How Do Single Girls Afford Luxury While NOT Working Full-time?

How Do Single Girls Afford Luxury While NOT Working Full-time?

So how do these girls do it? Those regular girls that do not come from money, how do they afford to
live such a luxurious and affluent lifestyle? What are their secrets? Those exact words were my thoughts when I just started out with my leveling up journey when I was 19/20 years old. It took me years and years to figure this out and now I’m here spilling
the beans for you in a YouTube video. So for those of you who
do not know who I am, my name is Anna and I run an online finishing school. Now, in my online finishing school, I really do speak about
financial strategy in depth. But in this video, I want to share for those ladies who might not be part
of my students but still want to have
a little bit of insights of how it works in the
financial department, all those ladies who are
living a luxurious lifestyle but do not come from money, how do they make it work? This is something, ladies, that I could not grasp
for probably a few years back in the days. I had my foot in high society but there was one thing
I just couldn’t grasp. How come there are so many women who don’t seem to
live a nine-to-five lifestyle. They all seem to have a flexible lifestyle where they’re just kind
of enjoying themselves, traveling, working a bit here and there and make it still go
around with their finances. Yet, I was there stuck
in my nine-to-five job that I by the way, hated. I hated my office job so
much but I put up with it because how else was I going to level up? But then there came a time after I had been studying these women for so many years, I befriended them, I understood
what their strategies was, what their background was, how they actually made it work. Now, I’m not going to
share with you everything in this video because the full story is only available for my students but I do want to give you a little bit of insights because I know
this is going to help you a little bit along your path. So let’s start with the basic. Do the ladies actually work? And I’m referring to the ladies who are part of the affluent scene and who do not come from money originally but who seem to be able to jet set around and
really live the good life. Do they work or do they not work? Give me an answer, Anna. So the answer, ladies, actually quite a lot of them do work. I also think that you
should be working too really, really hard
especially in the beginning of your journey. This is how it really works. So in the beginning, when we are beginners, we really need to focus on our leveling up and that is usually priority one. Because once we have leveled up to a degree where things are starting to run a
little bit more on autopilot for us, we’re getting more
and better opportunities, we’re getting noticed, we’re getting recognized, we’re getting invites, then life becomes easier. But to reach that stage, ladies, you have to invest yourself. You have to polish yourself up. You have to follow the formula that I teach so much in my program because this is phase one and a lot of women get stuck in phase one because they don’t execute it properly. I’m not blaming anybody and I’m not pointing fingers but I also know that as a common trend that people can get a little bit lazy and lack patience and that is a big no-go if
you really want to succeed in this particular lifestyle. Now, let me go back to myself. How did I do it? I wasn’t always self-employed, I wasn’t always running my own business. I didn’t always have my
boyfriend providing for me so that it didn’t have
to worry about money. No. But back in the days when I just started, I was just a regular plain Jane who had her nine to five and to be quite honest with you, there was a time when I even had two jobs. I was working as much as I could so that I could save up
as much money as I could to reinvest in myself. My success has always been driven by one fundamental and that is to reinvest in yourself. Ladies, you really have
to put in that extra work. It is required, especially
in the beginning because it’s in the beginning that we face the biggest uphills and that’s when we prove ourselves, how badly do we want this? If we want this
transformation badly enough, we are going to climb that mountain, no matter how big or small it is but we’re gonna make it happen. Even if it means to having to work over time or having two jobs or somehow having to hustle so you have the funds that are required for this transformation. A lot of the times, ladies
think that leveling up, achieving an affluent lifestyle is gonna be without
any form of investment. Not the case, I’m afraid and so is if you want to take yourself to the next level. I’m sorry but it doesn’t work like that. Everything costs. To become more beautiful, it costs money. Finding the right partner for you, it also costs money because you have to invest in yourself. Expanding your social circle to the elite, that’s definitely gonna
cost you a little bit money. All of these things costs but it doesn’t mean that they
have to cost you a fortune, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m just saying that
everything does have a price and you have to really be open and willing to pay that price. Now, secondly, the ladies that I know are most of the times, not always, but most of the times are clever ladies, who are part of the affluent society, who leveled up, who worked hard, who followed the formula and meanwhile, they
made sure to always save for a rainy day. Not necessarily only for a rainy day but always save because they know how things can change, plans can change, life gives you surprises and life sometime even give you lemons. So they know they can
always make a lemonade out of their savings. You get my point. Ladies, you have to have
savings on this path and that’s why you really need to work. You really need to start
this transformation by working hard and meanwhile, you save. You save for that day for when perhaps you wanna stop working so that you can focus on your journey with 100% and you also have
to save for a rainy day because you might meet an affluent man who might be really
treating you like a princess and spoiling you and look after you. But what about the day when he actually decides to leave? Or you wanna leave? Then, my dear, you need a backup plan. If you don’t save, you
will learn it the hard way. Now, let’s go back to
how others have done it because I’ve spoken about the importance of work, savings and patience but what about the nitty gritty, how do all of these girls who are living the high life, how do they make it happen? So when I started to do my research, I came to a very interesting realization. I found that actually,
the majority of women that I met, unless they were
working in regular jobs, they were majority of
the times multitasking and making their income stream happen from various sources. So it was never just one type of approach. Number one, they had a lot of savings. Number two, they made sure that whenever they had a
boyfriend in their life, a partner, that that partner
was providing for them. Now, number three, generous friends. Believe it or not but once you have leveled up to a point in high society where you
have great connections and you have a lot of generous friends, then your generous friends, whether it is men or women, will actually kind of help you
a little bit along the way. They might be inviting you for trips, they might be paying for things, paying for outings and so on and it’s nothing strange in high society. It’s a very common
practice between people. Usually the highest earner pays and that’s it. Like just to give you an example, if a billionaire goes for
lunch with a millionaire, then the billionaire is mostly
likely to pay the check. It’s just a little common unspoken thing that happens in society. So going back to who pays, generous friends, believe it or not, it’s very, very common and there’s no funny business around that. No matter what people or
naysayers tend to say. Then you have the generous boyfriends that I just mentioned and that is of course,
a very, very crucial one because the majority of the times, women are dating somebody or are in a serious committed
relationship with somebody. Now, lastly, the final thing that I know, a lot of women, not everybody though, but some, keep kind of patching
up their journey with and that is having a little
bit of support from family. I’m not saying their family are wealthy but you do have actually a
little bit of money coming in from family who either maybe there is some form of inheritance, even if it’s small or there’s some form of support from a mother or a father, anything. I have seen many cases like that, so what I’m just trying to say is that many times, these girls, they just make it happen
through patching it up from bits and pieces, from different types of sources and like this, they don’t need to work full time. Also, I forgot to say, they might even have a part-time job. Many times, girls are working part-time and then the rest of
the time they dedicate to their jet-set journey, to their transformational
journey and leveling up. Now, how can you make this happen? And I am very much aware that I do have a lot of you ladies with me who are literally
starting from minus zero. Now, I know that that situation can feel quite daunting. I know that it might make you feel like, what’s the point? I should just give up. I don’t have any cash and I don’t see any cash coming in soon. This is not going to work. Now, let me tell you one thing and this is where you really need to switch on your hustler mentality if you want your life to happen. I’ve noticed in life that whenever you really want
something badly in your life, you’re going to find a
way to make that happen. If you don’t have the money today, you’re going to find the way
how to make that money happen and I’m not talking about
any form of illegal ways. I’m talking about things
that you can stand for and things that might
require, like I said, patience and a little bit of hustling and a little bit of hard work. Good things will come to those who are patient and there is a really nice Chinese proverb that I really want to share with you. I actually had to take out my phone because I posted it on my Instagram, so if you still don’t
follow me on Instagram, you really should. “The best time to plant
a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.” And having said that, ladies, this is what investing
in yourself is all about. This is what creating a hustling mentality is all about. Do it now, don’t wait for tomorrow, don’t push it away because
it’s uncomfortable. Learn how to compromise in life and learn how to practice patience. You will be writing to me in the future and you’ll be telling me, Anna, thank you. I did it! And that’s exactly the words
I want to hear from you. Now, I do have another video for you on my channel and I really want to see you there. The video is all about how you can start your luxury lifestyle or even if you have started, how can you get more ideas to sustain it and make it happen successfully. And also, visit if you have decided that now is the time to take action and plant your tree today, instead of regretting it in a few years. Now, I will see you in the next video.


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    Huyen Dao

    You don't have to be a sugar baby or mistress to an old man to enjoy the luxury lifestyle.

    My friend got free trips to Spain, Dublin, New York, LA etc… stay in luxury hotels + all expenses are covered and she comes from Vietnam (average monthly salary range is $200). An American guy we met at an event was so surprised, he just couldn't believe that a Vietnamese girl can afford to travel to these places without having sugar daddies.

    So how did she afford that? She works remotely for a tech startup where they host company meetups in different countries twice a year. Luxury comes from various forms!

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    PuraVida 2019

    I am a subscriber and an advocate of good etiquette. All my life I have been very poised, well spoken, kind and with excellent manners thanks to etiquette classes my mom had me in for years. At my old job there was a handsome, older client whom without me knowing studying me at all times. He asked me out when I left my job and its been a Cinderella story ever since. I never knew he was financially successful until he began his serious courtship. He is amazing and I'm counting my blessings. But he always always refers to what immediately attracted him was my posture and walk in a very confident and ladylike. Then my proper talk, my good manners, my love for books, how I dressed not being vulgar, and my hygiene above all. So Ladies what I'm saying is that watch always how you conduct yourself at work, in public, because you just never know if Prince Charming is admiring you. Affluent men need to know they can have a woman whom they can be proud to take anywhere. A woman that is not into drama, that is strong yet a lady, a woman of curious mind, a woman that is always out to improve herself and be kind to others. Now I am working on my own dreams, with a successful man giving me tools for it, motivating me and giving me at the same time a fairytale 🙂
    I'm still trying to get used to a rich lifestyle but not forgetting my humble roots and how hard my mom worked to give me a great education and above all Etiquette. My mom not having this one key factor knew I had to have it and it has made a difference in my life. Wish you all a blessed life, a strong health, a beautiful smile, a curious mind and a strong confident posture and walk 🙂
    Let's raise each other up with good manners.

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    Lady Cheetah

    This was very affirming. When I was leveling up from poor to middle class, I experienced the same thing. Honestly, I hated people paying for me, but I was not in the position to pay my way at that time. Unfortunately, those who paid my way also looked down on me and the moment I caught on, I separated. What Anna implied was those women who help do it willingly because they care and understand, not because they think less of you as a person. But you still need to secure your own self financially, otherwise, you will find yourself mooching off of others with no intent to give back.

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  13. Post

    Have you ever done a video on handbags and luggage? I’d love to see what kind are elegant for travel and everyday use. 🙂

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    Christina CPK

    You are so great and honest! Also, natural and light make up fits you better. Not to mention, you do not need make up!

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    J Tenn

    When Anna was stressing hustling, IMO I believe that also means budgeting.

    Instead of ordering takeout every week, and buying $5 coffees everyday direct that money to upkeep at the hair school, and esthetic school, to maintain that polished look. If that means paying extra for a senior student, so be it. Indulge yourself at the massage school for the pampered feeling once in a while.
    Getting second hand designer clothes at thift shops located near wealthy neighborhoods.

    Income wise they're probably doing the IT, location independent jobs as side hustle. So the trips are paying for itself, by being a working holiday of sorts.

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    It’s not only about the outside, it’s mostly on the inside. Once you focus your mind and apply the law of attraction – you can achieve your vision. Erase your old paradigms and set your mind to achieve abundance and abundance will follow.

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    A Bagri

    Your truly amazing. True words, greatly influencial and inspiring. Following your advise it's starting to help me level up and change my life. Much love and respect. Thank you Anna, keep them coming ☺️❤

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    Angel Angel

    Multi-tasking is key if you want to achieve your transformation!. as a second-year business student, I spend most of my time studying and taking internships, and using that money for my transformation. I know some of the things I am saving for is a bit expensive it is what it is. If you want to achieve something, you better be patient and smart about the choices you, invest in. Do, research and think twice about purchasing an item.

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    Dewi Hir

    Hey Anna. I stumbled across your channel recently and i love what you teach. I have been wanting to upgrade myself elegantly but havent found any channel who teaches this until now. Thank you for all the informative video❤

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    Valentina Melethiel

    I save a lot, but I’m honest as a stylist in Hobbs we got 70%off for the staff discount, I feel quite blessed and lucky for that 😂, so I got a lots of high quality clothes, when I used to work in Karen Millen as well, I don’t do huge hauls of cheap crap but I buy just a couple of high quality items every month.

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    Tristian Green

    Many ways someone could live like that. Small business, online jobs, living on student loans while studying, social media as well. People love looking at other peoples luxurious lifestyles so it can pay to show off things. Also even things like amazon affiliate links. Show off all the things you buy, put a link in description with a cute pic and people want it so they get a kickback. If you have a good job you get paid vacation. I get almost a month paid vacation that can be a lot of short trips all over which can make it seem like someone doesn't work as much.

  30. Post
    Beverley Roberts

    Anna, totally agree, even it you are not looking necessarily a luxury life, and you are in a relationship. Women should always have their own savings, it just makes so much sense. And being financially independent is a good feeling. If you meet a great partner, then that's fantastic, but there should always be a back up plan with some savings of your own, and like you say there's no better time to start than today.x 😄

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    Peter Downey

    By having no respect for my country. 🇬🇧

    If you want to live a luxurious lifestyle, you should work for it, whether you are a man or a woman. There are things in life that you must work for.

  32. Post
    Marina Merli

    You are such an example Anna!! It is all true, believe in yourself and be patient…you will succeed sooner or later! Girl power💪😉

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  34. Post

    Anna, do you condone using credit cards here and there to supplement for your beauty routines, clothes and travels, just in the beginning, or are you completely against any kind of debt?

  35. Post
    Argel Cruz

    I think is also amazing how to investing in yourself helps u to level up in job, believe it or not ypu get mpre noticeable, and it helps

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    Really love your hair in this video, Anna! Can you talk about how to handle the actual offers and acceptance of generosity? Such as, if a friend with money invites you to a fancy restaurant or a trip, should you be matter of fact that you can't afford it, or should you ask if they are paying (seems awkward). I have a girl friend who is used to doing and having whatever she wants, and I came from exact opposite. We traveled together and she spent $1,000 at the spa the first night! She usually treats me but other times doesn't. I don't want to make a big deal of "oh thank you, thank you" nor do I want to be ungrateful. I have found that she likes to hear "You are such a generous person" rather than endless thank yous. I also told her, I don't want my lack of funds to hold you back from what you want to do, nor do I want to feel obligated to spend $ I don't have because you are doing it, either. Can you go into how to handle the awkward moments when you don't know if you're being treated? Personally, when I want to treat someone, I make it very clear so they don't wonder, but not everyone does.

  38. Post

    Another question, Anna. In your real life, do you disclose what you do to your friends with money? I know you've been on TV so it's no secret, but what do they think of what you do?

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    My whole life I understood what kind of people I wanted in my life and the kind of life I'd need to be happy. I roughed it all throughout my 20s trying to figure out how to get it. I did hit rock bottom. I did 'sacrifice' a fun and enjoyable existence from the time I graduated college at 22, through 31. I had no help from my parents, other than my dad helping me with rent for the first 4 months I moved to the coast. But I did it!! If you're at rock bottom, this too shall pass. But you have to want better. You have to live it, breathe it, be clear on it. Keep your eye on the prize. Now, everyday I literally wake up SO happy and I'm always amazed that this is my life. I am in the career that resonates w/ me so much that it doesn't feel like work. I live in one of the most desired areas in the country for it's beauty and luxe reputation. And I don't have a man telling me what I can and can't do! I'm no longer trapped and finally free to be me!

    Also I do have that generous friend. I really look up to her and have asked her advice on money. It is very simple if you aren't a shopaholic like me, lol. She's been able to work only 4 months this year because of her money management. She quits jobs that don't meet her standards for respect. Goals, lol. Keep saving, keep hustling no matter what.

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    Isabella Kindangen

    Thank you for the reminder Anna. You are mentioning the rainy day if affluence spouse decide to leave or we decide to leave. This is what all ladies around the world need to know and aware. We need to have skills and savings and the right mentality.

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    Annika Life

    I think in this world, no one really needs a luxurious lifestyle. Money is so valuable and with more money, we can help other people. It's selfish to keep it all to oneself.

  46. Post
    Victoria Hatzson

    Really good video! I always thought that you were not in support of women working for themselves and you considered it to be a man’s job but I’m glad you’re promoting independence and hard work and saving money!

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    CherryCherryReiki / KirschbluetenReiki

    🌺🌻💐 You are so right. Boy, does it take effort and money, to look good. I have a tom boy hair cut now just to save time. I am also getting rid of old clothes now. Once you work a 9 to 5 job, you need to keep investing in clothes, hair cuts and making sure you stay in shape. Watching your channel is so much fun and educational.

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    Rebecca Jones

    Hi Ana, would you be able to talk about how to accept men or women paying for you gracefully? I find it difficult to act in a manner that's confident when this happens. Thanks.

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    Rian Hardy - WPG-C

    Generous friends have definitely helped me. It started with my mom just giving me $500 because she wanted me to buy some nice clothes. It boosted my confidence level and then friends started buying me designer bags. Surround yourself with these type of people!

  58. Post
    Kate Kaur

    Wont u feel obligated…to the one who is paying..dont complicate..things…plant yr own tree… its fruits will taste much sweeter…dont be a free loader…

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    Itinera Tour & Mariage

    Ambition in women counts nothing if they are not or seem attractive in some way. That’s the harsh truth. I can realize of this in everyday life. I have my own small business, and when I don’t feel comfortable because I’m down I prefer to stay at home and do work at home. Alternatively when I have to do some work out I take care of appearance from the head to the feet. I can see the difference in men, but also in women in some cases….

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    Sarit Estreicher

    there is a big difference between being invited to a lavish party
    and to have someone pays your bills out of "generosity".
    the latter comes with a price tag .

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    Color Me T-Shirteria Comercial

    Where were you when i was in my 20s? I’m 35, now, i wished so much i heard this in my younger years

  66. Post
    Putri Kania

    So true Anna. I'm 24 and a student at university. Not living the luxury lifestyle I'm dreaming off yet, still live with my parents, but I'm saving money from part-time jobs, smart thrifting, and doing affordable investments in shares from 18.

    Like you say, I see it as working hard to invest in myself amd hopefully in 3 to 5 years I'll be able to reach that level of living comfortably and afford the things I set my goals in.

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    Jay R

    Omg! That’s my favorite proverb! Loved this video-it has inspired me to really actually start doing the work instead of just thinking about it, which is where I get stuck.
    I wanted to know if you’ve talked about what friendships are like with other women in affluent social circles? I know that friendship is friendship no matter how much money you do or don’t have, but I wanted to know if you’ve noticed any similarities or differences in having friends in high society vs “regular folks.”
    Forgive me if you’ve already posted a video like this, I am very new to your channel.

  68. Post
    LA Woman68

    In my twenties, the majority of my friends, guys and gals, were very wealthy. They loved me and took me along for the ride. I wanted for nothing. Period. I'm 51 now (and married) and I still am reaping the benefits of those relationships. I enjoy the luxurious lifestyle and am always invited into the circles because of lessons learned in my younger/single years.

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    Késia Batista

    I always wanted the best for me, I'm starting from scratch and your channel and facebook group were the key I needed to find the way, thank you my dear. You deserve all the good you have earned, gratitude for being so good and sharing the women of the world who like me always wanted to change life, well God somehow led me to you, gratitude !!! S2

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    Eric Bailey

    So I don't get it. The comments in here are torn between being a leech off of "generous friends" or throwing away your prime child bearing years focusing on a career so you can buy whatever you want whenever you want. "Level up" haha. What a dumb phrase. Videos like this just prove that the social contract between men and women will never be fixed until a complete and total collapse of this luxury lifestyle BS. When it was all about survival, women understood just how badly they needed a man that could protect them and they were happy to be taken care of while raising the kids. All the man had to do was break his back, sweat his ass off, and give up his life in protecting his wife and children if that is what it took. Keep on with all this vapid bull ladies! I wish you all the worst of luck when the system collapses and money looses it's value. Oh and if you think that could never happen… I am 100% sure that the Roman women thought the same… but look at the "empire" of Rome now…oh yeah, it doesn't exist.

  76. Post
    Dd Kk

    If they do not earn the money, then somebody is giving it to them (boyfriend, family, friends). Elementary Watson! No need for a 12 min "lesson"…

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    Jocylan T

    Work hard, hustle and invest in your education! If you meet someone and they take care of you great, but nothing is guaranteed. The one thing though you’ll always have to fall back on is your education and experience. No one can ever take that away from you. Love your videos Anna. 💖

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  81. Post
    Kawthar Hamdan

    I’m against the fact that your partner should provide you! No it’s not his responsibility at all. He probably worked hard to earn the money he has, why would you be too lazy and take money from someone? Isn’t that very insulting too?

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    Augusta Osobase

    Anna you are the realest most elegant woman that I have ever listened to: "Patience and a little bit of Hustling". Enough said!

  87. Post
  88. Post

    Thank you for this video Anna! I love your point of view and your style! Over the past year and a half, I stopped investing in myself. I gained 10lbs, left my job, and let myself go, but your advice has helped inspire me to invest in myself again. I'm going back to college at the age of 27, back in the gym, and I'm ready to work hard to create the future that I deserve. Time to level up!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  89. Post
    Tish Bish

    My past goal was "luxury" and now my current goal is life a life as a traveler. You don't know how happy I am now!

  90. Post
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  92. Post
    Andrea Radi

    Never would I allow an affluent friend to pay my ticket and hotel. Live according to your means. You want more, work harder, reevaluate your desires and find meaning in meaningful things. I totally agree with the first part about working hard, being smart and saving for the rainy day. I understand the desire to live in luxury but allowing others to pay for it??? Not sure that’s the way to go.

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  94. Post
    Tiana Hardy

    Thank you” Thank you” ☺️ I’ve just started dating” and want more.. To change everything”” Appearance” wear makeup just be professional”” your videos are Angeles””

  95. Post
  96. Post
    J V

    It's simple ladies you want to keep a rich man, find and bring other women into the relationship. But make sure you are number one but you must also work to maintain that. But all in all you should all be campaigning to re- legalize prostitution. So you can write in the contracts what sex will get you. It's these "unwritten" rules that have to be made public and accpected vs the denial that marriage or thst most relationships is in fact prostitution. Because if she stops putting out he's gone and if he stops paying, she gone. Then the truth is revealed but denied and the cycle starts up again.

  97. Post
    Zori Dee

    even though you will meet men who will help you (financially or maybe take you to nice places etc), it is still essential to work. women who wanna live off someone else and work zero are abundant in the world of today, no man will ever stay with you (longer), as he has many like that to chose from.
    find a job that is interesting for you (almost as hard as finding perfect man), keep your mind busy with it, and have your own money that will come in handy if nothing else works out

  98. Post
    Erum Rana

    I like this lady and some of her advice but my views differ from hers in the fact that I don't see why it is desirable to move in affluent circles, as a measure of success? I mean, what's wrong with being with people who belong to the same socio-financial status as yourself? Yes, it helps if your husband or wife has his/her own money or is rich .. but that's a bonus…not an aim! Why move in a group of people who take you along as a charitable project or 'poor cousin from the village'?. Work hard and be happy with what you can manage for yourself. Personally, a vacation or 'treat' paid for me by some affluent friend (even if it's just because she wanted me to be a part of it out of mutual love and friendship)wouldn't be enjoyable for me at all. There is no respect in that… And even if I have to accept that generous gift for some reason, I would be thinking of some sort of reciprocation even if it is small by her standards but at least it will show that I am not a free loader. Dignity, that is the key…and it doesn't lie in pretending to be something or someone you are not!

  99. Post
    Alma Glad

    I love how you advise: Save for raining days” That is so realistic. Thank you Anna you are awesome 💕❤️😘🥰

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