will hit us
if we make a mistake.” “Sabdar. Doctor.” “He has a bald head.” “Sabdar. Sabdar. Doctor.” “He has a bald, bald head.” “If he is hungry,
he has water that he chews.” “He reads books by
switching the light off.” “Strange books are
written by Hoseni, the poet.” “Go in a straight line.” “The master will hit us
if we make a mistake.” “Go in a straight line.” “The master will hit us
if we make a mistake.” “The train is moving swiftly.” “You will be in a
bad state of you slip.” “My age is around twelve or
thirteen. Mom says it is lesser.” “Go in a straight line.” “The master will hit us
if we make a mistake.” “Go in a straight line.” “The master will hit us
if we make a mistake.” “The train is moving swiftly.” “You will be in a
bad state of you slip.” “My age is around twelve or
thirteen. Mom says it is lesser.” “Go in a straight line.” “The master will hit us
if we make a mistake.” “Go in a straight line.” “The master will hit us
if we make a mistake.” “The train is moving swiftly.” “You will be in a
bad state of you slip.” Hey, grandson. Grandson! Hey, grandson! Grandson! Grandson! What? – What happened?
Why are you laughing? I saw that grandfather was
parading wearing half pants.. ..and singing a song. Even I want to listen to a song. Sing a song and parade. How strange! When did I sing a song? Where did I parade?
I was telling you a story. No, no, I will listen to a song. I want to see a parade. Grandmother, you show
me parade. Sing a song. I will sing a song. No, I want to see parade..
– Okay, okay. You come..
– I want to see parade. I will show you parade..
– Grandma, I want to see parade. Come. Come, come,
I will show you parade. Grandmother, I want to see parade..
– Come on, come on.. Grandmother, I want to see parade..
– Come, I will.. you parade. Grandmother, I want to see parade..
– Come on. Grandmother, I want to see parade. Grandmother, I want to see parade. Till some moments back.. ..I was an employee in the office. At this moment, work
has given me leave. It has given me an opportunity. It has shown me that
truth is most bitter. And that is a tree sheds leaves.. ..when it becomes old in order.. give space to new ones. If that is not done,
the tree loses its charm. Only I have an idea
how old I have become.. this short span of time. JM sir has requested me to speak.. ..about my experience. He has asked me to talk
about the principles.. ..that I have followed
in the span of my career. In our childhood, we have read.. ..a lot about
principles and ideologies. I won’t bore you by saying all that. Some moments back,
I read a writing.. ..on the wall that I really liked. I want to share
that with all of you. Just like keeping
someone on gun point.. ..snatching money and valuables.. ..away is something
that we call hijack. Keeping someone’s
file on backburner.. ..and taking money is
as grave a sin as that. Because that is known as
being disloyal to duty. Being a destroyer behind
the façade of a protector. I don’t think I will be able
to meet you form tomorrow. Your work life will be very busy. And I will stay at home. I will keep on
thinking about memories.. ..sitting in one dark
corner like a blind man. I will be in a lot of
pain if I ever remember.. ..hurting someone ever. That is why I am asking for
forgiveness from all of you. If any of you has been hurt by me.. any point of time,
please forgive me. May God make your lives happy! May he make your lives peaceful! Greetings. Listen. Are you very upset?
– What? No. I haven’t learnt being upset. But I have a bad feeling. The 10,000 that I used to get.. ..every month will stop now. And the 2,00,000
rupees that I have got.. ..will have to be kept
away for Khushi’s wedding. Now you will face problems in.. ..running the household expenditure. From now on, the
sons will look after it. How will they do so? Tuhin’s business is new. And Tushar? He is unemployed. He hasn’t been
able to get a job yet. Help! Help! Help! Hey, hey..
– What happened? Are you blind? You are shouting
like a goat and coming.. ..running from there.
What is the matter? – Hijack.. Hijack? Where is it? There.. That side. Hijack! Hijack! Help! Hey..
– Hey. Help me..
– Hey, come here. Leave me..
– Hey, come on. Let go of me..
– No, we won’t. Help me! Help! Help! Help! What is the matter? Who were they? Do you know, there was a man lying.. ..on the road and
being very restless? I.. I thought he is unwell. As soon as I stopped the car,
the man jumped up. Then there were three people
who surrounded me and.. I saw the rest. I saw a wrestler running away too. I think he was in your car. Don’t be formal with me. Actually I am Khushi’s classmate. I recognized you as
soon as I saw you. Or else, I was very scared. In the meanwhile,
I would have probably run away. I hope you aren’t scared now. No, I am not scared. I mean.. I was just wondering if
you could just drop me home. I got it. You are still scared. What can be done about it? Come on..
– Yes, thank you. Sir, sir, sir.. Sir, hijack, sir. Hijack, hijack. Hijack? Where is it? At a distance, sir. At a distance.
Very far away. I covered seven kilometers.. a dog who has
got an electric shock.. ..and came running all the way. A gang of goons got me down from.. ..the car by stopping the car
on a road near Central Park. Then they kicked me
hard on my backside.. ..and asked me to leave. Then they got hold of madam.
– What? After talking for an hour,
you are telling me now.. ..that goons have taken madam away. Fool! What were you doing? I came to you to notify the cops. You came running all this
distance to notify police? Why? Wasn’t there a police
station on your way? – No.. There was a police
station on my way.. ..but what is the police.. I got it, I got it. Can someone use a
fool for good deeds? I have to do whatever
has to be done. Go away. Okay, yes.. Come in..
– Madam, madam. Did the goons do anything to you..
– Shut up! Grandfather. This is Tushar. Greetings.
– Grandfather, he.. He saved me from the goons today. Thank you. Thank you, young man. Thank you, thank you.
– Now.. It is alright. Grandfather. God knows what would have happened
if he hadn’t come on time. I am really grateful. No, no, what is the need
to be grateful in this? If I wouldn’t have been there.. ..someone else would have..
– Hey, no, no. No one would have come. No one. All of this is no more there. The feeling of pity,
affection, sadness and pain.. ..for other human beings. None of these exist anymore. I am sure you are
from a good family. Or else.. – Grandfather,
will you talk to him.. ..while standing here?
– Yes, right. Come on, we will sit.
– No, no, I will leave now. There is no problem now.
– Meaning? There is more problem now. If you come to a
cultured person’s house.. ..and leave just like this.. ..won’t it be an insult for
the members of his family? You are right, dear. You voiced my thoughts. Hey, we didn’t even
get introduced properly. I didn’t come to know your identity. Can we let you go just
because you want to leave? – Right. Come, we will sit and talk.
– Yes. Madam. We are getting
late for the tennis ground. Today you go alone. You don’t get a chance to play
when you go with me everyday. Today you can go and play. No, I mean, it is so far off..
– Run and go. Then you will be healthy.
– I see. And in any case, you
need to become healthier. Yes. I will go. I will go running. “I will go running.” “I will go running.” I wanted to talk to
you about something. Tell me, what is it? Do you study in this college?
– Yes. Arts, commerce or science? Arts. Why? No, I mean, it is very good. It is matching for sure. Matching? What is matching? No, I mean, I got a description. According to that,
you match it totally. With whom? With me? Yes. No, I mean.. With the college. It is very beautiful. Beautiful! It is much more beautiful.. ..than what I heard. You are Khushi(happy), right? What? How did you know my name?
– Your name? No, I mean, I didn’t want to
know about your name. – I see. What I was saying that on
looking at your beautiful college.. outsider liked it so much. I wanted to know if you
are happy to know that. But why? Do you want to take
admission in this college? What is the problem if I join? But after passing MA,
if I could get.. ..permission to start afresh. What are you saying? I can’t understand anything. Okay, instead of
talking while standing here.. ..we can leave and talk on our way. You stay in Salt Lake. You.. Tell me, who are you? How do you know so much about me? I can understand, I can understand. After this, you will be angrier. Maybe you will shout
and gather people. Let it be till here today. Listen, you will come
to know my identity. I can tell you this much.
You will come to know for sure. Shall I leave? Goodbye. He is a strange man! He didn’t tell me his name.. ..and yet told me
everything about me by way of jest. He told me that he
knows where I stay too. In some time, he would have.. ..probably told me
my dad’s name too. What is the matter? Tell me. I was about to call you up today. My son. My son Amit has come
from Bombay today. – Really? Amit, Amit.
– Coming. What is it, dad? Look at him and tell me
if you can recognize him. Uncle?
– Bless you, bless you, son. Sit down. So, how is
your work going on? Good. It is going very well. More branches of our
office have opened up. The company may send me abroad.. its branch office.
– Good. Very good..
– Sir. Sir, you have a call from Bombay. Uncle, I will just be back..
– Yes, dear. Dad, I will be back..
– Yes. So? Did you like your son-in-law? Son-in-law? Hey, you, now we will have a fight. Have you forgotten
in this short while? You told me that you will
give your daughter to my son. We will become
relatives from being friends. So.. So brother,
did you like my son? Your son Amit is like a diamond. Hey, as soon as he got a job.. ..he got many
facilities like a house.., cooks,
servants and many more. Now he has got an
offer to go abroad too. Your daughter will be happy. We will be happy if they are happy. Why won’t they be?
They will be happy for sure. I know that my son will be happy.
– How? I had sent my son to
your daughter’s college. He went and saw your daughter today. And going by his mood, it seems.. ..he really liked your daughter. But it won’t be enough only if
my son and both of us like it. Sister-in-law has to like him too. And apart from that, we have.. know the girl’s choice too.
– Okay.. ..we can solve this by
taking Amit to our place one day. And anyway, who can dislike Amit? What if we could do something.. ..due to which sister-in-law
and Khushi can make up.. ..their minds beforehand? I didn’t understand.
– You don’t understand anything. Picture, picture. Show it to sister-in-law and Khushi. I will give you a
photograph of Amit. Look, Look.
He is like a piece of gold. Our Khushi is lucky. What happened? You
aren’t saying anything. Don’t you like him? Can anyone dislike a boy like him? Only your approval won’t be enough. Khushi has to like him too. Where is Khushi? Call your daughter. Hey, is your daughter shameless.. ..that she will tell you about her
choice right in front of you? I will ask her sometime soon. He has a job with a good salary. He has a car and a house. And he has a chance of
getting posted abroad. Khushi will roam around abroad
and be very happy. I understood that. But what if the boy
doesn’t like Khushi? How can he not like her? Hey, where will he get a
girl like my daughter? Hey, I forgot to tell
you the important point. The boy had gone to see
Khushi in her college. Yes. The boy liked Khushi a lot. “I will deck up like a bride.” “You come with the
wedding palanquin.” “On the day of the
pious look, smile sweetly.” “I don’t want anything
else in this short life.” “Only love.” “I will deck up like a bride.” “You come with the
wedding palanquin.” “On the day of the
pious look, smile sweetly.” “The clarinet of
happiness of playing.” “In the core of my heart.” “I don’t like anything except you.” “In the wedding
bed made of flowers.” “I will hug you.” “I will make you mad by
giving you lots of love.” “I don’t want anything
else in this short life.” “Only love.” “I will deck up like a bride.” “You come with the
wedding palanquin.” “On the day of the
pious look, smile sweetly.” “On this sweet night of our union.” “To light the lamp of love.” “I will give you my life.” “My heart calls out to you.” “The fire of need is burning.” “The fire is becoming
more rapid by the moment.” “I don’t want anything
else in this short life.” “Only love.” “I will deck up like a bride.” “You come with the
wedding palanquin.” “On the day of the
pious look, smile sweetly.” “I don’t want anything
else in this short life.” “Only love.” “I will deck up like a bride.” “You come with the
wedding palanquin.” “On the day of the
pious look, smile sweetly.” So what happened after that? After that I took money from dad.. ..and bought an old car. Now I have two of them. I give them on rent.
I mean, rent-a-car. Now I drive this. And the other one is driven.. any driver that
I get at that time. Hey, what are you doing? I will tear these off. What is the difference between.. ..a waste paper and
a certificate that.. ..can’t get me a job? I am thinking of tearing this off.. ..and disposing it in water.
– In water? Yes. An educated boy can’t find.. ..a strong base to
stand on his feet.. ..even after studying.. Hey, Jai.
– Yes. Jai, you told me that
you have another car. Yes, I do. Can I drive it? You.. Car..
– Yes. Tushar Dutta. MA. Driver. Have you lost your mind? Why? What is so strange about it? Listening to your words, it seems.. ..buying a car is
an impossible task. Actually it is not your fault. It is my luck. I have never gone to school or college
in anything except a car. Now I travel in a scooter
with dust around.. – Look Hena. I wasn’t born in a
rich family like yours. I am a boy from a
middle-class family. Dad had a job and he
worked hard to educate us. And you fell in love with me
despite knowing all this. I had thought that a smart guy.. you will
shine in a short while. You will make it very big. But you couldn’t buy a simple car
all this while. – Car? If I has enough money to buy a car.. ..I would have made my business. If I can’t open the LC in two days
I will lose the opportunity. Where will I arrange
3,00,000 rupees from? I am losing my
mind thinking of this. But why are you worried about money? We do have money. We do?
– Not 3,00,000 maybe. But we have 2,00,000 rupees.
Ask dad to give it. Dad’s money is in the bank.
– No, no. Dad has kept that
money for Khushi’s wedding. But you are not wasting the money. Return it when you have
profits in the business. That is right. I will ask dad for it tomorrow. What have you started? Untie these ropes from my hand. You have started these
antics after retiring. You shouldn’t talk
when your pressure.. being recorded.
– Keep quiet. Keep quiet. I never got time earlier
and hence I didn’t notice. But now I can see. Your pressure keeps on
fluctuating all day. You have to take care. You have to take medicines on time.
– Mom. Dad. What happened? Is mom unwell? No. Your dad has
started with his madness. Madness? Look, look. Look at the blood pressure. Look at how your mom’s pressure.. fluctuating since
the time I have retired. Anyway, do you
want to say something? No, I mean, I had to
talk to you about business. Good. Tell me. Mom is unwell. It wouldn’t be okay
to disturb her here. You come to the drawing room. Okay. You go ahead.
I will just be there. – Okay. Oh no, let all this be for now.
– What? You go and talk to Tuhin. I see. Okay, okay. Hold this, dear.
– Give it. Move, fool. Hey, what is all this? Now untie all these ropes. I have a lot of work in the kitchen. Oh no, rest for some days, mom. I will take care of the kitchen. Sister-in-law is there..## What do you mean by
you will take care? Don’t you have college? God knows what Ramu is doing. Your dad will be
hungry in some time. God knows what they are
discussing before breakfast. I am asking for the money as a loan. Loan?
– Yes. Actually if I can’t
arrange for the money.. ..and lose out on the opportunity.. Look, Tuhin, just
like parents have.. ..a responsibility
towards kids in the world.. have a
responsibility towards.. ..parents in a similar way. Dad. Why are you asking
for a loan from me? You need the money. Take it. But remember something. These 2,00,000 rupees
are the last amount.. ..that I have left
from my professional life. I have to get
Khaushi married with this. Don’t think about all this, dad. Khushi is my younger sister too. And apart from that,
when I have business.. ..I will deposit the
money in your account. Okay. I will write the cheque. Get the cash tomorrow morning.
– Okay. But keep Khushi’s wedding in mind. Khushi. Hey, Khushi, listen.
I was looking for you. I hadn’t thought I
will find you here. What is the matter?
– I mean.. I wanted to meet
your younger brother. What is it? Where did you meet younger brother? I met him. That was an accidental matter. Why? Didn’t younger
brother tell you anything? No. If he has kept it as a secret.. I think the matter is very serious. What is it? How far have you gone? No, it is not so yet. But I don’t know about the future. I can see the future. I can see it very well.
– Foresee. Stand here and look into the future. But tell me about the present. Present? It is very
difficult to tell anyone.. ..about the present of
an unemployed person. But yes, Ramu from our house.. Ramu told me that
brother is often seen.. Shyam Bazaar’s
automobile garage.. – Yes, yes. He can be seen there. Really? Thank you. I am leaving. Welcome. So younger brother is in love. I will wait and watch for the time.. ..when his affair is revealed. “My friend has come from Bombay.” “Greet my friend.” “My friend has come from Bombay.” “Greet my friend.” “My friend has come from Bombay.” He has come? Yes, hey, hey, hey. Look here. Hey, brother, you are here? Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Did you buy this car? Hey.. Which question should I answer?
– Meaning? I mean, which
question should I answer? Should I tell you
if it is indeed me? Or why have I come here? Is the car is a car or not? Have I bought the car? Or what is the price of it? No, I mean.. Just tell me if you
have bought the car. No.. – Yes.
– What is the matter, sir? – What? Won’t you go further?
– Wait, fool. I am talking about
something important. Have you seen how lowly he is? Even I am a lowly man if he is.
– Why? He rides a rickshaw
and I drive a rented car. He is a driver and I am driver too. Driver? You are a driver.. You are a driver?
– Yes. Good, good. It is a very good job. When I get married to Miss. Nisha.. ..I will surely get a
car from my father-in-law. I will employ you as a driver then. Good..
– What.. – Good. It is a good proposal. So Mr..
– Chinta Haran Kachukheti. Kachukheti? Kachukheti. All these are matters of high class. You won’t understand all this. A person from high class of
Kolahapur is Padmini Kolhapuri. Then a person of
high class of Jashar.. Lallu Jashar. Yes. There are many other high
class families like this. Like Marathi, Gujrati and Punjabi. They are there in every caste. So the one from the family of.. ..Kachukheti is ours. That is why my name is
Chinta Haran Kachukheti. Okay, Kachukheti. You go to a farm of
sweet potatoes and have sweet potatoes. I am leaving.
– Okay. Hey, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.. Hey, stop. Look, since I have decided.. ..that I will keep
you as my driver.. ..then I must take your test. You do something.
Take it to madam’s house. What is it, brother?
– Yes. Where are you going
without paying me? Payment?
– Yes. Hey, go away, fool. You just came a short distance. You didn’t even cycle for 20 feet.. And what about the time you
made me stand here? Did you hear that?
Did you hear that? I have to pay rent for the time
his cycle stands there. Okay, brother. I will pay you. Forgive him.
– No, no, no. – Why will you pay? Since you asked me to forgive him
I have forgiven. Very good. – You had to
just pay me three rupees. Yes, yes.
– I will think I gave it to a beggar. Okay, I am leaving. Greetings. Kachukheti.
– Yes. Can we start the test? Yes, yes, yes..
– Yes, yes. – Come on, come on. Hey.. Oh my God! What is the matter?
– Yes. You came to the front
seat from the back seat. No. I thought you
are alone in front. That is why..
– I see. – Yes. So how was my driving?
– Very nice. So can we go to madam’s
house like this? – Yes.. What? Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey..
– Yes? What is the matter?
Where are you going? There is no need. I will cover the rest
of the path by foot. One becomes healthy by walking. Yes, that is good.
– Yes. Pay attention to your health. After marriage, you will have to.. around everywhere
with your wife. Right? Okay. I am leaving.
– Yes. Hey.. Oh God! Oh God. He is a driver? Oh my God! In some more
time I would have lost my life. No, I don’t need such a driver. Okay, listen, hasn’t Mr.
Tushar come back? No. Though it is time for
him to be back. – I see. Hey, there he is. What is the matter? I hope the hijackers
haven’t got hold of you today. No. Today.. Today I have come to hijack. Wow! You have improved a lot. So if you have to do something
you can do something new. In any case, there are
lady hijackers in the market. I was thinking of
doing something new. Good. So can I
know what the idea is? Get into the car. I will tell you. You have put me in a dilemma. Listen, I have noticed
since the very beginning. You are being formal with me. Hey, sorry. Being informal with a
girl all of a sudden.. What if it makes the girl happy? Okay, okay. I will get used to it gradually. Yes, the point that
I had to tell you. I have driven a car all day long. I have earned a lot too. I have to explain
it to the boss too. I am sure you can understand.
I am a driver. Let it be. You don’t
have to announce it to me. Because it is not a new job. That is right. But it is
not a job that I love. Look, a job is a job. It could be because of your wish.. ..or it could be against your wish. Anyway, I don’t want to
argue about work with you. Tell me, when will you go? Where? To our house. To your house all of a sudden? What is the matter? Actually my grandfather has.. ..especially requested
and asked you to come. And I have found you after roaming
around in 30 rent-a-cars. That is why I hope you
can understand my request. I can understand the request. But why are you being so reluctant? You have to come. I hope you will
fulfill grandfather’s wish. So around what time
should I come there? By 6 in the evening. Oh, just in time. I am so happy. But I am not happy. Why didn’t you inform me earlier? I came empty-handed.. Your arrival..
is the most expensive gift for me. And if you want to
give something to me.. What do you want? Give up that serious expression
and give me a nice smile. Well.. Excuse me. This is a small gift for you. Thank you.
– Welcome. Hey.. You have come here? So have you come
with an invitation.. ..or without one?
– Shut up. No, I mean, I can’t
see him holding a gift. That is why. Mr. Kachukheti.
– Madam. The animals who
dig into the ground.. ..with their mouths and
have sweet potatoes.. – Yes. They can’t see upwards. That is why they
can’t even understand.. ..the value of light..
– I see. You.. Please don’t mind
the words of this fool. Yes, yes, yes. No, no, you shouldn’t say.. ..anything like this to a
person of a high class. – Thank you. And apart from that, the way.. ..he turned upside
down in the afternoon.. What.. Meaning? I mean, this is a
confidential matter.. ..between the two of us.
– Yes, yes. You won’t understand this. Nisha. Come on. Nisha. He is so informal with her? He is on first name basis? By fooling me, he wants to savor
all the fruits and vegetables. Wait. I will teach you a lesson. I will teach a lesson to the driver. I will insult him so badly.. ..that he won’t find
a way out of here. What is the matter, Nisha? Where is your grandfather? Grandfather has gone to the airport. Grandfather has a
guest from America. He will come back right now.
– I see. Okay. Ladies and gentlemen. On this special
birthday of our madam.. ..Miss. Nisha, her special guest.. ..Mr. Tushar will sing
a song for all of you. Big round of applause! Did you see that? Did you see this mad man’s antics? Tell me, with whose permission.. ..did he make this announcement? You.. Please don’t mind. l.. I will ask the guests to forgive me. After that I will teach
this devil a good lesson.. You don’t have to do anything. I will teach him a lesson. “Love me.” “I will give you my life.” “Try and come close.” “I will make you my own.” “Love me. Please love me.” “Come close. Please come close.” “Love me.” “I will give you my life.” “Try and come close.” “I will make you my own.” “Love me. Please love me.” “Come close. Please come close.” “My words on both your lips.” “Blossom like a rose.” “On seeing love in your eyes.” “I have got life.” “Give me a smile of
love all your life.” “Love me. Please love me.” “Come close. Please come close.” “Love me.” “I will give you my life.” “Try and come close.” “I will make you my own.” “Love me. Please love me.” “Come close. Please come close.” “By holding you close to my heart..” “..and receiving love.” “I will die out of happiness.” “Hey, darling.” “On getting a touch of love..” “..I have become eternal.” “Life will be spent
in loving each other.” “Love me. Please love me.” “Come close. Please come close.” “Love me.” “I will give you my life.” “Try and come close.” “I will make you my own.” “Love me. Please love me.” “Come close. Please come close.” Laughing in solitude. This is not a good sign. Hey, no, no, it is a funny incident. I went to a birthday party. By that I mean, I had to go. And then? There someone just
to trouble announced.. ..that I have to sing a song. You sang a song. You? There was no other option. I had to sing.
– Enough. Enough. I can’t believe it. You have got such a terrible voice. I am sure
sister-in-law has lost her sleep. Sister-in-law? How is sister-in-law
related with my song? Hey, no. I am not talking about
elder sister-in-law. I am talking about
younger sister-in-law. Younger sister-in-law. Look, don’t try to
act innocent. Got it? I met her in the morning. I got the final report now. You are sitting alone and laughing. And she must be counting stars
of the night sky by now. You have become over-smart. You have become a little too smart. Wow! You can fall in love. And I am wrong if I can sense that. Wait. I will teach you a lesson. I will teach you a lesson now.
– What, what? I will show you..
– Oh no, no. Mom..
– I will teach you a lesson today. Mom, look, brother is hitting me..
– These girls.. ..are just too much. Mom. Get Khushi married quickly. She is such a grown up girl. When will you get her married? When will you get her married? Forget that. Actually, did you get it, mom? Younger brother
wants to get married. Wait, she has become
so over smart.. – Oh no. Oh no..
– Have you seen her? Seen her? Okay, aren’t you
worried about your daughter? We aren’t worried
about Khushi at all. There is a prince ready for her. Then why are you delaying it? I won’t go away that easily. Your bride will come before that. Yes. The hair strands
that you have torn off.. ..from my head in childhood..
Got it? I will count them
and make an account. I will tear off those
many hair strands from her.. ..head and make her bald..
– What is it, Khushi? Whose hair will you tear off? Younger sister-in-law.
– Younger sister-in-law? Where is younger sister-in-law?
– Dad.. ..why are you
getting into all this.. Why are you
listening to this mad girl? I..
– Bye. Is their fight a new event? They start off as soon
as they are together. But you will see. Tushar will be most lonely
when Khushi gets married. Hey, that is why I am telling you. Get younger brother married first. Mom. Younger sister-in-law
will be very beautiful. I don’t worry much about her looks. But she has to be a
girl from a good family. Because good behavior is
an education from family. Elder son got married. Daughter-in-law came to the house. But she didn’t have
any closeness with us. This time, we don’t just
need a daughter-in-law. We need closeness too. Good behavior and closeness. Marriage? You decided about
marriage all of a sudden? But what was the hurry
about Khushi’s wedding? Hey, the boy’s father has liked her. We couldn’t say no. But.. I can’t spend money for.. ..the wedding at this moment. What are you saying, Tuhin? Should we postpone
the wedding date.. ..even though we have
got such a nice boy? Isn’t Khushi your sister? Mom.. Mom, did I say that? Actually at this moment..
– Why are you hesitating? All the trouble arises because you
can’t say anything clearly. Daughter-in-law. Don’t interfere. I don’t want to interfere. But you are
talking as if the whole.. ..responsibility lies with Tuhin. Has he committed a crime.. being the elder son of the family?
– Daughter-in-law! Tuhin hasn’t committed a crime. Your father-in-law
has committed a crime. All his life he has
worked hard in his job.. ..and educated his children. He has built a house for
his children’s happiness. He has never bothered about
his well-being and happiness. All this is a crime indeed. And his biggest crime is
that he gave the last.. ..savings of his life,
2,00,000 rupees that he had.. Tuhin. So is it a huge big
favor that he has done? Only one person’s
salary is running the house. The other brother of the family.. ..only eats and doesn’t help.. ..even with a penny. Daughter-in-law. Mamta. Mamta, don’t get excited. You are unwell. No, no. Why should I get excited? Tell me, why should I get excited? I will just sit around and see. My son. My own blood. He is looking at all this while.. ..keeping his mouth
and standing there. And his wife is
standing in your house.. ..and shouting and insulting you. Disgusting!
– Mamta. Disgusting..
– Mom, keep quiet. Keep quiet. Tuhin. I didn’t say a word till now. I was staring at it in surprise. What is this environment? When did the environment
in my house become so had? When did people
start shouting at elders? All my life I taught you decency. I taught you decency. Treating family’s
expenses as burden.. Asking who is giving
how much for family.. These are not things a
good son should ask. No one likes to hear the truth.
– Quiet. Not one more word. I am.. I am talking to my child. I am talking to my son. I want to hear the answer from him. Tuhin, answer me, son. Answer me. Hey! Hey, I haven’t
become senile yet.. ..haven’t become senile yet.. dare you.. ..insulted my wife,
insulted your mother.. ..insulted your ill
mother right in front of me? Hey, what’ll you give?
What’ll you give? What will you give? You think Khushi’s wedding
will be cancelled because of you? No, no, no. No, Tuhin. No. If required I will shut
this house, sell this house.. ..and get my daughter married. Go. Go away from here. Go away. Go away from here. Quiet. Quiet, Mamta. Quiet I say. I haven’t died yet,
Mamta. I haven’t died yet. I need to stay alive. I need to stay alive, Mamta. I
need to be healthy and alive. I need to stay alive.
– Father. I.. I have to stay alive. What happened, Ramu? Regarding Miss. Kushi’s wedding.. ..senior sir and his wife
been rude towards sir and madam. This is how they paid back.. ..mother and father for their
love and effort all these days. Come on. What are you saying?
– You heard it right. It won’t cost too high. And they don’t have
much time in hands. If we take advantage of this
situation and buy it at this time.. ..we can get it for
a really small sum. Alright. But, not on the name of son-in-law. If I have to buy, I will the
buy the house on your name. That is right. After that, you will see. I will drive everyone
away from that house.. after the other. I am selling the house?
Who told you? Oh! You are not doing anything bad. You are a retired man. If you have to marry
your daughter off.. a good family.. need a lot, a lot of money. So by thinking of
selling the house.. have done a wise thing. I have not become a man.. ..who can buy a son-in-law
with money, sister-in-law. Sister-in-law.
– Oh no! Why did you get up
when you are so unwell? Sister-in-law has
come after so long. Can I remain in bed? Don’t worry about me. I don’t eat things
just about anywhere. I have come to help you guys. I have brought a cheque
of 5,00,000 rupees along. Look, sister-in-law, you are family. I don’t want to say
anything to you that offends you. That’s why we should talk about
something other than the house. Look, brother-in-law, I
said it for your welfare. Your worthless sons.. They won’t be able to
help you in any way. Tomorrow if you will try
sell it at the last moment.. may not get a
good price for it. But I.. I won’t cheat you. Father..
– I will give you 7,00,000 rupees. And as an advance.. ..take these 5,00,000 rupees.
– No. This house won’t be sold. Mother, who told you to
come here with such offers? Have they ever seen such money.. ..that they will
understand the value of money? You are right. My mother doesn’t
understand the value of such money. Money earned my exploiting
people and by smuggling.. My innocent, pious father won’t
understand the value of such money. What did you say? How dare you! Insolent man! O God! Leave me. O God!
– Tushar, leave her. Let it be. First you encourage him to insult
me and then you act innocent? I know you lowly people very well. Shut up!
– What? You are crossing all the limits. If you can’t behave decently
you can leave this place. – What? Let’s go, mother. I will take revenge for this. You dared to insult my mother. Come on, let’s go. Come on. Stop. Don’t go. Mother. Mother. Mamta. Will you kill your mother or what? Come on, take her inside.
– Come. – Come on. You? I mean, it’s you? I.. I wanted to talk to you
about something important. Yes, tell me what it is. I can’t tell you about
it here. I don’t want.. ..someone other than you
and me to know about it. Okay, no one will be
able to know about it. Father is not at home.
You sit down first. No, I won’t sit. I have come to tell
you just one thing. This wedding.. This
wedding won’t take place. – Why? Please don’t ask me anything. I won’t be able to tell you. You will have to stop this wedding. Khushi. At least tell me.. ..what my mistake is. It’s not your mistake,
but it’s my mistake. Please forgive me. But how can I cancel this wedding? Any which way. Please tell
them that you didn’t like me. Or tell them that you
heard something bad about me. Regarding my character. Khushi.
– Please.. Please forgive me. Please forgive me. Please forgive me. Khushi. Dear, listen.. Dear, listen.. What happened?
– Khushi is not at home. What are you saying?
Come, let’s see. She’s not at home.
– Khushi. Where is Khushi? Sir, she’s not anywhere around.
I’ll go and search her. Mamta.
– O God! – Don’t worry. Madam. – Do you hear me? Your
sister has run away from here. What rubbish are you talking! Go and look outside.
They are all crying. What? What did you say? Your sister-in-law
has run away from home? Now.. Now I will answer them.. ..regarding their decency. Grandmother. Oh grandmother. What happened to aunt? Where has aunt gone? I don’t know, dear. Why are you spoiling these kids? What is the need to tell
them these dirty stories? Oh Hena.
– You keep quiet. The girl who runs away in the dark.. ..of the night is a fallen
and a characterless woman. Daughter-in-law. Oh my God! What happened, Hena? I didn’t hear the
loud voice of your.. ..respected, cultured and
principled father-in-law. I see. I think this is the event.. ..where the thief’s
mother speaks the loudest. Sister-in-law, why
have you come into this? Won’t I come? Your cultured and good family. Your respected family. Don’t I have to learn
culture from your family? Brother-in-law. Where? Call. Call your younger son. Ask him to teach me culture. In a family where
girls runs away from home.. In a family where the son is a goon. That family is a cultured family? Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law, I am
requesting you. Please leave. In any case, I am upset. I may say anything mean
to you in this situation. Tuhin, ask your
mother-in-law to leave. Go. In the wake of the
disrespect brought by your sister.. ..go and hide in the
corner of the house. Disgusting! She has brought so
much of disrespect.. ..that we can’t face people. Daughter-in-law. If someone has to face disrespect,
we will have to do that. We are Khushi’s parents. We can’t do away
with Khushi’s identity. You can do away with it. Do away with Khushi’s identity. Go away. Leave this house and go away. Go away somewhere far. Mom, will Khushi
return if we go away? Listen, Khushi’s mom. Listen. Your son has finally spoken up. Look, he has finally spoken. Till now, he didn’t give even
one answer for his parents’ insult. As soon as his
security was thwarted.. ..he spoke up. This is your son.
This is your son indeed. One is standing here
and looking at the show. And the other one is missing. So much so that he
doesn’t deem it necessary.. go and look for his sister. Dad. Dad. Khushi sister hasn’t gone
to any friend’s place too. Hey, does a girl run
away in the darkness.. ..of the night to stay at
a female friend’s house? Go and check. What is she doing with
some guy somewhere? Who knows? Stop it. A human being consoles
another in their misery. They want to hide their sadness. But a fox and dog
would never do that. As they like digging into dirt. Where are you going? The one who doesn’t
have his own son.. ..has to do everything on his own. I will go and check in the
police station and hospital. What happened? Why did you stop? I have to stop. It
is my day to stop. It is my day to take
any rubbish that.. ..people have to say
keeping my lips sealed. Tell me. You can say anything to me too. Say whatever you feel like.. My daughter.. My daughter has left home. I have to listen. She has left home? Bad. She did a very bad thing. Don’t say that. Don’t say that. He feels very hurt
on hearing the truth. You are right. Only a few people
can accept the truth. When there is dust on someone else.. covers his
nose with a kerchief. But he goes mad when one points.. ..out the dirt and odor on his body. Shankar! Understand. You can understand now. Why were you going to forge
relations with this family? Thank God, the girl ran
away before the marriage. Or else you would’ve
also have regretted.. ..just like I am regretting by getting
my daughter married into this family. I would say that you are
lucky and your son is also lucky. Yes. You see it
personally how lucky he is. Shall I call him? Shankar. You got Amit? You could’ve done without
insulting me in front of that child. He is right. You are absolutely right. Call the boy. Yes. Amit. Amit, come here. Aunt.
– Aunt. Aunt.
– Aunt. Khushi.
– Khushi. No, no, no. No one will come
near my daughter-in-law. Shankar.
– Shut up! You are my friend since 30 years
and you are worrying about money? My daughter-in-law could’ve
killed herself worrying about money. One offers 7,00,000
rupees for the house. One offers 5,00,000
rupees’ cheque in advance. What do you mean? You are Raj’s sister-in-law. Then you are my sister-in-law too. Listen, sister-in-law. Daughter of a cultured person like
Raj’s never runs away from home. After hearing
everything I told Amit.. ..that Amit brings Tushar to me. So that I could get
personally get them married. Father, I am sorry I did
this without your permission. I am sorry for that, father. Tushar. Father.
– Son. It’s alright, son. It’s alright. May God fill your
lives with happiness! Shankar.
– Shankar what? Shankar what? Can’t you
call me brother-in-law? Call me brother-in-law.
Call me brother-in-law. Brother-in-law. Right. Come here. Where are you going, sister-in-law? I have arranged a program. Won’t you accept my invitation? What? Sure.
– Right. What happened? I never so happy.
– You are right. I am very happy today. Today I feel like
laughing out loud. You know I have never been
so happy before in my life. Today I.. Today I
fulfilled a huge responsibility. I.. I got Khushi married. Today I feel so
confident about myself.. ..that I feel very happy today. Is it so? Then make me happy. You?
– Yes. This is the
destination of my happiness. Won’t you take me to your home? Yes, Nisha. Today I want to share
all my happiness with you. Today I feel love isn’t
concerned about money. Love is blind. Yes. Love is blind. And I am blind in your love. “Everyone says that love is blind.” “I want to make myself blind..” “..and stay in your
heart all my life.” “I want to stay in your heart.” “Everyone says that love is blind.” “I want to make myself blind..” “..and stay in your
heart all my life.” “I want to stay in your heart.” “There is nothing in
my life except you.” “I know you as my world.” “There is nothing in
my life except you.” “I know you as my world.” “I weave a thousand
dreams with my two eyes.” “By keeping you in my heart,
I get everything.” “By keeping you in my heart,
I get everything.” “Everyone says that love is blind.” “I want to make myself blind..” “..and stay in your
heart all my life.” “I want to stay in your heart.” “I tell you my feelings
through my songs repeatedly.” “The tune of the
flute says you are mine.” “I tell you my feelings
through my songs repeatedly.” “The tune of the
flute says you are mine.” “By knowing the wish of my heart..” “..and forgetting life and death.” “I should get you in all my lives.” “I should get you in all my lives.” “Everyone says that love is blind.” “I want to make myself blind..” “..and stay in your
heart all my life.” “I want to stay in your heart.” “I want to stay in your heart.” He has used the weapon of a song. Even I will do that. I will attract Nisha with
my song just like a magnet. “Love me.” “I will give you my life.” Brother..
– “Love me.” Hey, brother. Why are you shouting like a bull? Come here, come here, come here. Should I come?
– Yes. Come here.. – Come here.
Come here.. – Come here. Sit..
– Sit. Yes..
– Here. – Come.. Come. Here, have this. I am asking you to have it.
– Should I have it? Have this. I am asking you to have it. Here, have it..
– Yes, I am having. I am having. Nisha! Nisha. Hey, Nisha. Nisha.. Wow! You came here due
to the pull of my song. Come here. Hug me. We will sing the musical notes. Leave me, rogue..
– Come on. Leave me, leave me..
– Come on. Hey, rogue.. – Leave me.
– Hey.. – Leave her, fool. You touched my wife? But this is Nisha..
– You have such a lot audacity.. Get lost from here..
– But she is.. Hey..
– Run away from here. Hit him..
– Hit him. Hit him.. – Hit him. Sir.. Sir, I am in this
state and you are laughing? No, no, no. I am not laughing. I am thinking. Okay, tell me, how did the
drunkards recognize you? How did you attract them? With my song. Song? Yes, grandpa. He was singing loudly on the roads. I see. And the listeners,
on not understanding.. ..thrashed him hard and
sent him to the nursing home. Will you listen to me?
– Yes. On your way back, keep a
cow and dog with you. – Yes. By singing with them, you
will be able to practice. And the name of the
music will be dog music. Dog.. Dog.. Dog music? Yes, don’t delay any more.
Please go quickly. Should I leave?
– Yes. Should I leave? Yes.
– I am asking you to leave. Should I really go? You should really, really leave. Okay, I am leaving. Hey, you are touching me
without a reason. Go away. Sorry, madam. I couldn’t see you.
– You couldn’t. You can leave now. Yes, I am going. Dog.. Dog music..
– Dog music. Dog.. Dog music..
– Dog music. You can leave now..
– Dog.. Hey, go away.
– Dog music. Hey, why did you make him leave?
– What? Is anyone else coming? Who is supposed to come? Hey, that good boy. The son of the
cultured family. Tushar. Tushar. How would I know if he
is going to come or not? You will know. You will know. Only you will know. Everything is your wish. I can tell you my point. I have no objection to this match. He is a good person.
He is well-cultured. His family is well-cultured. Grandpa. What happened? Where are you going so
early in the morning? I am thinking of
going to the office. Why? I have got some friends there. I am wondering if I could
get a part-time job there. You will do a job again? Look, I haven’t become so old yet.. ..that I won’t be able
to do a part-time job. No. You worked hard all your life. You worked very hard. I won’t let you work anymore. Mamta.
– Yes. I understand you well. I know you. You are extremely hurt. I know your
condition is becoming worse.. ..thinking about me. But I have.. I have handed
over the keys to daughter-in-law. If you are worried about it and
think of getting another job.. think it will
make me happy? – Mamta. No. Mamta. – I won’t let
you go to work again. I won’t let you go to work again. What did you say? The
vegetables are over? They are robbing us in daylight. I told you yesterday itself,
sister-in-law.. Everything’s over. It’s bound to happen. I give you 500-700
rupees every time. But groceries worth how
much do you bring home? You steal all the money. Sister-in-law,
please don’t say that. I have been working
here since childhood. Even senior sir and madam
never called me a thief. – Shut up! You don’t feel bad stealing, but
you feel bad if you are called thief. Sister-in-law.
– Shut up! What happened, daughter-in-law? What else would happen? Your pampering has
completely spoilt him. – No, sir. Sister-in-law has called
me a thief. Just look at him. You and I are talking
and he is interfering. Ramu, you go. Whatever you may say,
daughter-in-law.. shouldn’t have
called Ramu a thief. I am the one keeping an
account of everything.. That’s why I know if
money’s being stolen or not. If you don’t believe me you go
to the market with Ramu and see. You are asking me to go to
the market, daughter-in-law? You sit at home all day long anyway. If you go to the
market for your family..’s not something
to be ashamed about. You are right, daughter-in-law. Alright. I will bring the groceries
from the market from now onwards. And also, I am jobless right now. I have lots of time in hands.
Children are also busy. Give me the money. Tell me
what all I have to bring. Here is the list.
Everything’s mentioned in it. Take Ramu along. No, it’s alright. Ramu won’t be needed. I am used to carrying
the burden of this family. I can bring the groceries from the
market on my own, daughter-in-law. I can bring them on my own. I’m bound to be late.
The phone’s not in my room. And servants in the
house behave like royalty. I have important work. I
have important things to do. No one understands
that in this house. Instead of telling me all that.. ..why don’t you tell
that to your mom and dad? You’re the one who
has to pay the bill. Instead of creating such an uproar.. ..why don’t you take another phone? Tell me whatever you have to
say before you leave the house. And listen, tell your parties.. call you at office if
they need to talk to you. I can’t receive at the
phone in such chaos. Daughter-in-law. Take the telephone to your room. We don’t need the telephone anymore. Take it away.
– So you understood it finally. Yes, if it goes out of the room.. ..your wish will be fulfilled.. ..and we don’t have to
hear anything harsh. We don’t have to
hear anything harsh. Ramu. Ramu. Geeta. Geeta. Geeta. What is this? Mamta. Why are you in the kitchen? Where is Geeta? I have fired Geeta from
the kitchen. – Meaning? From today, I will cook everything. What are you saying? You are unwell. You
have a pressure problem. And apart from that,
you are standing.. front of the
fire in this state.. No, no. If you can burn in the sun and get.. ..the bags of
shopping from the market.. ..why can’t I cook by
burning in the fire of the stove? Why can’t I do the household chores? Oh, I do it on my own wish. I mean, I am unemployed. I do it because I
sit idle in the house. I am not blind. I
see everything and.. ..I can understand everything. No, you don’t
understand anything, Mamta. You don’t understand anything. Geeta, Geeta. Did you call me, uncle? Are all of you dead? You have sent this
patient to the kitchen? Here, hold this. Come on, Mamta. Come on. Come on. You are unwell in
any case. Lie down. Lie down. I will make a call to the doctor. Ramu. Ramu. What is it, uncle? Where is the telephone? Sister-in-law has taken
it to her room. – What? I see. Okay, you can go. Go. Why are you crying, Mamta? Hey, why are you crying? We have left the worldly matters. Tell me, why would
we need the telephone? Apart from that, the
ones who can’t afford to.. the telephone bill.. ..telephone is a luxury for them. You lie down. I will go and call
the doctor personally. I will go and call
the doctor personally. What is it, Hena? You are telling me
all this on the phone? Aren’t your in-laws around you? The telephone is in my room, mom. What? What are you saying? You have gained control
over the telephone too? Wow! I completed the real
job yesterday, mother. Just as you had instructed me to do. The keys of the family
are in my hands now. What? I am your daughter, mom. One day you were insulted.. ..when you came to buy this house. Now I will snatch away everything.. ..from them gradually. Then one day, I will
snatch this house away too. I will make them
helpless and make them.. ..leave this house. Be careful. Do it carefully. Just make sure that
Tuhin is in your control. Don’t worry, mom. Just wait and watch. From today, the
visits of my friends.. ..will start in this house. And the fun will start too. Today I have invited three guests.
For lunch. Got it? Here, take it. Hey, what are you doing? I won’t be able to
have such a big piece. You can, you can. You have chewed my brains off. You can have this too..
– Here. Hey, why did you give me
such a big piece of fish? Now have this piece. Till now, you were
telling me about the head. Now should I say something about it? Let it be. You don’t
have to say anything. Take care of your own food. Eat. Have it. Yes. Give. Give me food. What happened? Give. What should I give? What should I give you to eat? Hey, give me anything
that is there. Serve. Thank God, Hena. Now there is a
conducive environment.. your house where
people can come now. It will get better. Gaurav, Titli. Are you guys done? Yes, mom.
– Yes, mom. Go and wash yourself. Hey, hey, hey, I won’t
be able to have more. You will be able to.
You will be able to. Nothing will happen. How strange! Grandpa. Grandpa. Grandpa. Why didn’t you come to the
dining table to eat today? – What? We are old, dear. Can’t one eat on the dining table.. ..if one becomes old? One can. But.. Not all the time, you know. Do you know, grandpa? Today Titli and I had
the tummy of a fish. Really? Let me see, let me see.
What has been served to you? Grandpa, you had
brought such a big fish. And you were served only
a few scales and bones? Wait. I will go and ask mom right now. Hey, Gaurav..
– Mom. Gaurav.
– Mom. – Gaurav, listen. Mom..
– Mom. Mom..
– We ate very well. We ate a little too much..
– Mom. Mom, we had such a big fish. Instead of giving fish
to grandpa and grandma.. ..why did you give them a
few scales and bones, mom? Saw that? Saw that? They are teaching
rubbish to such small kids. They are old enough to die. They still haven’t got common sense. No, mom. Grandpa
didn’t say anything. Naughty boy! You are being very rude? Yes? Grandpa..
– Quiet. She is hitting me..
– Keep quiet. She is hitting me. Help..
– From today.. won’t be
allowed to go to that room. Grandma..
– Today.. Today I will kill you..
– Grandma, help me. Oh no! Grandpa.. Mamta, don’t go. Mamta..
– No! Leave me..
– Mamta, don’t go. Grandma.. Mom is
hitting me so much.. Daughter-in-law, why
are you hitting him? Shouldn’t I hit him? He says just about anything. You taught him all this..
– Daughter-in-law! Before accusing
him look at yourself. Question yourself. He is a young kid. He is speaking according to
the deeds that you are doing. What is their mistake? What are you trying to say? Lower your eyes and speak,
daughter-in-law. Don’t forget that
your father-in-law.. still alive in this house. So what should we do? Should we sit near your feet just.. ..because you are my parents-in-law? Don’t we give you respect and love? Respect? Love? Do you know the
meaning of these words? Is making your old
father-in-law hold the bag.. ..and sending him
to shop for things.. the heat of the afternoon
called respect according to you? Does love entail
giving us the food.. ..that we don’t even serve servants? In order to save some
money from the household.. ..I asked dad to go
and shop for things. I didn’t know that you will
lose you respect because of that. And I didn’t even know that just.. ..because he has done the shopping.. ..I had to serve him
the head of the fish. Daughter-in-law. Don’t forget that you
are standing in front.. ..of Tuhin’s mom and
insulting his dad. We have made this family.. giving our blood to it. For peace in this family.. ..we have suffered a
lot of injustice.. ..and unjustified wants from you. But not anymore. Not anymore. What will you do? You will make us leave? I didn’t get you as
a daughter-in-law.. that I could drive you away. I want to let you know. Don’t cross your limits. I am not crossing my limits.
You are doing it. My life is over since I have come.. a daughter-in-law
in a lowly family. Daughter-in-law.
– Both of you, come with me. What did you say? What did you say? What did you say? Daughter-in-law. Daughter-in-law. Aunt, aunt..
– Daughter-in-law. – Mamta. – Aunt. Mamta. What happened, Mamta? Mamta. Mamta. Mamta. I am feeling unwell.
– Ramu. I am feeling unwell – Go and call
up the doctor quickly. Yes, yes..
– Quickly. I am feeling unwell..
– Mamta. Sister-in-law. Open
the door. Sister-in-law. I have to call up the doctor. Aunt is feeling unwell. Sister-in-law.
Open the door. Sister-in-law. Mamta. Mamta. Mamta. Mamta. Uncle, uncle, sister-in-law
isn’t opening the door. Uncle. Go and call an ambulance quickly.
– Yes. – Run. Mamta. Dad!
– Tushar. Tushar, your mom.. No, dad, no..
– Tushar. Doctor. She is saved this time, but..
– But? But what, doctor? I am very sorry to say.. ..but the lower
portion of the patient.. paralyzed. Doctor. No, no. This can’t be. My mom won’t be able to walk around? Tushar. My mom won’t be able to
sit and stand on her own. Tushar. This.. This can’t be, dad..
– Tushar. This can’t be. Keep quiet.
– This can’t be. Quiet. Mom. How are you feeling now, mom? I am fine. Gaurav. Titli. How are they? Keep quiet, mom. All of them are fine. Fine.. No, my leg.. What happened to my leg? What happened to my leg, Tushar? Mom.. – Nothing has happened,
Mamta. Nothing has happened. Everything will be okay..
– No, no.. Yes.. – Tell me the truth.
What has happened to me? Tushar. Tushar, don’t keep quiet. Tell me..
– Mom. What has happened to me?
I can’t move my leg.. – Mom, keep quiet. My leg.. Mamta. Mamta. Don’t get excited.
We are here for you. We are here for you, Mamta. My.. My leg.. Everything will be fine, Mamta. Everything will be fine. You.. You will get back
the earlier strength. You will be able to walk. You will be able to walk, Mamta..
– No. You will be able to walk..
– No, no, no. Oh God! Why didn’t I die? Why didn’t I die? No, mom! What are you doing? It is not good for a patient
to be excited at this point. Sister, get the injection. Look, the patient
needs rest at this time. You go home. Hello.
– Hello, sister-in-law? This is Khushi from Bombay. Sorry, wrong number. Hello? What is the matter? Why am I dialing
wrong number repeatedly? So has the house number changed? What is the matter, Khushi? Why are you looking so serious? What happened? No, nothing serious. Actually I have been
trying the Kolkata number.. ..since a long time.. ..and I am dialing a
wrong number again and again. Why should that be a wrong number? Tushar would have told us
if the number had changed. Yes. Even I am thinking the same. Hey, forget all this. I will make a call
from office tomorrow. Okay? Now get up. Get fresh. Tonight we will go to a nice hotel
for dinner. Okay? Get up. Careful, careful. Yes, careful. Hold this side. Careful, yes. Now go that side. Yes. Grandma..
– Grandma. What happened to you, grandma?
– What happened to you? What happened to you? What happened to you, Grandma? What happened to you, Grandma? What happened to you, Grandma? Why aren’t you talking, grandma? What happened to you, Grandma? What happened to you, Grandma? Why aren’t you talking, grandma? What happened to you, Grandma? What happened to you, Grandma? What happened to you, Grandma? Why aren’t you talking, grandma? Grandma.. What happened to you, grandma? Grandma.. What happened to you, grandma? What happened to you, grandma? Tushar. What happened to you, grandma? Grandma, why did you
go to the hospital? Tell me, grandma. Darling. Sweetheart. I won’t be able to
play with you ever again. I won’t be able to walk. I won’t be able to do it ever. Grandma. We will hold
you and make you walk. We will play with you, grandma. Dad, grandma won’t be
able to walk ever again. She won’t even be
able to play with me. How are you, mom? I am fine. Why are
you looking so upset? Dad. Are all the bills
in the hospital paid? What? Yes. Can one get the patient home.. ..without paying the bill? No, I mean, where and
how did you arrange for it? Just like that. It was somehow done. I don’t know anything. Tushar did everything. He didn’t even ask me. The treatment was needed.
It was done. What would I do by knowing
how the money was arranged? Tuhin, when a person is helpless.. ..he loses the strength
to know all the truth. Now look at you. You didn’t visit your ill mom
in the hospital even once. Moreover I don’t
even want to know ever.. ..if the person responsible.. ..for such a big accident
is feeling guilty or not. No, dad, Hena has
gone to her mom’s house. Her mom has suddenly fallen ill.. I didn’t know about that. Oh no, I should have
gone to visit her. So did you go to visit her? Yes, I did. Good, very good. So which hospital is she in? No, I mean, she is at home. I will call up Hena right now. I will ask her to come home. You know Nisha. What mom needs at the moment.. someone should stay
with mom all the time. Someone should take care of mom. But with my salary, I can’t
afford to keep a good nurse. Why nurse? Tushar. I.. I will take care of mom. Take me to mom. No, Nisha. Dad won’t take this very well. Even brother had a love marriage. And the results that
dad has to suffer.. ..because of that..
– I will change dad’s opinion, Tushar. It can be the opposite too. Why don’t you
understand why I didn’t let.. come to the
hospital even once? In that case, you stay with mom. And leave rent-a-car. What? I am getting mom treated
by driving that rented car. I am getting mom’s medicines.. ..with the money I earn from that.
– So? Till the time, our
affair is settled.. ..Ramu and Geeta are the support. Yes, yes. The car will come to
Kolkata in a day or two? Yes, yes. You will get your money
before it comes to the show room. Thank you. Did you hear that?
– What? Your car will come to Kolkata.. a day or two. Really? Are you going somewhere? Yes, I am going to mom. Look, you didn’t go to her room
even after coming back last night. Mom came back in an unwell state. Can’t you stay at
home for some days? Why? To listen to their abuses? Look, what is broken is broken. I don’t have any
wish to mend relations. There are many
servants in the house. Why have we hired them? They will look after her. Elder brother.
– Yes? Uncle is calling you. Yes, you go ahead, I am coming.
– Okay. I know why he has called
you early in the morning. I am sure he wants money. Keep quiet. I will keep quiet. But I will tell you something. If you spend another penny for.. ..someone who is almost dead
I will light fire again. Oh enough. Please. Dad. Do you want to
say something, dad? Yes. Sit down. I will tell you. I have to buy a
wheel chair for your mom. There is the physiotherapy. There is a need for medicines. That is why the money.. I mean, the 2,00,000
that you took as a loan. I need that. Dad, at this moment? I mean, we didn’t need the
money for Khushi’s wedding. After that, even you
didn’t say anything. I have paid an advance for a car. I have to take the
car in a day or two.. paying off the whole amount. Car? Good. Very good. The ones who can walk around.. ..need a car for
more comfort and luxury. And the one who can’t walk.. ..doesn’t need money
for her wheelchair.. ..her physiotherapy
and her medicines? Dad, the car is for the business. I know what is
happening for what use. I know everything. I am not blind or deaf yet. I can hear everything. Anyway, I don’t want to
talk about all that, dear. I need the money. Tell me if you will be able
to give me the money or not. Okay. Come to my
office in the afternoon. Dad, you? Why did you get food? Oh no! What is this state that you are in? So what? A dad doesn’t lose respect
if he gets food for his son. Ramu was coming. But I thought since I
was already coming.. ..what was the need for him to come? That is why I got it. Don’t delay and have your food. I have heard that
you have a stomach.. ..ailment due to eating outside. Dad.. I mean.. Why don’t you go and sit
outside at the reception? Why? Will you feel bad to sit
in front of me and eat? I haven’t sat on the dining table.. ..since so many days
and eaten with you. What do you eat? I don’t even know that. This.. I mean, daughter-in-law is not here. What is the problem? Eat. Eat in front of me. I will see. Why don’t you understand, dad? My party is about to come. May I come in? Come in, come in, Mr. Ganguly?
Do come in. Tell me, how are you?
– I am fine. Very well. I mean, did I disturb you
by coming at the lunch hour? No, no, it is all right. Tell me, what will you have? No, thanks. I mean, I won’t have anything. I have had lunch and come. Please have your food. But I don’t get to
have home cooked food. You are really lucky. Your wife makes food
at home and sends it. What is the other option? Tell me. I have a stomach
ailment due to eating out. That was very good. That was very good. So I have never seen
this old man earlier. I guess he is the new servant. He looks very trustworthy. Mr. Ganguly.. Let us talk about work. Even this is important. Even I was looking for a
trusted servant like this.. ..since a long time. So can you deliver
food for me from home? Who? I?
– Yes. I will give you a good salary. Strange! You are still standing here? I asked you to go and
sit in the reception. Yes, yes. Yes. I am going. I am going. ‘I guess he is the new servant.’ ‘I guess he is the new servant.’ ‘I guess he is the new servant.’ “No one’s life is as happy as mine.” “This bond is full of
love and affection.” “I know I will reach
the end of my life..” “..if this bond
breaks at any point.” “No one’s life is as happy as mine.” “No one’s life is as happy as mine.” “All the flowers that blossomed..” “..when I hugged them close.” “What other than the thorns
did I get out of those flowers?” “Fate played prank on me.” “All the flowers that blossomed..” “..when I hugged them close.” “What other than the thorns
did I get out of those flowers?” “Fate played prank on me.” “Why does man lose
in front of destiny?” “No one’s life is as happy as mine.” “No one’s life is as happy as mine.” “No one’s life is as happy as mine.” Hey.. What happened? What happened to you? Why are you doing that? Yes? Mamta..
– Yes.. I have got the biggest
prize of my life, Mamta. I have come back as a
servant of my son, Mamta. No.. – I have come back as
a servant of my son, Mamta. No, no, no.. – I have come back
as a servant of my son, Mamta. Hey, what is the matter? You came back so
early in the morning? No, I mean, I came
back just like that. You came back just like that? What happened to you? What can happen? Hey, you are trying
to hide something. Tell me, what happened? Khushi. Tushar called up from Kolkata. Younger brother called up? How are mom and dad? Khushi. You have to be a bit strong. Many incidents happen
in a person’s life.. ..that shouldn’t have happened. But a person can’t do anything
if they do happen. There is an accident that has.. ..happened in our life too, Khushi. Amit? Khushi.. Khushi, mom.. Mom? What has happened to mom? What happened? Why
aren’t you talking? Tell me, what
happened to mom? Tell me. Khushi.. Khushi, mom had a
stoke all of a sudden.. ..and her lower
portion has got paralyzed. No. No. I can’t believe this. I can’t believe this. Khushi..
– No. No..
– Calm down, Khushi. Please calm down. You can’t break down like this. I will arrange for tickets. We will go to Kolkata as
soon as possible, Khushi. I don’t like anything. Make it fast. Make it fast. You don’t worry. I will
make all the arrangements. You calm down. Calm down, Khushi. I am very sad, Mr. Raj Narayan. I told senior boss about you. But the company doesn’t want
to employ a retired person. What can I do? Tell me. No, no. What will you do? Actually it is my bad luck. Once a person is retired,
the society doesn’t want.. employ him for anything. They move him away like a liability. Today I am liability. I am leaving.
– Greetings. – Greetings. Get all the stuff inside. Okay, sir. ‘My Tushar has become
a driver for family.’ ‘My MA pass educated son.’ ‘A boy with good results..’ ‘..has become a driver
instead of being an officer.’ ‘And.. And I?’ ‘Despite having
strength in my body..’ ‘..I am jobless?’ What is the matter? With so much of stuff, you
are pulling the cart alone? What can I do, sir? My son used to pull it with me. But after his marriage.. ..he has separated from
us along with his wife. That is why I have to
pull the cart alone, sir. I have an ailing family at home. Where will I get
money for treatment.. ..if I don’t pull the cart? Okay, I will push your cart for you. ‘If my son Tushar can
drive a rented car..’ ‘..despite being so
highly educated..’ ‘..and carry his
luggage on his head..’ ‘..then why can’t I pull a cart?’ “No one’s life is as happy as mine.” “This bond is full of
love and affection.” “I know I will reach
the end of my life..” “..if this bond
breaks at any point.” “No one’s life is as happy as mine.” “No one’s life is as happy as mine.” “All the flowers that blossomed..” “..when I hugged them close.” “What other than the thorns
did I get out of those flowers?” Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. What is all this? What is all this that is
happening in the house? You! Dad! Don’t
you have faith in me? I am not dead yet, mom.
– No. I.. Despite being alive,
I had to see dad.. ..pulling a cart on the road. Tushar. What are you saying, dear? Yes, mom. Yes. What are you saying, dear? Mom, if one has to
work as a laborer.. ..I will do it. I will do it. Why dad? Maybe I won’t be able to give you.. ..a lot of happiness and comforts. But I can give you food twice a day. I can get food for
you twice a day, mom. Yes. Music. There is music at home? There is fun and frolic at home? Tushar. Tushar, don’t go, dear. Don’t go. How dare you stop my music? Shut up. You are having fun at home. Despite being the daughter-in-law.. ..forget about
going to the hospital.. haven’t even
bothered to look.. your unwell
mom-in-law lying in that room. Does she have a new appearance? For which I have to keep
on looking at her all day. And will she be okay if
only the music is stopped? Not just music. For the disrespect of my parents.. ..I will burn all your fun and
frolic and turn them into ashes. What happened, Tushar? Hey, hey, listen to me. Did you hear the words
of your rowdy brother? He wanted to burn
everything in my room. Yes, I wanted to, I wanted to. The house that has a
handicapped mother.. ..and a father who is working like.. ..a laborer and pulling carts. What is the point
of so much of fun.. ..and frolic in that house? What are you saying, Tushar? Mom..
– Lie. This goon is lying. He is lying to cover up his crime. Lowly man! Hey, he hit your
wife in front of you. And you are standing
here quietly? Coward! Tushar. Brother. What are you? Who are you? Are you dad’s son? What is your identity? Beware..
– For what? You are trying to control me.. ..instead of
controlling your reckless wife? Tuhin Dutta can’t be
a cart puller’s son.. ..just because he is too
much into buying his wife’s car. Oh Tushar.
– Yes, yes. The one who can’t
visit his ailing mother. One who isn’t affected
by his dad’s insult. He doesn’t deserve to be
called someone’s child. Tushar. You have said a lot. Tushar. You have said a lot. Not anymore, Tushar. Not anymore. If you say another word.. ..I will pull your tongue out. Hey! Tushar! Tushar! There is a lot.. There is a lot left. Hey, you are a henpecked husband. You are acting like the servant.. ..of a woman who has
created such a lot of trouble.. our family. Hey, Tushar. You are exceeding your limit, right? You are living off me
and yet hitting my wife? You are insulting me? Hey, listen, listen,
listen, listen, listen. I am not living off you. I am not even insulting you. In fact, you are
insulting our parents by the day. Hey, Tushar. Hit me. Hit me as much as you want to. But I will still shout and say.. ..that you don’t deserve
to be our parents’ child. You don’t deserve to
be our parents’ child. Shut up, Tushar. Tushar. By clearing the small
bill at the hospital.. are flying too high, right? Today I will hit you with
my belt and set you right. Oh no! Don’t hit Tushar. Don’t hit my Tushar. Brother, I am telling you,
don’t hit me.. – Dad! Don’t hit my uncle. Don’t hit my uncle. Don’t hit my uncle, dad.
– Move. No. Don’t hit my uncle.
– I am asking you to move. Don’t hit my uncle, dad..
– Move away from here. Come here..
– Come here. Mom, leave me..
– Uncle indeed! Dad, don’t hit him..
– I will teach you a lesson. Don’t hit my uncle, dad. Don’t hit my uncle. Don’t hit my uncle, dad. Don’t hit my uncle, dad. Don’t hit my uncle, dad. Leave him. Don’t hit my Tushar. Don’t hit my Tushar. God! I request you. Don’t hit my Tushar. Don’t hit my Tushar. Don’t hit my Tushar. Dad, leave my uncle. Don’t hit my uncle. God! I request you. Don’t hit my Tushar. Don’t hit my Tushar. Stop it. Dad..
– Tushar. Tushar. Tuhin.. I have taken retirement from my job. But I am not dead yet. Just remember.. Remember that I, your dad,
am still alive. What.. I see, no, no. I am not your dad. I am your servant. Servant. But just remember, senior boss. Remember. This house still
belongs to this old servant. I see. I got it. So all this is
happening on your command? Command? What do you want to say? How dare he hit Hena! Who gave him the courage
to insult elder brother.. ..and sister-in-law? Insult! Insult! Insult! The son who in the
intoxication of being.. and serving his wife.. ..sends his mom, who
had given birth to him.. ..into the jaws f death.. ..and turns his dad into a
laborer on the road by insulting him.. ..shouldn’t talk
about respect and insult. Still.. Even if Tushar had hurt you
you should have told me. You should have told me. I
would have decided about him. Decision? What
decision will you make? If you had proper judgment.. wouldn’t have
hugged the criminal. You wouldn’t have spoken
on the behalf of that goon. Goon? Criminal? Yes, yes, yes. He is
the biggest criminal. His biggest crime is that he
is helping his old father. His biggest crime is that he is
taking care of his ailing mom. His biggest crime is
that despite being.. highly educated, he
carries luggage around.. ..on his head and
driving cabs on the roads. His biggest crime
is that even after.. thrashed him so hard.. ..and bathed him in blood.. ..he didn’t raise his hand on you. He didn’t hit you back. He didn’t hit you back. Tell me. Tell me, how should I punish Tushar? Tell me, how should I punish him? How should I punish him? Tell me, Tushar. Tell me. Tell me. Why did you insult this gentleman? Answer me. Answer me. Answer me.
– Answer? Will you be able to
give an answer, dad? Despite having two young sons.. ..why do you have to
pull a cart at this age? Tushar. Can you give an answer, dad? Why do you have to pull a cart? Why? The day you can give me an answer.. will understand
the pain in my heart, dad. Tushar. That day you will
understand the pain, dad. – Tushar. Tushar. Tushar. Tuhin. Tushar’s judgment is done. Daughter-in-law. Daughter-in-law. Tushar’s judgment is done. Go. Both of you can go to the room. Go, go, go to the room.
Go to the room. Go to the room. My Tushar’s judgment is done. My Tushar’s judgment is done. My Tushar’s judgment is done. Don’t hit my Tushar. Don’t hit him. Tushar. Tushar.
– Mamta. Mamta. What is this? Mamta. Mamta..
– Tushar. Where is my Tushar? Where is my Tushar..
– I have hit Tushar.. ..and asked him to leave,
Mamta. I have asked him to leave. You.. You hit him? Yes, I have hit Tushar. I have hurt my own heart. I have hurt my own heart..
– No. Mamta.. Mamta, this wheelchair..
– Tushar got it. What?
– Yes. I hit my son and asked
him to leave, Mamta. I have asked him to leave.
– Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Tushar will never leave
you and go. You will see. Even if you ask him to leave,
he won’t leave. He won’t leave. I.. I used these
hands to hit my gold like son, Mamta. I have hit him.
– No.. I have hit him. I have hit him..
– No, no. No, no, no.. Pick me up with these hands. Pick me up and make
me sit on that chair. Make me sit. Tushar. Is it hurting? It is hurting, Nisha. But it is not because
of the wound on my body. The pain that I have in my heart.. much more than the
pain on my body, Nisha. It is much more.
– Tell me.. Tell me, Tushar. Please tell me. How can I calm you down? I don’t know how I can calm down. But I have to get my
parents out that hell.. looking for a
place to stay by tonight. Maybe I will lose
the pain in my heart.. ..if that is done.
– Tushar. You know, they will kill my parents. They won’t let my
parents stay alive, Nisha. They won’t let my
parents remain alive. Tushar. No, mom, no. I can’t stay with this
lowly family anymore. I will take the
kids along and leave. You come with the car right now. Do you have to tell your mom.. ..about everything that
happens in the family?- Why? Are you ashamed to hear it? You have to listen
to a few ill words.. ..if you are born in a poor family.
– Hena. Why are you exaggerating the matter? What else do you want? What do I want? I want that there.. ..should be no
liability in my family. It is not possible for me to live.. ..with your dad, mom,
brother, sister or anyone. If you want me to stay here.. will have to
ask your parents.. leave this house. Hey. Hey, I don’t want
to listen to it anymore. Take me away from this hell. Take me to a Shantipur. Take me to a Shantipur. Shantipur? Will you go to Shantipur, Mamta? Yes.
– Okay, Mamta. We will go to Shantipur. Yes. We will go to Shantipur. Just.. Just wait for tonight. We will go to Shantipur
as soon as it is morning. We will go as soon as
it is morning, Mamta. We will go as soon as it is morning. Please get Gaurav and
Titli for some time. I.. I really want to see them. I really want to see them.
– Okay. I will get them. I will get them, Mamta. Mom.. – Mom. We want to go
to grandpa, mom.. – Mom. Keep quiet. – Please, mom..
– Quiet. What grandpa? What grandma? I will give you two slaps even.. ..if you talk about going that side. Hey, Hena.
– Tuhin. Tuhin. Grandpa. – Grandpa.
– We want.. Grandpa. – Grandpa. We want to go to grandma, grandpa..
– Grandpa.. We want to go to grandma. You will go,
sweethearts. You will go. You will go. Tuhin. After every storm in the world.. ..peace arrives. But with the storm that
is going on in my family.. ..compels me to foresee that
there is no impending peace. Dad, you..
– No, no. I am not asking for an
explanation from you. I.. I have come to you with a request. I am asking for a night as charity. What are you saying, dad? I am right, dear. This house, wealth and property. I have made everything for you. For children’s happiness
and for peace at home. Why will you leave
this house and go? Khushi is gone. Tushar is gone. Now only you will
stay in this house. No one stays forever in the world. Even we.. Even we will go one day. That is why I have a request to you. Before we leave, let us go in peace. We will leave the house
as soon as it is morning. Let us stay for the night. Your.. Your mom is very unwell. Or else.. Or else, we
would have gone at night, dear. We would have gone at night. Grandpa, we will also come. We will also come with you.
– We will also come with you. Sure.
– We will also come. Sure. Sure.
– We will also come. Daughter-in-law. On listening to the kids cry.. ..their grandma has
become very restless. Can I.. Can I take them to
their grandmother for some time? No. I don’t want them
to have unwell minds.. going to your
unwell environment. You are right, daughter-in-law. The environment is sick. It has become very sick. Go, darlings. Don’t disobey your parents. Come on..
– Grandpa. Go..
– Come on.. Grandpa. – Come on. Come here, I am telling you..
– Grandpa. Grandpa.
– Come here. Grandpa..
– Grandpa. She didn’t.. She didn’t let the kids come to you. I couldn’t, Mamta. I couldn’t get the two kids to you. Hey, let it be. Let it be. Many grandchildren stay abroad.. ..with their parents. Many grandmothers
die without seeing.. ..their grandchildren. Mamta. Tell me. Can you get that picture for me? Can you get it?
– I will get it. Here. What will you do with this picture? This happiness and this peace. This world of happiness has
broken into pieces, Mamta. This world of happiness
has broken into pieces. No, no. Here.. Here.. It is here. Look. Look. I am lovingly caressing
them on their head and bodies. Look. None of them
are asking me not to. None of them are
leaving me and moving away. Look, all of them
are close to my heart. They are living
peacefully in my heart. They are living
peacefully in my heart. Mamta, sleep for some time. Mamta. Sleep for some time. We will go to Shantipur as
soon as it is dawn, Mamta. We will go to Shantipur
as soon as it is dawn. Shantipur? Shantipur? The place where dad was cremated. Mom was cremated there. It is beautifully
covered with grass. It is so beautiful.
There is so much of peace. Peace! Oh no. It is dawn. Mamta. Get up, Mamta. Come on. It is time
to go to Shantipur. Come on. Mamta. Mamta. Hey, Mamta. Mamta. Hey, Mamta. Mamta. This wasn’t the deal. This wasn’t the deal, Mamta. You had told me that both of us.. ..will go to Shantipur together. You.. You left me alone here and
went to Shantipur alone, Mamta? I.. You left me alone here and
went to Shantipur alone, Mamta? This wasn’t the deal. This wasn’t the deal, Mamta. This wasn’t the deal. This wasn’t the deal, Mamta. This wasn’t the deal..
– Uncle. Quiet. Can’t you see that
Mamta is sleeping? Don’t you know.. Don’t you know that Mamta
has to go to Shantipur today? She has to go to
Shantipur today. Go. Go and call a cart. Yes. Go. Mamta. Hey, Mamta. Daughter-in-law. Tuhin. Tuhin. Open the door. Daughter-in-law, open the door. Come out. Tuhin. Why are you shouting
so early in the morning? Hey, there is good
news for all of you. Very good news. Come out. Your dad has lost his mind.
He has gone mad. No, no. I haven’t gone mad. I haven’t gone mad.
You come out and see. You will go mad due to happiness. Come out. Mother! Dad? What happened? Why are you quiet? Tell me, tell me, I have gone mad. I have gone mad. Tell me, daughter-in-law. I have
gone mad. I have lost my mind. You.. You have fun. Have fun. Fun. Yes. You have gained victory, yes. You have gained victory. Look there. Look there, she is gone. She is gone from the world. She has left the world.
She has left all of us. You have fun, yes. You have fun. You
have fun. You have fun. She is gone. She is gone. My Mamta has left the
family that she made. She is gone. She is gone. She is gone. She is gone. Mom..
– No! No! No! You don’t have a right
to touch this corpse. This corpse will become unholy.. ..due to the touch of
your criminal hands. My Mamta’s soul will be hurt. Dad!
– Lie, lie, lie. I am nobody’s dad..
– Dad.. I am not your dad. Dad, dad, don’t say anything, dad. I can’t take it anymore. Don’t keep us away from
mom’s last rites, dad. Don’t make me a sinner, dad. Sin? Hey, traitor! Hey, dishonest man! When you made your mom handicapped.. ..with your torture
when she was alive.. ..wasn’t that a crime? With torture, insult,
shame and disobedience. Didn’t you commit a crime when.. pushed her
towards her death bit by bit? Today.. Only if you
touch this corpse today.. Will you crimes get
washed away and cleaned? Dad! 30 years. This Raj Narayan
Dutta who has been.. accountant for thirty years.. ..has been keeping
accounts in this office.. ..without making a mistake. But in the books of his
life and in his family.. did he make a
mistake in accounts? My wife paid the price for it. Gradually, with a lot of pain.. ..and an unfulfilled
wish in her heart.. ..she became a corpse
in front of my eyes. Uncle. Have you got the cart?
– Yes, uncle. Come, hold her. Come on, Mamta. We will
leave this house and go. We will go to your dream Shantipur. Mom. Oh mom! Why are you getting impatient? She was old and unwell. She is dead.
– She is dead? My mom is dead?
No, no, my mom isn’t dead. My mom isn’t dead. By giving her pain gradually, I.. I killed her. Looking at the face
of my innocent kids.. ..I haven’t sacrificed them. I have fulfilled all
your wishes one by one. I had even taken the
last savings of dad. The reason why my mom died.. Tuhin..
– I will kill you today. You are the reason for all
the unhappiness in our family. I will kill you. You have snatched away happiness
and peace from my life. I understand your pain.
– Leave me. An educated and
cultured girl like you.. ..has no right to live. Tuhin. Forgive me. Forgive me, Tuhin. Forgive me. Brother, brother..
– Brother. Where is dad?
– You.. You are here, Tushar? What is the matter? Why are you behaving like this? Dad.. Dad has gone to Shantipur with mom. Shantipur. Brother. Younger brother. Mom? Where is mom, brother? Mom.. Mom is dead, Khushi. Mom? Mom! No. My mom can’t leave the world and go. You have killed my mom. You have killed my mom. Tushar.
– Younger brother. Younger brother, I.. I want to see mom, younger brother. Khushi. Khushi. Khushi. Dad has
taken mom to Shantipur.. our village house. Younger brother..
– Yes. Younger brother,
I want to go to mom. I want to go to mom. What happened? Why are all of you crying?
All of this uproar.. What is it for?
– This is the animal. Our family was very
happy till she hadn’t come. We had peace. This witch came and
destroyed our whole family.. ..and killed my mom! I won’t spare her.
– No, no.. I will kill her.
– No. No. I will kill her.
– Leave her. Leave her.
– I’ll kill her. Get out, get out of my house. Get out. Tushar. Tushar. Tushar. Brother, forgive me..
– Brother. Forgive.. What are you doing?
– I.. Dad! Dad is alone in Shantipur? We have to go to
Shantipur right now. We have to go to
Shantipur right now. Dad!
– Mom! Mom! Mom!
– Mom! Tushar. Tushar, get up. Tushar. Khushi. Khushi, get up. Khushi. Khushi. If you cry like this, your
mom’s soul will be more pained. Khushi.
– Dad! Tushar. Tushar. Dad. You can’t break down like this. We have to arrange
for mom’s last rites. Yes, yes, dear. Come on..
– Come on. Dad..
– Stop. You won’t touch my grandma. You have killed my grandma. You have turned my
grandpa into a servant. Gaurav.
– No, grandpa, no. Don’t forgive them. They are not human beings.
They are inhuman. Keep quiet, Gaurav. Keep quiet. You shouldn’t
disrespect your parents. Even though you may
have bad parents.. .. you should respect your
parents and behave well with them. Or else.. Or else, you will
never get peace in life, dear. You will never get peace in life. Dad. Dad. Forgive me, dad. Forgive me. Get up, daughter-in-law. Just remember something,
daughter-in-law. Yes. Even you will be a
mother-in-law one day. And even you will have to go
away from the world one day. Dad..
– Get up, Tuhin, get up. Listen, dear, parents can’t
ever be angry with their kids. Your mom.. Your mom blessed you
even before she died. She blessed you. Mom..
– Mom! Mom..
– Mom! Mom. Forgive me. Mom, what did I do..
– Forgive me, mom. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. Get up,
sister-in-law. Brother, we have to
take mom to Shantipur. Come on, brother. Let us take mom to Shantipur. Dear.. Dad..
– I know who you are. Dad!
– Get up, dear. Will you go to Shantipur with us? May I? Yes. Come on. “No one’s life is as happy as mine.” “This bond is full of
love and affection.” “I know I will reach
the end of my life..” “..if this bond
breaks at any point.”


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