BIG FAMILY ROAD TRIP SHOPPING HAUL | Discount Groceries & Road Trip Activities for Kids!

BIG FAMILY ROAD TRIP SHOPPING HAUL | Discount Groceries & Road Trip Activities for Kids!

– Hi friends, today I am back with our huge super mega
large family style haul for our upcoming road trip. We are gonna be gone for over two weeks and my mom is coming too so that officially makes it
a road trip for 11 people and I went to my local Sharp
Shopper discount grocery store the other day and loaded
up on a ton of snacks. Lots of snack deals. They never disappoint me ever, ever, ever on their discount
granola bars and crackers and you’ll see, just tons of stuff. I also went into the Dollar Tree and I got a lot of road trip activities for the younger kiddos. I went into Target and picked
through the dollar spot. We also got shoes and
other things at Walmart. So you will see all these things I got and I’ll also let you know
some of our road trip plans in this video coming up. So I’m gonna give you an
overview of the table real quick and then we’re just gonna start at one end and work our way to the other. Down here I have a lot of items
that I found at Dollar Tree. They had these color your own poster sets. We got a Mickey Mouse, we have a Disney princess
and then we have a Cars. So these items in particular are with Liam, Amelia and Daniel in mind. You can see these have markers
and stickers and pictures for them to color. I also go two fun packs with
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Got a pack of 150 Frozen stickers and you’ll see there’s
different types in here. Amelia will have lots of fun
with these on the road trip. I got this little fun
Puppy Dog Pals play pack and it looks like it
has markers and stickers and some activities in there. I really like these that come with the stickers and activities because like you know, things
can get cruddy in the car, get broken, get lost, get on
the floor, get stepped on. What I’m planning to do with this and with all of these
younger kid activities is I’m gonna have a collection of these and then at different times in our trip when we need a little something fun to do I can just hand them a fresh pack. We also got a Care Bear one. This one would be with Amelia in mind. It’s got markers and
stickers and coloring boards. We’ve got a Ninja Turtle one. It says color pop out play. So that look interesting. Liam might like that. Here’s a little Peppa Pig. It’s a grab bag. So it’s got more goodies in there. And then they only had one of these and I grabbed it and I’m sure the younger
kids will enjoy that too. Coming up here I got two
of the Transformer packs. I got, because they only had one, I got one Tonka truck pack and then you know,
Daniel Joel, Paw Patrol. He saw these and he said, “Oh,
mommy my Pay Patrol stuff.” So he’s super excited. Got him two of those. And that’s what I picked up for some of the younger children at the Dollar Tree in particular. Now at Target Dollar spot, I got how to be a chef and these were like the
magnetic dress up board. Just looked like lots of fun and Amelia taking after mommy always likes to play around that
she’s reading cook books or writing cook books. I got this tic-tac-toe and
play scene magnetic set and then I got two of these and I’m thinking now I
must of had in my mind that Naomi and Gabriel could
play tic-tac-toe or checkers or Amelia and Liam. So I felt like I needed two of them and that is what I got. I also picked up this other set. That’s more for Liam. And then when I saw this
I thought of Amelia. So they are very arts and crafty kids and so the floor of our
van from state to state I’m sure is going to
look like an art project which is fine with me. Because that means they’re again getting those creative energies out. Now whenever I went over to Walmart I was keeping my eyes open
for something in particular for Naomi and for Gabriel. Naomi is 11, she’ll be 12 this fall. Gabriel just turned nine and you know he’s not really so much into the Tonka truck packs. He may do a Transformer pack, he may not. It just depends on the day. So what I got for Gabriel I’m gonna go to the
bottom of the stack here. He’s really into caring around notebooks. He likes to write out
all the dinosaur names in his current notebooks and so I got him a dinosaur notebook that’s from Jurassic World and then he also really likes Spiderman. And these are just plain notebooks so he is free to create and draw and write as he would like. I also for something special got him a 25 pack of colored pencils. These pens looked really cool. They were like ten bucks a pack. I got a pack for Gabriel
and a pack for Naomi, but they’re older kids so they can handle something like this and they’re erasable pens. So that’s why I picked them up special as a bigger kid treat and then I got him this
pencil bag to hold things in. And then Ms. Naomi was with me so she picked out this
pencil pouch for herself with the beautiful glitter and then she has her pens
and her colored pencils and she only wanted one notebook. I would of got her two but she loved that it
said be your best you. So I got that for Naomi. Also for the kids it’s
back to school time. I also got us a bunch of stuff
for our homeschool shelves and while I was doing
that I got them backpacks for the trip since they don’t
leave to go to school everyday not all the kids have backpacks. So Gabriel got a Spiderman book bag, I believe for his birthday. And Walmart didn’t have all the selection that I feel like I see at
least the Walmart I went to at other times of the year. Like Liam has really
wanted a Pokemon book bag they didn’t have it. So I got him a shark book bag. He does like sharks. For the girls they had cute book bags. This one is for Naomi and this one if for Amelia. And I’ll show you these
are a pretty good size and of course they have a pompom so that makes everything better right. And then for Gabriel I
picked up that camo one just because I kind of forgot about his Spiderman one at the moment and then we all know who Paw Patrol is yet again for. What our plan is is we’re gonna pack a total of three outfits for each kiddo. They’re gonna leave in the
outfit they’re wearing, we’re gonna pack two other outfits and then their swimsuit
and a pair of pajamas and then underwear, socks,
toothpaste, toothbrush, those kind of things. We’re trying not to over pack. We’re gonna be in some great big cities. We’re gonna be at some natural locations some sight seeing locations. We’re gonna be at some amusement parks. We’re doing all the
things during this trip but what I’m figuring is
every two to three days we’ll just do a load of laundry wherever it is that we’re
staying at that time. That’s our plan with our book bags is that each kid will pack
a book bag for their items. Then I’m going to keep crafty things especially for the little
kids up front with me. Now over here and of course
because we’re traveling it got me looking at everybody’s shoes. And so I just picked up Jaden
a fresh pair of sandals. Zion prefers tennis shoes so I got him two pairs of tennis shoes. Of course, now you’re gonna see girls always need more shoes. So Naomi just got fresh
pair of walking shoes, some other flip flops and then these are like a dressy sandals. And she is way taller than me now and she is in like a size 10, 11 shoe. So yeah we need shoes. Ms. Amelia is now in a young lady size one so she got these what I
call going out sandals and then she got some just
walking around tennis shoes. Gabriel and Liam have shoes that are currently working for them but I just got these fresh for the trip. Daniel has two other
pairs of Paw Patrol shoes but I didn’t want him to be the only one not
getting fresh shoes. So these were under eight bucks so he’s got a third pair
of Paw Patrol shoes now. And them momma, momma here, I
got a fresh pair of sandals. These are size 11. Usually I were like a
nine and a half or ten. Whenever I tried these one I needed the 11 so hat’s what I went with. Now look at all this junk food. Cue all the comments on what a horrible awful
junk food promoter I am. Anyway this is my huge snack haul that I got for us at Sharp Shopper. Believe it or not, I’m sure
we’re not gonna come home with any snacks and we may even buy a few more
snacky things out on the road but I wanted to put forth
a good effort to stock up on things from Sharp
Shopper before we left. So you can see these boxes
Animal Crackers 99 cents and then I got four big
cases of various crackers. You know like if you stop at a gas station or even get the packs at Walmart you usually pay almost a
dollar for a pack of crackers. All of these crackers were
an eight pack for 99 cents. So this is a variety pack and in this case we have just
toasted peanut butter crackers and then there’s a whole case of cheddar. I got three boxes. These have 30 little Cheez
It variety packs in there and these were $6.99 a box. I think 18 boxes of these
Rice Krispies Treat packs these were only 99 cents for 16 of them. So yeah, we’ll be using those for little treats along the way. And then granola bars,
they did not disappoint. Now these yogurt granola bars
were only 99 cents a box. These are some of my favorite and these were $1.29 a box and you know that’s
cheaper than in the store and these the coconut almond flavor yes. So I got two cases of these and three cases of this
fruit and nut flavor and three cases of the
discount yogurt flavor. I also got six boxes of the popcorn packs. I was thinking this would be
like an evening hotel snack wherever it is we may find ourselves. I also got, I’m sure this
isn’t that much of a deal, but I got three cases of
cup of noodle for $3.99. I figured it was just another
option to have at the hotel. So I did the discount
snack haul before we left but believe it or not I’m not large family meal
planning to like the inth degree for this particular trip. And you’ll see as the
homeschool family travel vlogs come out over the coming weeks but some locations we’re
only going to be at for like two days. Other locations we’ll be
there three or four days. As I already mentioned a
couple places we’re going we’re gonna be in a big
city were they don’t have like a Walmart, or an Aldi. or grocery stores inside
the city like I’m used to. And then some places we’re traveling I would have the opportunity
to go into a grocery store so just the way that I’m kind
of handling it for my head for this trip in particular is everywhere that we’re staying I made sure that they
had a good protein filled not just like a continental style danish and coffee type breakfast but actual like a breakfast where you can get eggs
and bacon and sausage or waffles or whatever
the kids would want. So everywhere we’re staying we’re gonna have a free
breakfast included. Some days we’ll eat lunch out as a family and then we’ll have like a snacky dinner that evening at the hotel. Other places we may pack our lunch or we may come back to
the room and eat our lunch and then have a dinner out so that’s one meal a day
provided at the hotel, one meal a day we’re gonna eat out and one meal a day we’re gonna do in some configuration in the room. For this trip I’m being easy on myself. There’s other trips coming up where we’ll be some place longer and when we’ve had trips in the past where we’ve done things
like gone to outer banks for the week and rented a house then I will plan meals and I’ll grocery shop when
I get there and all of that. This is a true road trip where mommas just not
doing that this go around. The good news is I think our longest time in the car coming up is gonna
be an eight hour stretch but it’s gonna be like a
lot of five hour, six hour, a seven hour, and eight hour so we’re not doing like a
16 hour or 30 hour road trip but we will be going state
to state every couple days. So I can’t wait to take
you guys along with us. I have vlogs coming up with all of our large family organization, large family planning,
and organizing our van with where we’re gonna put all the things. This is gonna be our new to us van’s first big family road trip out. We used to do these kind
of trips all the time but then the last few times
we took our other van out we were just having to many issues. So we are ready to get rolling again and take you guys with us. So if you haven’t already go ahead and subscribe to this channel and I will see you very soon with another brand new video and I’ll be chatting with
you about snack and shoes and the road trip and all of that in the comments below, bye-bye.


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    Your road trip sounds like it's going to be amazing and fun. I can't wait to see your vlogs.

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