Film, Fashion & Fun: A Red Carpet Summer in Odessa, Ukraine

Film, Fashion & Fun: A Red Carpet Summer in Odessa, Ukraine

[Russian] Good evening from Odessa! [English] As you can see behind me I’m by the port obviously in the city and the sun is just about to
set and that is a metaphor for my experience here over the last month in Odessa it’s time to say goodbye to summer 2019 so in this year’s video I
want to just show you what it was like you know for my main purpose of actually
being here which is the Odessa International Film Festival and why I
enjoy actually coming at that time of year in particular also I came to hang
out with my friends in the fashion business here so it was actually a large part of
my experience you’re also gonna be seeing a little bit of that and of course it
wouldn’t be Odessa in the summer without some wicked nightlife so come
with me and experience Odessa summer 2019 [Russian] Let’s go! So right over there is the Odessa Opera
House this is the view from my apartment in the center of Odessa that’s where I’m
going so this evening everything kicks off it’s the opening of The Odesa
International Film Festival one of my favorite things to do all summer in
Odessa so basically as you’re guessed it’s an
International Film Festival so think of Cannes but the Ukrainian version and the opening ceremony is really cool red carpet so I’m looking forward to it also getting to
see some new films of course throughout the week and also maybe meet some of the
directors and the actors and actresses who actually come to Odessa for some of
those films that are being shown here so let’s go and check out the opening ceremony
[Russian] Let’s go! [English] So the Odesa International Film Festival
is one of my favorite times to be in the city and it not only celebrates my
love of cinema and movies but also it’s an opportunity just a completely
different crowd of people the opening closing ceremonies are absolutely
fantastic very glamorous events actually take place behind me in this building
which is the Odessa Opera House one of the most beautiful opera houses in
Eastern Europe in general so just a fantastic venue atmosphere celebration
of something that I love obviously and the people I meet there it’s just
absolutely fantastic so that’s one of the central points of my summer in Odessa is the film festival and you know it’s over but gonna be back for it
next year next July 2020 – What an amazing opening night right the
history is dripping in the wall of literally – Vielen dank to my friends at Giammetti
Vienna our collaborations on the local fashion scene during the summer we’re a
continuation of friendships past and the beginning of relationships new so what
are the elements that make is summer really special it’s the memories the
connections you make and the good vibes that are shared over a drink or
fantastic shisha on a balmy summer’s evening so Odessa in the summertime is famous I
would even say infamous for its a nightlife and it’s clubbing scene and
parties but it doesn’t just start at night it starts during the day at the
seaside of the beach parties beach club parties and just is that mixture of
great music cool people of course beautiful girls and it goes on until
sunrise actually me and my friends we always have a joke together in Odessa in the summer we never sleep before sunrise so let’s go party hard
in a Odessa Mama The Sun is about to set here in Odessa
and that’s a perfect metaphor for this video end of summer Odessa
it was another amazing couple of months filled with beautiful memories that I’m
gonna cherish and be pretty nostalgic about during the long cold winter months
roll around next summer до встречи!


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    Commander Sanders

    Conor, excellent wrap up film footage with the Hot, Sexy, Wild Summer video you enjoyed of 2019 in Odessa. My name is Thomas, A.K.A. XXX Maverick, a Retired US Navy Commander, Corporate Pilot, Airline Pilot and Adult Film Star living in Kiev. I have a gorgeous one bedroom Bachelor Pad flat in Kiev over looking a big lake and campground and face West and love living here as an Expat American. As you, I love this country and for sure the night life and summer months here in Kiev are a blast as you know, very many High Class Elegant ladies at various night clubs, day club venues especially City Beach Club, the rooftop pool club. I have been following you for a couple years and I am very impressed with how you edit and produce your videos; ……….as a director, actor and producer of Adult Films I so appreciate great video compilation of the the music, transitions and the drone footage is excellent. This new video is amazing you posted….. is great work. My girl Yana lives in Odessa and owns two High Fashion Lingerie and Sex Wear Businesses (Odessa and Moscow) and she is so into Erotic Fashion Sex Wear. I need to tell her that next year we must attend the July 2020 Film Festival as we are Adult Film Stars and enjoy High Class company, Fashion and the elegance of such a venue. She would so love to be in the Model Shows and Bikini Contests at Red Line. Hope to see you in 2020 with new great footage of this amazing country especially Odessa. The Rock Hard fun Night Life capital of amazing people and hot girls. I would love to host you in my flat here in Kiev for a cocktail one day. I make a mean tasty hot yummy "Sushi Bloody Mary" which will soon be offered in many night clubs here in Kiev and hopefully Odessa. Regards, ….you rock bro. Thomas PS: I do enjoy your worldly travel videos to countries in this area and I learn much from much you Conor. Great Work. Fellow Film Producer. Cheers!

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    Brian Chernecki

    Thanks Conor…I'm back in Texas now….video brought tears to my eyes…but a smile erupts when I think about the next time….my best.

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    Jeff Gross

    Negative facts about odessa :
    Extremely crowded buses and specially to or from arkadia. Renting a flat there is expensive over 30$night … airbnb is expensive in summer and quality never good , host enter your flat without letting you know (happend to me)
    Girls are very skinny.. mostly no butt or breast. Lot of them odessa girls has mark in there face compare to other fex Minsk..I feel shame be a foreigner In odessa. You are seen as a sex tourist who came there because you are a looser. Girls of odessa are the worst gold digger in Ukraine. People tend to have a bad temperament and start yelling for nothing. Been scammed on the exchange in ibiza club….their staff are extremely stressed and running around like slaves with a miserable irriteraded face. There are many girls that looks good but there not educated to have a deep conversation with. They often act like kids and laugh at everything like teenagers does that's how ukranian women are in there 40's.. the girls dance for them self without looking around them self thinking they are Madonna with there fake fashion. Girls loose a bit of there beauty in a early age because they get older quiet then we do in the west and without never smiling just worst..the girls smoke all the time and looking there mobile. Donetsk and lugansk has better girls then odessa

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    Александр Евстафьев

    Goodbye, amazing summer in Odessa 2019… I hope to see it myself next summer 2020! Another great video Conor! Спасибо!

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    Fire Heart

    It’s spelled and pronounced ODESA , not OdeSSa
    It would be great, if you could correct video’s description.

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