The Journey The Journey

ITS YOUR TIME I Once heard you cannot be the best copy-cat in the world as you get to know yourself you start to separate yourself from others BE A LEADER! TASTE SUCCESS FEEL IT.. TOUCH IT.. It’s right there all around you PASSION people find it in you to be “PASSIONATE about being PASSIONATE” When success becomes your passion you’ve won 80% of the battle the other 20% is giving it a hundred and twenty percent GIVE EVERYTHING IN YOU!! WHEN YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING LEFT… DIG DEEPER!! YOU CANT QUIT!! You do not live in a world where you can give up life. We’ll leave you in the dust Did you know that we have a 1 in 80 trillion chance of being born a human being? Did you also know that there’s an abundance of everything for everyone in this world? So why wouldn’t you go get it?? MAKE YOUR MARK!! BE A LEGEND!! Create your own reality. The Law of Attraction manifestation: THE WILL TO BE A WINNER!! Greatness is in all of us But you have to be willing to work harder than the next person embrace change set goals achieve them then set loftier goals How do I start? Momentum.. GET UP AND TAKE THE FIRST STEP! It’s not easy being a dreamer. It’s hard A lot of people won’t have the vision, but it’s your dream Don’t expect anyone to believe in your dream be relentless Unreasonable surround yourself with success I’ve heard the same many times my life And this is pure as the gold you invest in he who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right Spark that fire you have the book of matches stop letting the matches burn out Years, you only have so many matches in a book don’t waste the book Write the book take your own path be thankful for the things you have and be thankful for the things you will have WHEN LIFE BEATS YOU BLACK AND BLUE YOU PICK YOURSELF UP AND KEEP GOING! You don’t go through it. You grow through it Bad times come to pass Period you can either let it destroy you or use it as fuel for your passion. Do not let your past drag you down remember Tomorrow will always be better than today, but it’s up to you to make it that way you might have a past But you also have a future for the giver once you forgive the ones who have done you wrong forgive yourself Being bitter like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die Stop thinking about yesterday, and think about tomorrow and the rest of your life So I leave you with this If you are lost had a tragedy where life has beat you down Don’t give up on yourself grow through hard times Learn how to properly use the biggest asset of all: YOUR BRAIN Be ABSOLUTELY RELENTLESS on the path to your dreams. You have it in you Don’t let anyone or any obstacle and stand in your way Do not let yourself quit don’t give up KEEP CLIMBING!! WHEN YOU CANT CLIMB ANYMORE YOU SHUT OUT THAT PAIN AND YOU KEEP CLIMBING!! FIND SOME HEART ABOUT YOU!! develop yourself Patiently guide others around you and you will receive your loftiest dreams it starts with you and starts today Don’t ever look back on the old you love yourself and love your neighbor It’s never too late to chase your dreams, but every day you wait is one. You can’t get back I Will WIN EVERYDAY THAT IS THE ONLY WAY


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