How to make a video with photos and music (slideshow guide 2018)

How to make a video with photos and music (slideshow guide 2018)

Hey! Daria here, and I’m thrilled to see you
on the Movavi channel. My colleague Roman has recently returned from
a trip with hundreds of photos from Germany and Portugal. To look through all of them would take at
least 2 hours. But Roman had mercy on us; he chose just the
best moments and made this highlight reel of photos in just a few minutes. I don’t know about you, but when for me,
I just love reminiscing about past trips. And to keep those memories alive, I sneak
a look at my photo archives every now and then. There’s amazing great new way give your
memories a new lease on life: make a stunning slideshow with animation, titles, stickers
and atmospheric transitions. It’s a great alternative to a paper photo
album for capturing memorable moments in your life as well as sharing them with your nearest
and dearest. Also, a video made of photographs can easily
become a unique gift for a birthday, graduation or anniversary. I’m going to try and make a slideshow like
Roman’s. Movavi Video Editor will help me out with
that. I’ve got a feeling mine won’t be any worse. Well, off we go! Step 1. Launch the Movavi Video Editor I use Movavi Video Editor Plus. You can download the program and try it for
free right now by clicking on the link we’ve left for you in the description for this video. Step 2. Download the photos you want to use in the
slideshow into the program Click “Create a montage in easy mode”. It will automatically take you to the Montage
Wizard where you can not only edit complete videos but is also eminently suitable for
creating a slideshow. Images can be simply dragged into the program
window, or you can add files individually by clicking on the “Files” button. You can even add a whole folder! That’s
exactly what I’m going to do. At this stage it’s really easy to sequence
your photos for the slideshow. Just click on each image and place it in the
required position. Extra photos can be just as easily removed
so you don’t overload the slideshow. Step 3. Select the background music. Click “Next” to go to the “Music”
tab. Let the rhythm of the music add some pizzazz! Cuz that’s what makes a video of photographs
different from just flicking through photos. Feel free to upload any music you want, or
choose some from the built-in program collection. This one is a perfect match! If you want to make a slideshow with no background
music, don’t choose anything, just click on the “Next” button. After you’ve chosen the music, we need to
set the slideshow duration. You can make your video shorter or longer;
it will influence the speed which your photos are displayed. The program itself will take care of changing
the photos in sync with the beat, rather than randomly. Alternatively, you could just click “fit
to music length” to ensure that the slideshow fits the selected length of the music. In the preview window, you can see right away
how your slideshow turns out, and go back to the previous step if you want to change
the photos or music. I guess it already looks fine the way it is! You can save the slideshow at this very moment
and send the video file to your grandmother or upload it to YouTube. But we’re going to go beyond that! I just can’t wait to make this video even
more vibrant and colourful! Step 4. Move on to the full version Click the “Continue editing” button, if you want to make your slideshow even more dynamic. This takes you to the full version of the
video editor, and your complete slideshow automatically appears on the timeline. Photos and video clips generally have a different
aspect ratio. As we’re making a video, we recommend choosing
the video aspect ratio in the project settings to avoid those ugly black borders. Let’s set the method called “Crop”,
with 1920×1080 resolution for HD-quality output. Step 5. Set transitions between your slides At this stage, different transitions can be added to bring some variety to our slideshow. To do this, we’ll use the “Transitions”
tab on the left navigation bar. I like this classical approach. Let’s grab it. You can apply any transitions; there are plenty
to choose from in the built-in collection that comes with the program. If you like consistency, you can apply the
same transition to all the slides; just right mouse click on the one you like and choose
“Add to all clips”. Step 6. Add titles and labels Click on the “Titles” tab, choose the option you prefer, and drag it to the timeline
by placing it over the appropriate slide. Double click on the slide with titles on the
timeline and enter the text you want. The colour, size and font of the text can
be changed. To save the changes, click on the “Apply”
button in the upper right corner. I’ll apply the titles from the “Intros”
section to show the names of the countries which Roman has been to on the trip. Also, we’ll use some additional titles to
apply a few comments. Just like that. Finally, we’ll use this animation title
for the final screen of our slideshow. Step 7. Apply filters Hit the “Filters” button and choose a filter from the categories presented. Let’s drag your preferred filter to the
target slide . Do you want to try a different filter? Click on the star symbol in the corner of
the slide and select “remove”. Let’s try another filter. How about the “camera shake” effect? That’s pretty trendy right now. I’m also in love with the “Pop-art 4 tiles”
filter. Looks stylish, indeed. We’re a long way from a boring photo album
now! Step 8. Add stickers and animation. Choose the “Stickers” tab. It’s a must-have for slideshows! Just click on the sticker from an appropriate
category and drag it on the timeline by placing it over the target slide. You can modify the size and position in the
preview window. When it comes to food, there are some great
stickers. Let’s add this one. From the “Travel” section, we’ll take
a backpack. In the picture with the married couple, we’ll
take a heart from the “Objects” section – maybe more than one. To animate the object, turn to the “Animation”
tab. Choose a sticker on the timeline and click
the “Add animation” button. With the help of this function, we can make
an object or image move the way we want to. I’d like this one to fly. That’s what I’ll do. We need to set the initial dot where the objects
start moving and the final one where the objects stop. It’s possible to change the object’s position,
as well as the size and turn angle. You could make the hearts grow and twist slightly. The closer the initial and final dots are,
the faster the objects will move. Step 9. Save the complete photo-video Let’s click the “Export” button and
choose the “Saved Video File” tab if you want to watch the video on your computer in
the future. To play it on a mobile devices, choose that
tab; it contains ready-made export settings to make it easier to watch on iPhones, Android
devices, and more. Now we need to choose the right format and
quality for the video, the folder it will be saved to Click “Start” and hey presto
– our video is ready! Hurray! It turned out to be just as good as Roman’s! This video can be uploaded on the YouTube
and shared with everyone straight away. In Movavi Video Editor Plus there are plenty
of other features like Chroma key, the censorship effect, the clip stabilization tool, and many
many more! And we want you to experience them for yourself! The link to the trial version of the program
is in the description. So, what’s up? Did you start the process of making your own
video from photos? I’m looking forward to seeing it! Leave us a link in the comments. Do you want to learn more about how to edit
photographs before turning them into a slideshow? I recommend you watch some of our episodes
on Movavi Photo Editor. If you enjoyed this tutorial, like the video. I will be super happy! If you’re not yet a subscriber to our channel,
it’s about time you did it! See you in a bit! Can’t wait for our next meeting! Bye!


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