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    helmets prevent head injuries, skills will keep you from getting killed and rolling up on an intersection, especially Josephine/York around the Botanic Gardens, you can pretty much guess there's a STOP sign, but he didn't see it until he was rolling through…that's admission of guilt.

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    Jason Latorre

    E – Boarders take safety very seriously. Search this Electric Skateboarding subreddit (14k+ subscribers) for “Helmet” and also note posting videos of people riding without helmets is strongly discouraged. I feel the most dangerous part of personal transportation is the rental approach.
    Electric ⚡️ Skateboarding Subreddit

    Who will be more likely to have an accident?

    A. A random person with no experience jumping on a personal electric vehicle (PEV) for a couple of bucks because it looks fun.

    B. The E-Boarder that on average invests $1,000+ dollars of their own money on their own PEV. At which point would have researched public regulations and best practices prior to the large investment.

    The vast majority of PEV OWNERS are safe. Please visit the subreddit and see for yourself.

    Thank you

    PS – no PEV should be allowed on any sidewalk that’s just insane. Ride in the streets it is much safer, when you learn safety and take it seriously.

    🎉 We are very fun bunch check us out on our 60+ person NYC group ride! 🎉

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    กิตติพงษ์ ภารการ

    Fault on this guy. Slow down when approach the intersection. If you cant see the signs doesnt mean no one is on the road.

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