Buffet Food on the Carnival Miracle – Horatios

Buffet Food on the Carnival Miracle – Horatios

Hi Cruisers, it’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV
back with a quick look a some of the buffet food available in Horatio’s on Carnival
Miracle. Okay, I’ll tell you straight away, I love – LOVE salad. So let’s start there.
Horatio’s has a pretty good salad bar. The produce is fresh, and there’s plenty of
variety. Horatio’s is split up into what I’ll call stations, and this layout makes
it pretty easy to dart in and grab a tasty salad without waiting in a huge line. The lines can get relatively long at some
of the other stations during peak times like sea days. Hot dishes from the Asian buffet
seemed particularly popular during our sailing. And, yeah, it looks pretty good. I get it.
While we didn’t spend a lot of time recording all the individual dishes here, there are
certainly plenty of options to choose from. If you are out by the pool, another convenient
alternative is to grab something “Off the grill.” It’s perfect pool food – quick,
easy and surprisingly good. We spent a lot of time at the pool, and the chicken strips
were our go-to snack. And finally, we’ve saved the best for last.
It’s dessert time! Miracle does a nice job with desserts. Everything always looks fantastic.
There’re lots of beautiful cake options here, even cake pops. Fun stuff. And of course
there’s always the 24hr ice cream and yogurt station. Yum! That’s it for this episode. Until next time,
we’ll see you on the high seas. Hey, Click me to subscribe.


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    Rory Kane-Berman

    Hi +CruiseTipsTV
    I am going on the carnival Imagination on dinner and I would just like to ask about their food,

    A: Compared to other ships how is the food
    B: Is the food better then on the carnival Mircacle
    C: Is their a BIG variety?

    And also I know its quite a small ship compared to others but overall is it a good cruise ship?

    I really love your channel! For me its the best way to get to cruise ships!

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    I wanted to ask you if the Miracle offers a late night meal in the buffet area, after a comedy show or a production? They had one on the Imagination and I wanted to know if the Miracle did one as well.

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    Chanya Nya

    I’ve NEVER EVER EVER Found Mashed Potatoes In The Buffet Of Any Carnival Cruise I’ve Ever Been On And That’s The One Side Dish That I Crave 24/7 Lol

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    cultfan 52

    We just got back from a cruise on Carnival Miracle – buffet food was bad. Same sloppy selections, no sugar in the desserts !

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