Carnival Cruise Shareholder Credit – Vacation Impossible Podcast

We do have a shareholder with us
actually. Yes. Yeah some years ago we bought shares in carnival one thing
that’s important to know if you don’t know it yet
is that if you’re married like we are or you know a family it’s only one person
who can claim that per cabin so there’s no point in like you know two people
like husband and wife buying shares so let’s- good to know. Even if you both had a
hundred shares each you would only qualify once yes
Wow that is disappointing yes that’s weird that they were provide a
disincentive yes yeah I don’t understand that either unfortunately our cruise
person is not not called Raymond and is not that great and so what happens
is there3 is also this weird system is like you know when you book your cruise
within a certain amount before you sail you know you should do it like at least
two or three weeks before that you have to fax in proof that you have that you
are a shareholder you can get that from your broker and so but you can only
fax it you can’t scan it in you can’t email it, you have to fax it and you
know how faxes work you know you don’t know if they work so and the next thing
you have to do is you have to email them and say did you get our fax so my
husband did that and our not Raymond didn’t reply to him and then we kind of
forgot about it and so we arrived here and guess what no shareholder credit and
so the next the next part of that was that that you know we immediately went
downstairs it was great by the way if you ever want
to like get immediate guest services do it at 3 o’clock in the morning it was
perfect yeah or be platinum or diamond cuz you got the
Express line okay. That works too. So anyway I talked to someone she said like there’s nothing we
can do about it you know send an email to your not Raymond so so next
opportunity husband sends email to not Raymond and said what’s going on and does not receive a reply and then and then so we went back to the
guest services the next person from Guest Services said well the other thing
that you could do is you know really what you should do and here it here’s a
tip you should always have a copy of your confirmation on you when
you go to the ship regardless we learned that now but so the next thing you
can do she said to us and I wish the person at 3 o’clock in the morning would
have said that to us is you know why don’t you just contact your broker and have them ship it ship it to us well by that time unless you know. Didn’t have any cruise. Well more than that we didn’t have access to Wi-Fi
anymore and and like you know buying extra Wi-Fi
from Carnival so that maybe you get a hundred dollars for their last day of
the cruise that’s- It’s not practical. Especially knowing how slow
carnival WiFi is anyway so the moral of the story is like always bring your
confirmation your shareholder confirmation with you and don’t bother
having more than one person buy the Carnival shares you you would think
though that that would be information readily available like with all the data
mining that they all so clearly do yeah how do they not know that should be
everywhere like every single screen of for anything that’s done Shareholder it
should that should be a flag that pops up for every single bloody screen
because they’re a Shareholder you want to make the shareholders happy because you want them to buy more shares don’t you know and you don’t want them to offload or to hold it long you don’t want them to off load their shares you don’t want to give them a reason to be like you
know what you’re not treating me like a shareholder should be treated and I’m
gonna dump my shares and that’s exactly the situation that we’re in right now is
like you know it’s these experiences are not really worth it and the carnival
shares are not that great right now so we’re probably gonna sell them and the
other thing that’s that’s happening is that my husband told me that that their
you know the people who deal with the shareholder stuff they’re their own
little world apart and nobody really communicates with them like the spa
and I had the same impression when I was dealing with guest services
they kind of like seemed like oh no we can’t talk to them
it’s like why would you you’re right like why would you do that like why
would you not kind of make it super easy and attractive to be a carnival
shareholder I don’t get it While I agree I’m gonna play devil’s
advocate the shares that you own are in the carnival parent company not the
carnival itself because like princess and the other lines that carnival operates and
so for one thing I believe some of the benefits are different between the
different lines even though it’s the same thing but so they are somewhat
different corporate entities to a degree yes and given given the fact that one is
sort of the parent company and that they are publicly traded there there might
need to be some either structural organizational or maybe regulatory
reason why they’re limited in how they can communicate with each other I I
don’t know yeah that’s possible I mean it’s one of the things that that
underscores that is that you know we could a you know how Holland and
Princess I mean it’s all carnival right and so so but clearly they don’t they
never acknowledge that like you know you have to actually know that and I’d like
for example be target I get tons and tons of email from carnival like you
know at least three a week we we went with Holland once and they have never
followed up with us so there clearly have like totally different kind of like
there are different people interesting well I think they see themselves as
serving different client bases and so they probably tailor it in different
ways if their audience is a little different

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