Golden Tate Journeys to Ireland For Lifelong Golf Dream | The Players’ Tribune

Golden Tate Journeys to Ireland For Lifelong Golf Dream | The Players’ Tribune

– Growing up, I thought
golf was a stupid sport. But once I got to the NFL,
that’s when I got hooked. Golf is so particular and so challenging. You’re competing against the course. I mean, there’s always
something you can do better. It’s a little nerve-racking to play a top 10 course in the world leading up to the Open. I have the same thoughts
when I play football. You look at a legendary
stadium like Green Bay, and you think, “Brett Favre
played on this field,” or Barry Sanders, and
all these great players. It’s like, “Man, and I
get to do this as well? Do something that a lot
of people will never ever have the chance to do.” – We’re on the north
coast of Northern Ireland. Very dramatic coastlines,
quaint little towns, and, thankfully, some fantastic
golf courses, as well. Royal Portrush Golf Club, we’re over 130 years old, now. We’re just about to host our
second Open Championship. We’re very lucky to be hosting
the event later this summer. – A good golf course
should enhance the feeling that it’s good to be alive. And that’s what it feels
like when you play golf here. – It’s a very tough course. – Keep it on the short grass. That’s what I would say. – I would totally agree. Swing easy, keep it straight. – And make sure the bar at the 10th’s open. – It’s been the talk of the town here since the announcement was made. – We’re super excited. – The course will provide a
very stern, but very fair, test. He’s gonna find it pretty
tough out there, I think. – From the moment I got the car, people are like, “It’s hard.” They ask me, “Do you want to bring one dozen or two dozen balls?” I’m like, “Oh, O.K. I’m going in with the John Daly attitude: “Grip it and rip it.” – Excellent drive. – That was a great shot Golden hit there. – Thank you. In football, I’ve been
doing it since I was little. It comes … it’s mindless for me. But hitting a golf ball
that’s sitting on the ground, not moving, is so challenging for me. Take my par. Yeah, easy game. In the fairway, on the green, two-putt, keep it movin’. Good news is we got seven tomorrow. Giant’s Grave, especially for me. Blue and red, too. Ah! – Definitely it counts for your par. – So you’re sayin’ there’s a chance? – There’s always a chance, there’s always a chance in this game. – All right, I like that! – Well done, well done. – Two pars, two holes. Looking good. Maybe I should try to get
in this tournament with you. – You never know, you never know. – It’s just so technical. But football, the start of my
route can be off a little bit and I can still bounce
back, catch the ball, maybe even score a touchdown. In golf it’s very, very hard to do that. Fly! Ah! – Absolutely perfect, I
just want to say that. – Yeah, very impressive. The problem is I’ve gotta follow
these tee shots every time. – Ooh, the conditions picked
up a little bit on us. I prefer not to get wet, but since I’m playing a top 10 course, I guess I’ll let it slide this time. But me and mother nature are
gonna have to talk after this. So hopefully, she listens. – Nice roll! Oh yeah. – Ah! – I thought you had that one. – I did, too. – Very good. Good effort. So Golden, this is the north
coast of Northern Ireland. You can tell we started
off in the sunshine and the rain has just
arrived an hour later. – I’ve never been to Northern Ireland. You know, I just want to learn
a bit more about the culture, the area, and I’mma do
what I can to fit in. I’m just tryin’ to experience
the Northern Ireland culture so we’ve come to the market and…. – D’ya like it so far?
– Yeah! Beautiful day! – You want your ear pierced? – Nah, thank you. Good. It’s good. Beautiful place you guys have. And the people are so nice here! – Are you having fun? – Yeah, I’m havin’ a blast! See, this is beautiful. – Yeah, it is, isn’t it? – Beautiful and windy. – Yeah!
– And cold right now. When the pros play here, where will they have the most trouble? Like what will make this
course tough to score on? – Oof. Well…. The key here is drivin’
the ball on the fairway. – Yep.
– Very good. – Think a little right? – That right … should cut down a bit. – Set, set, set. Set, set, set, set. Not so straight now. Good lookin’ shot, there. Very good. Fantastic shot. – I like it. – Not a bad effort. – Not a good one, either. Didn’t pull it. – Never mind. Come on. These last few flags
have been pretty tricky. No more holes left. – Nicely done.
– Land soft. Land soft. – Good shot. Hit it, man. Hit it, hit it, hit it…. That’s too bad. Number 16 is one of the most famous par-3s in the world, here. You can probably see why
it’s called Calamity. Augusta National has Amen Corner. This is our answer to it. This is the real deal here. – Yeah, this is beautiful. – This hole could play a big part in the outcome of the championship. Oh, that’s really good. – Come on … be good. – Hope you got that one. It must have been close to
goin’ in, I tell you that. – That’s probably as close to a hole in one as I’ve been. I couldn’t have done this first. – Exactly so, that’s always the case. – I’m searching to be that boring golfer that just hits the fairway, gets on, two-putts, occasionally
one-putts for birdie. That’s what I want to be. It’s a huge challenge all
the time, and I love it. – Come on, last of the day. Let’s make it a good one. – There’s gonna be a lot of
people watchin’ this hole. – You’re used to playin’
in stadiums, though? – Yeah, football, not golf. Y’know, leadin’ up to the 18th hole, I’ve already seen that
stadium-like setup they have, and, you know, we have that in football. But I can’t imagine standing
over a three-foot putt to win the Open. I don’t know if I could handle that. It’s pretty incredible. I feel like I’m a part of this country
a little bit this weekend. And that’s special. You give a little, you get a little. Sláinte!
– Sláinte. Thank you.
– Thank you, for having me. I take golf very, very seriously. It’s all mental. Put your mind to it and
really dedicate your time and your focus to it, that’s where you give yourself a chance. Golf has opened up so many doors for me. It’s something that I plan on playing until literally I die. Thank you, I enjoyed it. Thanks for having us out. – Absolutely. – Cheers, go home and enjoy that. – Appreciate it. That was awesome. Y’know, it’s a special place. This is golf at its finest.


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    James Gui

    seems like a nice genuine guy, always felt as though he was underrated the whole time on the lions- looking forward to seeing him become a 1st option in NY after OBJ's move

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    Man I love seeing people find golf. Especially elite athletes who find it later in life and the way they talk about it while being some of the greatest to play their game. You have all the money and talent in the world, could be doing anything with your time, and here you are torturing yourself on this game I love.

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