Couple lives TINY and TRAVELS the world in 4×4 Expedition Vehicle ~ BiMobil EX480 Tour

Couple lives TINY and TRAVELS the world in 4×4 Expedition Vehicle ~ BiMobil EX480 Tour

I’m kind of used to it already! Good morning guys! From Seward, Alaska.
We are driveway camping with probably some of the most famous Youtubers around. You
might have heard of them, His and Hers VLOGS?? mm-hmm… Yes! We are driveway camping at our own house and it’s only because we’re home for a few days and unloading
and reloading the RV is like the worst thing around but it’s been working out
great. And we set up our mat, put the awning out and… plugged into electric.Yeah!.. We got unlimited water.
Good stuff! One of the best parts of living in Alaska is that it’s an exotic
destination and not anything against Toledo, Ohio but you meet amazing and
unique people in amazing and unique destinations like Alaska. So we went to
town yesterday and we saw this expedition vehicle and if you don’t know
it already we’re in the market for something to drive around the world in
the upcoming years. So we just drove by, they had a website on their rig and we
reached out to them. Then they responded! I sent them a Facebook message. They ended up coming over for a bonfire and.. and they parked in the yard and now we’re
gonna go have a little fun with them today. Yeah definitely! Alright! So this is
their rig called Frank the tank and it’s a bimobil. What’s really cool is that;
this is a vehicle from Europe and we don’t necessarily have the option of
checking these vehicles out just here in the States. So this is an amazing
opportunity plus we’ve made some new friends. We got the security guard, Unni.
Hey! How are you doing? You good dog. Introducing, Fabian.Hey!How’s it going?Where is Isabella?Hi!..Isabella is right here.Can we come inside guys?Yeah of course!Hold on.. This is Bosco and this is Unni.
Bosco can we get past you now buddy? Of course! Come in guys. I just have to fix
this, this is already a special construction for our doggies..Oh nice! So they can also go down the stairs…There you go!..Please welcome!The stairs are out.Help yourself. This is a nice..Oh welcome! Thanks for inviting us into
your home guys. No problem! No problem! Thanks for having us in your driveway. Oh!
By the way whoever is around Seward you know that’s a good parking. I don’t know if
they like that but it’s the best camping in town. It’s got to come with an invitation though! Oh yeah..Yeah exactly! No squatting in our driveway.Exactly!Yeah true!That’s really nice.Well i don’t know..I can give you a little tour if you like.Oh yeah!Lets do that!And
I heard that you guys told me that you also looking into a new RV or
RE, that’s how you call it?..EV! EV!… EV! Sorry!EV..Um-mm..So let’s start with a little background from you guys on
who you are. Alright! Isabella you want to start first? Yes! Yeah! I am Isabella. I
come from Brazil and.. but now we live in Germany and in this car for three years and that’s it! Well and my name is Fabian and.. well I’m
with Isabella. We met in Barcelona. Ah! The dog Unni, the
white one she’s from Spain. This is Bosco he’s from Germany and
yeah we met! And now we travel together. We, well we basically have houses rented
in Germany so that this is we’ll fill in our fridge and that’s what we do! Now we..
You formally believe in the passive income from this state as well?Exactly!passive income exactly the same thing. It’s perfect and now we wanna, we came, we shipped the car to Halifax and we crossed Canada. Now we went up to Alaska that’s where we met you guys and now we want to go down South America.
We will see how far it goes and where we ship next. Well you can never
really plan out life’s adventures. Exactly! We are, we already, we are already
a little behind because we didn’t want to be in Alaska actually at this time. We
wanted to be already South but it’s so beautiful. So… It’s the best time in the year!..That’s the good thing about being able to just choose where you are and have a place to live and there’s nothing that stops you from
staying when you like the place.Exactly!Yeah! Cool.So… I’ll just give you the tour. Let’s start here
since we’re here. This is our master bedroom.Is that a king size bed? it is, I can only say in meters now we have to.. it’s one fifty-five deep. Oh Dammit! You’re using the
metric system.The metric system.Yes! 155 centimeters? Exactly! You’re talking to Americans here! I know the length. Hold on! the length is six, six foot five or something. Six foot five it’s long. Oh! so
it’s really bigger. That is a big bed and it’s one, like I don’t know…ah! 1.5 times
three let’s say that three four point five feet. Could that be? Almost five feet
wide and we made this mattress specially. Like in Italy we were because
they gave us like thin…That’s a designer Italian mattress. Well.. Yeah! It happened on the
way, it happened on the way that we met this guy and we said, ‘I have back pennies’, Oh!’I have a metro shop’, like really Italian you know like… think like ten
years of coffee and then you end up with a mattress. Alright! It’s another story! If all this problems were solved that way, it would be a better world!Exactly!It’s preety cool!So
basically that’s it and we have all this storage around because the cabin is only
the whole car is only 21 feet long. I like all this storage. Yeah! It is
really useful.That is awesome! and..Those windows, Yeah! The windows are special.The $5,000 windows each of them if I’m
remembering correctly.Well..Kind of! Kind of!Yeah! We Germans don’t like to talk about money so much but.. Well the Polish guy we met a couple of weeks ago with an EV told us they were $5000 each a piece Exactly!Yeah!So polish dude told us about it! Polish dude! Yeah!
Alright! Cool. No but it’s it’s kind of it’s like triple, you can,
it’s triple glass and it’s one hand opening. And you know it also like shows
that black out feature so if you want to like ninja or stealth camp zero them over there, show them over there.This is a good one?Open?
this is a good one okay No no blackout is like okay if you want
first of all the mosquitoes, yeah! screen. And if you want your privacy and zero
light penetration.Zero! That is good stuff! So and it’s easy and simple and if
you want to open…There you go… Yeah! So it opens all the way!We’re gonna have to get these windows.Sure! It’s really good.And the good
feature since we’re here, we saw the master bedroom. The good feature about
this car, I can open it from the outside. You see this frame here, Yeah!I was wondering what it was!Okay!
We are sitting here this is the, This is the the kitchenette. Like this
where we sit and you can release this table down. It’s a bed, it’s also a 2
meter like 6 foot 2 no 6 foot 5 long but a little more but it’s a third bed or so.
What are these hinges and the struts for? Well this, this is just a design..yeah.Like an emergency evacuation?
But no, no this is to open up. The whole wall? Yeah! The whole wall goes up like an
awning but only up. So you sit 2 meters high when let’s say the Moose comes.Yeah! You can sit here and eat with the Moose. The Moose, well, the Moose is probably
able to look inside but human beings are not. It’s like really high so this whole
thing opens up so when we’re on coastlines or nice view scenario. We will
go to McCarthy in Alaska that’s when I thought to put this truck and look down
to the glaciers. Oh! it’s beautiful there..and just open it up and then it’s it’s really
beautiful and also for…instead of being stuck inside!.. Exactly! Exactly! Also for airing through. Like, you know in
the morning and it’s a nice weather you just open the whole thing and then it’s
like immediately refreshed. Yeah! So you guys have a dry bath or a wet bath? Well
the thing is.. with you America, I think it’s dry. So, there you go! dissing us
Americans again. No!No!No! I don’t know I don’t know what you mean with by dry and wet. I wash myself wet but its..Well a dry bathroom is the shower is separate from the toilet. It is!It’s a dry one!There you go…I mean sorry we have like.. Oh! it’s.. but this is real life. Yeah! This is
real life. So this is our hiking shoes. So this is the shower, you can close that and… open it. You have, You have an extra window up there. Sorry can i.. No! You have an extra window up there, like you can shower actually… Is that one double insulated and…. No! That’s actually just standard. Okay! But you can find for the price the Polish guy told
you. You can open the roof window and it’s really nice.But, but listen!You can do this..and mosquito net to..and this..That little window is pretty cool to. This one’s the same to. Like you can also darken it and have the mosquito… Nice! And here they go. So
you can use your bathroom. We have the European system, we can’t, we
don’t, we don’t need a, how you call it? A dumping station.Yes! We have the cassette.
I can show you later outside maybe..Yes! we have the cassette and this is our water for
washing. How much water capacity you guys hold fresh? Well I tell you in liters but
it’s 400 liters but it is 380 gallons. Yeah! Oh! no sorry what is it…hundred..
hundred gallon 380. Well I think most men in America will know because we’ve
looked at urinals our whole life you see the urinals have the flush ratio on them.
So it’s always leave point 8 liters or one gallon so literally men have been
exposed to that off of Urinals. So it’s a hundred gallon..Yeah its is!..And then we have..I don’t know if you showed them…Well what do you have ? a big mirror. And you probably do your hair in that..I do my hair…regularly.Yeah!It’s your little guilty obsession.Exactly!Exactly!How about you do the kitchen
tour?Exactly! Your such a sexist!He loved the mirror that’s his pride and joy.Fabian is a bathroom guy!So who does the cooking in your home?I cook normally and,,Fabian is good with one plate.Tuna, Pasta.And here we cook it’s really easy propane. Exactly! Yeah. I have another
question now. How difficult is it to find propane in Europe? Okay good good question.To be honest it’s not difficult but you have to be, well first of all for propane
this car, I start like this, this car has an external you fill. We have a forty
liter, well 10 gallon tank of propane and we have in like a plug where you can go
when you have the LPG. This is what’s called in Europe. When you go gas up a
car we have cars that run on propane. Okay! You can go to those gas stations and in
America you have those two. You just plug it in and then they fill it for you at
the gas station. okay! Usually campers in Europe though smaller
versions they have the bottles. There you have to be really careful
because in Germany we have a different system then we have in Spain a different
system. We went to Portugal surfing we have a different system in our old RV. So
you have all the adapters in whatever. So if you, if you think for a car that has,
like you want to buy one and you want to go the bottle way be careful because all
the bottles are different. So that’s why we decided on this one to go with the
tank. It’s like a fixed tank and you can just and you fill it up like a car at the gas station.
Exactly! and the 40, we have 40 liters which we have here like a panel. I don’t
know it really takes a while but anyways, This is like we only use it for cooking.
So we can have, we can cook forever basically. Plus we have a propane gas
hook outside and we can have, we have it you don’t see an oven on the kitchen but
we have an extra oven we found a solution that we have in our so called
garage and we put it out and then we, we can, Isabella can cook nicely and that’s quite convenient. So I
would suggest if somebody is looking into a good solution for an RE..EV… think
about a tank. Well the other thing is we’re leaning towards a single fuel
source so we don’t have to look for propane so okay it has like a diesel.
So…Yeah! just one single fuel source.This is, This is also good because the rest of
our car except the cooking is all diesel. We have a diesel generator built in. This
is from Domeric. Diesel generator which is integrated outside. I can show you
later outside. You just start !We never use because we have also solar and we
have 600 watt solar panels so this is kind of only solar. Solar?How you say it?…I’m just teasing!…Stop! Anyways, this is, this is a diesel heating.
We have the hot water and the heating in here it’s like a,a air heating
system. It’s diesel heating and what else we use diesel? For driving
and.. I guess that…ah!no we have an extra heating. This car is a Mercedes truck in
front, has an extra heating in front that heats up if I want to get up at 8
o’clock in the morning I can set it at 7 o’clock if it’s really dark and cold in
Alaska and I have a hot cabin. Nice! So that’s extra to. But the rest is all
diesel except this probe and to be honest we didn’t… I think it was a
money issue because the diesel heating, the diesel stoves are quite expensive I think.
Well now didn’t you guys buy, you’re telling me that you didn’t have this rig
built. It was built already and you just kinda bought it. It was built and we adjusted it. We It bought it from the company bimobil itself. Okay! So… It was kind of… but it wasn’t
custom-built for you? Not for us, but it’s, it kind of fit perfectly except we just
added the Sol… How do you say solar now? Solar solar the solar we added a few and…I don’t even remember what else we did..
That’s me talking like an American.. Solar! It makes me think of when Ben Brown says Jambo! in like a really thick American accent and he is British.So what, what we also added
customized was what you saw already when you came
is our doggy step so here we don’t want, to we basically don’t want to lose this
space so… Yeah! We put this and we even, even after we think about our doggies, that they can sleep so they roll up here. Nice! and even though when
sometimes it didn’t happen yet so far but sometimes if there’s other dogs out
and you don’t want to mingle we have the mosquito net and we still have fresh air.
That’s awesome!I like that! and this..That’s a pretty awesome screen! and this one, this one goes out to bimobil they do
but it’s hard for them if it wasn’t there to build after so they had to take
all that and they do, did this for us customize… hmm… they had to take all the
buttons we’re over there so they had to take him here. The light goes here to. So
you see here the little, the bleached out they had to put it in because this one was
extra. But it makes really sense..Oh i see.. Especially, especially when you have the
black fireflies in Alaska that you can air and you still want to be out there.
And in the kitchen there is nothing else is only storage that you have alot.
That’s a classic bimobil though is the.. Spice rack! Exactly! the Germans are
like a crazy for this spice rack.. and yeah… and the only thing is that’s the fridge
is a little small but.. You Americans wouldn’t like that. We, to be
honest, we would like it bigger to. This is really small size but it’s electric
12 volt it runs on electricity all the time because our experience and there if
you’re looking, I think for you now, if you’re looking building one or letting
somebody built there’s like solutions with propane mix electricity and when
you’re plugging outside and they switch automatically. All good systems but we
figured we were like in really in hot weather in Portugal and stuff and in our
old camper we had this mix thing, the propane thing and then the freezer
didn’t freeze anymore because propane in hot weather doesn’t really work that
well. So we said that’s the most important thing that our fridge runs.
That’s the only thing in the whole vehicle that even though I switch off
every electricity this will stay. Yes! This is running. Yeah! and the other things like the…How is this called?Ah!Invertor. A good quality invertor?
inverter exactly we haven’t them against We can use all the electrical things for the kitchen we, or charge computers.Or just turn it on here.
can use it here without for a month I I just push one button, and then you can use normal plugs.Nice! You will hear a beep and then it’s on.So now you can use all the electric stuff. I’m curious about the vehicle part. Yeah!..We’ll crawl through here..You can walk through here.
We’ll just take a peek for now..Exactly!I hope it’s clean. it’s real life so it doesn’t matter.Yeah!Well basically that’s in the seats, that’s the Mercedes staff.I have to tell you this is a pretty badass looking vehicle. It probably starts alot of
conversations. oh yeah it does! But this was not the reason why we
bought it. Oh no! The reason why we had it because we wanted to be really
independent and since we want to go maybe also Africa in the long run and
South America sometimes maybe the road needs off-roading so that’s what we
wanted an offroad vehicle and this is, I don’t know you guys. Who watches that,
probably knows about the Unimog Mercedes? Oh yeah! The Godfather of all the,all the …. all the offroad vehicles. This has the
Unimog model and it’s called at Atego. Which is, we use it for delivery trucks
in smaller cities in Europe especially in Germany because we don’t have so much
space and it doesn’t have a nose so it’s quite handy. And this one particular has
the short wheel stand, wheelbase? Wheelbase Yeah! the short one so yeah this is like
you pick up trucks here in America sometimes have more difficulties to turn
than we do. Yeah! And.. Yeah! So basically that’s the chassis
and what you have to sacrifice kind of if you want to get to the motor, you have
to pump this up. Yes! This whole cabin will fold up than in any other thing.
Which.. So I’ve heard, you need to make sure everything’s in order in the cabs so that
you don’t break your windshield. Yeah! Don’t don’t have your heavy camera. Yeah! yep
I’ve heard of people breaking the windshields when their cabs go forward. A big
important thing is you always when you go to a garage and they check for the
oil change and stuff, this one is hooked. So there’s a system that this company
invented. You have like four screws on the inside here you have to unscrew and
then the, the rubber part here stays on the cabin. Okay good! so then you can
because if you, if you start doing that it will rip and that’s not so fun. That
is really coo!l That’s the covered outdoor area…I’ll l show you. That is so cool!..I really do love that!
and this is something also specific for this brand.. company. Uh mm…Look at that!There you go and Tatar!Well who is here?..It’s Isabella with the dogs.. That is pretty awesome! Like you could be
on the Serengeti… Exactly! Watching a cheetah stalk a gazelle while you’re
eating eggs.I am 6 foot 2 ah!I know that. I’m playing basketball.Look at me!It’s literally 6 foot and people order hot dogs. Exactly!People can order hot dogs in the city as a side business. Well inside here we have our,we have an outside shower and
storage. I like the outside shower part for just much,cleaning off muddy boots or the dogs.Exactly!
We have two dogs,two dogs and you know.. This is our, well this is like the
Blue TECH 6 so we have, still the issue with the DEF. Yeah! So it’s a modern engine so you gonna have ultra-low sulfur diesel.It’s good for the environment everything.. But bad
for third-world country travel! Yeah! But there is a system that you can implement if
you, if you get informed about that. That you could deprogram it. It’s just that
the motor still runs when it’s empty. What’s your fuel capacity? Capacity is
right, the fuel tank is right here and it’s also 400 liters which is
approximately around 100 gallons. Okay! 100 gallon. Yeah! And what kind of a…mileage…range can you get on that? Well,we have kilometers. When it’s full it says about
2200 kilometers.So about 1200 miles? it’s like 20, 20 liters approx 20 liters per 100
kilometers. That’s how we Germans calculate. 20 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers..which….
You’re messing with us Americans again Please… I can do this.I have a little app, so I can put it in here and do 20
so it’s 11.76 miles to the gallon. That’s pretty good.Good mileage! Hold on!I need to capture that because I need to explain this is the biggest question Americans have. Yeah! but you’re also, Look at those tires. Yeah, yeah sure. so those are big big tires!..Aha!Yeah,Yeah,Yeah! and then the gearing and the rear differential, you have a transfer case.
I don’t know I’m lost all I know is we’re in Alaska right now. Well I’m so confused now, we are in the 100 kilometer thing, but it’s,it’s kind of like, people told us
people told us it’s kind of like you’re your pickup trucks, but it’s okay! So you
can get 2,000 kilometers on a tank of fuel? Yes! So that’s roughly 1,200 miles.Yeah!
See, I didn’t over complicate it. Are you letting your grey water drip on my
driveway? Oh!I’m sorry!How dare you?That must..How disrespectful.. You may do that in Germany and in Brazil but here in America..Good God!You better not…Oh yeah!Let’s give the plug here. Live and
give 4×4. Exactly! We have also a little YouTube channel, Instagram account we
just started so I don’t know whoever’s interested in our journey, please join us
and give us comments. We,we would, you know We like it.Oh!
Everybody loves comments. Now this is the pooper. This is the, this is the toilet. So
here in America, you used to, you used to the.. black tank. Exactly! So it’s an
extra tank and you have to go to a dumping station but what you are doing
in Africa if you don’t have a dumping station of course you say you dig a hole in
there but it’s not so.. you know, Not so nice. Yeah! But what we have, we have a 30
liter, I don’t even know the liters to be honest. Let’s say…It’s enough! It’s
enough. Exactly! Ben’s very technical. You,
you, you plug this, and this is like a system.Even when you, when I open. This
is important. If you want that, you have to add this thing. It’s called SOG, the
vent because when I open upstairs I’m showing it. I’m sitting down open.. let’s
get the demonstration..sitting down,dropping my pants,but I’m not gonna do that. Then i open the lid.The lid where it comes in immediately when there’s her
stuff in there already it usually smells a little. Oh! so your stuff doesn’t smell? Mine is perfume!
Okay!.. Anyways thing what happens is, it’s it starts with 12 volt. It starts sucking
this out of here. So the smell..the gases..The gases go outside.Yeah! and everything goes outside..
and then I can do my business and as soon as I close this thing… without
smelling her business, without smelling her business.Exactly! So and this is hooked here and then this is the
cassette. Hopefully it’s not so heavy right now.Well,It is okay.. Yeah! And then you have
you even wheels. That’s pretty nice. Yes! You can go to the airport and then I say Ben can I use the bathroom quickly?Yes!And pass through security.Exactly! Feel free to search my bag…
And that’s all it takes for our.. That is pretty slick. It is awesome!Really comfortable.The thing is, we were thinking about a compass toilet but someone talked to us about, what if you leave
your rig.. yeah.. and something happens with the battery for the venting you’re
gonna come back home to a serious smell problem. Exactly! and so we’re leaning
back towards cassette toilet again now. This cassette, that this comes in like
combination but you can buy this, this cassette as well. Some people we met, we
don’t because we, I don’t know. We manage. It’s like.. I don’t know. Every four days,
we just find a bathroom and… Exactly! dump it but some people have an extra especially
when they travel with kids and there’s more people they have an extra…Oh!They can swap it out!Extra of this.. Then they just… But that does not take up much space.
I like how compact that is and I also really liked how the toilet was kind of
integrated into the bathroom. It’s not just like a stand alone unit. Yeah! It’s
like a shower enclosure but its more of a toilet enclosure.Exactly, yeah! Good stuff!Yes really.Because it’s one system. Is this
your garage? Yeah! this is one side of the garage
I hope, I hope its…It’s real life so yeah! and it’s YouTube so it doesn’t have to be
professional. It’s just, so this is.. the real deal.Before we see that, this is our water.So that’s where you put water in? This is where we put the water in.I can also manage. The funny part is that this is my job…I’m the one that has to do this..You’re too short. And this is extra storage. This is where I
keep my water hose and stuff and this is one part of the garage. So.. Yeah! This is,
this is the set. This here, I don’t know if you see that. This here, this is a
larger bay.. This is our water tank. This is our water tank in the middle. Oh!Okay..Like that.. You
have to be also care of that, of course heavy stuff in low plus in the middle.
Yes! Because.. Yeah! Weight distribution. Exactly! And…this yeah.. This is the light, you know
And this is in the oven we’ve been talking about.That’s the oven and you can take it out.
It has like two stoves up there and an oven. So I put it out and plug it in
my system on the other side. It’s gas stuff. So here we have what we have. What
we travel. This is not, has nothing to do with the car but we have two foldable,
foldable electrical bikes. I don’t know if you see that!Wow! and they fit in there?…And they fit in there. That’s great! On one side. The other side is our other storage. This is my DEF. Yeah! Obviously, this is our drinks…So how much DEF do you go through?
Yeah!That I, to be honest I just refill.I have never.. Yeah! It’s not a big deal. It just
keeps it full. Just keep it, well keep, yeah I do keep it full and
then your safe. We try to buy this, this thing costed.. I don’t want to say
that, Walmart but it’s the cheapest. 9 dollars I think.Yeah!
Two gallon.So you really are adjusting to American life. You’re shopping at Walmart.Have you guys camped in a Walmart yet? Actually no because we always find other
better spaces. Yeah! We do it out of necessity. Like if we’re traveling 500
miles in one day and we just know that we can pull into a Walmart… without trouble…without trouble and sleep for the night and get back on the road. I think
when we hit the lower 48.. Yes! Forty-eight we will probably hit some
Walmarts because I don’t want to look in a city around and that’s just Google and that’s it.
Yeah! but usually we find nice places like in front of your house. This is our extra tyre and usually you
can ask but we didn’t have time. We just wanted to get on the road and travel. You
could ask for like a motorcycle stand. Yes! That would be like, instead of this
one, it would be on the frame because the chassis is shaking. So what’s, what’s good
about this car is, my back is going that way and on off-road, my front can go that
way. Yeah!So we can twist.Exactly! So we are really flexible. And this one is on the frame so
it’s extra like this one will shake but this one will be stable. Oh okay! so you
could have a motorcycle there. Gotcha! So the three parts are shaking…You know I kind
of like how you just have the regular hand crank winch. Well,Yeah! It’s not over
complicated with an electric winch. Exactly! Well, but if.. Keep in mind
these tyres are heavy. Yeah in kilos or something? So there’s no doing this by yourself and..but if you, I
would suggest, if you do the, the stand for the motorcycle or something. I would
go for an hydraulic. Yeah! but because at the truck we have.. For motorcycles. We have, we have hydraulic brakes. So
we have all the compressor. It’s already comes with the truck. So it’s no big deal
to just plug it in and then you’re like… Let it down and let it up but so far we
didn’t have to use it and I hope we don’t. Yeah, Definitely! Here’s our other
side.Here we have the Dometic diesel generator. How many kilowatt hours? Three
thousand…So 3 okay 3 KW.. Okay that’s a good generator and it’s really like, we
used, we tried now, we like usually the battery size. Inside we have like, Okay
the car has its own batteries and the cabin has its own batteries. And we have
like four to twenty, 440 Amp Hours. Yeah! Whatever you do with that.Two
batteries for the cabin and when they say to us, we just look and all the
technicians don’t, but we just look at the percentage. When it goes down, the
maximum what went down now was like I would say 80% so that was happening when
there is really dark and a lot of rain.And we were two days in a park. And then I put this thing on and one
hour it’s full. Not even so you, we rarely use it and usually the the solar power.
I would really,if somebody builds go for solar, solar or whatever. Go for that..That would do the most… Even
now I think we are charging and it’s not the best day today. Yeah, well I also, we
firmly believe in redundancy. Exactly!So you have the solar and then you have the
generator. Exactly! And plus when you drive obviously,It’s charging. Yes exactly! And we have,even here,
this is our plug for outside sorry. So I could plug in but to be honest. It’s the
European system. Yeah! and it’s 230 volt in there and I didn’t even bother to buy
the extra plug for 110 USD.. Yeah! We never plugged it in so far and we’re totally fine.Well, when you have a
solar and the generator. Exactly! Yeah.. and this is the other side of the garage.
Yeah! Well it’s a little, this is our chairs we used yesterday for the fire.
There’s an extra ladder. If I would build one, I, they exist and it’s not so
difficult to put a ladder here.. So you can get on top. Then you can but do it
like, that no one else can get up.Yes, We’ve talked about that. Security, yeah! Security. You can have like this, a little lock. I mean if somebody wants to get up
you can just climb up here now. Yes! but that’s a little loud but you could have
a ladder and you saw that people have it in between the car, the chassis and the
box and you just open it up and then you
have your climbing.. Yeah! and then you come down you put it back and then you just put a
little thing like that…A lock…Nice! so you can’t just pull it out like this. But we didn’t
have and we wanted to get on the road so we bought this one foldable, surfboard on
top. And you have roller skates… Well.. That’s her stuff!I have a skater board to somewhere..but ah… And you
do have a, I see you have an awning is that electric? Yeah, that’s an extra thing that
we didn’t ,to be honest,right now in Alaska we don’t use it and I don’t know
if it’s, on the old rig we had and also that, we’d never used it but maybe we
will but it’s electric. You have a remote control inside, you just let it out and
it came with the car and the only thing I would make sure that, this is what we
said. We want in front and the back like a safety because when you go in the woods
and you do a lot trust me!And we are high to protect it, to protect it from, from the,
how you call it? The lining is not very good but just like some,ah…Oh gosh!Whats that called? Diamond plating metal. Exactly that. All that when
you when you go back and whatever you don’t want to be worried that the tree
is inside and rips it off.So that but.. It’s really big, I mean it would go,It would go until here I think. And with the wind it’s supposed to go back alone. Alright guys!You know what’s next right?We want to go for a drive in this beast. Oh
really? Nice. Yeah, yeah! We do a deal.You show us a
nice spot in Seward,Alaska. Yeah! and we’re gonna bring the drone and we’re gonna get some
really cool footage and go explore. Yeah!Nice! Thanks! We have here two seats in front.
Yes! but they, you will see inside but you will,there is a possibility to have
a third chair but we didn’t because we are two and…Well yeah! It’s not necessary.
For you if you get something like this. The stairs electric. Make sure that you have
a button at least. I mean some of them do with a sound. I wouldn’t do sound. I’m
annoyed by sound.Yeah! but a bright light when this is out you have a bright
light, yes! that you’re like, Okay we got to do this! Exactly! because automated, automated is stupid when they tell you we do it automated it’s stupid
because I could start the motor, Isabella’s inside and the door is open.
I don’t even want to drive when I start the motor, he goes in, Isabella steps out.
Boom! Yep! So don’t do that. I realized, Well hello!
You can you climb in. Yeah! One here and one there.
hahaha! Unni, Entra!..Do you,Are you bothered by Unni? Oh no! I love dogs and Unni is a sweet dog. Yes!
She is!She is a sweetheart. So we start.There we go that’s it.Turn on the light and
you’re ready to go and here in this truck because it’s a truck with a hydraulic
you just checked all that the air is filling up you know, for your brakes. Yeah!
And then you’re good to go. Is this a sunroof? Well it’s basically
really rough..Escape? That’s all.You get air..Oh!Okay..But that’s it.You know, you can, you can do this.
The heat rises so it probably does a great job of getting rid of the heat.
First of all that and it’s like a fresh, like I just, mostly I drive like
this. Those two are a little tilted and this and then it’s like that.On my here I
have like fresh air. Yes. Yeah! so this is what we do and yeah well this is the
remote control I told you. We have outside lighting so whenever we are
inside and something is happening outside, I can push the button and all of a
sudden it’s really bright outside and that’s it. This is our dash cam. Well,
like I said we have a YouTube channel to so maybe we use every once in a
while if a deer crosses or something for the channel. Yeah! Here’s our back camera which I
use while driving if it’s plugged in now it’s not plugged in. I use as a mirror
because here I don’t, a mirror doesn’t help.Yeah! I don’t see the back. And this
is our navigation system..Ah! Yeah I just put it in but I use my telephone for
navigation. Yeah! The telephone is more up-to-date on construction and… It’s like
a maps me,maps me. I don’t know if you guys know that? You can, I use that. It’s
off, offline even though I don’t have reception I can still, it still works.
That’s a good, good one. Well basically that’s it! This is our handbrake. So
this is what you hear on trucks like… Yeah, all the time. This is the hand break
and then we could go. Oh yeah! I.. Well you want to have the explaining so this is
like semi-automatic. I hope the technicians under you will apologize. I
don’t know that much but this is automatic like I can just go and drive.
Yeah! So I can also, go in an off-road mode if I push the button here and I’m
in automated off-road it says here. That means it’s kind of like a low range but
not really low range I figured. Is this full-time four-wheel drive or is this.. No!
This is full-time four-wheel drive. Okay! And we have like three differentials. Yes!
And I have three different unlocks. So if I’m really stuck, I use the first
one. Well, if that doesn’t help I use the second one and if I’m really in a
situation which I, which they told me if you use the third one you must be really
screwed. Yeah! then you use the third one. Plus we have low range here extra and then I
can, but I can also go in manual and then it’s like in a Formula One car. You go up
and down.Up is Up and down is down. So this is good when you want to be in low
range and you’re really on a hill. Yeah! Which we were here you can see on our
videos to.Ah! Hopefully I’ll edit by then..ah.. then you want to make sure that you can come
up but I personally think off-roading going down with ten, we have 10.5 tons.
It’s pushing you really want to make sure that you’re at low range and manually
and then you put, we have motor brakes it’s a little.. I had to learn. And
then you put the motor brakes then automatically the car will just, it just
put it in the right setting, it will go down smoothly and you don’t come into
sliding because you don’t want to push the brake on a muddy hill. Yes! yeah! I
guess that’s it so we’re ready to go. Yep! Where we going? Let’s go to Low Point.Okay! That way right?Yeah! that way Alright!Alright! Off we go… so now I have it in automation yeah but
I still can shift because sometimes you know…I just take it easy in the beginning because
the motor is mainly coal. Yeah!So if you have to,if you do stuff like that, you have to get to know your vehicle and I’m not a mechanic I have nothing to do with cars usually
but you get to know because if you are stuck
somewhere and your motor breaks or something you don’t want that, right.So…
Hey!Hello Bosco! Sorry! Oh no, Bosco is good.It’s This his truck.It’s always. Yeah! When we’re
moving he wants to be here. We’re just riding along in the dinette pretty
comfortable enjoying chatting or just discussing mosquitoes and..and..netting and when they bother you and we’ve all done
a little bit of Bush camping where it’s been less than pleasant!
Exactly! And now the mosquitoes bite me and they don’t bite Fabian.Yeah! I have the same problem! Yeah!In here we have 2 seat belts like officially put before. Aha!
So 4 people can sit here? Four.Yeah! Four people Two and two.
Okay!Exactly.So what are your plans for the next, this one tour.Where are you guys headed?
Our idea is go to Mexico to be in Christmas in Mexico but we are not sure if we will manage because we like a lot Alaska and Canada and probably it will be amazing before we will be in Mexico then we will
see really.The idea the whole trip is go to Argentina is to go to physical to Totem, South America but we are not sure because we have the problem with the…
this… Yeah and we know that into Mexico we find it but under the other countries under Mexico is not for sure
because that’s we are not sure exactly what we will do.
But we are enjoying. The importance is enjoying every moment. When you’re in a vehicle like this
you just stay as long as you want to…Exactly! It’s not like holidays is like a
lifestyle. To travel like that and whatever comes is good. And you meet a
lot of nice people in the way and yeah you enjoy a lot. Tell us about bringing your dogs with
you. What did you have to do? How did you get here with them? Yeah! This was a
really stressful situation! First of all, When you buy the tickets you need to before buy the tickets call the company to see if you have a space to
bring your dog. My dogs are two big dogs. Then most of
the companies don’t have space for two big dogs. They only have a space for one
big dog and one small. Then we are like Fabian flew with
condo and you can only go with one dog.Big dog in condo but if someone was over book it then they don’t have any space then the
only company that we could manage was with Lufthansa and the box was really
important that they measure the size of the box.
That’s it’s not bigger than what they want now and in the end after a lot of
stress we managed to have the dogs but then a lot of people say needs to give
medicine to your dog to really make them be quiet
on the airplane. And other people say no don’t give that because really bad. In
the end we didn’t and they were really fine.
But the price is also one people say one thing in the end with a cheaper phone and
expensive for Bosco but workouts to and we did like Germany Munich to Montreal. It was the only direct flight. They also told us that’s better. Don’t jump around
with the dogs because you never know if your dog will be on the next airplane.
And like that we came directly. But it was really the stress was only to
find to the right box and the right size for the dogs because the dogs
need to stand on its turn inside of the box and like a Bosco is a big dog and it was really like tough to find the right dimensions but in the end Lufthansa opened like a section for us
and the box was a little higher a little bigger and it could really fit him.And it was really nice!
But the sadder part, on Montreal we.. had to trash the boxes.We don’t have
space to bring them with us and this was really sad. So much work to give
up in the end.And you’ll have to get them again someday. Exactly!
But yeah! but this was, all this stress was really to find this place in this time
but the rest was okay.So what about paper work?What did you have to do for the balance and strains of bringing paper work with you and getting approval? Yeah they needed to have the passport
was important. Not only for the vaccination Vaccination?..Yeah vaccination! They need to have a real passport. Then you need the ten days before the
the flight you need to go to veterinary and he needs to make like a letter for you
and there he says that the dog is healthy he has all the vaccinations is
everything okay. And with this paper on the border when
you come on the country this was for us in Canada. They check is everything
okay and you pay the taxes to bring your dog on the country and that’s it! But
it was the only paper. They need to have the chip. This was important to but they
have in Germany although every dog needs to have that. Then they have it and was not the
first time Unni. Unni did from Spain to Germany. She did that but yeah
the paperwork mostly was in the veterinary.
But was always easy. This was no.. no stress. And did Canada charge you to bring the dogs in? In Canada was like $22 per dog. Canadian
dollars yeah per dog was not a lot but was like what I need to pay that?Hahahahaha!
Normally I don’t pay anything. Yeah..Yeah! But…and then I paid and it was okay! Thank you guys so much for showing us
your amazing home on wheels and I’m looking forward to following your
travels so make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel. So give it a
proper shout out. Yeah! Well, our channel is called ‘Live and give 4 by 4, 4×4’ and Yeah!
Whoever has fun following people around the world, traveling having fun,
you know, just follow us! We would love you to. Yeah! It’s really great. And the
best part about traveling it’s never goodbye.It’s until we meet again. So you guys are working your way around the globe one
way. We’ll be working our way around the other way and we might meet in Malaysia.Sure!Nice.You never know! Very true! We definitely will meet again! Yeah! Alright guys thanks for watching.
Make sure you head on over to their channel and hit subscribe and we’ll see
you later!


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