Georgetown University Summer Programs

Hi I’m Tom Cecil, I’m a math professor at
Holy Cross College in Worcester and we stayed in Arrupe Hall on the 7th floor and the Housing
Office was very good in arranging things for us. I was initially put in contact with someone
there and we talked about our needs in terms of how many rooms and that we wanted to have
the use of the lounge and the kitchen and the study room. My name is Marshall Bailey. I’m the Executive Director of Leadership Initiatives. I can’t tell you how amazing the Residential
Living staff has been to us. Every time we’ve needed something fixed, put
together, the rooms are ready ahead of time. I really can’t reccommed not only the campus
enough which is so beautiful and amazing but the staff here. They’re courteous, they’re respectful. They actually understand what our conference
is all about and then they work with us to make sure all of our needs are met. Ahead of time ahead of schedule. I’ve been using Summer Conference Housing
for the past three years in my position as Academic Dean here at the Business School
and we’ve been using it for our, especially for our Capital University of Economics in
Business students from Beijing, a group of 40 students. The process has gotten easier and easier every
year and everybody is extremely responsive in the Summer Conference Housing office. It’s a great partnership. As a summer conference Lead I work directly
with your organizer to accommodate your stay on our beautiful campus. We are happy to take you around the school,
assign your participants to our resident spaces and answer any questions you may have. They were very helpful. There were a couple little maintenance problems
and they came right over and fixed those. We had sheets and linens ordered. Everything worked out very well. I’ve done these conferences at Harvard,
UCLA, Stanford, American University and it’s never been better than what it’s been at Georgetown
University. I look forward to coming here year after year
after year and hopefully we’ll be here 5 years from now, 10 years from now.

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