Homeschooling Student Spotlight: Koczman Family

Homeschooling Student Spotlight: Koczman Family

We’re going to the orphanage to hang out with some kids and, uh, hopefully share Jesus’ love with them Karen:My Husband’s a pastor and so the church is really active with missions, so now with homeschool, it’s been a challenge, but it’s been exciting. It actually worked out really, really well because our kids grew up getting schooled well but also being part of
the ministry right with us and we take missions trips together have a lot of fun together. We’re real sports-oriented, so we to a lot of that together and just time-wise homeschool worked well for us. Jeremiah: I’ve been playing guitar for 12 years, since I was six. My mom taught me like now that I’ve I’ve been to Russia, I love russia The first time I went was 2006, I was 13 I went with my dad and my sister The big outreach that we had in Russia at that time was concert outreach Jordan: Going to Russia has really helped me now that I do want to be involved in mission work You know, I’d like to do more missions I love it a lot because the people we know,
there at the Russian dorms We’ll go there and we can get fed with the word and
prepare, pray, and like get our stuff ready like the curriculums that we have for the kids We’ll go out for orphanage ministries We meet them and we have a sports time where we play soccer usually because we’re pretty good at soccer and we have time with the word and testimonies- people share how they came to know the Lord and games, crafts , stuff like that Karen:the bible says Do much with what you’ve been given and God’s given us so much Bridgeway is one of the gifts God’s given us Jeremiah: with homeschool I can make time for trips I had one in September and then I went in December as well I think that’s the beauty of homeschooling It’s great, I have a lot of fun doing it Jordan: I think it’s good curriculum like Just the whole- the whole home schooling thing is really family oriented. It’s cool that I get to spend a lot of time with my family Karen: With the curriculum that we’ve chosen with Bridgeway, it’s a lot of student oriented learning So I became more of a supervisor as they got older and I also grade all their work and help them Jeremiah: some days I can do it all on my own following directions and stuff, Especially in math, my mom and my dad help me, and with physics and science I need help with those and they would help me out a lot. Karen: The advisor relationship with Bridgeway Academy has been a blessing to me because I can reach them by phone, but also by email I can ask questions and it sets up the course for the year for me and I can stay in touch with them for the beginning of the year and any time I want, really each week, if I want and if I ask questions, they get back really quickly. within the same day, usually and they answer myquestions whether it’s a subject or practical things like preparing for graduation or just even if I were going through discipline things wth the kids, they helped me Jeremiah: I love how at the graduations they really take time=they show pictures of everyone. I’ve been to a lot of my other friends’ graduations and they are so big and I don’t have time for that, so that’s really neat, because they take time and really let everyone at the graduation get to know how you are Karen: Yeah, the accreditation has meant so much to us, because we knew they were college bound, all four of them and now at Bridgeway to me they are so professional and the accreditation means so much to me that I actually include that when I contact the colleges It’s been great. The paperwork I keep it all that Bridgeway sends back to us and when the kids are interviewing for college, it’s all right there. It’s great. Jordan: yeah, I think homeschool is right for me.


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