How a Trip to Manitoba Will Change Your Life

How a Trip to Manitoba Will Change Your Life

It was a trip that changed my life completely It began in the centre of the continent What was simply supposed to be a gateway to the North Ended up being a surprising place that captured my heart There are secrets here stories here. Like the ones at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, stories that ignited my passions. The city’s creativity, its diversity it proudly celebrates and embraces its roots and culture. I didn’t know it then, but my time in Winnipeg prepared me for what I was about to experience next. Out the window of the train,
winding its way North across an ever-changing landscape. I was struck by its sheer beauty the wildlife, the wilderness, the water.
Around every corner was something awe inspiring. And then I arrived in Churchill,
the most colourful place I’ve ever been. The rugged north,
the blue waters of the Hudson Bay a truly Canadian destination. I shared the waters with beluga whales, these magical creatures that seemed to be an expression of pure joy. I saw a polar bear and we locked eyes
and then the way she moved; so majestic so graceful, so completely breathtaking
and I couldn’t help but wonder what would it be like to see these inspiring animals in winter? A brilliant canvas of white on white full
of life as theses resilient, creative animals with
the hardest job on the planet thrive in this environment. Then I watched the sky come alive the colours of the day were now muted
but those colours of the night bright and dancing as the northern lights shimmered above me. As I watched the light show,
it struck me how Churchill this meeting place of ecosystems,
this melting pot of wildlife, echoed the experience I had in Winnipeg. A meeting place of people, a melting pot of cultures. I now understood how these experiences,
these wild and wonderful experiences in Manitoba were all connected


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    Thisis Dr Zak

    fun fact, polar bears do hibernate in the winter season so technically you can't see em…

    also, please re-open the "manitoba volet francophone" immigration cause I have my dossier ready to be sent 😉

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    Heygrams [ grams]

    hey  been there in Rivers and   Roblin  in Feb. at 45 below ..but    its   a dry cold   that  wont   chill  you down  in  your bones like  the  Montreal  cold  and   freezing rain does … love  the  songs . and video.,. we also sang some fun songs while driving  around  there sharing these… and when my gr/daughter comes back from her Rivers  trip out that way she will also bring back more of   your  cd.s  to sell here  so ..  keep recording  its  refreshing to hear a group of young guys sing some    good  reality  songs   and have fun too …and    Hey  your    2017 Canadian s  and  Canada  IS  COLD   !

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    Peter Bakker

    very impressive video I hope to visit Churchill once in my life
    You guys lives in a great beautifull country

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    Heather Woods

    This is a very inspiring video! I love Winnipeg, art, culture and Kal Barteski- very beautifully done! Lots of emotion! It makes me proud(er) to be from Winnipeg, and I didn't know Churchill was so colourful- I need to go!! Thank you @Travel Manitoba & @Kal Barteski!

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    I have lived in Manitoba for 4 years back in the late 70s. Manitoba is one of Canada's best kept secrets. I really think that Travel Manitoba should also emphasize Lake Winnipeg and the quality of its beaches (Winnipeg Beach, Victoria Beach, Grand Beach etc.). Very fine sand as good as in Florida. In addition, there should be videoclips on Pipestone Rocks near Hecla Island, Lake Winnipeg. There is an amazing variety of birds on these tiny islands on Lake Winnipeg. Everyone should see it. And finally try this Ghost town of Port Nelson and abandoned ships up the Nelson River. Would love to do this!

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    Franz Huber

    Oh my. That's pretty much normal earth landscape of the north. The first thing you want to know is, when can I get out of here? It's cold, boring and lonely. Maybe that's why people don't live there.

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