Best Suppliers for Travel Agents and All Inclusive Vacations [Top 2]

Best Suppliers for Travel Agents and All Inclusive Vacations [Top 2]

Best Suppliers for Travel Agents All Inclusive Vacations what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again and in today’s video I want to talk about top two
suppliers who we use for our travel agency business and I might explain a
little bit about them both and when you should use them based on certain
criteria of your clients things of that nature so you do not want to miss this
we’ll be right back all right everybody welcome back welcome
back welcome back so I want to talk about our two top suppliers that we use
and mainly for what we use them for so if you are in the travel industry or a
travel agent or you looking to become one you will find value from this video
because there are huge database of suppliers and each one has their own
unique preference for using them everything everyone supply is different
but I want to show you out top two and we managed just use these two in
conjunction with Intel another booking engine anything that’s a single booking
are using tell travel okay I also use tell travel to look up the cruise this
you can look up all the cruise lines in the back office of and teletraffic
cruise booking entry you can look up all the cruise lines okay instead of just
narrowing down on one cruise line on their site but in addition to in charge
traveler you gonna want to do vacation packages okay with intention you won’t
be able to do vacation packages however you have assets to do vacation packages
through other supplies and just because you are filling as a travel agent you
have assets to these suppliers okay only trauma agent has have assets to these
suppliers they don’t buy to share with you so the first one is fax vacation
access this is one of our favorites and this is a great great supplier for
putting together vacation packages okay they also have other suppliers and built
within their database that you can search through all of them and find the
best deal for your client so let me show you a little bit about why we use VAX
most of the time see vacuum coming here and you can do a vacation package you
can enter some details about what your clients trying to go I always leave it
on fun jet if you’re not find what you’re looking for you can always pick
through and go through certain supplies within the VAX database but fun jet it’s
the number one I always leave it on and give you a lot more
variety depends on what you’re trying what you’re looking for for your client
so here we do flight plus hotel as you can see you also got other options okay
but this is matter where we use flight plus Hotel you put in departing from
let’s say I’m from Columbus so let’s say we don’t want to go to Jamaica
let’s say Aspen okay and you put in our own two adults let’s say we’re going to
departure this day return let’s just put in five nights gonna make me populate
check the box ad travel protection I always add travel protection it protect
you and your client and you hit Search now that’s is good for packages vacation
packages they also have all-inclusive packages and I’m gonna talk about
another site in a few minutes and why you should use them as well but VAX I’m
mango too depends on the clients preference so here you got a list of
hotels it’ll walk you through step by step first you to make you pick your
hotel and then after you do your hotel you will pick select your flights see
now you have access to pick out the best deal for your client first its being
limited to one online side see a period got your stars it’ll show you your how
many stars this hotel has okay you can even filter this out you can just select
it you just want anyone four-star Pinzon where you where you going more or more
hotels will pop up it depends on the area that you go okay so we see here
it’s a four-star we’re gonna select this one sorry they selected so now you hit
select it’s gonna take you to the flights and you can see you can select your
different flight okay based on times based on layover and just pick the best
one for your client okay I got the prices here you can you can sort by
lowest to highest okay so I primarily use VAX floor maybe locations in the
United States then maybe a person want to go from Miami to Las Vegas or from
state to state or even some all-inclusive resorts I use vex for okay
so VAX is good for that okay now if you want to do all-inclusive more more exotic trips like Punta Cana
Jamaica Aruba Cancun I also use vacation Express this is one of my favorites for
doing like honeymoon getaways all these all-inclusive adults-only resorts this is primary for that and the
reason why I like to use this because they offer non-stop flight that’s right
non-stop and you can give your client Best Suppliers for Travel Agents some great great rates for example they
got they mainly deal with anything outside the US so for example catcon
River river Mara Punta Cana Jamaica grab Bahama Island Costa Rica for love a lot
of love scat los cabos Kazmir and and Tangier whatever they say Aruba Turks
and Caicos st. Lucia and our destination so pretty much anything didn’t with
pretty water and saying this is what I use vacation Express for okay and they
also offer non-stop flights okay now if you go back to vacation access which is
fax like I said there are good for a variety of vacation packages not both of
these suppliers do vacation packages meaning
flight hotel rental car okay all-inclusive but when it comes to
all-inclusive and especially a does only resorts
I always use vacation Express they seem to offer the better deals to me depends
are on the location this is good for like I said going overseas in there
pretty water people putting their feet in the sand with the margarita with the
unbarring it so this is good for that okay
and a very very affordable and also non-stop flights okay private charter
flights non-stop they have that option as well they do have a charter flights
on this one here okay on VAX so guys this just want to let you know what’s
good for vacation packages these are top two there are more here’s another one we
hardly ever use this one but it’s another one good for vacation packages
okay this is where agent direct okay Delta Vacations okay this is very good
for vacation packages okay so I just want to global couple sites to show you
our was a good supplier to use okay now when it comes to let’s say your client
want a vacation home or villa okay this is another good site home away from home
okay this is a good site to look up vacation homes and villas maybe you want
to do a group travel okay this is specifically for beach houses cabins
condos and more you know worldwide okay there are a couple more but I’m not
gonna go on to all of them but these are main our top ones VAX
and vacation Express okay word agent direct you can play around with this one
too therefore great this is where and for like vacation homes home away from
home okay so I just I didn’t want to take up
too much your time in this video just want to share with you what we use I
main suppliers like I said these are top two facts and vacation Express okay so
guys that’s all if you anybody notice looking to become a traveler
feel free to click that link below learn more information how you give to the
traffic industry and partner with us okay and also like I always say if you
found value from this video please give us a thumbs up be sure to subscribe to
our YouTube channel and I will see you in the next video happy travelling


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