Brayden’s Travel Adventures – Ep 16: Museum of illusions

Brayden’s Travel Adventures  – Ep 16: Museum of illusions

Welcome to Brayden’s Travel Adventures. No need to adjust your TV, I’m at an upside down house. Travel Along. Join the Fun. Brayden’s travel adventures. Museum of Illusions.
Los Angeles. Brayden – I can’t stay still.
Dad – You can’t stay still? Dad – Are you trying to reach? Employee – Lock Screen on.
Brayden – Can’t reach. Employee – Enjoy. Have fun. Take your time. ok? Dad – Why don’t you tell me about this place? It’s cool and fun and really silly. Dad – What is it? It’s fun and it’s really silly because this place is upside down. Dad – Upside down? Dad – Whoah! It is! Or maybe you’re upside down? No.
Dad – Are you sure? Yeah. Yeah. I’m not upside down. Mom- Brayden come here.
Dad – I don’t know. Are you ready to go upside down? Okay. Here we go! I can see Woody up there. I see Woody up there. Hi everybody. Welcome to my house. I’m
going to the kitchen. I’m hungry. Do you want anything to eat? When I’m in the bedroom, I like
to play upside down. This is the best way to watch TV.
Wanna join in? Hey. I’m going to the bathroom.
I need privacy!


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