CASA Safety Video – Travelling safely with lithium batteries

CASA Safety Video – Travelling safely with lithium batteries

NARRATOR: Batteries are everywhere. They’re a part of everyday life. However, the energy
stored inside batteries can make them dangerous. Don’t endanger yourself
and fellow passengers by packing batteries
incorrectly. -Good morning, sir. How are you?
-I’m well, thanks. -How are you doing?
-Good. -Where are you off to today?
-Heading to Melbourne today. -Do you have anything dangerous
or flammable in your bag? -No. -There’s no spare batteries, matches
or lighters? -None of that. Got you going from gate number 11.
Boarding will be at 11:40. And that’s your receipt
for your bag. -Fantastic. Thank you.
-Thank you. Bye-bye. NARRATOR: All spare batteries,
regardless of size, must be in
your carry-on luggage. You also need to take precautions
in protecting the battery against short-circuiting
and overheating. The only time batteries may be
packed in your checked luggage is when they’re installed
in the device. Always ensure devices
cannot be accidentally activated once they are packed. If you want to take
more powerful batteries, above 100 watt-hours, like the ones found in wheelchairs,
electric bicycles and industrial equipment, check with your airline
before you fly. If you have any doubts about
the batteries you are carrying, always check with your airline
or airport staff. -Hi, sir, how are you today?
-Good, thanks. -How are you?
-Good, thank you. Now, can I ask if you have
anything dangerous or flammable? No spare batteries,
matches or lighters? Not in my bag,
but I do in my carry-on. May I just have a look, please?
Thank you. -And I’ve got these two as well.
-Perfect. OK. No, they’re fine
in your carry-on luggage. That’s fine. Thank you. NARRATOR: You can also download the Can I pack that? –
Dangerous Goods App and find more information
on our website at: And always remember –
if in doubt, ask.


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    Travelling with batteries? We've made this video to help you do it safely. CASA Safety Video – Travelling safely with lithium batteries #aviation   #traveltips   #safetyfirst  

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    Robert Adlington

    I intend travelling from the UK to the Philippines soon and I want to take amateur radio equipment with me. I have a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery that is 12v & 12ah which = 144wh. I presume I will be able to carry it with my hand luggage if it is protected from electrical shorts and packed well. I have emailed my airline to double check, but I don't want to arrive at the airport and "lose" an expensive battery. Any more suggestions please?

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    ronnie mori

    hi…i just want to ask if i can travel with my electric skateboard…if the battery is connected to the board, can it go together with my other checked in luggage…OR should i just hand carry it?

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    Hey i was wondering if i could take my DJI phantom 3 onboard a plane with the battery installed? should this be fine?

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    Hi, this video said that batteries need to be in their device if checked in. Is there a difference in danger compared to the case of the lady whose earphone's battery caught fire? It was in the device albeit in operating mode? Thanks.

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    Jaana Burcu Dogan

    I guess the lithium batteries become automatically safe if you are flying from Middle East. /s

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    MWB Gaming

    you really need to increase the watt-hour restrictions for carrying batteries on board
    160wh is tiny (and certainly wont keep my gaming laptop running for 8+ hours)

    most modern power packs (the ones for charging laptops) contain batteries in excess of 200wh, some of them even have 500wh batteries

    as for really heavy duty batteries like the ones used in electric bikes (over 1000wh)
    you should be able to have it held in a shock/heat resistant case for the duration of the flight (similar to what the exploding galaxy note 7s were recalled in) even if its for a small handling fee

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    Miss Amanda's world

    Not perfect but more helpful then tsa.Who won't answer duct tape or scotch tape this didn't state it but it showed duct tape. Uhm companies out there maybe make us hard shelled cases for these things out there

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    Delta Drones

    I'm going to Iceland in August, carrying 3 mavic 2 batteries, one power bank. I Hope to has no problem in Airport

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    jamardoogle2 jones

    Ok so I should be fine with bringing my DSLR and two spare batteries in my carry on? As long as I use electric tape and properly seal them in ziplock bags.

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