Family trip to Hongkong, Shenzhen & Guangzhou – Part 1

Lunch & Dinner at Jakarta Go to hotel to take a rest We check in at Sheraton Hotel and Veranda Hotel Jakarta At 03.00 pm, We have to go to Airport, so…less to sleep At Sukarno Hatta Internasional Airport. With my family. Prepare to imigration process. Already in China Airlines. Ready to take off to Hongkong Hello Guys, Now we at Hongkong airport This is the Hongkong airport and………… We are landing at 13.00 a.m (Indonesia time) We still straight forward, so the video will be pause, OK? Ok, Guy….I already finish with imigration process, just take my suitcase Hongkong, maybe is the only on the world that this country have 2 imigration doors. one door for international visitor and the other door for China visitor. Hongkong is the Asian bussines gate. I’m Already take my suitcase. We still wait the other. After that, we’ll get lunch Hongkong airport is so huge. 1st floor for airport activity and the 2nd for Mall After lunch, The trip is go to Shenzhen city. Through two imigration again…. This prosess so tight and need a time Imigration process need +/- 2 hour hongkong – Shenzhen estimate time about 2 hour. Arrived at Shenzhen at 17.00 (Shenzhen time) First destination was to Shenzhen Garden. This garden so big. All rainy in this trip In this garden, all surrounded by the relaxing music Prepare to dinner After dinner, we will prepare to hotel. We arrived at 20.00 (Shenzhen time) on Felicity Hotel and we met with Miss Rose (ex. Cindy teacher at 4th class at Petra 5 Surabaya) Felicity hotel is ten star hotel. (We can NOT to say 5 star hotel because the China flag is 5 star) Youtube and the other product of Google there is not ready at China Hai Guys, Now we meet with Louze Rose (Rose teacher), now we get ice cream

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