Expedition Antarctica – EP01 Off to a new journey

Expedition Antarctica – EP01 Off to a new journey

(Caro) Oh, it’s too big. Twenty. (Guillaume) Twenty-seven.(Caro) This is kind of my lifestyle,traveling the whole world for climbing,and Antarctica is super impressive.All the nature,all the landscapes, the wildlife.(Guillaume) We left Switzerlandthinking, no worries, icebergs are ice,we have ice picks,
so we’ll try to climb them.
(Caro) I would really like
to climb a new line
on one of these mountains.And if we can climb an iceberg, it would be cool.(Guillaume) Before leaving,
I was a bit concerned,
not about being in the mountains
or about skiing or mountaineering.
(Caro) Before coming on this trip,I was pretty scared
about the sailing part.(Guillaume) I had never experiencednavigating for several days
on a rough sea.
(Mark) The difficulty is finding
good weather windows,
and that’s not easy.(Guillaume) I thought
that amidst all this,
on a small boat,
if anything happens, we’re nothing!
(Caro) The sea is such a strong element,you have respect for when
these waves are super big.


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