How To Survive Your Family Summer Vacation

Oh, Wow! This is Beautiful! This is it! There’s nobody here and it’s great! *Talking together* *Tropical Drum Beats* Who are you texting? None of your business! JARED!!! *Tropical Drum Beats* *Parents Laughing* *Tropical Drum Beats* The ocean is so awesome. Do you surf? Oh, yeah Definitely! Hey, I’m the Dad. Good to meet you. How’s it going? Nice Job, Jared!! *Tropical Drum Beats* In here! In here! DAD!!!! *Scream* Oh my god! Get out! Get out! Get out! *Tropical Drum Beats* We. We are the Etheridge family! We… No, no one? Ok troops, I’m sure that the map said that the lake is this way. *Talking together* No, Dad it’s this way. Wow, ancient hieroglyphics. Dad… uh, whatever. The Donner party was a group of settlers that got stranded in the mountains and they cannabalized each other. No, we’re not lost. A part of the excitement of getting where you’re going is the journey there. Are you sure about that? Yes I am. We’re totally lost. Where are you taking us? The lake! Dad, I don’t want to go any further. This is insane. I don’t see a lake. *Tropical Drum Beats* Ok, everybody smile. Come on we’re having fun. No! Honey… Dad.. This isn’t a lake. It’s ok Dad. It’s water. Thanks buddy. *Ocean sounds and sea gulls*

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