Boondocking in Biloxi, Mississippi – RV Road Trip

Boondocking in Biloxi, Mississippi – RV Road Trip

it’s nice light on my face we’re at
Raceway can you see actually Katinas way where
Raceway getting gas because we thought this was a racetrack but it’s a Raceway
we had a gift card to racetrack but that’s besides the point so I went 20
miles out of life for no apparent reason not really 20 miles out of the way but
it was kind of like we could’ve went a little bit faster out getting gas and
filling up and headed to Biloxi so if you’re into casinos and beaches that’s
where we’re headed cuz that’s where I like to because they know something
about napkin things viewed like a diesel everywhere that’s what we do we get gas
and we have fun things happen like this spewing diesel everywhere so Eddy people
are seeing this air in the tires but I mean so we can’t check there in the
tardis because it’s hot outside so I guess we’ll check it later and just
hope that we okay so like I said I’m gonna get better about vlogging but we
finally made it the beans on its way back so I got a hurry otherwise
Oh dinner receipt no you know what we’ll keep up those defenses you need I know
you gotta figure out what it is before you figure it out now we’re trying to
teach you to be not to smoke anymore so anyways we went to eat and now we came
to the Circle K and naveen’s gonna put those cigarettes in his pocket let’s go
we’re going across the street come on bring your cigarettes let’s go hop up in
here what was that a bunny up okay we’re gonna go find a place to sleep for the
night that’s what we’re doing we’re just gonna go look for somewhere to sleep so
when you ask about boondocking and you want to know like what do you do when
you’re driving in your RV that’s what we’re gonna do that means that we’re
just gonna Park up for the dot somewhere free and sleep and so we’re gonna do it
at the casino because it’s free we can park anywhere we want it’s not really
that hot like any five in here a half EURion vlog before
naveen comes back in here because it’s really hard to vlog with two people in
this like what is this a hundred and fifty square feet
van so I try to vlog before he gets in here but anyways I wanted to show you so
we’re been talking and right now we have the TV that we’re searching for our
channels on so I have TV just like anyone else
and I’m getting ready to plug this fan up then I hope works up here
I think I’d pull jump off the 120 volt hopefully my fuse is working this so far
so good I’ve got a little green lot a little green green lights are always
good because that means that this fan he’s gonna work while we’re sleeping so
I have this fan and I’ve put links sauce before but I’ll show you the stuff that
I use for keeping cool in here but I love this fan because it goes up and
down and then it also oscillating asan so it’s really nice depending on like
what you need it for so if you can see it goes side to side so it’s kind of
nice and then you can kind of turn it up or down and then just remember the more
of the fan that you used are the more of any of the power that you use in here I
have to come in here and check this up show this to you before but I have to
come check my sources of power and see how much loads they’re taking so these
are my tanks and I know that I still have some fresh water in my tank which
means that’s the water that’s sitting on board the RV then I have grey water and
black water and I’ll be guys and then these are my batteries and they look
charged the chance is actually a little down because I’m gonna sit here so you
can see that but this coach battery is the one that actually will charge off
the solar panels on the top and they’ll also charge off the chassis battery
after the cars running and then controller that’s up right now
now I’m just getting ready to get to bed so the bed is here
and we’re gonna pulled it down and hopefully I can take a little snippet
when it’s downed but super tired super tired we’ve been driving all day
it’s 916 916 916 at night and we have our peppe’s margaritas probably a little
tip soon probably a little tipsy but anyways I’m super tired that’s the
biggest issues I’m frickin sleepy and we’ve been driving and I was been
getting orders out and it’s just been crazy so hopefully all of that you later
tonight or tomorrow and we’ll see Elvis okay so I figured I would show you
since we’re boondocking and Naveen wants to vlog right now this is the bed or my
bed whenever is slide down in here so I was gonna stand back here and see if you
can see the bed so it just folds down and then there’s the driving area the
bed and then this is my kitchen so we’re actually sort of in my kitchen and
closet area and the bathroom is back there but I mean it’s in the bathroom
you can see the bed just kind of like wind tunnel in years I mentioned that
we’re gonna be boondocking so what we do is we open this hatch so this is like a
little weight pulling this event it’s a vent and then I open these windows to
the outside of the army maybe I can go out there and show you
that and I have some on this side too and then we have a fan in the bathroom
and we turn it on and it creates kind of like this circulation and then I knew a
lot of other people wonder how you get power in here at least like right now
since we’re doing ducting which means we’re not hooked up we’re just sitting
in a parking lot this is called an inverter so this plugs in to what it is
like a cigarette lighter and then it can I can change this is just a normal
electric plug so I just plugged in the fan to that now you can only run like
this is I don’t know 300 watts maybe for this thing 300 Watts and so like this
fan is really minimal on how much power it takes but I can’t use the normal
plugs in the RV for boondocking but I’ll explain that more later I just want to
show you kind of like what it looks like when the bed’s down in here and
hopefully give you a picture of what it looks like where we’re park so you know
where we actually slept last night you you


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