Coffee and a Nude Beach in Oslo (Norway) – The Trips of Gerson

Coffee and a Nude Beach in Oslo (Norway) – The Trips of Gerson

I’m at the final stop in
Bygdøy, I don’t know how to say it,
but it’s number is 30. Now I’m at Bygdøy!! In Oslo! Now I need to figured it out how to go to a beach that I don’t
know exactly what it is. this area is full of museums, But before, let’s walk a little bit and
discover this area. Visiting one more piece of Oslo! What a beautiful place!! A brazilian guy look at this sun and
don’t feel so hot! Funny! Being honest, the wind is so cold. I’m not feeling cold because I’m walking,
but I’m carryng a jacket. Now I need to discover where is this
secret beach! People talked to me about it,
but I don’t see nothing about it! Adventure! Here u can take a lot of boats, and enjoy so many Seagulls speaking norwegian screams
a lot! It has an ID on it’s leg! Hi animal! Say hi to Brazil! Ungrateful animal! Now I need to discover
onde é essa praia secreta! Look at my little friend!
A jellyfish! Here it’s the website! There you’ll find
all the information about it! after walk a lot… I’m at Huk, I don’t know how to say it’s name,
but it’s a beautiful place. For you who are enjoying the trips,
Subscribe to my channel!! Share the video!! Like the video! Activate the notifications
in the little bell! And have fun! Norwegian people really like
to camp! Take a look! So closer to beach! Very nice! My friends told me about a beach, here in Norway, Then I came. It cannot look like a beach, The sand is there, with the sea. And I’m at the “grass side” closer to the sand. but here it’s a nude beach! Yes, we’re all free! But what’s really nice here the mood is very nice, At my back, I cannot show because there
are some people, and some trees, and when I passed over there, I saw so many tables and children studying, people here are very tranquil about
nudity a lot of dressed people with naked
people at the same space, different ages and genres too But what I really liked here is that this beach is not far from
everything! around this beach there’s a lot of
dressed people. This is a very cool place! One more place to visit if you’re
in Oslo. Hey crow, come over here! It started! I’ll give for those who
come closer! I’ll give for those who
come closer! Come here! ♪Mamma mia, here I go again♪ ♪My my, how can I resist you♪ Penultimate day of this trip! As you can see, summer is moving
away. It’s cold. I’m using a tshirt and
two coats, and we’re going to the market. Rain forecast: 70% It will rain! I didn’t understood if it’s a dance company or if it’s a school, I’ll come back here to discover. There it’s the presentation of the company
for the new ones. At least what I understood.
Everything is in norwegian. When you’ll be here in a very cold day, try these tablets, they are very traditional here, they’re amazing for the throat. They saved me so many times
from the frozen wind during the trips. Look who I found in the norwegian
version from Les Miserables!!!! My favourite norwegian female singer! ♪And in the minute you let go♪ ♪Well, that’s the minute you will know♪ ♪And you’ll find you’re
nothing like before♪ ♪You rather die, then let it go♪ ♪Driving, driving fast with you♪ ♪Nothing really matters when we’re
Driving, driving fast with you♪ Everytime I’d saw some brazilian coffee! I never heard about these trades before. As far as I saw, everybody loves
brazilian coffee! Que país é esse? Nunca escutei sobre!! Não estou vendo Brasil aqui! Com morango e outras frutas. Não quero café com esses sabores!
Prefiro sucos! hey stayed there to drink coffee!
I’m out! I don’t wanna coffee anymore! I think I never drank so much
coffee in all my entire life! The smell is delicious, but it’s making me
more than satisfied. I just wanna be with them! I brought
water in my bag! in this wonderful day! What’s the name of this… coffee? Look, I didn’t like it! It tastes like purgative. #poshpeoplewillhatethismoment but, that it is. I’m here to buy a bread, and look what I founded! Brazilian coffee!


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    Ricardo Dourado

    A faixa de areia dessa praia é muito pequena. Essas embalagens de café eu nunca vi aqui no Brasil.

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