Dutch Cycle Trip (Pt.12)

Dutch Cycle Trip (Pt.12)

Day 13 leaving the island there’s beavers on the island we’ve been speaking to the lady there who’s just setting out on her trip from Breda
to last night the captains face shines white through the wheelhouse window bit mud splattered this morning I think I
don’t know what they were doing around that place with all the lorries and
tractors but we’re waiting for the ferry Hannah’s just had a major technical
touchdown there she was she was amazingly at the front way out front I couldn’t keep up with her so I hung back and then she just behind Fynn
here you can see the carriageway just falls away from the road and she
lost it just as a white van came round the other
way to crush her so show us your injuries stings and
she’s hurt her shoulder and she’s banged her hip so it could be worse it could be
the beginning of the trip at least tomorrow it’s good way to shut Emily
and Finn up anyway I’m looking still looking muddy although
your kit isn’t looking muddy pays to have nice mudguards staying outside
the winery the old windmill going round with the wind turbine our windiest day yet glad it hasn’t been this windy all the way round bridges going up it’s our third ferry of the day looking
across and the Hook of Holland is up there
somewhere everyone in the queue turned out to be a lovely evening in Maassluis you know just popped out from our pension to find a bite to eat


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    The wind and rain are you worse nightmares in the Netherlands when cycling.
    But being Dutch just a normal day to get to school.

    I live close to Rotterdam and I love to see the surrounds and paths you have cycled. So for familiar.
    And yes this summer sucked with the weather but the rest of Europe too.

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    Wim V

    next time go to Overijssel and follow the river Vecht into the province, and than into Drenthe province…no need to go to the south or west except for Limburg… and you missed the island of Terschelling 🙂

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    Looks like a great tour, and safe! After crossing the U.S. three times by cycle, I cannot bear our roads any more. Retired now, I need to bike the EU, thanks for motivation. You had a lot of cook gear, and camping gear, if you added only 4 pounds for a small lightweight tent, the teenage girls could have had their own tent. I'm sure you heard some grief on that! Thanks again for vid. 🙂

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