How I Paid For a Trip To Iceland At 12 Years Old With YouTube

How I Paid For a Trip To Iceland At 12 Years Old With YouTube

– How’s it going everyone? My name’s Rowan Elsmore and in this video, I’m going to tell you about how
I was able to pay for myself to go to Iceland at 12 years old. (“Looking For Adventure” by Tim McMorris) Ever since I started creating
content here on YouTube, I’ve always had the goal of
becoming a travel journalist. And what that means is that
I would love to be paid to do one of the things
that I love to do the most, and that is travel. This interest in travel journalism started all the way back in 2014 when I saw the movie The
Secret Life of Walter Mitty. (“Dirty Paws” by Of Monsters and Men) This movie completely amazed
me and captured my interest when it comes to filmmaking and travel. Not long after I watched the
Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Casey Neistat started his vlog. – Today is March 25th, 2015. It’s also my 34th birthday. Yes, I’m starting a proper,
daily vlog, I’m psyched. – Casey’s vlog showed me
that anyone can be successful if they put themselves
out there and work hard. – [Casey] When I was in that slump, I hadn’t made a movie in a
year, and needed a reminder. – Casey’s vlog started
an interest in vlogging that was strong enough to prompt me to create my channel later on in 2015. I had no idea what to expect
when I started my channel. All I knew is that I
wanted to live my life and explore like Walter
Mitty does in the movie. And by doing the same thing
that Casey Neistat was doing, I was able to accomplish this goal. And Casey Neistat’s vlog really showed me that anything is possible. (upbeat music) The rest is history. My path in life changed. I kept creating content
and growing my channel, and that brings us to today. In 23 days, six hours, and 42 seconds, I’ll be arriving in Reykjavik, Iceland. The amazing thing about this
trip is that I made it happen. And I made it happen
when I was 12 years old. It came about from just
sheer force of will and I wanted it so bad
that I emersed myself into growing as a person and
developing my knowledge of filmmaking and storytelling. So, how was I able to
come up with enough money to go to Iceland? My videos were monetized
until the Adpocalypse, but even when I was
running ads on my videos, I wasn’t making a
significant amount of money. But by constantly creating
videos on my channel and uploading every single
week, I spiked the attention of a large real estate development company and they really liked my work and wanted me to make a
series of videos with them. I was able to make enough from that job to pay for my airfare. I typically don’t spend much, and I save at least ten
percent of everything I earn in an account called Never Touch. I make financial goals for myself and I save until I reach my goal. As far back as I can remember,
my dad has always said that if you do the right thing
for enough days in a row, amazing things can happen. You may not see me ’til
I return from Iceland, and if you’re not already
subscribed, please do. And make sure to hit that bell icon so that you are notified
when my next video comes out. And guys, I’m planning
on making two videos, one or two videos, while I’m in Iceland, and one when I come
back, which is kind of a what to bring with you
while traveling to Iceland. And guys, thank you so much for your encouragement and support. I’m so excited for this trip and I’ll see you next time.


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    Terry Mirande

    You given any thought about upgrading your gear? You're at the point where you should, your skill surpass your rebel. I rock a gh5 and the 4k is insane

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    Ky Blue

    Great video! So awesome that you were able to pay for your own trip. Can't wait to see some amazing videos from Iceland!

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    'If you do the right thing for enough days in a row, amazing things will happen.' I really like that.
    Can't wait to see all the Iceland stuff. Really happy for you 🙂

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    Arun Barnard

    Wow, Iceland is definitely on my bucket list! I love these sorts of motivational videos, and they help keep me going towards my goals.

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    Butter's Outdoor Adventures.

    Good luck buddy, just remember that if you work for yourself then the sky is the limit, if you work for someone else it can become a job and can loose the fun. I have made this mistake in my life where I turned something I loved and freely did into a career and it became something I loathed. You seem like the most well rounded man of your age I've ever seen. Dont stray from that and you'll do awesome things in your life.

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    This is so awesome! We would love to travel with our YouTube channel. It would be so awesome! Have fun in Iceland

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    Scuba Canuck

    You are one inspiring kid, plus we live in the same neighbourhood, so you get extra points. Making videos myself, I can appreciate all the hard work you put in your channel. Have a great trip and looking forward to those videos.

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    Just discovered you to through Lizzie Pierce and when you mentioned The life of Walter Mitty in this video, I was totally hooked on your content. Good luck with your wonderful journey 👍👍👍!

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