Glenwood Springs Colorado Weekend Family Vacation 2019

Glenwood Springs Colorado Weekend Family Vacation 2019

Who’s ready for an adventure? Raise your hands. Where are we going to? Glenwood Springs! Every fall our family travels to
Glenwood Springs Colorado for an amazing weekend adventure this year’s adventure
started with a trip to downtown Glenwood Springs any quick bite eat at the Rocky
Mountain pizza company he’s got some awesome pizza you hungry look at mine yeah after an
amazing lunch we headed across the street to check out the Doc Holliday
Museum although the museum was small it was
filled to the brim with amazing pieces of Wild West history including the
museum’s centerpiece doc Holliday’s own derringer after exploring downtown we checked into
the hotel Glenwood Springs which became her home away from home for the next
several days which chose to stay at the hotel Glenwood Springs because it was
within walking distance from all of the activities we loved and also because the
hotel was one of the few in Glenwood it was actually dog friendly the hotel had
numerous amenities and we loved the Colorado style decor being a family of
five we found the small cost to upgrade to a
suite to be well worth the money although we didn’t spend a ton of time
in her rooms we loved to have an extra space to spread out and have any
separate kids area with bunk beds and a TV
overall the room was well-kept and very clean there are many things to love
about this hotel but perhaps her favorite was the indoor water park the
water park featured a splash an area for the toddlers any hot tub for mom and dad
but what everybody loved most was the waterslide whoever died after right the waterslide what felt
like 100 times the kids were thoroughly exhausted helping them fall asleep early
and get some much-needed rest for the big day ahead we started the next day by
enjoying the hotel’s free continental breakfast there were plenty of great
options for everyone and the kids loved the waffle station just steps from the hotel was the
destination for the day’s adventure Glenwood caverns Adventure Park just a quick ride up the gondola and we
were ready to enjoy America’s only mountain top theme park our first ride of the day was the Alpine
Coaster which interestingly enough was the first
outline coaster built in America with 3400 feet of track reaching speeds up to
25 miles an hour it’s no surprise that USA Today and park ride magazine
recently named this ride one of the 10 best rides of your life you’re coming up
next we were off to the soaring Eagles a bride once seated the ride race is 600
feet up the mountain in Reverse create an incredible view of the Glenwood
Valley then after pausing for a few seconds releases you backed on the zip
line for an incredible ride he did it are you tall enough Hey
our next ride was a family-friendly roller coaster called the Wild West
Express which quickly became our 40 oldest ones a favor ride of the entire
day keeping with the theme of rollercoasters
our next ride was the cliffhanger roller coaster with an elevation over
7,000 feet above sea level this is the highest roller coaster in America from
this height the view of Glenwood Canyon equally as terrifying was the Glenwood
Canyon flatter which takes a typically family-friendly swing and makes it
extreme by swinging riders over a cliff edge and the Glenwood Canyon which is
1,300 feet below what ride are we gonna go on are you
excited is it the best ride ever alright let’s
do it okay you know what it is how hold your hand
new in 2017 the haunted my drop was recently voted the best new attraction
by USA Today with realistic props writers feel as
though they are entering an Ashland mine movie free fall nearly 110 feet into the
depths of Iron Mountain the ride was equally terrifying and exhilarating that’s for the last rule right of the day we
worked at the courage to try the giant Canyon swing all right that’s where you’re throwing
up this year if you’re ready for it yeah hey you’re pulling up – you ready you
ready buddy just hang up okay hang up tight we got it okay we can do this you
ready do pneumatically powered ride squeeze passengers back and forth at
speeds of nearly 50 miles an hour over the canyon
my translator doing it there it should be no surprise that this ride was named
one of the most extreme rides in America although one ride was enough for both
mom and dad her seven-year-old love this right so much that he actually wrote the
giant canyons playing three times and likely would have wrote more if we had
let him Manit see one right medals just do it
one time okay how was it you want to go again they
look great no trip to Glenwood caverns Adventure Park would be complete without
actually seeing the caverns our adventure took us to the Kings ro cave
tour which leads visitors deep inside Iron Mountain let’s do the pick flowers our guys
formed over the course of a million and a half years the stalactites look like
icicles making this underground wonder one of the most decorated cave rooms in
all of Colorado Glenwood caverns offered something for
everyone in our family and even though our hearts were still racing from the
day’s thrill rides we decided that the day was complete and rode the gondola
back to the hotel the next day we headed off to enjoy the Glenwood hot springs
pool the historic pools thermal spring water
has been drawing visitors from all over the world for over 800 years containing over a million gallons of
water the Glenwood hot springs pools largest mineral hot springs pool in the
world mom and dad loved the hot tub leg therapy pool which was set at 104
degrees Fahrenheit and the kids loved the enormous main pool which feels like
bath water at a temperature of 93 degrees Fahrenheit one new in 2019 was the silver splash zone
each children’s play area with a shallow pool into toddler sized water slides also knew where the Shoshone shoots a
tube ride that plunges adventure seekers downhill with plenty of twists returns
and screams ready to spawn huh edit it okay the papers you’ll feel like you’re whitewater
rafting down the Colorado River with heart racing rapids and breathtaking
scenic views after a full day of soaking and relax in
the hot springs pool we were off to grab a quick bite to eat cross it over the
pedestrian bridge and looking down to the hot springs you quickly to remember
white Glenwood Springs is one of our family’s favorite Colorado mountain
towns following dinner was stopped a net
appear at the Glenwood caverns borough clubs the annual Oktoberfest which is
been celebrated on with the town’s main streets then it was back to our hotel for a good
night’s rest before a drive home and returned to reality


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