How to plan the PERFECT BALI Trip | Little Grey Box

How to plan the PERFECT BALI Trip | Little Grey Box

Hey you guys
Phoebe here from Little Grey Box Are you planning a trip to Bali? with so many destinations, restaurants and accommodation options to consider it can be totally and completely overwhelming but don’t worry that’s why I am here to help you here’s everything I know on how to plan the epic Bali holiday of your dreams Bali is a tourist haven with loads of visitors flocking to the beautiful island destination year after year this means you can often scoop up a great deal on really cheap sale fares I would recommend figuring out roughly what time of year you plan to visit then putting on an email alert so that you get notified anytime
there is a sale fare or anytime an airline has an amazing sale if you are up for the challenge a lot of airlines offer really really
cheap rates for those that just go with carry on only and I can vouch from personal experience it is definitely possible to do at least a week in Bali with only carry on Now you know what time of year
you are going to be visiting and hopefully, you’ve got your flights booked you can start to have a think about
where you want to spend your time Bali has grown a lot over the years
so it is more than just Kuta and each place in Bali is totally different Ubud offers more of that earthy, leafy green, lush, jungle, tropical vibe so it’s perfect for anybody that wants to get away to nature
and immerse themselves in absolute relaxation the food in Ubud is fantastic
and there is no shortage of amazing organic, vegan and vegetarian produce
but don’t let that turn you off if you’re a carnivore
they’ve got you covered too you can spend your days doing adventure activities
like hiking, white water rafting you can attend yoga class
do some pottery, maybe some painting learn to cook some traditional
Indonesian dishes or you can simply bliss out in your beautiful
lush tropical retreat Seminyak is home to a myriad of sprawling
beachfront resorts it’s home to amazing and iconic bars
like Ku De Ta or Potato Head or Cocoon and Seminyak is a great spot to base yourself
if you’re looking to stay in a private villa there’s also no shortage of fantastic restaurants
so you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to food I am not entirely sure whether you say Canggu or Canggu
I’m going to roll with Canggu the vibe in Canggu is really laid back
you can go down to the beach and mix it with the local surfers
catch a few waves just relax on the sand and watch some local
dogs play then you can walk up and grab a couple of
cold beers from somewhere like Old Man’s and a delicious
bite to eat there’s loads of great local food in Canngu
and also some really yummy bites like acai bowls, pink pattaya bowl, smoothies
all that kind of healthy, beachy, summery food that you can’t wait to get your hands on you’ll find no shortage of homestays
and low key accommodation options that are perfect for the budget traveller
if you are dreaming of about holing up in a beautiful luxury beachfront resort Nusa Dua is your spot you can get really comfortable inside a gorgeous resort and spend your days swimming, enjoying breakfast buffets getting massages, and just living your best life once you are in your resort, everything you
need is there so you kind of tend not to wanna leave I would just say, make sure you take the time
and make the effort to leave your incredible resort and get out on the streets and really experience Bali culture if you are keen for more of an island escape but don’t really have a lot of time to go
too far Nusa Lembongan is perfect this was once a really hidden spot and now its become more popular
there are now loads of amazing restaurants bars, cafes, beachfront,
cliffside swimming pools all things like that
personally, I love Nusa Lembongan because it feels like its away from everything
I also love snorkelling and the waters around that area are perfect for snorkelling
and scuba diving if you love to party?
like you are still 19 years old then, by all means, you should go to Kuta personally, I am way too old for that I just can’t recover, I don’t have time
for it people like my brother in law
absolutely love it he loves going out, meeting new people
being around everybody, he loves the noise the chaos, the sights, the smells
it’s just one of those things that’s going to come down to personal preference So now you know when you’re going and the kind of holiday you want to have
you can start to put together your itinerary and figure out how long should I really be
spending at each place if you are thinking about going up to Ubud I would probably recommend 2-3 nights the transport from Denpasar airport up to Ubud can take a couple of hours so you don’t want to get up there only
to turn around and come back the next day if you are thinking about staying in Seminyak
I would probably recommend 3 nights you’re most likely going to fall in love with the beaches, the incredible sunsets, the cocktails
the shopping, the food and you might find you need a little more time than you first
suspected In Canggu, 2-3 nights should do you just fine that’s enough time to really experience the area find some places that you love enjoy the food, enjoy the beaches
but then maybe move on out and get back to where there are a few more people if a Nusa Dua holiday at an incredible resort is really what you crave, then you are probably
going to want to do 4-5 nights there so that you can totally relax and unwind in
your super resort If you are going to make the journey out to
Nusa Lembongan I would recommend 3 nights
because you do have to catch the ferry over there and that time over and back will take up some of your holiday time
and if you are thinking about staying in Kuta good luck to you Now you know when you are going where you want to go
and how long you want to spend it’s time to start looking for the perfect
accommodation for you
and here’s the thing about Bali it caters to every budget
so whether you are a broke backpacker or a luxury traveller
you are going to find something for you one thing that I was really surprised about
was the cost of private villas now Matt and I got the chance to stay in one
and it was jsut the two of us it could easily have fit 6 or 8 people
and that cost per night split among a group like that
is ridiculously affordable and it was so nice having our own place to
base ourselves if you are there for a special occasion
like your honeymoon, birthday, anniversary or celebration
there are no shortage of absolutely jaw dropping luxury resorts just waiting to have you stay
on the other end of the spectrum if you do need to save some cash
look into homestays Matt and I often stay in homestays
especially in Ubud each one is different, you get to know the
staff the breakfast is usually fantastic
and it feels a little more personal if you are one of those people that like to
wing it Bali is the place to do it
don’t feel like you have to have every single night of your
accommodation booked in advance there are some amazing things you can do in
Bali Whitewater rafting, you can climb
Mt Batur and watch the sunrise from the top of a volcano
you can do cooking classes, art classes the options are endless
but don’t over pack your days you want take some time out to really unwind and relax and experience that amazing Indonesian hospitality you can organise activities as you go either through your hotel or
from a dude on the street go with your gut instinct
and you should be fine food is life, I think we can all
agree on that so do some research and try to find really
good foodie spots where you are going to be staying I’ve eaten some incredible Indonesian food while I’ve been in Bali but, I’ve also eaten some incredible international food the best arancini balls and pizza of my life an insane 7-course degustation in Ubud
that I just didn’t see coming if you are on a budget you will have no trouble
you can get meals cheap as chips a couple of dollars should do you an expensive dinner in Bali was kind of the same price
as a regular dinner out here in Australia now that you’ve got everything sorted there are just a few other things that you
might want to think about I’d start putting together a packing list
do you need to get some new swimmers a new sarong, new flip flops?
should you get your prescriptions filled before you go
all of those types of things One thing I like to do before I go somewhere
that I haven’t been before is to check out the Instagram hashtags
cause I just like to see what are people doing what is the vibe like are there some cool places that I have not heard of
that I want to visit? arriving in Denpasar airport can be really
overwhelming when you walk through the last doors at the
arrival hall there will be a throng of people there holding
up signs screaming transport, transport, transport
at you I would probably recommend that you try to
organise an airport transfer for when you arrive
many hotels will offer an airport transfer so if you can get one, absolutely do
if you are going to catch a taxi from the airport make sure you go to the proper taxi stand be sure to check the visa requirements too and last but not least you should really research anything you absolutely must know before you go common scams to be aware of
how much should you be paying for transport all of that kind of stuff if you are looking for really specific recommendations I have got a tonne of Bali resources on the
the Little Grey Box blog there is a link in the decription below thank you so much for watching I hope you found this video useful if you don’t already, be sure to subscribe and say hello in the comments below have a great weekend and I will see you next week Love ya!


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    Sempre Voyager

    "If you're thinking of staying in Kuta, good luck to you!" Haha captures my feels on Kuta so perfectly.

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    The Tao of David

    Lol I always pronounce Canggu wrong! I stayed in a hostel there (run by a guy from Adelaide!) and pronounced it Changgu so I went with it!

    Kuta is my guilty pleasure. Many people aren't keen, but it grew on me!

    It may be Lombok but the Gilis are my FAV!

    Great guide Phoebe!

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