How Will Smith’s Family Really Spends Their Fortune

Worth a combined $320 million, Will Smith
and Jada Pinkett are an unbeatable power couple. But despite their talents and successes, many
of us often wonder…exactly how are they spending all that cash? Here are the juicy details about how the Smith
family spends their millions. “I love being famous.” Luxury vacay Fans of the Smiths got a treat in 2019 when
both Will and Jada shared their European vacation pictures on social media. Not only did they travel to Europe, but they
chartered a yacht to sail around Greece and Italy once they got there, giving new meaning
to the phrase, “go big, or go home.” The yacht came with its own spa pool, sundeck,
on-board jet skis, and staff of 13. “You guys look really comfortable, okay? But we gotta do something that trends. Alright?” While chartering a yacht can reportedly cost
as much as $500,000 a week, it still beats actually buying one. Throwing down on your own luxury vessel can
cost upwards of $100 million. “How was that?” “That was the craziest thing I’ve ever done,
hands down.” $42 million family mansion One of the Smith family’s most braggadocious
assets is their home, which teased an asking price of $42 million back in 2014 when they
briefly put it on the market. Nestled in Calabasas, California, the house
is so big, it literally has its own zip code. According to Architectural Digest, their 150-acre
compound boasts a movie theater, recording studio, and its own lake. “What’s great about Red Table Talk is that
it’s at my house. Well, it’s great ’cause I’m home but it’s
not great ’cause they got stuff at my house that I don’t want.” But nothing beats Questlove’s glowing description
of the house. According to Curbed, he blogged: “The floor is MADE OF BUTTER LEATHER. The whole time I’m asking [Will] ‘are we allowed
to…step on this?'” Paying it forward While the Smiths definitely enjoy a luxurious
lifestyle, they also give back in a big way, too. And they set up their own foundation to do
just that. “The Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation
Careers in Entertainment Tour is headed to your city.” In 2007, The Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation
reportedly donated $1.3 million to charities and various organizations which were largely
religious. So who made the lucky list? According to Fox News, the biggest payout
that year went to Yesha Ministries in Philadelphia, which is said to be a born-again Christian
organization. The family also gave over $120,000 to the
Church of Scientology that year. And later in 2008, they also reportedly helped
fund a Scientologist school. Sick wheels While most of us probably got our parents’
old, beat-up car when we first got our driver’s license, if we got a car at all, Willow apparently
got a brand-new Porsche Cayenne Turbo when she turned 16 in 2017. And those wheels clocked in at around $120,000
back then. Her brother Jaden has also been seen around
his neighborhood in Hidden Hills, driving a Tesla Model X, which is said to be worth
upwards of $85,000. “We did good.” “AHH!” Interestingly, Will and Jada themselves don’t
flaunt their cars as much as their kids do, although rumor has it that Will’s collection
includes a Maybach, Escalade, Navigator, Bentley, and Mustang. PJ all day While there’s no evidence that the Smith fam
owns a private jet, it definitely seems that they like to fly in them. In 2011, the Manchester Evening News reported
the Smiths chartered a private jet for a 50-minute flight from Dublin to Manchester simply because
the airline only had economy seats left on the commercial flight they had booked. Will, along with Ashton Kutcher, Jay-Z and
others, later invested in Blackjet, a company that planned to be the quote “Uber for private
jets.” But, unfortunately, the company went under
in 2016. These days, though, it seems that the family
has gotten comfortable on commercial. Jaden was spotted carrying his own luggage
at LAX in 2018, and Jada was photographed walking through international arrivals in
Melbourne, wearing a tracksuit. Ballers for life In 201a1, Will and Jada bought a minority
ownership in the Philadelphia ’76ers. Will later gushed to Jimmy Kimmel, “There is nothing like, in all of entertainment,
then to walk into the building when it’s announced that you’re a part owner of your hometown
basketball team.” He added, “Like, that is ridiculous. I mean if the team doesn’t win it sucks later,
but that first initial, it’s like fantastic.” He said that it did take some getting used
to though, considering that nine of the players on the team weren’t even alive when The Fresh
Prince was airing on TV. To them, Will claimed: “I’m just like the old dude from the Suicide
Squad.” Designer duds Considering how much the Smiths are worth,
nobody expects them to be shopping for clothes at Target, but the price tag on some of their
everyday wear is enough to drop anyone’s jaw. “This is the special, special sauce.” Back in 2013, Fashion Bomb Daily tracked down
Will and Jada’s shoes in one paparazzi photo, revealing Jada’s $638 Reed Krakoff sandals
and Will’s $950 Lanvin Iridescent High Top sneakers. “Willow’s doing a lot. Willow’s doing a lot on the carpet. That’s too much. I don’t know what her mother was thinking.” In an interview with Teen Vogue when she was
just 13, Willow already seemed to have caught the fashion bug, too. Mentioning that her own favorite pair of heels
were a gift from Karl Lagerfeld, she also claimed that her whole family quote “love[s]
Cartier.” The family biz In case you thought Will and Jada were just
actors for hire, think again. They have their own movie studio and record
label called Overbrook Entertainment, which Variety reported has generated $4 billion
in ticket sales since 1997, and produced several of Will’s movies, including Hitch, Men in
Black II, and I Am Legend. Then in 2019, they created Westbrook Inc.,
which now oversees several other Smith-owned digital and entertainment subsidiaries, including
Overbrook. Westbrook even orchestrated the revamp of
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