HOW WE STAY FOR FREE – Our #1 Travel Tip

HOW WE STAY FOR FREE – Our #1 Travel Tip

>>LARA: On our fifth wedding anniversary,
we traded to stay at a cabin in the Smoky Mountains, in North Carolina.>>ALEX: And we did what we loved, we shot
an awesome movie, while we stayed in a wonderful place! And we thought “Man, that’s a great deal,
I mean that’s the barter system, that’s what people used to do!”>>LARA: It kinda feels like the good ‘ol
days and it made us realize we could use this concept of bartering to stay in beautiful
places.>>ALEX: Yeah, you can barter for pretty much
anything.>>LARA & ALEX: Food, shelter, fun!>>ALEX: Fun!>>ALEX: And it’s all about what you do. Everyone does something.>>LARA: It doesn’t have to be video or photography,
you might do something else that’s wonderful that you could use to trade.>>ALEX: Absolutely!>>LARA: For our sixth wedding anniversary,
we traded to stay at a house that was one block away from the beach!>>ALEX: That was a funny story.>>ALEX: We traded a website for someone doing
Ashtanga Yoga.>>LARA: She worked with an airline and she
said she’d be totally open to trading a website for two tickets, to anywhere in the United
States!>>LARA: We picked Puerto Rico!>>ALEX: So we had these airline tickets to
Puerto Rico, but we had no money and we had no place to stay.>>LARA: We can’t afford a hotel, but, wait,
wait, wait, remember? We traded last year and we stayed in a cabin in the Smoky Moutains! We can do this again.>>LARA: So we asked and we tried and we didn’t give up and we got a lot of “no’s”, but we knew all we needed was one “yes!” and we got
our one “yes!” and they happened to be amazing people.>>LARA: It led us to understanding on our
cross country adventure in our VW bus, there would be those people who would open their
hearts and their homes to us, let us stay like pioneers of the past and video like the
modern, crazy, wild things that we are today.>>ALEX: So along our cross country adventure,
we traded video work to stay in some pretty amazing homes and those homes were in Louisiana,
Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and California.>>LARA: It represents thousands of dollars
that we could never have spent to stay in such beautiful places.>>LARA: All we do is send out our request
in the universe and ask. Oftentimes, we’d wake up and there’d be sitting
in our inbox a “Yes! Come on down, we’d love to have you, we’d
love to get a video!”>>LARA: We would recommend anybody on the
road who has a camera and is out there filming themselves or each other, try throwing out
your request to the universe, see if you can’t trade too.>>LARA: And if you don’t let “no” bother
you, because you know that the right “yes” is out there, it becomes really fun! Because it’s “who is it gonna be this time?”
you know, “who’s gonna be that yes?”


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