Camp Kennebec – Best Canadian Summer Camp

Camp Kennebec – Best Canadian Summer Camp

I think parents should choose Kennebec because we give our kids an incredible opportunity to shine! It is amazing for me to be US families and also international campers come to camp and part of the reason that they choose Kennebec is there’s not a lot of programs out there like ours they’ve been looking for camp program where kids can come and just have a great summer camp experience especially in beautiful Ontario and for a lot of those families there’s not many programs out there that can meet the unique needs of their kids and have the success that we’ve had with our US and international campers I used to go to a different camp in lower Pennsylvania and I got too old for that camp so I decided to look for another camp my name is Joshua, I’m from the US, in the Metro Detroit area I’ve been staying at Camp Kennebec for four weeks our campers come from a wide variety of different places we have quite a few kids that come from the States. This year we have New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania Chicago, Florida, Arizona, Utah. I think, just getting out of the states would be a good idea so I decided to come up North Best Canadian camp I’ve ever been to!


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