Barbie, Elsa and Anna toddlers – Vacation packing morning routine!

hm… good morning everyone
don’t forget to subscribe right now I said good morning! sure see it’s everyone
still asleep alright I guess everyone’s sleeping now
and the first thing I have to do is make my bed and now the finishing touch
perfect well Anya is so maybe I better watch some TV TV TV huh
let’s put on some news interesting why is it so loud you’re
watching the TV so loud I think I know who else he has not in her bed never
mind she’s gonna find me here I think behind the piano would be way better
spots this is much better hmm nobody’s here but the TV is working
weird let’s turn it off Elsie oh where are you you will not find
me you will not find me I see someone’s legs under the piano is it you Elsie
yeah what should i do what should i do you know it’s not me
which oh my god what did I tell heard that aha I found you I found you why did
you wake me up so early Wow I had to today we’re gonna be
packing up for vacation oh yeah that’s right I forgot about that well what do
we start with Wow first I think we need to pack our bags and our luggages yep
let’s get right to it else yeah I’m packing this suitcase with
all my stuff hmm fine then I’m taking this one what no
fair but I wanted that one it’s fair I took it first I get to keep it
well yours looks better because it has many many stickers but I’ll put my own
sticker on my to make it look just as good oh well now it looks better a
stands for Anya green sure it’s such a good idea
hmm let’s start packing up okay let’s start the first one to finish wins oh there’s so much stuff all right close
this thing oh come on stop already how am I gonna close my suitcase close
up close up close up jump jump jump me close it close it
close it okay what are we gonna do now well we gotta get ready the hell least
half of this junk Japanese you remember when we go to vacation we’re gonna use
happen to stuff we bring yep for you this will have to do yep it’s a happy
new well now let’s call Barbie and tell her that we are already is army ready
though I don’t know let’s go check Barbie
Barbie and we’re ready I’m so excited for vacation and I’m so glad else yeah I
know yeah I decided to come with us yes it was a such a great idea the more the
merrier you know oh I wonder what they’re doing right now
yeah me too and I wonder if they’re ready for the petition well they’re
probably packing hey guys we’re all packed up so technically we’re all ready
oh that’s great awesome oh my god kid I forgot to pack my stuff go do right now
we’re gonna be late for the plane yeah I need about 20 minutes that’s enough okay
bye I have to go who’s she kidding 20 minute she usually takes like two hours
packing all her clothes and all her shoes she has so many the taxis gonna be
in 30 minutes I’m already starting don’t worry we won’t be late let’s start with
my shoes oh my god I got so carried away with
this yep with this time I’m gonna need three
suitcase instead of one oh my god Barbie why do you need 20 pairs of shoes for a
four day vacation on your own you have to take a look at this it’s not
surprised to me you know it’s Barbie she’s obsessed with her shoes whoa
Barbie you got to get rid of some of this stuff cuz we only paid for one
luggage per person thank you right guys you know I think to get rid of stuff and
it’s just vacation not a fashion show huh Barbie this is definitely not a
fashion show well you know Barbie she’s gonna find a fashion show even on
vacation okay guys I’m done I got only the necessary things the most necessary
and important things that I need for this vacation Wow some of the things um
her trouble fitting in but that’s no problem
oh my god have you seen her suitcase dough lot for her yours don’t look much
better either well mine looks good but LC is definitely doesn’t well sounds
like the taxis here let’s load on it come on guys taxis here taxis here let’s
go woohoo I’m so excited vacation is officially started which on
your wife or me guys wait for me Jen do you help me this is true Kenny
what things oh gosh borrow me this is really heavy what you put in this thing
well I put all the necessaries like my makeup my clothes I oh yeah a little bit
of shoes you know a bit of everything hey guys how much time do we have to
wait for you guys we’re coming we’re coming we’re almost
done let’s go to the taxi finally our vacation started thanks for
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