Engel MT45FP 40L Fridge + Cover

Engel MT45FP 40L Fridge + Cover

(upbeat lounge music) – Hey, Kevin from Snowys here. I’m gonna talk to you about
the Engel MT45FP fridge. It’s a 40 litre fridge, a very popular size in the Engel range, probably the most popular one they sell, quite a good fridge, good for weekends away
or perhaps a bit longer. You do have an alternative to this fridge which is called an MT45FCP. Now that means that
there is one that comes with a divider in the middle. This fridge, you can
actually take the divider out and have it as a whole
fridge or a whole freezer, or you can put the divider back in again and have a freezer, one side, and a fridge the other. The fridge has an overall
length of 74 centimetres. That’s a including the handles. You take the handles off, you go down to about 64 centimetres. You’ve got a height of 64
centimetres from top to bottom, and you got a width of 36 centimetres. The outside of the cabinet is a Powder Coated Steel cabinet, very durable, very strong, and over here we’ve got a
positive action steel catch which is quite strong, keeps the lid down in all
sorts of circumstances, and on the inside we have
a width of 26 centimetres. We’ve got a length this
way of 38 centimetres, and we got a depth of 37 centimetres, and those dimensions are exactly the same as the MT45FCP fridge, the one with the divider, except that you do have
the divider in the middle, so you have two different dimensions here on the side of that. Now, coming back inside the fridge, first of all, we’ve got a thickness of a wall of four centimetres, that has a high density
polyurethane insulation. We’ve got a removable basket
which is easy to take out, allows you to clean there on
the bottom of the fridge easier and get to those things in the bottom. You’ve also got a small light just here, just to illuminate the
inside of the fridge. So, in the bottom of the fridge here, you can keep about 40 cans of drink. You can also stand upright
your favourite bottle of wine, or the Veuve Champagnes, or Riesling, and that allows you to close the lid down and keep it all nice and cold. Now, when you purchase the fridge, it comes with two sets of hinges. One set is already on the
fridge holding the lid down, the other set is this one here, which allows you to swap over, take the screws out, put these hinges on, that allows the lid to
be slid off sideways and makes it easier for cleaning. Here, of course, we
have our control panel. Now, we have the mode button. That one is the one that allows you to choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius. You also have a digital readout, giving you the readout of the
temperature inside the fridge. To adjust the temperature
you simply turn that knob, so you will see the
temperature will change there. When you’ve got it to the
right sort of temperature you hit the Select button, and that’s the temperature
the fridge will stay at. This fridge comes with
three-stage battery protection, which means you can set
the fridge to turn off so that it doesn’t flatten
the battery of your car. That way, in the morning when
you’re ready to get going, you’ve got no problems starting your car, especially if you’ve a cold morning. I’ve just spun this fridge around to show you the business
end of the fridge. This houses the Sawafuji Swing Motor. A very powerful, very efficient fridge, has a current draw of
between .5 of an amp, right up to 2.7 amps when
it’s working the hardest. Okay, so, down this end here, you got the two power inlets. The one on the right is 240 volts, the one on the left is 12 or 24 volts. 240 volt one goes straight
into the plug there quite easy, as does the 12 volt one goes
into the other side there. This has a fuse in the plug though, so that’s a little bit
of extra protection. That prevents any sort of danger. If it happens to blow you’re
protecting the system. Just up here you’ve got
the fridge’s own fuse. That’s a ten amp fuse, so that’s in there to protect the fridge from any shorts or any power surges, just another layer of protection to protect the electrics of the fridge. Now, this fridge has an overall
weight of about 24 kilos. It also comes with three-year
Australia-wide warranty, and we’re selling this fridge with a free insulating cover
that helped protect the fridge. It also helped create a bit
more efficiency in the fridge with a bit of extra protection. So, that’s all I can tell you for the MT45 Engle fridge/freezer. If you want any more
information about this fridge, please go to our website www.snowys.com.au where we offer fast, free delivery to most places in Australia. Not much more for me, so until next time, bye for now. (upbeat lounge music) (keys clicking) (upbeat lounge music)


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    Frank Peter

    Doing research into this make and model of fridge, your video answered my questions. Many stores I have visit the sales staff are clueless. Thanks

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