Bringing Seaside to Italy | Jersey Shore | MTV

(high intensity chase music) – I don’t think I’m wrong. I’m not wrong, right, ’cause
now I’m questioning what I did. – For once you’re not wrong. I’m extremely proud of Nicole for sticking up for herself. She doesn’t deserve this. – He’s like, you should just respect the fact that because you lifted up your skirt I left because
I have respect for myself. – What? – I feel like Ron would leave and pull some (beep), but I don’t– – [Ronnie] One I wouldn’t
let Sam leave the house in the outfit that you wore. That’s number one. – Why here outfit was hot? – Yeah, but he didn’t think it was hot. – Change your outfit? – You like it? (laughs) – High-five to that one! – ‘Kay, so it’s my fault
that I tried to be hot? If you want to look slutty one night when your boyfriend’s here you look slutty. You know why? Because you want to
have sex with him, obvi. – But she’s doing here, she’s
doing what she always does. She doesn’t change for any man. You find a man that’ll accept you. – [Deena] He came to Jersey House and if he didn’t like it then he shouldn’t have came to Italy and pulled what he just did. This guy maybe isn’t the
best thing for Nicole. He’s trying to change her. And I do not like that you’re so (beep) depressed like this. This isn’t you. And it kills me. – [Nicole] This isn’t me. I can’t be in Italy anymore. I need to get nails done and I need to shop and (beep) Jersey attire and I just need to go to Karma. I swear to God if I went to
Karma tonight I would feel fine. (screaming) – I have an amazing (beep) idea. Pauly, you have your DJ equipment, you can DJ here. We get alcohol and we just
pretend this is Karma right now. – [Deena] I’m down. – So, let’s do it! Pauly get your (beep). – [Deena] Wait, should we get dressed as if we’re going– – Yes! Pretend we’re going to Karma right now. – That’s dope! Let’s do it. Let’s all get fresh to death and let’s bring Karma to the living room and I’m gonna be the DJ. – [Vinny] This is awesome! (cheering) – [Deena And Nicole] Look at the garbage. – [Jenni] It looks like Karma actually. – [Nicole] It does! Just leave it. – This is awesome! This is the best day
of my life right here. (chuckles) – Give me my best Jersey outfit. – Yo, I need a headband. – That’s a Snooki for ya. – We’re going to Karma! – Are you wearing– – I’m practicing bro! Get out! – Don’t come in the bathroom
when I’m practicing! – You’re all worried about the (mumbles). – You know I don’t like it bro. (shouting) – I’m trying to do my eyebrows. – Don’t (beep) come in
here when I’m practicing. You know I get embarrassed. – You got my tweezers? – I told you, my sister
took your tweezers. The (beep). – [Ronnie] Where’s Sammi? Cabs here! – Let’s go to Karma! (shouting) (upbeat energetic music) – Let’s go. Coming in? – Karma! Yeah! Hey, DJ, love you! – [Ronnie] Mike is definitely doing the same thing as he does in Jersey. Just sits in the corner
with his glasses on and looks like the biggest creep ever. (upbeat techno music) – Hey, you’re really sexy. – Thank you. (shouting) (laughing) – I love this DJ Pauly. – [Nicole] Oh my God! – I’m good, I’m good. – [Nicole] Take my shoe off. – [Jenny] Ew! – Don’t be a perv. You’re such a creep. – [Mike] You love it. – I was watching you, Mike. – [Mike] Now that Jionni
is on the outs right now with Nicole she’s definitely
flirting right now with me and I can see it in her eyes so I’m just playing cool little cat. (shouting) (upbeat music) – [Vinny] This is the best day of my life! – Let’s go smoke. – Yeah. Don’t touch. – Snooki, why don’t you just break up with your boyfriend
in your rocked out world girl? – [Jenny] Ew. – [Mike] I can take care of her better than anybody else can. – [Deena] That was mean. You wouldn’t want Jionni
saying that about you. – [Mike] Jionni can’t take
care of her like I can. – [Jenni] I don’t feel like Mike’s at all in love with Nicole. He’s just trying to (beep)
up someone’s relationship and get away with it. – I’d give you whatever you
wanted. You have no idea. – [Jenni] I just wanna know, why Nicole? – [Mike] Because she gets me! She calls me and I- do I not
text you back within a second? – ‘Cause I’m worried about you. – I’m so happy when you call me. I care about you. – [Nicole] You’re being a
crazy person and that’s it. – Stop it. You care about
me, I can tell you do. – Obvi, I love you as a friend, but– – Why do we hook up all the time? – Mike! – I will be quiet. I won’t say anything. – I know what happened. – I love you. – You know what happened so shut up. – I love you. I do. – [Mike] So when Nicole
was (beep) me, right watching her girlfriend get
(beep), right and then she– – Are you (beep) kidding me right now? – [Mike] No, I’m serious. – [Jenni] You’re talking
about my best friend giving you (beep)? – [Mike] Well, she did that!

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