Day Trips From Tokyo: Yokosuka Under $30 | Japan Travel Guide

Day Trips From Tokyo: Yokosuka Under $30 | Japan Travel Guide

[Music] and this new series I will be showing you the mini fun yet inexpensive day trips that are only an hour or so away from Tokyo starting off with this one here the post custody your cost custody is in the Kanagawa Prefecture only meet your dependents Allah the cheapest way of getting there and getting around the area is by buying the cake use view dependence Allah winding path this can be purchased at any cake you station and depending on where you set off the pressures of the ticket vary slightly I don’t live on the Oklahoma station and it costs a thousand four hundred and ten minutes this class gives you unlimited rides on the cake you trains and buses for whole day on the middle Peninsula so you can get off and on wherever you like it’s around a 45 minute ride from central Tokyo and the first station we are going to get off at is your horse cultural stations the coaster has played a long time in Japan naval history and today it is the site of a major naval facility used by the United States and Japanese forces so I just arrived in Yokosuka and if there are lunch know so I’m going to go get and your food cover that was a really famous here the city is famous for it curry and you pick the burgers but you will see in a lot of the places you go so right now I’m on the greatest Street and this is a place where there’s lots of American burger shops like react with copper and I found this helpless mommy when when I go line up for yes the Japanese decided we came out yes we need love line up and I decided to go line up there as well because it looks like the best shop on the street well around this area so I’m gonna try that out and see how it is so what do you think about the Yokosuka burger is that each restaurant offering this program has created their own secret recipe also there are a few rules to making a Yokosuka burger that constitutes an American so the first rule is you have to use a special event will not allow any very contem milk in the beach-ready no extra Japanese crisis and in 86 when you lean to fat ratio of Beast I just finished eating the hamburger and it was so good like the burger was closing it’s like how do you use this but the cheese and the chili beans and I was officially good I’m really cheesy of the chili beans and the beef they cook it fiction well your good hands very famous tilapia curry and they’re your cuca burger so definitely pilot outfit was integral to the souvenir shop if I can find it but probably somewhere on the street nope a woman on the street it was actually near the station so you can buy your souvenirs for your friends and family back home however I came to the shop for different reasons [Music] this is very much it doesn’t smell like cars you can taste a little bit of the curry but I can feel the nillable strong that way that’s gonna eat the kale oh thank you really nice pickup hurry vanilla-flavored cute [Music] next we’re going to take a 20 minute train ride to new Sekiguchi station so phone is a secret edition you take these back to that I use yoga and around a 3 minute bus ride and it comes included in the one-day time [Music] [Music] entrance to the spot is free and it has many great views fun attractions and activities you can do for no fee some animals here you can play with it it’s a hundred yen to get some easily just animals and this is for the copies and the son for the kangaroo I don’t even know what it’s called in English and then you get want to be spoon look what they put in open [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we’re gonna take a bus back to misakiguchi and then take the train to New York Ida before coming here [Music] [Music] century persons usually blossom around Japan from March to April and this depends on where you are in the country however these prepare and Mira are the ones that and what enough it earlier on [Music] pretty easy so thank you for watching and let me know where I should go next for this new series everyone taking photos of the Sakura no look at the kid your man’s on my mind [Music]


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    internationally ME

    Let me show you the many amazing places near Tokyo through this new series!! P.s You don't need a lot of money to have fun and to travel, so go out there and explore! 😀

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    Thanks for sharing these great hidden spots 🙂 Would love to see one about Saitama 😀

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    Eleptic V

    My sister was in the navy she was stationed in Yokosuka Japan. She said it was beautiful and people so nice & friendly. She wants to come back as a tourist and I wanna join her. Japan interests me a lot.

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    Michael Setiawan

    I am having trouble finding how to buy "keikyu kiura one day pass".Is the pass not on sale this year? I only find KEIKYU Misaki Maguro Pass 2 days for 5500 yen which is very expensive. Can you give a link how to buy "keikyu kiura one day pass"? Thank you.

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    This is a pretty decently priced day trip outside of Tokyo. I cannot wait to go. I was also wondering if a Pocket wifi is cheaper than a pre-paid Data Simcard? I would just be bringing my phone though and will be in Japan for about 9 days, but in between will go to Busan from Fukuoka for another few days. What is your opinion on the Pocket Wifi vs a pre-paid Data Simcard?

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    Haley Blum

    Thank you so much for this video! I'm living in Tokyo right now, but I didn't know anything about that area at all. Now I can't wait to go! 😀

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    Emily Sires

    Thank you for this video! My friend's dad was stationed at this base when she was a little child, so we are planning to spend a bit of time here when we visit Japan. Nice to see there are many fun things to do!

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    Jordan Stward

    I hope to move to Yokosuka in the future. I love that naval history that the city has and also I like to see US Navy vessels. Few months ago I read that Yokosuka has a problem with his population, because young people is moving to live in Tokyo and the property value is going down. Can someone tell me more about that? Thanks!

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    Chloe T

    Hi There, for the special one day pass ticket, I noticed that it was in Japanese even though you selected English. Would you mind typing out which ticket you selected, it was a little blurry in the video. Thank you.

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    I heard there's a place at Miura that has fresh tuna to eat. Can you maybe make a video of how to get there? Travelling tips perhaps? I'll be going to Tokyo next year for Sakura season and I'm interested to go to Miura for both tuna and fresh market 😀 I have been searching the net and all but nothing much info that I can find 🙁 Maybe you can help? 🙂 Thank you!

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    Annie Phan

    I love your channel! Ty for sharing your educational and informative trips! Can't wait to go Japan next year woohooooo!!!

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    日本の紹介ありがとうございます!横須賀海軍カレー美味しいですよね。thank you😊

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    Anna Bahinting

    Love your videos! Makes me want to go to Japan ASAP 😂 I’m just curious tho, do you travel solo, who takes your videos?

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    mizore s

    I love your video ~~ it's so detail and there is a lot of information. It so convenient. Love you~~♡

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    juliet baquilid

    hi intertionally me😃I'm your new subscribers.I really love japan😍,and thank you for vlogging about japan ,your vlog is so helpful those who want to visit or live in Japan.more2x vlog about Japan.God bless😇muah😘

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    mike mitchell

    What is it like to live outside of the big cities in Japan? Where would you go to escape all of the excitement of a big city?

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    Masahiro Kawanishi

    Thank you for coming to Yokosuka.
    It is the city with the only US naval base in Japan.
    With friendship day several times a year you can see the inside of the base.
    It is also said to be the nearest to America in Tokyo.

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    Osmone Everony

    Whoa how is one supposed to eat that 7th fleet burger??? : o (2:10)
    Besides from that great video as always. 🙂

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    bob johnson

    for a first timer in japan what day trips do you recommend for tokyo? I have 4 days in tokyo and would like to make the most of day trips. I know nikko for sure is on my top to go list.

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    Oh, I found the zoos/petting areas in Japan so depressing compared to Australian ones. No greenery, they're bare and provide little natural areas for the animals to enjoy. 🙁 Such a shame, because I think they do so many things right in other ways, but animal zones, nope.

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    Rudy Dale

    Whenever we return to Japan, I seek out kurogoma – black sesame seed- ice cream, which has become increasingly difficult to find.

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    Leong Zheng Kang

    Hi, Can I know how much is the pass if I get from Shinagawa station?
    It is only for round trip? what unlimited rides usage can the ticket offer?

    sorry, I try to research but only to found your cheap tips

    Hope u can reply me. Thank You

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    Jacob oldtree

    I love watching your posts. Thank you so much for sharing. I love all the restaurants and just food areas you eat at. with all of this food i would be in heaven .

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    Hey, just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your videos. Especially this series was really nice since I have an upcoming stay in Tokyo and Kyoto and am looking forward to the day trips to locations like these. I'd love to see more stuff like this !

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    Vladimir Goriachev

    First time watching your video! You have a new subscriber (probably potentially a new big fan)! You seem really genuine, sincere, funny… I am charmed.

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    Вася Архипов

    Я люблю Японию. Я хочу в Японию

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    Oif Wolf

    Thank you for the tour and screenshots of the maps, learned alot. I am going to visit the Navy base down in Yokusuka. I watched a few videos of Navy people talking and driving around, learned nothing.

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    Danikarl Colobong

    I have went here in Miurakaigan! Cherry blossoms here were very beautiful! I think you didnt go to rows of cherry blossoms! Check my one and Only Vlog here in youtube, (but i apologize because i speak in Tagalog,) anyway i just want you to see guys whats in miurakaigan. Godbless!

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    marites bautista

    I love all your videos! I can learn about the unconventional travel destinations of japan! Next time I visit japan, i will go to the places you recommended. Thank you!

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    Numb Nut

    I used to live in Yokosuka. Dude I miss that place, I hate having to PCS but I had to. I know everywhere their and I’m missing it so much

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    6:13 to 6:55 is literally the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. Your excitement, feeding them, the little girl feeding them and getting excited. MY HEART

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    Luciana Borinato

    You're so adorably funny Angela!
    I love your videos, they are beautiful, funny, and informative!
    Arigatou gozaimasu ❤

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    Where do you spend the most money? …

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