[Closed Caption] Sengoku Koihime X – Prologue 02

[Closed Caption] Sengoku Koihime X – Prologue 02

Kensuke: …
#40 minutes… it’ll be a fun ride…# Something uncertain was covering my body. It was soft and
smooth, but leaning a bit too close to me, it felt strange. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or not. That uncertainty
was similar to falling asleep again after waking up. Kensuke: (Something… smells nice…) Kinda like a candy, but also refreshing, it reminded me
of the taste of the canned candies that I loved so much. Kensuke: Uugh… It smells like mint… Kensuke: (…Huh? What… where am I?)
#In that manner, he’s just like Kazuto. Just open eyes already# My mind was slowly waking up. Kensuke: … I woke up enough to realize I should open my eyes.
But I still can’t understand the current situation. Am I still sleeping? But isn’t my mind a bit too clear for that? I could see some kind of darkness, so it’s not a morning. So, is it night then? As my mind woke up, I could feel the rest of my body slowly waking up. And just when I was about to completely opened my eyes… Kensuke: …!! I could feel something thing but hard against my neck,
which made my survival instincts wake me up at once. Girl: Oh. So you woke up.
#I gotta say… she’s pretty damn gorgeous# Kensuke: …Whoa!? After quickly opened my formerly heavy eyelids,
I could see a face of a girl I haven’t seen before. Kensuke: W… what!? Girl: You’ve been sleeping for a whole week, you know? Are you feeling
okay? Well, I guess you are, seeing how lively you make a fuss. Girl: No, wait, I have things I want to ask you. How did you fall from
the sky? No, actually, how did you get up in the sky to begin with? Girl: Like. Are you an undead, like a ghost? No, I’ve heard
you can’t touch a ghost, but I can touch you. So I guess not. Girl: Oh, I have other things to ask. What trick did you use to
make that ball of light? I’ve never seen a light that strong before. Girl: What did you fuel it with? Perilla oil?
Or was it that lately popular rapeseed oil? Kensuke: U, umm…
#Curious mind + motormouth…# Girl: What, it wasn’t an oil? Then, what kind of mechanism
was that? No, now that I think about it, it can’t be it. Girl: It wasn’t a weak lantern light. If I were
to compare it, it was a powerful sunlike light. Girl: So, is it that thing? Are you an incarnation
of Dainichi Nyorai that buddists talk about? Girl: But in that case your build is lacking. So,
it comes back to the question “who are you?” then. Girl: What’s wrong? Say something. I won’t
understand what’s going on if you keep quiet. Kensuke: No, umm… I was confused because the girl was leaning over
my body and kept making theories without stop. Kensuke: Who… are you? Girl: And who are you? Kensuke: Hmm? …Ah, right. Now that I think about it, I haven’t introduced myself…
well, it feels kinda weird to introduce myself in this situation. She doesn’t seem hostile, so I guess… I can relax for now. Kensuke: Nitta Kensuke. That’s my name.
#Name-wise, Kazuto had it better. Though reminds of Aki from Soul Link# Girl: Nitta? Oh. So you’re from the Nitta region? Kensuke: Nitta region? What? Girl: ?? Isn’t that where you’re from? Where is that? Kensuke: Where… I was born in Tokyo and, due to circumstances,
I’m living with my uncle in the mountains of Kanagawa. So, I was
born in Tokyo and raised in Kanagawa, just a regular student. Girl: Tokyo? Kanagawa? …You’re making no sense.
#I find it amusing that he thinks he’s a “regular student”.# Kensuke: No sense… eh!? Girl: Where is this Tokyo village? If you’re to go there from Kyoto, will
it be somewhere in Yamashiro? I’m talking about Yamashiro’s Kyoto. Girl: And you’re wearing unusual clothes, is something like this popular
in the capital right now? Is that a capital trend of some sort? Girl: I don’t know any Kanagawa. I’ve never
heard of a river like that near the capital, okay? Girl: You’re really hard to understand. At any rate,
I don’t like not knowing things. Tell me everything. Kensuke: Even if you tell me to… Tokyo is Tokyo. And Kanagawa is Kanagawa… huh? Kensuke: (I don’t know this room. And the
clothes of this girl are kinda strange…) The room was made in the Japanese style. Aside from
the fact that I don’t know this room, it’s nothing strange. Kensuke: (…Cosplay?) What was really strange was the clothes of this girl. It feels Japanese-style,
but also feels kinda different… it’s too unique to make any sense. Kensuke: (Well… it’s still a cute outfit)
#For sure. And kinda cool too. Though pleated skirt in this period?# Girl: Why are you staring? That’s rude.
#Calm and reasonable reaction# Kensuke: Ah, sorry… umm, I also have a few questions, okay? Girl: Hmm? …Well, sure. I allow it. Ask. Kensuke: T, thanks… I thought she sounded overbearing, but it also
sounded somewhat charismatic and dignified. Kensuke: Umm… where am I? And I kinda want
to know what happened while I was asleep. Girl: I see… well, you’ve been sleeping for a week.
Makes sense. Well then, I’ll tell you. Girl: So, this place. Owari Kiyosu ruled by Oda, a castle town
in it. And this room is a private room of my mansion. Kensuke: Owari Kiyosu? Did we have a region called like that? Girl: That’s right. A week ago, Imogawa Jibunodayu
invaded this Owari Kiyosu that I govern in. Girl: Against it, I led a small force to ambush them in Dengaku crossing,
launched a surprise attack, took Yoshimoto’s head and won.
#I’m not going to bother with all the historic stuff translation# Girl: That’s when. Right, it happened about the same time
when Shinsuke beheaded Yoshimoto. You fell from the sky. Kensuke: I see……….eh? What did you say? Girl: What? I said you fell from the sky. Kensuke: Y, yeah… I got that somehow…
or actually, I vaguely get the general idea. Imagawa Yoshimoto? Dengaku crossing? …Isn’t that the battle
at Oke crossing that I learned about in the history class? Kensuke: (Well, there are minor differences, like Dengaku and Oke) Kensuke: What’s with that…? What’s going on? Girl: What, you ask. I just stated the truth.
Or what? Are you saying I’m lying? Kensuke: No, no, no! I haven’t said that! I haven’t,
but… I just can’t understand the situation well! Girl: Hmm? So you didn’t call me a lair? Good then. I forgive you. That dangerous look on her face from just now was already gone. She
crossed her arms and nodded with a proud look, which looked really cute. Kensuke: Haha… Girl: What. Why are you laughing? Kensuke: Well, I kinda feel more relaxed now. Right. No matter what’s going on, she understands Japanese.
And there’s an exceptionally cute girl next to me. We can communicate. We can reach mutual
understanding. Then, there’s nothing to fear. Kensuke: (And…)
#I’d fear the blade she had by your neck before…# When I was a kid, the uncle that took me in talked about it a lot. Kensuke: (He ended up in an absolutely different world where his common
sense didn’t work. And he acquired various precious things there) Back then, I was just listening to him in excitement, as if he was
reading me a picture book or something. But now that I think about it… Kensuke: (Did the same thing happen to me? …Well, I doubt it though) But, I realize it from seeing the girl next to me,
her clothes, her speech, her behavior. Kensuke: (It’s not my world… I guess I ended up in a different world)
#Clever kid# Girl: Hey, you. What are you mumbling about there? Say it straight.
I don’t really like people that just mumble like that. Kensuke: Sorry… well. Some things can’t be helped,
so I was resolving myself and thinking. Girl: Resolving? That, I like. Kensuke: Thanks… say. I introduced myself,
so will you tell me your name as well? Girl: No. Kensuke: Eh? Girl: Why do I need to tell my name to a random person? Kensuke: Well, sure, you have the point there, but! Girl: Fufu… well, I guessed that already, but your dumbfounded
face shows you’re not an assassin. Then, I don’t mind telling you. Kensuke: Ah, yes. Please do. The unique pace this girl is following is messing up my own rhythm. Kuon: Hear it and be astonished! My name is Oda Saburou Kuon Nobunaga!
The ruler of Oda clan, my dream is to unite Japan!
#She used a different name for it “Hinomoto”, but it means the same# Kensuke: …O, Oda Nobunaga? Kuon: It’s rude to just use my imina! Call me Oda Kuon!
#Imina – true name, meaning name. Different from Koihime’s Mana# Kensuke: Ah, okay… but, hmm?
#This world is actually opposite from Koihime when it comes to names# I understand Oda Saburou Nobunaga, but what
is this “Kuon” in it? Is that also a name? Kensuke: Umm… what is this “Kuon” part? Kuon: A real name, also known as mana. You can
call it a common name, but that doesn’t matter. Kensuke: I, I see…
#Manas are okay, but historical names are not# Kuon: Come to think of it, you said you’re Nitta Kensuke.
Which part of it is imina and which is mana? Kensuke: Umm… I don’t have imina or mana. Nitta Kensuke
is simply my name. People close to me call me Kensuke. Kuon: Oh. It’s strange to not have a mana… though, mana and imina
have the same source. I believe this is more logical this way, but
there are too many people that just won’t shut up about traditions. Kensuke: Do you know someone that makes too much fuss about it?
#She didn’t seem to mind all the name thingy that much though# Kuon: I do. Imina is generally something that only your parents or the
lord you serve can use, but your enemies can also use it as a curse. Kuon: Imina is strongly tied to the person’s soul, so
by using it, they say you can dominate that soul. Kuon: It’s really illogical. Humans are humans. Something
as dubious as a soul has nothing to do with it, but
commoners tend to believe it, so it’s a common sense. Kuon: So, watch out when using imina, but a mana is something
you can use to address people you’re familiar with.
It can be used in daily life, so it’s more reasonable. Kuon: Traditions tend to be stupid, but there’s nothing
inconvenient with the common names. This is fine too. Kensuke: I see… Kuon: By the way, Kensuke. You were saying something
I didn’t quite get earlier… what did you mean by that? Kensuke: Eh? Kuon: You said something about Tokyo and Kanagawa.
#I like this conversation, it’s so logical… is this really Baseson?# Kensuke: Ah, yeah. That’s… I opened my mouth to answer the question,
but remembered the catch here and closed it. Kensuke: (No matter how I look at it… it’s a bit different) The furniture in this room, as well as the girl that introduced herself as
Oda Nobunaga. The atmosphere is clearly different from modern times. Kensuke: (…That’s if uncle told me the truth) That makes this a “world different from our age”. So the first question here is “why?”. Why me? Can I really talk
to her about it without understanding the situation well? Kuon: What’s wrong? You can’t answer my question?
#I like how her speech is rather friendly, despite her being Oda Nobunaga# Kensuke: Umm, Oda-san.
#Given who she’s based on, she should’ve been same as Karin# Kuon: What? Kensuke: …It appears I ended up in quite an amazing situation. Kuon: Amazing situation? What do you mean? People
won’t understand you unless you’re more specific. Kensuke: Fair point. But… yeah, I don’t perfectly understand
the situation myself, so I’m not sure how to explain. If I ended up involved in a time slip, that you see in anime and movies… Won’t I end up affecting the history if I talk about my time here?
#Fair point. Though this is clearly a different world with its own path# I bet it will. Movies and anime are often made with that as a theme. In that case, I’d best keep quiet, but then
I don’t know how to explain about myself. Kuon: … Next to me (to be precise, on top of me), there is a girl named
Oda Nobunaga, who was looking at me with glittering eyes. Those eyes were full of innocent curiousity,
they looked both wise and somewhat childish. Kensuke: (…I guess I’ll have to rely on my intuition here) The girl next to me doesn’t seem like a villain. But, just because
she’s not a villain, it doesn’t mean that she’s a really good person. But, at the very least, I can see she means me no harm.
#Can’t say the same about her vassals though# Kensuke: (Then… I guess I’ll try relying on her) If this world is not the one I came from, that
means I’m all alone in an unfamiliar world. I need to rely on someone to figure out the situation and survive. Then, the fastest way it to open up and talk to her about it. Kensuke: You see, I have something I want to tell you.
But I’m not certain of that myself yet… Kuon: Hmm? I allow it. Speak. She still sounds overbearing. But, surprisingly, I don’t feel angry
at that, most likely due to the atmosphere this girl gives out. Kensuke: Then, I’ll do so… actually, I’m not from this world… probably. Kuon: … Kensuke: Ah… you can’t believe me, as I thought. I can understand.
I’m the one who said that, but I myself find it sounding ridiculous. Kuon: Hmm… as you say, it’s hard to believe. How can you prove it?
#In situations like this, cellphone to the rescue# Kensuke: Prove, huh… She’s right. I’m the one who said something
that absurd. So I need to prove it’s true. Kensuke: …But, sorry. It appears I have no means
to prove that… you would have to take my word for it. If I had something that doesn’t exist in this world, I would be able
to prove it. But I don’t have my smartphone or wallet with me. Kuon: …Hey, Kensuke. Look me in the eyes.
#Why was he training in his school uniform anyway?# Kensuke: Eh? Kuon: I told you to look me in the eyes. Kensuke: … She stared me in the eyes with her pupils
that were like a fire in the darkness. I felt as if her eyes consume me and they had relentness in them.
But, to me, they seemed to hold a gentle and kind flame. Kuon: …Yeah. Your eyes don’t hold the lie in them. Fine. I’ll believe you.
#This pose kinda reminds me of Renfa# Kensuke: Eeh!? Kuon: Why are you so surprised?
#Oh yeah, she’s still sitting on top of him…# Kensuke: W, well… I’m really dubious, right!? Or actually,
I’m way too dubious, no matter how you look at it, right!? Kensuke: Suddenly claiming to be from a different world! I’m not the
one to talk, but there’s something wrong with suddenly believeing that… Kuon: I see. Logically-speaking, you’re correct… but,
Kensuke. People rely on more than just logic. Kuon: People of my status can, looking someone in the eyes, tell what
kind of person those eyes belong to. If that person is servile or not.
If they rely on empty flattery or not. And if they’re being honest or not. Kuon: If you can’t see through all that, ruler will be disobeyed
by vassals and vassals will be crushed by the ruler.
It’s the way of the world that leads to an uprising. Kensuke: Uprising, huh… so this is Japan of Sengoku period after all. Kuon: I’m not sure what kind of period that Sengoku period is,
but it’s an era of a neverending war. I guess calling it
Warring States(Sengoku) is not a mistake. Kuon: So. You came from a different world? Period? I don’t know
the details, but I understand that you’ve arrived from a place like that. Kuon: But… why did you come here for?
#Smart girl. Everything she says tramples Karin into the ground.# Kensuke: Why… hmm… I want to know that myself… but, I get what she’s trying to say.
#It’s so nice seeing an obviously great ruler, opposed to simply stated one# Kensuke: Why I arrived to this world… honestly, it’s like this. I spread my hands and shrugged my shoulders. Kuon: What? Why are you showing me your hands? Kensuke: It means I’m helpless in this matter. Kuon: Helpless? So you’re saying you don’t know why you’re here? Kensuke: Yeah, exactly. Kuon: Hmm… After hearing my words, Oda-san crossed
her arms and started thinking. Eventually… Kensuke: Say.
Kuon: Hey. Kensuke: Surry, go first. Kuon: Yeah. Then, I’ll go ahead… do you have a destination?
#Look at all the correct questions# Kensuke: I don’t. I’m completely lost… Kuon: So you don’t… but you’re pretty calm despite that. Kensuke: Well, I can panic all I want, this situation won’t change.
#Clever kid# Kensuke: Analyze the situation and think about it step-by-step
and the path will appear eventually… that’s my policy. Kensuke: That’s why, I’m worried, but I’m okay. I’m amazed with my own mental numbness, but it’s of use right now. Kuon: I see. Good resolve. I like you even more now. Kensuke: Thanks for the praise. Kuon: …Kensuke. Become my vassal. Kensuke: …Eh? Kuon: Become my vassal. If you do that, food, place to live,
clothes and allowance, I’ll do something about all that. Kensuke: Oh… what a tempting offer! In fact, if I get kicked out of this mansion, I have no idea where to go.
#In that matter, the situation is same as it was for Kazuto# There are mountains and rivers… probably, should be,
so I can at least survive with wild plants and fish. But… Kensuke: (If this girl is really Oda Nobunaga… the period of war is coming) The daily life of getting invaded by other countries and fighting…
can I really say I’m ready to live in a situation like that? Kensuke: Hmm… Kuon: What’s wrong? Why hesitate? Isn’t that a perfect offer for you? Kensuke: True. It’s so tempting I’m about to cry. I actually think
I’m an idiot to even hesitate after recieving an offer that great. Kensuke: I think so… but I’ll pass, after all.
#Hahaha. Joining is the only option? How about no?# Kuon: Oh? My offer should be so tempting
you should crave for it, but am I wrong? Kensuke: No. As I said, this offer is so tempting, only an idiot would refuse. Kuon: Are you an idiot then? Kensuke: I guess I am… Kuon: …Speak. Kensuke: Speak, you mean my reason? Yeah…
it’s not much of a reason, but should I say it? Kuon: I want to hear it. Kensuke: Got it. Honestly, that offer is really really tempting. But…
if you’re really Oda Nobunaga… Oda Saburou Kuon-san, right? Kensuke: If I become your vassal, I’ll have to kill people, right?
#Ah, this conversation of two clever people is so pleasants# Kuon: It’s a normal thing at war. Especially now that the world is at war.
It’s kill or be killed. Then, it’s only normal to kill in order to survive. Kensuke: Yeah, I’m not trying to deny that. Survival of the fittest exists in
any world. To survive and crawl up, you need to push other people down. Kensuke: I’m aware of that. But…
I’m not sure if I have the resolve to do that. Kensuke: So I want some time to think… that’s my reason. Kuon: What about the food? You have nowhere to get it, right? Kensuke: I have confidence in my endurance, so I will be okay for
two or three days without it. But, well, I’ll probably have
to ask some farmer family to take me in as a worker… Kensuke: Umm, I know this might be a rude request…
but can you introduce me to a place that would hire me? Kuon: … Oda-san closed her eyes and was apparently
thinking my words over. Eventually… Kuon: Fine… Kensuke: Really!? Thank you, that helps… Kuon: Then, I take back the vassal offer. Kensuke: Eh. Ah, okay. So, about introducing me… Kuon: Put that aside for now… I have a new offer to you. Kensuke: What offer? Kuon: I’ll provide you with food, clothing and shelter. In exchange…
#Her offer really caught me off-guard# Kensuke: In exchange? Kuon: Become my husband.
#Go route, what are you doing in this game? Though…# Kensuke: …………………Eh? Since I woke up, I kept getting shocked. I got shocked so much
that I thought my soul is about to flee through my ass. Kensuke: H, husband, you say, do you mean like a spouse or,
to make it sound neat, a life partner, is that what you mean? Kuon: That’s right… that said, I’m not exactly
telling you to have a married life with me. Kensuke: Eh, is that so?
#Yup, Go route, denied# Kuon: Yeah. I have a wife, but not a husband. But, even if it’s for
conceiving a child, and even if it’s normal during the warring times… Kuon: As means of the power struggle, someone that
doesn’t know their place might want to try to pressure
me into marrying them, which I don’t want. So… Kensuke: Ah, I see. If you claim I’m your husband, it’ll prevent that.
#Sounds reasonable. Also, her wife is really nice. She’ll be in this episode# Kuon: That’s right. You’re quite a clever man.
#Really nice and EXTREMELY familiar# Kensuke: Thanks… I understand your reason. But why me?
Are you saying you’re okay with conceiving a child from me? Kuon: F, f, f, f! Kuon: Fool! Kuon: W, w, w, who asked you to give me the seed!?
#Oh. This seems promising already# Kensuke: Asked… but, hearing that explanation… It’s not a weird conclusion… at least I think so, am I weird?
#Not really. He’s right, anyone would do otherwise.# Kuon: At least let me finish! If I keep you close as a husband, people
won’t be able to think about pressuring me into marriage! Kensuke: …I see. Basically. I’m like a repel charm against men.
#That didn’t really answer “why me?”# Kuon: Ghm. That’s right… I’ll provide food, clothing
and shelter. In exchange, stay by my side. Kensuke: … Kuon: What’s wrong? This is also a perfect offer for you, right?
#Unlike Kazuto, he doesn’t seem to like rash decisions# Kensuke: Yeah, it’s perfect… too perfect,
so I end up thinking there’s a twist. Kuon: … Kensuke: The truth is always hidden, right?
#I like this kid# Kuon: …Why do you think so? Kensuke: It’s obvious if you think about it… I’m unknown and I appeared in
a really mysterious way, so why would you give me a role that important? Kensuke: The first offer might’ve been due
to me being unusual and maybe out of pity. Kensuke: But it’s a different story for the second offer… me being unusual
and pity have nothing to do with it anymore, it’s always about using me. Kensuke: Your motive is to get some sort of benefit. That’s why you
keep giving perfect offers at all costs… to keep me within your grasp. Kensuke: My way of thinking… is it wrong?
#Only in the fact that he forgot they won’t just let him leave# Kuon: Fufu, you’re spot on. Kensuke: Hmm… then, can I ask for your reason to base my decision on? Kuon: Base your decision? Kensuke: Right. I can’t stand being used, but there’s a benefit for
me too, so that’ll become mutual aid. Give-and-take, right? Kensuke: If I’m not getting used one-sided, if we negotiate
the mutual benefit, it’s worth considering… is what I believe. Kuon: Your head works really well… Kensuke: It’s not working well, it’s just argumentative. Kensuke: When I need to move on emotions, I move on emotions…
oh, so I guess I’m quite a selfish person. I just realized that. Kuon: Heh! True, you can put it like that. Kensuke: Well, it’s myself, after all. Going with the flow
is fine too, but, if possible, I want to pick my own path. Kuon: Your own path, huh…
#Would be interesting if this led to route selection# For a moment, Oda-san looked as if she’s staring into the
distance, but she returned her gaze to me right away. Kuon: …Fine. I’ll reveal my reasons.
#Not like I’d pick any other faction anyway… except for Ren clone – Takeda# Kensuke: Please do. Kuon: …As I said, I fought Imagawa Jibunodayu at Dengaku crossing. Kensuke: Yeah. And that’s when I appeared. Kuon: That’s right… and that’s what I emphasize. Kensuke: Ephasize? What do you mean? Kuon: This country is currently at war. Oda lineage of Owari, that I inherited
from my mother, Nobuhide, was a really tiny existence until recently. Kuon: And Imagawa Jibunodayu was known as the “Best archer of
the East Seas”, really skilled at war and Imagawa faction is well-known. Kuon: Tiny Oda faction and giant Imagawa faction. The war doesn’t come
to battle right away, there are signs, preparation, action and then battle. Kuon: Since Imagawa faction was seriously “aiming for the top”, all
of the country was paying attention to the battle of Oda and Imagawa. Kuon: And a mysterious man appeared during that battle…
yeah, I’m talking about you. Kuon: What would you think of that mysterious man? Kensuke: How would I see it… hmm. A mysterious man appeared in the middle of the battle… doesn’t that
sound like he’s just an idiot? But I won’t say that, or she’ll get angry. Kensuke: …I give up. I don’t know. Kuon: It would’ve had a different meaning if Yoshimoto won…
but the victor of Dengaku crossing was Oda.
Oda, underestimated for being a tiny force. Kuon: Of course, I’ll win even with a tiny force… no, I gathered all
my wisdom in order to survive, made my move. And “grasped the victory”. But… the world doesn’t care of what I achieved. Kuon: Tiny Oda faction won not due to my,
its ruler’s, power, but due to other factors. Kuon: And the event rumors would like happened at Dengaku crossing. Kensuke: …I see. I appeared at Dengaku crossing. That’s why Oda won.
No, more like, there are many who want to believe that’s why you won… Kuon: That’s right… you’re clever, after all. Kensuke: Hmm… but, I didn’t do anything, okay?
Oda-san, didn’t you win with your own strength? Kuon: Of course… but, sparrows living in the garden
want to believe that it’s the whole world. Kuon: Without realizing it’s just a servant’s garden… after all,
if they realize it, they will feel themself insignificant.
That’s why the sparrows believe in their own truth. Kensuke: Believe what you want to believe, huh… that’s a common thing.
#That “Frog at the bottom of the well” thingy# Kensuke: In other words, those sparrows will believe that acquiring that
mysterious man will bring victory or at least make something good happen. Kuon: Right… and, unfortunately, I’m one of them. Though I don’t
think you bring any miracles, now that I actually talked to you. Kuon: But, if others get you… that would feel a bit
of a pity. So I want to observe you from nearby. Kensuke: Basically… you don’t want to give
other factions something you can’t predict? Kuon: …No point hiding it, I guess. You’re right.
#Actually, miracles aside, he has a magical or holy sword# Kensuke: I see… I got it. In other words, if I leave this mansion and end up joining
a different faction, no matter how much I deny it myself… I’ll end up getting revered by the people of that country as a bringer
of miracles, raising their tension, which would kinda get in the way. Kensuke: (Well, if that country is strong, their
high tension would bring more trouble…) In other words. The moment I refused her perfect offer,
I turned into an exceptionally dangerous person for Oda-san. Kensuke: (I see… worst case, I’ll be killed) The girl that kept looking at me seemed both gentle and ruthless. Most of all, she didn’t look away from me even for a moment, I’m sure
she’s really strong-willed. Her eyes hold both cruelity and kindness. Kensuke: (…Ah) Her eyes resemble those of Onee-chans.
#Most likely Sheren, mostly# Kensuke: (This is… bad. I probably can’t escape) The pressure of that girl that called herself Kuon… her aura
was powerful enough for me to instinctively think so. Kensuke: …Fine. If that’s the case. I will rely on you
without holding back then. Is that okay? Kuon: … Kensuke: Eh, what? Did I say something weird!? Kuon: …You changed your opinion too easily. Kensuke: Ah, yeah. After all, if I know the reason,
all that’s left is for me to decide, right? Kensuke: Also, I thought I can trust you, seeing
how you revealed your true reasons to me. Kuon: What do you mean? Kensuke: People that plan to use others tend to say
nothing but good things and make promises with ease. Kensuke: But you were different. You explained the
situation objectively and properly told me your reasons. Kensuke: You can trust such people… is what I believe. Kuon: I’m not a good person. I might be… thinking of
things that would not be beneficial to you, you know? Kensuke: Really? I don’t think so.
#Yeah, pointing out your own untrustworthiness makes you trustworthy# Kuon: What makes you say that?
#Unless, of course, it’s a trickery as well…# Kensuke: Hmm… haven’t you said it yourself earlier,
Oda-san? I can see it in your eyes. That’s what. Since I woke up, Oda-san and I were talking for quite a while already. And all this time, Oda-san hasn’t looked away from me even once. She was observing my reactions… but at the same time,
she had real confidence in her own words, looking at me
with her eyes sparkling like stars in the night sky. That’s all there is to it. It’s mostly intuition, but I trust my intuition.
#Well, yeah, in the end, it all comes down to that# Kensuke: Well, there’s more to it… I have my own merit involved. Kuon: Of course you do. People that claim they’re not calculative
should bite off their tongues and die a pitiful death. Kensuke: How brutal… Kuon: I just don’t like people that use pleasant words
to casually lie about how good they are… so? Kensuke: So? Ah, my merit? Hmm… it’s a simple thing, really. Kensuke: It’s easier to be with someone I at least know.
#Fair point, actually. Better than starting from zero again# Kuon: …Huh? Is that all? Is that your merit? Kensuke: Eh, yeah… Kuon: … Kensuke: No, don’t look at me as if I’m really dubious. Kuon: You’re way too dubious! Kensuke: Right… haha. I couldn’t resist laughing since she said it that bluntly. Kuon: But, fine. As long as you’ve decided to stay in Owari. Kensuke: Yeah. I’ll be in your care, Oda-san. The same time I bowed… The moment I relaxed, my stomach let out a “Give me food!” signal. Kensuke: A, ahahaha… Kuon: Hmm. Hunger, huh. Makes sense. You’ve slept for a whole week. Kuon: Wait a bit. I’ll arrange so someone would make you some food! Kensuke: Please do. Kuon: Right! I still have official duties to take care of. I’ll
hear out the rest at night or so. Certainly! Promise me! Kensuke: Sure. Got it. Kuon: Good, well then, I’ll be going, so stay here like a good boy! Okay? Kensuke: …Geez. She’s as nimble as a cat. Is she really like a cat? If anything, she’s more like a cheetah or a leopard. Kensuke: At any rate, she was like a typhoon… I stretched out while looking at the sliding door Kuon left through. Kensuke: Hmm… body check, no signs of injuries. I turned my hips and leaned forward. Briefely
checked if my body functions properly. Kensuke: No problem… good then.
#After sleeping for a whole week?# I’ve been trained by my Nee-sans, so I’m confident in my physical
abilities. Even if the situation changes, I’ll probably be able to escape. Kensuke: Well then… what should I do. After checking my body functions and
my belongings, I sat down on the futon. Kensuke: I guess that’s what uncle was talking
about when he mentioned a different world… What did he say again? I think he said something
about the continent of a very distant past. Kensuke: He met Onee-chans there and was living with them
since them, and then he picked up me and my siblings. Kensuke: Hmm… after ending up in the
same situation, I understood some things. For example, about the beautiful girls surrounding uncle. Kensuke: Their overwhelming strength, their behavior.
Nee-sans all had superhuman strength… They’re really gentle normally, but turn into
demons when it comes to training. Like Nee-chan that was always absent-minded, even when
we’re training, but didn’t drop her guard even once.
#…Ren?# Or making me swing wooden sword a hundred times while singing a mouse
song, and denying my existence with verbal abuse if I fail to do so.
#…Sawa? Or Shunran?# Kensuke: …I should stop. No need to bring up the painful memories. Kensuke: Anyway… I’m hungry… I managed to relax after thinking about stuff. Kensuke: …Hmm. This room seems to be about twelve tatami mats big,
right? No furniture, but the decoration pottery seems really expensive. I looked around the room, making preparations just in case. Kensuke: What does it look like outside? Kensuke: Oh, what a sight!
#Haven’t I seen this before? In Sangoku Hime or in Eiyuutan…# It’s as big as our house at Kanagawa… no, isn’t this one a bit bigger?
#Is Kazuto living in a castle? Well, considering his harem size…# Kensuke: This garden! It’s an exemplary Japanese garden. There are koi carps swimming in the pond and the pine trees look tasteful. Kensuke: …I can’t see wire poles or tall buildings. I’m not sure if it’s a different world or past, but it’s
definitely not the same as the world I came from. Kensuke: Owari Kiyosu… Owari should be somewhere around Nagoya, no?
I’ve heard there’s plenty of plains and should be rivers, so I can forage. Kensuke: Hmm, I’m glad I recieved survival
training from Minmei-oneechan… hmm? Now that I think about it, why would I train in that…
#Because Minmei cares? Also, dat next phrase…# Kensuke: Other than that, swordsmanship, spearsmanship, martial arts,
quarterstaff fighting, combat surgery, tactics, strategy, cooking, sewing,
housework, ship handling, fashion design. A bit of phramacy. Handicraft. In that matter, I guess I recieved gifted child education without noticing.
#Just an ordinary highschool boy trying to fit in# Kensuke: I was wondering why there are fifty two girls with
uncle and each of them is an expert in a certain field, but… At this point, I can believe his story…
#Also, fashion design? I bet it was Sawa# Kensuke: But still… he’s not an ordinary old man…
I bet he was expecting something like this to happen. So he wasn’t just a womanizer… I won’t
respect him, but I’ll at least be grateful. Kensuke: Let him stay healthy.
#No idea, so I improvize here# As I was thinking that… ???: Umm… sir guest. May I come in?
#A character voiced by Tomonaga is always welcome# I heard a girl’s voice from behind the sliding door. Kensuke: Ah, yes. Go ahead. Sliding door opened as quietly as possible
and I could see a girl’s head behind it. ???: I’ve brought you your meal.
#Oh, hai, Ei. Other than appearance, she’s REALLY similar# Kensuke: Ah, thank you… As the girl bowed politely, leaning on three fingers on both
hands, I couldn’t resist responding with doing the same. ???: … As she raised her head and brought in the tray,
I forgot to breath due to her superior beauty. Kichou: I’ve been entrusted with bringing you food, I’m Oda Saburou’s
wife, Kichou. I might be inexperience, but pleased to meet you. Kensuke: Ah, thanks. Pleased to meet you, I’m Nitta Kensuke…
I feel kinda bad for having to rely on you. Kichou: No. Kuon asked me to do this… well then, I’ll proceed to serve you…
#Obviously nothing lewd, she’s more like a waitress or a maid… definitely Ei# Kensuke: Ah, no, umm… It’s okay, I can eat by
myself. No need to concern yourself. Kichou: But… Kensuke: No, really, don’t worry about it… anyway, umm… food… Kensuke: …S, sorry. My stomach knows no manners. Kichou: No… The word “beauty” describes her well, the girl that introduced
herself as Kichou, smiled and left the tray next to me. Kensuke: Well then, time to eat.
#So, I guess they’re fellow Kuon’s harem members# I put my hands together and then reached out chopsticks towards the food. Kichou: … Kensuke: …*chewing*. Kichou: … Kensuke: …(it’s too awkward to eat like that). Kichou: … Kensuke: Umm… is something wrong? She was being really wary of me as I ate, which felt pretty awkward. Kichou: …So you’re going to become Kuon’s husband?
#Basically, for her, Kuon is like Yue was for Ei# Kensuke: Eh, ah… yes. Though, even if you call it
a husband, I seem to be more of a repel charm. Kensuke: We share a mutual interest, so I accepted Oda-san’s offer. Kichou: I doubt you’re worthy of being Kuon’s husband…
#Keifa alert, danger levels increasing# Kensuke: … That was blunt. She’s not even trying to hide her hostility.
I’m not very good with people of this type… Kichou: Do you even understand her? …If you accepted it with lighthearted
attitude, you should take it back right away and leave this country at once. Kensuke: …(chewing) Kichou: Hey, you. Are you listening? Kensuke: Umm. Kichou: What is it? Decided to leave yet?
#Keifa alarm, danger levels increasing even further# Kensuke: Can I have a second portion of food?
#Smooth kid# Kichou: Eh!? Ah… here you go.
#Keifa dangers dropping# Kichou took my bowl with both hands and put more rice into it.
#Well, jokes aside, no Keifa dangers here. She’s being very reasonable# Kensuke: (The way she recieved the bowl and the way
she puts rice in it, she’s being proper about it…) In other words. She didn’t tell me to leave based
on emotions, but due to some logical reasons. Kensuke: (It seems it’s nothing personal… how should I deal with it…)
#Of course she’s hostile, he’s a potential threat, after all# She said she’s Oda Kuon’s wife, so this girl
must hold a high position within Oda faction. If someone like that decided it’s best to tell me to take back my
agreement and leave this country, then I should probably obey that. Kensuke: (But… I’ve already talked it through with Oda-san, so
I shouldn’t take it back just because third-party told me to…) I put a pickled radish into my mouth and
was thinking while enjoying its flavor. Kensuke: (Still… it doesn’t seem like I can just joke
my way out of this, and I don’t think it would work) Her eyes held strength in them, similar to Oda-san’s. She kept looking at me,
as if seeing through me, I could see her strong will and wisdom in her eyes. Kensuke: (It’s best to tell what you’re thinking bluntly to people like that…)
#Ah, the sweet unique approach for different kinds of people# I put my chopsticks down, finished my tea and turned towards Kichou. Kensuke: It was quite a feast. Kichou: Okay… Kensuke: So, about what you said. Kichou: …(nod) Kensuke: As you’ve said, I don’t know anything about her yet. Kensuke: But if I use that as an excuse and, as you told me to,
leave this country, that would mean I broke my promise to her. Kensuke: If decided to leave with her approval, I would accept that
myself, and Oda-san… Kuon-san herself would probably accept that. Kensuke: So, about that matter, how about we… talk this
through with all three of us, when Kuon-san returns? Kichou: That’s… you’re right.
#Keifa bomb brilliantly defused# Kensuke: It appears you understood. Kichou: …I understand. Then, let’s talk about it
when Kuon comes back from her public duties. Kensuke: Let’s do so… whew, thank you for being understanding.
#Thank you both for being reasonable# Kichou-san opened her mouth, seeing me bow as I said that. Kichou: It appears you don’t find your head valuable. Kensuke: Eh? Kichou: You’ve been lowering your head a lot…
a man should act more dignified. Kensuke: Man, woman, I never bothered with that. When you’re
thanking someone, bow your head and show your gratitude
through your body, that’s what my parents taught me. Kichou: Ah… Kensuke: And I don’t think gratitude has any price, so this is okay. Kichou: …I was cavil. I apologize. Kensuke: Ah, no, no. I’m not angry and not bothered, don’t worry. In fact, I’m surprised that she apologized… but I won’t say that. Kensuke: Well, can we just say people are different? Kichou: Ah… thank you…
#Hostility, removed. So, Kazuto, was it hard to do the same with Keifa?# As she bowed sounding both frustrated and
embarrassed, Kichou-san’s neck was dyed red. Kichou: W, well then, I’ll be going. I’ll notify you when
Kuon returns, so feel free to relax for now Her gestures were perfect… but she spoke in a hurry… after
saying that, Kichou-san picked up the tray and left the room.


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    Epic Production

    XD Me encanto este juego y mas ahora que lo estas traduciendo, gracias

    XD I loved this game and more now that you are translating, thanks

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    Pedro Sousa

    for a 43 minute video it ended too quickly(probably because it showed too little) but damn, thanks akumu i'm already falling in love with kuon hope this keeps going on, just like the others (or even more then them) i'll keep following this one 🙂

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    I'm glad you're doing the prologue. Koihime Musou was entertaining but this is pretty fresh. Thank you, Akumu Ryuu.

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