Home Based Travel Agent Tax Benefits – 4 “Profitable” Tips for 2019

Home Based Travel Agent Tax Benefits –  4 “Profitable” Tips for 2019

Home Based Travel Agent Tax Benefits hey what’s up everybody Larry Porter
here and I’m back once again and today I’m going to be sharing with you
important tax benefits by being a home-based travel agent
you do not want to miss these tips we’ll be right back all right everybody welcome back in
today’s video we’re gonna talk about important tax benefits of being a
home-based travel agent so I’m going to share with you four benefits that can
really benefit your business at the travel agent so let’s get into it
benefit number one you can benefit on taxes by meals and entertainment so say
for example that you’re taking out one of your customers discussing advice on
travel vacation advice are you going over a quote anything like that and you
take your customer out to a meal okay this is a tax write-off you can write
off your meals okay and entertainment for your customers okay so if you got
meals and entertainment that benefits your business and you’re taking time out
of your schedule to appear to your customers in class okay
these can be tax deductable okay number two the second thing I want to talk
about is home office we all work from home as travel agent so if you’re a
home-based travel agent you can wri Home Based Travel Agent Tax Benefits te off your home office now the good thing
about it is there’s no record-keeping if you do it this way if you do deduct five
dollars for every 300 square foot okay you can write that off okay using your
office space to run your travel business you can write this off in your taxes you
got a printer you got a supplies you have the internet you can
use all all of this and write it off on your taxes so make sure you keep that in
mind your home office is a tax write-off number three number three is my favorite
individual trips so let’s say you take a fam trip you know most travel agent take
family trips they take trips that provider body
host travel agency to familiarize themselves with the a certain area this
is what you call familiar relation trips forgive me hope I pronounced it right
familiarize ation trips once you get familiar with a certain destination you
can show this information to your clients and the return it makes you more
valuable so you can use this as a tax write-off okay any expenses that you use
on this trip or during the trip or preparing for the trip can be tax
deductible okay now even your own individual
vacation let’s say you take a vacation and you take some time out on your
vacation to do something that benefits your business you can take out a portion
of that and use that as a tax write-off if you do anything related to your
travel business while you’re on vacation hey you can write off your individual
vacation trip as a tax deductible write-off
all right number four let’s go into education and conferences so most travel
companies or agencies have events conferences that provide certain type of
education for travel agent so if you have to pay to go to a certain event a
conference anything of that nature that can further
your education in the travel business guess what this is tax deductable also
so there’s huge benefits of becoming a travel agent
okay huge tax benefits you can pretty much write off everything dealing with
your business if you do it right okay so make sure that you applying all of these
tax benefits to make sure you get the huge or biggest tax break ever
concerning your business okay so that’s my tips guys hope you’ll find value in
this video give me a thumbs up like subscribe and do all of that good stuff
if you’re interested in becoming a travel agent as well there’s a special
video I want you to watch click the link below this video to learn more
information how you can become a home-based travel agent
and explore some of these amazing tax benefits okay so this is my time signing
golf don’t forget to watch that free presentation by clicking the link below
this video or within this video Home Based Travel Agent Tax Benefits somewhere and you can see that free
presentation to learn more about becoming a home-based travel agent all
right Larry Porter something off and I see you in the next one happy traffic


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