GOT7 World Tour in Berlin [ENG SUB] | Interview mit iGot7 | blondminh

Hi guys & welcome to my youtube channel we are currently at the mercedez benz arena in berlin and i am attending the GOT7 concert as you guys might know, we are going to do some interviews with IGOT7 if you haven’t heard of me yet, my name is minh & i am creating kpop content on my youtube channel and did interviews at blackpink, stray kids or monsta x concerts if you havent checked them out yet – go subscribe now i will link the videos for you now enough said, lets go and start some interviews Q: WHAT MAKES KPOP SO SPECIAL? it is more deep than you might think many people think kpop is more superficial, but if you really get into it, kpop has a deeper meaning to it which is why i really do feel kpop you get the chance to meet new people and it gives you a feeling of togetherness and family combo of dancing and singing=cool for me its the same, i like the dancing and singing, but also the outfits MUSIC VIDEOS kpop is unique, every group has their own character it is something different my all time favorite is chris brown, but he somehowdoes the same kind of music but we want to see different things in music i like that kpop is very individual and that it doesnt matter that we dont really know the language but its all about the music for me it is kind of relaxing when i listen to kpop its relaxing for me as well, but i am interested in korea anyways i would also say, that kpop is very individual kpop is unique compared to other genres but it still diverse kpop hypes me up and i like to dance to kpop which is why i like it a lot i think the music is interesting it is a good mix of all music genres i like it, because its fun and i like to experience something unique i feel like kpop is bringing people together and i met many new friends through kpop there is a community, which supports each other and you always something to talk about in case you meet new people but also cultural wise, kpop connects people, since you get to know more things this is why kpop is very special i think its quite nice, since kpop is not only one genre, but combines many and you can experience so much in kpop Q: WHY GOT7? I cannot explain this, everything about got7 is amazing they dance very well, they are so talented JB and youngjae, who always write their own music and each member is amazing they are such nice humans also when it comes to their personlities in videos or tv shows i cannot describe it, they are just everything many people say that got7 is nothing special, but i like it, when they do their own music and that each member is doing their own thing their personality, how they behave and just how they are they always make one laugh i like that they love the fans as much as we love them got7 is a group full of idiots LOL they are honest BAM BAM (.) i like them because of their visuals and many members are from different countries i like them, because they are funny and they feel like family i think the group itself is funny i like the dynamics within the group and how they treat each other & how well they treat the fans it kind of feels more familiar and closer i agree with them and the group is good, their music is good but you get a personal feeling when you watch their shows you kind of can feel each other and they are just super funny (FANSERVICE) for me, when i look at the group from the musical point of view they kind of always did something different than what was happening around that time in kpop and now they are doing their own music, especially JB and i like that he is always thinking about which part suits which member the best for example when you listen to PAGE and this kind of caring, they give to their fans as well, which makes them special i like their internationality but their music style is good as well because you cannot find it everywhere in kpop and i like that their songs or written by the members, which makes their music special for me, i really like songs, which are written personally by the members and i like their personalities, they are very funny

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